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ATAR Cut-offs

Year Course No. Course Description ATAR Campus
2017101000 B Education (Primary)61.8Canberra (Signadou)
2017101101 B Education (Primary)58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017101102 B Education (Primary)58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017101104 B Teaching/B Arts (Secondary – Mathematics)58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017101105 B Early Childhood Education (Birth to Five Years)60North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017101106 B Teaching/B Arts (Secondary – Technology)58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017101107 B Teaching/B Arts (Secondary – Visual Arts)66.3Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017101108 B Teaching/B Arts (Secondary – Humanities)58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017101109 B Teaching/B Arts (Secondary – Mathematics)ncCanberra (Signadou)
2017101110 B Inclusive Education and Disability Studies61.4Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017101113 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)69.65Canberra (Signadou)
2017101114 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)77.75Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017101115 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)74.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017101118 B Teaching/B Arts (Secondary – Humanities)66.15Canberra (Signadou)
2017101119 B Teaching/B Exercise Science70.9Canberra (Signadou)
2017101120 B Early Childhood Education (Birth to Five Years)58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017101121 B Early Childhood Education (Birth to Five Years)62.5Online
2017101123 B Teaching/B Science71.55North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017103202 B Social Work58.5Canberra (Signadou)
2017103203 B Social Work58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017103302 B Arts58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017103303 B Arts/B Commerce58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017103304 B Visual Arts and Design58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017103307 B Arts (Business and Communication Studies)58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017103310 B Arts (Psychology)60.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017103311 B Arts/B Global Studies58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017103312 B International Development Studies58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017103313 B Psychological Science58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017103330 B Science (Environment)58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017103701 B Commerce58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017103703 B Commerce/B Global Studies58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017103706 B Business Administration58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017103707 B Business Administration/B Global Studies58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017103708 B Information Technology58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017103709 B Commerce/B Business Administration58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017103710 B Accounting and Finance58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017103711 B Commerce58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017103712 B Information Technology/B Business Administration63.55North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017103713 B Paramedicine95North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017103714 B Psychological Science/B Laws78North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017103716 B Business Administration58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017103717 B Commerce/B Business AdministrationncStrathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017103903 B Theology58.5Canberra (Signadou)
2017103904 B Theology58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017103905 B Theology/B Global Studies58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017105501 B Nursing78North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017105502 B Nursing60.55Canberra (Signadou)
2017105504 B Exercise and Sports Science58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017105506 B Physiotherapy99.25North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017105509 B Nursing/B Business Administration65North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017105510 B Nursing/B Paramedicine85.85Canberra (Signadou)
2017105511 B Applied Public Health73.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017105513 B Occupational Therapy83North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017105514 B Speech Pathology85North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017105515 B Applied Public Health/B Global Studies61.7North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017105516 B Exercise Science/B Business Administration61.7Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017105517 B Exercise Science/B Public Health60.2Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017105518 B Nursing (for Enrolled Nurses – Dip Nursing entry)N/ANorth Sydney (MacKillop)
2017105519 B Nursing (for Enrolled Nurses – Dip Nursing entry)N/ACanberra (Signadou)
2017105520 B Physical Activity and Health Science58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017105522 B Science61.7North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017105706 B Applied Public Health/B Business AdministrationncNorth Sydney (MacKillop)
2017105707 B Nutrition Science/B Business AdministrationncNorth Sydney (MacKillop)
2017105708 B Science/B Business AdministrationncNorth Sydney (MacKillop)
2017105709 B Science (Environment)/B Business AdministrationncNorth Sydney (MacKillop)
2017107000 B Laws80.65North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017107001 B Arts/B Laws79.9North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017107002 B Commerce/B Laws80.9North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017107003 B Laws/B Global Studies81.15North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017107004 B Business Administration/B Laws78North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017107005 B Theology/B Laws78North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017107007 B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/ANorth Sydney (MacKillop)
2017107008 B Biomedical Science59.3North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017107009 B Biomedical Science/B Applied Public Health62.85North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017107010 B Biomedical Science/B Laws86.95North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017107011 B Biomedical Science/B Business Administration60.1North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017107013 B Theology/B Philosophy58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2017107014 B Theology/B Philosophy58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2017107015 B Theology/B Philosophy58.5Canberra (Signadou)
2017107016 B Nutrition SciencencNorth Sydney (MacKillop)
2016101000 B Education (Primary)60Canberra (Signadou)
2016101101 B Education (Primary)60Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016101102 B Education (Primary)60North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016101104 B Teaching/B Arts (Mathematics)60Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016101105 B Early Childhood Education (Birth to Five Years)60North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016101106 B Teaching/B Arts (Secondary – Technology)60Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016101107 B Teaching/B Arts (Secondary – Visual Arts)60Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016101108 B Teaching/B Arts (Secondary – Humanities)60Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016101110 B Inclusive Education and Disability Studies60Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016101113 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)60Canberra (Signadou)
2016101114 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)60Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016101115 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)60North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016101118 B Teaching/B Arts (Secondary – Humanities)60Canberra (Signadou)
2016101119 B Teaching/B Exercise Science60Canberra (Signadou)
2016101120 B Early Childhood Education (Birth to Five Years)60Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016101121 B Early Childhood Education (Birth to Five Years)60Online
2016101122 B Teaching/B SciencencCanberra (Signadou)
2016101123 B Teaching/B SciencencNorth Sydney (MacKillop)
2016103202 B Social Work58.5Canberra (Signadou)
2016103203 B Social Work58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016103302 B Arts58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016103303 B Arts/B Commerce58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary) and North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016103304 B Visual Arts and Design58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016103307 B Arts (Business and Communication Studies)58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016103310 B Arts (Psychology)58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016103311 B Arts/B Global Studies58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016103312 B International Development Studies58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016103313 B Psychological Science58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016103330 B Science (Environment)ncNorth Sydney (MacKillop)
2016103701 B Commerce58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016103703 B Commerce/B Global Studies58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary) and North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016103706 B Business Administration58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016103707 B Business Administration/B Global Studies58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary) and North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016103708 B Information Technology58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016103709 B Commerce/B Business Administration58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016103710 B Accounting and Finance58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016103711 B Commerce58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016103712 B Information Technology/B Business Administration58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016103713 B Paramedicine92.4North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016103714 B Psychological Science/B Laws78.1Strathfield (Mount St Mary) and North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016103903 B Theology58.5Canberra (Signadou)
2016103904 B Theology58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016103905 B Theology/B Global Studies58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016105501 B Nursing69.95North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016105502 B Nursing67.2Canberra (Signadou)
2016105504 B Exercise and Sports Science58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016105506 B Physiotherapy98.15North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016105509 B Nursing/B Business Administration58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016105510 B Nursing/B Paramedicine79.35Canberra (Signadou)
2016105511 B Applied Public Health58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016105513 B Occupational Therapy83.1North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016105514 B Speech Pathology75.8North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016105515 B Applied Public Health/B Global Studies58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary) and North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016105516 B Exercise Science/B Business Administration58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary) and North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016105517 B Exercise Science/B Public Health58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary) and North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016105518 B Nursing (for Enrolled Nurses – Dip Nursing entry)N/ANorth Sydney (MacKillop)
2016105519 B Nursing (for Enrolled Nurses – Dip Nursing entry)N/ACanberra (Signadou)
2016105520 B Physical Activity and Health Science58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016105521 B SciencencCanberra (Signadou)
2016105522 B SciencencNorth Sydney (MacKillop)
2016107000 B Laws81.65North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016107001 B Arts/B Laws78.55Strathfield (Mount St Mary) and North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016107002 B Commerce/B Laws79North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016107003 B Laws/B Global Studies79.7Strathfield (Mount St Mary) and North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016107004 B Business Administration/B Laws78North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016107005 B Theology/B Laws83.95Strathfield (Mount St Mary) and North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016107007 B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/ANorth Sydney (MacKillop)
2016107008 B Biomedical Science58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016107009 B Biomedical Science/B Applied Public Health58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016107010 B Biomedical Science/B Laws78.3North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016107011 B Biomedical Science/B Business Administration58.5North Sydney (MacKillop)
2016107012 B Biomedical Science58.5Canberra (Signadou)
2016107013 B Theology/B Philosophy58.5Strathfield (Mount St Mary)
2016107015 B Theology/B Philosophy58.5Canberra (Signadou)
2015101000B Education (Primary)60
2015101104B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Maths)60
2015101105B EarlyChildEd(Birth to 5Yrs)60
2015101106B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Technology)60
2015101107B Teach/BA (Sec-Visual Arts)60
2015101108B Teach/BA (Sec-Humanities)60
2015101110B Inclusive Ed&Disability; Stds60
2015101113B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)60
2015103202B Social Work58.5
2015103301B Environmental Sc58.5
2015103302B Arts58.5
2015103303B Arts/B Commerce58.5
2015103304B Visual Arts and Design58.5
2015103307B Arts(Bus & Comm Studies)58.5
2015103309B Arts and Economics58.5
2015103310B Arts (Psychology)58.5
2015103311B Arts/B Global Studies58.5
2015103312B Inter Dvlt Studies58.5
2015103313B Psychological Science58.5
2015103701B Commerce58.5
2015103703B Com/B Global Studies58.5
2015103704B Human Resource Management58.5
2015103705B Marketing58.5
2015103706B Bus Admin58.5
2015103707B Bus Admin/B Global Studies58.5
2015103708B Information Technology58.5
2015103709B Com/B Bus Admin58.5
2015103710B Accounting & Finance58.5
2015103712B Info Tech/B Bus Admin58.5
2015103713B ParamedicineN/A
2015103903B Theology58.5
2015103905B Theology/B Global Studies58.5
2015105501B Nursing58.5
2015105504B Exercise & Sports Science58.5
2015105505B Exercise & Health Science58.5
2015105506B Physiotherapy98
2015105509B Nursing/B Bus Admin58.5
2015105510B Nursing/B Paramedicine70
2015105511B Applied Public Health58.5
2015105513B Occupational Therapy82
2015105514B Speech Pathology73
2015105515B App Pub Hlth/B Gl Studs58.5
2015105516B Exercise Sc/B Bus Admin58.5
2015105517B Exercise Sc/B Public Health58.5
2015105518B Nursing (Dip Nursing Entry)N/A
2015107000B Laws80
2015107001B Arts/B Laws75
2015107002B Commerce/B Laws75
2015107003B Laws/B Global Studies75
2015107004B Bus Admin/B Laws75
2015107005B Theology/B Laws75
2015107007B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2015107008B Biomedical Science58.5
2014101000B Education (Primary)58.55
2014101101B Education (Primary)65.15
2014101102B Education (Primary)60
2014101104B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Maths)60.15
2014101106B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Technology)60.4
2014101107B Teach/BA (Sec-Visual Arts)60.4
2014101108B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Hmts)60.1
2014101110B Inclusive Ed&Disability; Stds58.85
2014101113B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)59.35
2014101114B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)65
2014101115B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)60.1
2014101117B Teach/BA (Sec-Maths)74.3
2014101118B Teach/BA (Sec-Humanities)70.5
2014103200B Social WorkN/A
2014103301B Environmental Sc58.85
2014103302B Arts58.55
2014103303B Arts/B Commerce63.25
2014103304B Visual Arts and Design58.5
2014103305B Social WorkN/A
2014103306B Theology/B Social Work62.6
2014103307B Arts(Bus & Comm Studies)59.65
2014103308B Arts/B Social Work59.25
2014103309B Arts and Economics58.5
2014103310B Arts (Psychology)58.8
2014103311B Arts/B Global Studies61
2014103312B Inter Dvlt Studies58.65
2014103313B Psychological Science58.5
2014103701B Commerce58.5
2014103703B Com/B Global Studies60.25
2014103704B Human Resource Management59
2014103705B Marketing58.55
2014103706B Bus Admin58.9
2014103707B Bus Admin/B Global Studies60
2014103708B Information Technology59
2014103709B Com/B Bus Admin60.25
2014103710B Accounting & Finance58.7
2014103711B Commerce58.8
2014103904B Theology58.5
2014103905B Theology/B Global Studies60
2014105501B Nursing58.55
2014105502B Nursing58.6
2014105504B Exercise & Sports Science59.35
2014105505B Exercise & Health Science59.1
2014105506B Physiotherapy97.25
2014105507B Nursing (Mental Health)58.5
2014105508B Nursing (Mental Health)58.5
2014105509B Nursing/B Bus Admin60.6
2014105510B Nursing/B Paramedicine70.55
2014105511B Applied Public Health58.65
2014105513B Occupational Therapy72.45
2014105514B Speech Pathology67.25
2014105515B App Pub Hlth/B Gl Studs60
2014105516B Exercise Sc/B Bus Admin59.35
2014105517B Exercise Sc/B Public Health58.9
2014105518B Nursing (Dip Nursing Entry)N/A
2014105519B Nursing (Dip Nursing Entry)N/A
2014107000B Laws81.05
2014107001B Arts/B Laws76.85
2014107002B Commerce/B Laws77.45
2014107003B Laws/B Global Studies75.15
2014107004B Bus Admin/B Laws75.95
2014107005B Theology/B Laws75
2013101000B Education (Primary)59.3
2013101101B Education (Primary)86
2013101104B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Maths)65.95
2013101106B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Technology)72.05
2013101107B Teach/BA (Sec-Visual Arts)72
2013101108B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Hmts)74.35
2013101110B Inclusive Ed&Disability; Stds60.3
2013101113B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)58.75
2013101114B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)80.25
2013103200B Social WorkN/A
2013103300B Business Information Systems58.7
2013103301B Environmental Sc61.9
2013103302B Arts58.55
2013103303B Arts/B Commerce59.65
2013103304B Visual Arts and Design58.5
2013103305B Social WorkN/A
2013103306B Theology/B Social Work59.85
2013103307B Arts(Bus & Comm Studies)58.75
2013103308B Arts/B Social Work58.5
2013103309B Arts and Economics58.95
2013103310B Arts (Psychology)65.15
2013103311B Arts/B Global Studies87.6
2013103312B Inter Dvlt Studies59.6
2013103313B Psychological Science60.25
2013103701B Commerce58.5
2013103702B Commerce/B Bus Info Sys59.1
2013103703B Com/B Global Studies76.45
2013103704B Human Resource Management59.05
2013103705B Marketing58.65
2013103706B Bus Admin58.6
2013103707B Bus Admin/B Global Studies79.3
2013103708B Information TechnologyN/A
2013103709B Com/B Bus Admin59.2
2013103904B Theology62.5
2013103905B Theology/B Global Studies76.7
2013105501B Nursing60
2013105502B Nursing58.65
2013105503B Nursing(Practice Leadership)85.8
2013105504B Exercise & Sports Science74.45
2013105505B Exercise & Health Science70.05
2013105506B Physiotherapy96.5
2013105507B Nursing (Mental Health)59.2
2013105508B Nursing (Mental Health)58.5
2013105509B Nursing/B Bus Admin63.75
2013105510B Nursing/B Paramedicine75.55
2013105511B Applied Public Health59.8
2013105512B Nursing(Practice Leadership)85
2013105513B Occupational Therapy60.45
2013105514B Speech Pathology60.4
2012101000B Education (Primary)59.45
2012101101B Education (Primary)74.05
2012101104B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Maths)67.25
2012101106B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Technology)60.2
2012101107B Teach/BA (Sec-Visual Arts)60
2012101108B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Human)60.55
2012101110B Inclusive Ed &Disability; Std61.6
2012101113B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)62.85
2012101114B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)65.1
2012101115B Teaching (Early Childhood)59.25
2012101116B Teaching (Early Childhood)58.8
2012103200B Social WorkN/A
2012103201B Theology/B Social Work58.8
2012103300B Business Information Systems63.2
2012103301B Environmental Sc63.7
2012103302B Arts58.9
2012103303B Arts/B Commerce58.9
2012103304B Visual Arts and Design58.85
2012103305B Social WorkN/A
2012103306B Theology/B Social Work61.7
2012103307BA(Bus & Comm Stds)60.35
2012103308B Arts/B Social Work59.2
2012103309B Arts and Economics58.8
2012103310B Arts (Psychology)60.7
2012103311B Arts/B Global Stds75.35
2012103312B Int Dvlt Stds63.95
2012103701B Commerce59
2012103702B Commerce/B Bus Info Sys61.15
2012103703B Com/B Global Stds75.45
2012103704B Human Resource Management59.15
2012103705B Marketing59
2012103706B Bus Admin61.45
2012103707B Bus Admin/B Global Stds75
2012103708B Information TechnologyN/A
2012103903B Theology58.8
2012103904B Theology66.55
2012103905B Theology/B Global Stds75
2012105501B Nursing59
2012105502B Nursing60.05
2012105503B Nursing(Practice Leadership)85
2012105504B Exercise & Sports Science61.1
2012105505B Exercise & Health Science63.05
2012105506B Physiotherapy95.05
2012105507B Nursing (Mental Hlth)67
2012105508B Nursing (Mental Hlth)64.85
2012105510B Nursing/B Paramedicine70.75
2012105512B Nursing(Practice Leadership)85
2011101000B Education (Primary)59.2
2011101101B Education (Primary)86
2011101104B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Maths)72.5
2011101106B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Technology)71.8
2011101107B Teach/BA (Sec-Visual Arts)70
2011101108B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Human)70
2011101110B Inclusive Ed &Disability; Std66.6
2011101113B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)59.4
2011101114B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)80.05
2011101115B Teaching (Early Childhood)70.5
2011101116B Teaching (Early Childhood)59.3
2011103200B Social WorkN/A
2011103201B Theology/B Social Work67.4
2011103300B Business Information Systems59.35
2011103301B Environmental Sc68.45
2011103302B Arts60.05
2011103303B Arts/B Commerce62
2011103304B Visual Arts and Design68.45
2011103305B Social WorkN/A
2011103306B Theology/B Social Work62.65
2011103307BA(Bus & Comm Stds)62.45
2011103308B Arts/B Social Work62.3
2011103310B Arts (Psychology)70.45
2011103701B Commerce59
2011103702B Commerce/B Bus Info Sys59.2
2011103704B Human Resource Management59.1
2011103705B Marketing59.2
2011103706B Bus Admin60.45
2011103708B Information TechnologyN/A
2011103903B Theology77.7
2011103904B Theology61.15
2011105501B Nursing59.05
2011105502B Nursing62.45
2011105503B Nursing(Practice Leadership)92.9
2011105504B Exercise & Sports Science80.15
2011105505B Exercise & Health Science77
2011105506B Physiotherapy94.1
2010101000B Education (Primary)59
2010101101B Education (Primary)85.35
2010101103B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Computing)71.4
2010101104B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Maths)74.05
2010101106B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Technology)72.8
2010101107B Teach/BA (Sec-Visual Arts)74.3
2010101108B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Human)76.2
2010101110B Inclusive Ed &Disability; Std72.25
2010101113B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)59.1
2010101114B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)80
2010101115B Teaching (Early Childhood)73.05
2010101116B Teaching (Early Childhood)61.7
2010103200B Social WorkN/A
2010103201B Theology/B Social Work70
2010103300B Business Information Systems63.2
2010103301B Environmental Sc65.3
2010103302B Arts63
2010103303B Arts/B Commerce66.2
2010103304B Visual Arts and Design75
2010103305B Social WorkN/A
2010103306B Theology/B Social Work74.15
2010103307BA(Bus & Comm Stds)70.3
2010103308B Arts/B Social Work67.9
2010103701B Commerce60.5
2010103702B Commerce/B Bus Info Sys60.3
2010103704B Human Resource Mgmt62.25
2010103705B Marketing60.1
2010103903B Theology59
2010103904B Theology65
2010105501B Nursing62
2010105502B Nursing63.4
2010105503B Nursing(Practice Leadership)80
2010105504B Exercise & Sports Sc78.35
2010105505B Exercise & Hlth Sc72.25
2009101000B Education (Primary)55
2009101101B Education (Primary)82
2009101103B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Computing)66
2009101104B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Maths)71
2009101106B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Technology)67
2009101107B Teach/BArts(Sec-Visual Arts)72
2009101108B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Humanities)74
2009101110B Inclusive Ed &Disability; Std67
2009101113B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)55
2009101114B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)78
2009101115B Teaching (Early Childhood)70
2009101116B Teaching (Early Childhood)56
2009103200B Social WorkN/A
2009103201B Theology/B Social Work66
2009103300B Business Information Systems58
2009103301B Environmental Sc60
2009103302B Arts59
2009103303B Arts/B Business68
2009103304B Visual Arts and Design71
2009103305B Social WorkN/A
2009103306B Theology/B Social Work60
2009103307B Arts( Bus & Comm Stds)61
2009103308B Arts/B Social Work64
2009103701B Business or B Bus (Acctng)58
2009103702B Bus/B Bus Info Sys57
2009103903B Theology55
2009103904B Theology60
2009105500B Exercise Science71
2009105501B Nursing55
2009105502B Nursing59
2008101000B Education (Primary)55
2008101101B Ed (Primary)80
2008101103B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Computing)67
2008101104B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Maths)66
2008101106B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Technology)68
2008101107B Teach/BArts(Sec-Visual Arts)70
2008101108B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Humanities)65
2008101110B Inclusive Ed &Disability; Std66
2008101113B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)55
2008101114B Ed (Early Childhood & Prim)78
2008101115B Teaching (Early Childhood)77
2008101116B Teaching (Early Childhood)58
2008103200B Social WorkN/A
2008103201B Theology/B Social Work73
2008103300B Information Systems60
2008103301B Environmental Sc60
2008103302B Arts61
2008103303B Arts/B Business70
2008103304B Visual Arts and Design65
2008103305B Social WorkN/A
2008103306B Theology/B Social Work60
2008103307B Arts (Bus & Comm Stds)65
2008103308B Arts/B Social Work60
2008103701B Business or B Bus (Acctng)60
2008103702B Business/B Information Sys62
2008103903B Theology63
2008103904B Theology60
2008105500B Exercise Science71
2008105501B Nursing60
2008105502B NursingN/A
2007101000B Ed (Primary)65
2007101101B Ed (Primary)86
2007101103B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Computing)68
2007101104B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Maths)67
2007101106B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Technology)67
2007101107B Teach/BArts(Sec-Visual Arts)75
2007101108B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Humanities)81
2007101110B Education (Habilitation)70
2007103200B Social WorkN/A
2007103201B Theology/B Social Work68
2007103300B Information Systems65
2007103301B Environmental Sc66
2007103302B Arts65
2007103303B Arts/B Business77
2007103304B Visual Arts and Design72
2007103305B Social WorkN/A
2007103306B Theology/B Social Work66
2007103307B Arts(Bus & Comm Stds)71
2007103701B Business or B Bus (Acctng)70
2007103702B Business/B Information Sys69
2007103903B Theology66
2007103904B Theology66
2007105500B Exercise Science74
2007105501B Nursing64
2006101000B Ed (Primary)67
2006101101B Ed (Primary)86
2006101103B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Computing)75
2006101104B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Maths)70
2006101106B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Technology)76
2006101107B Teach/BArts(Sec-Visual Arts)76
2006101108B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Humanities)77
2006101110B Education (Habilitation)71
2006103200B Social WorkN/A
2006103201B Theology/B Social Work66
2006103300B Information Systems65
2006103301B Environmental Sc65
2006103302B Arts71
2006103303B Arts/B Business79
2006103304B Visual Arts and Design74
2006103305B Social WorkN/A
2006103306B Theology/B Social Work70
2006103701B Business or B Bus (Acctng)75
2006103702B Business/B Information Sys73
2006103903B Theology67
2006103904B Theology68
2006105500B Exercise Science73
2006105501B Nursing64
2005101000B Ed (Primary)77
2005101101B Ed (Primary)85
2005101103B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Computing)77
2005101104B Teach/B Arts (Sec-Maths)71
2005101106B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Technology)71
2005101107B Teach/BArts(Sec-Visual Arts)78
2005101108B Teach/B Arts(Sec-Humanities)83
2005101110B Education (Habilitation)N/A
2005103200B Social WorkN/A
2005103201B Theology/B Social Work68
2005103300B Information Systems66
2005103301B Environmental Sc67
2005103302B Arts74
2005103303B Arts/B Business83
2005103304B Visual Arts and Design81
2005103305B Social WorkN/A
2005103701B Business or B Bus (Acctng)80
2005103702B Business/B Information Sys72
2005103903B Theology71
2005103904B Theology68
2005105500B Exercise Science73
2005105501B Nursing64