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ATAR Cut-offs

Year Course No. Course Description ATAR Campus
2017130006 University Preparation Program – ANU AchievencCanberra
2017130007 University Preparation Program – ANU AdvancencCanberra
2017130008 University Preparation Program – ANU ActivatencCanberra
2017130010 Flexible Double Arts, Social Sciences, Business and Science80.00*Canberra
2017131000 B Philosophy (Honours) – Arts and Social SciencesA+CCanberra
2017131001 Dip Liberal Studies70.00*Canberra
2017131003 B Arts80Canberra
2017131005 B Philosophy (Honours) [ANU]/B Arts (Honours) [NUS]A+CCanberra/Singapore
2017131100 B Art History and Curatorship80Canberra
2017131103 B Classical Studies80Canberra
2017131143 B Development Studies80Canberra
2017131147 B European Studies80Canberra
2017131150 B Criminology80Canberra
2017131153 B International Relations89Canberra
2017131155 B Latin American Studies80Canberra
2017131157 B Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies80Canberra
2017131160 B Policy Studies80Canberra
2017131161 B Politics, Philosophy and Economics96Canberra
2017131162 B Political Science90Canberra
2017131163 B Archaeological Practice80Canberra
2017131193 B Languages80Canberra
2017132000 B Philosophy (Honours) – Asia and the PacificA+CCanberra
2017132005 B Asian Studies80Canberra
2017132105 B International Security Studies90Canberra
2017132333 B Pacific Studies80Canberra
2017133003 B Commerce82Canberra
2017133203 B Finance86Canberra
2017133303 B International Business86Canberra
2017133403 B Business Administration82Canberra
2017133503 B Accounting86Canberra
2017134003 B Economics86Canberra
2017134200 B Statistics86Canberra
2017134300 B Finance, Economics and Statistics (Honours)99Canberra
2017134403 B Actuarial Studies95Canberra
2017134454 B Social Sciences (Honours in Actuarial Studies and Economics)95.00*Canberra/Singapore
2017135000 B Engineering (Research and Development) (Honours)99Canberra
2017135004 B Engineering (Honours)90Canberra
2017135010 Flexible Double Engineering and Advanced Computing87.00*Canberra
2017135604 B Software Engineering (Honours)87Canberra
2017135700 B Advanced Computing (Research and Development) (Honours)99Canberra
2017135705 B Advanced Computing (Honours)90Canberra
2017135801 B Applied Data AnalyticsncCanberra
2017136060 Dip Computing70.00*Canberra
2017136063 B Information Technology80Canberra
2017137004 B Laws (Honours)98Canberra
2017137010 Flexible Double Law98.00*Canberra
2017138000 B Philosophy (Honours) – ScienceA+CCanberra
2017138001 Dip SciencencCanberra
2017138003 B Science80Canberra
2017138004 B Science (Advanced) (Honours)95Canberra
2017138005 B Philosophy (Honours) [ANU]/B Science (Honours) [NUS]A+CCanberra/Singapore
2017138123 B Science (Psychology)80Canberra
2017138130 B Psychology (Honours)95Canberra
2017138200 B Mathematical Sciences95Canberra
2017138201 B Environment and Sustainability80Canberra
2017138202 B Environment and Sustainability (Advanced) (Honours)95Canberra
2017138302 B Health SciencencCanberra
2017138403 B Medical Science90Canberra
2017138503 B Biotechnology80Canberra
2017138600 B Genetics90Canberra
2017139101 Dip Creative Design70.00*Canberra
2017139103 B DesignN/ACanberra
2017139104 B Visual ArtsN/ACanberra
2017139110 Dip MusicA+CCanberra
2017139114 B Music80Canberra
2016130000 ANU Preparatory ProgramN/ACanberra
2016130003 Associate DegreeA+CCanberra
2016130010 Flexible Double Arts, Social Sciences, Business and Science80.00*Canberra
2016131000 B Philosophy (Honours) – Arts and Social SciencesA+CCanberra
2016131001 Dip Liberal StudiesA+CCanberra
2016131003 B Arts80Canberra
2016131005 B Philosophy (Honours) [ANU]/B Arts (Honours) [NUS]A+CCanberra/Singapore
2016131100 B Art History and Curatorship80Canberra
2016131103 B Classical Studies80Canberra
2016131143 B Development Studies80Canberra
2016131145 B Environmental Studies80Canberra
2016131147 B European Studies80Canberra
2016131150 B Criminology80Canberra
2016131153 B International Relations89Canberra
2016131155 B Latin American Studies80Canberra
2016131157 B Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies80Canberra
2016131160 B Policy Studies80Canberra
2016131161 B Politics, Philosophy and Economics96Canberra
2016131162 B Political Science90Canberra
2016131163 B Archaeological Practice80Canberra
2016131193 B Languages80Canberra
2016132000 B Philosophy (Honours) – Asian StudiesA+CCanberra
2016132005 B Asian Studies80Canberra
2016132105 B International Security Studies90Canberra
2016132333 B Pacific Studies80Canberra
2016133003 B Commerce82Canberra
2016133203 B Finance86Canberra
2016133303 B International Business86Canberra
2016133403 B Business Administration82Canberra
2016133503 B Accounting86Canberra
2016134003 B Economics86Canberra
2016134200 B Statistics86Canberra
2016134300 B Finance, Economics and Statistics (Honours)99Canberra
2016134403 B Actuarial Studies95Canberra
2016134454 B Social Sciences (Honours in Actuarial Studies and Economics)95.00+Canberra/Singapore
2016135000 B Engineering (Research and Development)(Honours)99Canberra
2016135004 B Engineering (Honours)90Canberra
2016135010 Flexible Double Engineering or Advanced Computing87.00*Canberra
2016135604 B Software Engineering (Honours)87Canberra
2016135700 B Advanced Computing (Research and Development)(Honours)99Canberra
2016135705 B Advanced Computing (Honours)90Canberra
2016136060 Dip ComputingA+CCanberra
2016136063 B Information Technology80Canberra
2016137004 B Laws (Honours)97Canberra
2016137010 Flexible Double Law97.00*Canberra
2016138000 B Philosophy (Honours) – ScienceA+CCanberra
2016138003 B Science80Canberra
2016138004 B Science (Advanced)(Honours)95Canberra
2016138005 B Philosophy (Honours) [ANU]/B Science (Honours) [NUS]A+CCanberra/Singapore
2016138123 B Science (Psychology)80Canberra
2016138130 B Psychology (Honours)95Canberra
2016138200 B Mathematical Sciences95Canberra
2016138201 B Environment and SustainabilityncCanberra
2016138202 B Environment and Sustainability (Advanced) (Honours)ncCanberra
2016138403 B Medical Science90Canberra
2016138503 B Biotechnology80Canberra
2016138600 B Genetics90Canberra
2016139101 Dip Creative DesignN/ACanberra
2016139103 B DesignncCanberra
2016139104 B Visual ArtsN/ACanberra
2016139105 B Design ArtsN/ACanberra
2016139110 Dip MusicncCanberra
2016139114 B Music80Canberra
2015130000ANU Prep ProgramN/A
2015130004B Philosophy (Hons)N/A
2015130005B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/B Sc Hons(NUS)N/A
2015130010Flexible Dble ArtsSoScBusSc80
2015130013B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/BA Hons(NUS)N/A
2015131000Associate DegreeN/A
2015131003B Arts80
2015131010B Arts/M Inter Affairs80
2015131100B Art History & Curatorship80
2015131103B Classical Studies80
2015131143B Development Studies80
2015131145B Env Studies80
2015131147B European Studies80
2015131150B Criminology80
2015131153B International Relations89
2015131155B Latin American Studies80
2015131157B Mid East & Centrl Asian Stds80
2015131160B Policy Studies80
2015131161B Polit Philosophy & Econ96
2015131163B Archaeological Practice80
2015131170B Polit Philo&Econ;/Juris Doc96
2015131193B Languages – Arts&SoSc;80
2015132005B Asian Studies80
2015132105B Inter Security Stds90
2015132333B Pacific Studies80
2015132342B Asian Stds/M Globalsn80
2015133003B Commerce82
2015133203B Finance86
2015133303B International Business86
2015133403B Bus Admin82
2015133503B Accounting86
2015134003B Economics86
2015134200B Statistics86
2015134403B Actuarial Studies95
2015135000B Eng (Research&Dvlt;)(Hons)99
2015135004B Engineering (Honours)90
2015135010Flexible Dble Eng & AdvCmpt87
2015135604B Software Eng (Honours)87
2015135700B Adv Comp (R&D;)(Hons)99
2015135705B Adv Comp (Honours)90
2015136063B Information Tech80
2015137004B Laws (Honours)97
2015137010Flexible Dble Law97
2015138003B Science80
2015138004B Science (Adv) (Honours)95
2015138008B Interdisciplinary Stds(Sust)80
2015138009B Interdisc Stds (Sust) (Hon)95
2015138083B Science (Res & Env Mgt)80
2015138084B Science (Forest Sciences)80
2015138123B Science (Psychology)80
2015138130B Psychology (Honours)95
2015138403B Medical Science90
2015138503B Biotechnology80
2015138600B Genetics90
2015139104B Visual ArtsN/A
2015139105B Design ArtsN/A
2015139114B Music80
2014130000ANU Prep ProgramN/A
2014130004B Philosophy (Hons)-ScienceN/A
2014130005B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/B Sc Hons(NUS)N/A
2014130010Flexible Dble ArtsSoScBusSc80
2014130013B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/BA Hons(NUS)99
2014130014B Philosophy (Honours) Arts99
2014131000Associate DegreeN/A
2014131003B Arts80
2014131010B Arts/M Inter Affairs80
2014131100B Art History & Curatorship80
2014131103B Classical Studies80
2014131143B Development Studies80
2014131145B Env Studies80
2014131147B European Studies80
2014131150B Criminology80
2014131153B International Relations89
2014131155B Latin American Studies80
2014131157B Mid East & Centrl Asian Stds80
2014131160B Policy Studies80
2014131161B Polit Philosophy & Econ96
2014131163B Archaeological Practice80
2014131170B Polit Philo&Econ;/Juris Doc96
2014131193B Languages-Arts & Soc Sc80
2014132002Dip Asia-Pacific Studies80
2014132003B Asia-Pacific Studies80
2014132103B Asia-Pacific Security80
2014132333B Pacific Studies80
2014132342B Asia-PacificStds/M Globalsn80
2014133003B Commerce82
2014133203B Finance86
2014133303B International Business86
2014133403B Bus Admin84
2014133503B Accounting86
2014134003B Economics86
2014134200B Statistics86
2014134403B Actuarial Studies95
2014135000B Eng (Research&Dvlt;)(Hons)99
2014135004B Engineering (Honours)87
2014135010Flexible Dble Law96
2014135604B Software Eng (Honours)87
2014135700B Adv Comp (R&D;)(Hons)99
2014135705B Adv Comp (Honours)90
2014136063B Information Tech80
2014137004B Laws96
2014137010Flexible Dble Eng & AdvCmpt87
2014138003B Science80
2014138004B Science (Adv) (Honours)95
2014138008B Interdisciplinary Stds(Sust)80
2014138009B Interdisc Stds (Sust) (Hon)95
2014138083B Science (Res & Env Mgt)80
2014138084B Science (Forest Sciences)80
2014138123B Science (Psychology)80
2014138130B Psychology (Honours)95
2014138403B Medical Science90
2014138503B Biotechnology80
2014138600B Genetics90
2014139104B Visual ArtsN/A
2014139105B Design ArtsN/A
2014139114B Music80
2013130004B Philosophy (Hons)-ScienceN/A
2013130005B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/B Sc Hons(NUS)N/A
2013130013B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/BA Hons(NUS)99
2013130014B Philosophy (Honours) Arts99
2013131001Assoc Deg Soc StudiesN/A
2013131003B Arts80
2013131010B Arts/M Inter Affairs80
2013131024B Arts/B Asia-Pacific Studies80
2013131064B Arts/B Information Tech80
2013131084B Arts/B Science80
2013131094B Arts/B Music80
2013131095B Arts/B Visual ArtsN/A
2013131096B Arts/B Digital ArtsN/A
2013131100B Art History & Curatorship80
2013131103B Classical Studies80
2013131143B Development Studies80
2013131145B Env Studies80
2013131147B European Studies80
2013131153B International Relations89
2013131155B Latin American Studies80
2013131157B Mid East & Centrl Asian Stds80
2013131160B Policy Studies80
2013131161B Polit Philosophy & Econ96
2013131163B Archaeological Practice80
2013131170B Polit Philo&Econ;/Juris Doc96
2013131193B Languages-Arts & Soc Sc80
2013131824B Arts/B Science (Psychology)80
2013132002Dip Asia-Pacific Studies80
2013132003B Asia-Pacific Studies80
2013132084B Asia-Pacific Stds/B Science80
2013132094B Asia-PacificStds/BVisualArtsN/A
2013132096B Music/B Asia-Pacific Studies80
2013132103B Asia-Pacific Security80
2013132333B Pacific Studies80
2013132342B Asia-PacificStds/M Globalsn80
2013132904B Asia-Pacific Stds/B Ed(UC)80
2013133001Assoc Deg BusN/A
2013133003B Commerce82
2013133014B Arts/B Commerce82
2013133024B Asia-Pacific Stds/B Commerce82
2013133044B Commerce/B Economics86
2013133084B Science/B Commerce82
2013133094B Commerce/B Music82
2013133203B Finance86
2013133284B Finance/B Science86
2013133303B International Business86
2013133403B Bus Admin84
2013133414B Bus Admin/B Arts84
2013133424B Bus Admin/B Asia-PacificStds84
2013133434B Bus Admin/B Info Tech84
2013133444B Bus Admin/B Science84
2013133454B Bus Admin/B Sc (Psychology)84
2013133474B Bus Admin/B Music84
2013133824B Com/B Sc (Psychology)82
2013133904B Sc/B Ed (Sec Teach) (UC)80
2013134003B Economics86
2013134014B Arts/B Economics86
2013134024B Asia-PacificStds/B Economics86
2013134084B Science/B Economics86
2013134085B Econ/B Science (Forest Sc)86
2013134200B Statistics86
2013134201B Actuarial Stds/B Statistics95
2013134202B Commerce/B Statistics86
2013134203B Economics/B Statistics86
2013134204B Finance/B Statistics86
2013134205B Economics/B Finance86
2013134403B Actuarial Studies95
2013134424B Actuarial Studies/B Finance95
2013134434B Actuarial Studies/B Commerce95
2013134444B Actuarial Studies/B Econ95
2013134454B Soc Sc(Hon Actrl Stds & Ec)95
2013134484B Actuarial Studies/B Science95
2013134824B Econ/B Sc (Psychology)86
2013135000B Eng (Research&Dvlt;)(Hons)99
2013135001B Eng(Research&Dvlt;)(Hons)/BS99
2013135004B Engineering (Honours)87
2013135015B Engineering (Honours)/B Arts87
2013135025B Asia-Pacific Stds/BEng(Hons)87
2013135035B Com/B Eng (Honours)87
2013135045B Eng (Honours) /B Ec87
2013135065B Eng (Honours)/B Info Tech87
2013135085B Eng (Honours)/B Sc87
2013135604B Software Eng (Honours)87
2013135635B Software Eng (Honours)/B Com87
2013135685B Software Eng (Honours)/B Sc87
2013135700B Adv Comp (R&D;)(Hons)98
2013135701B Adv Comp (R&D;)(Honours)/B Sc98
2013135705B Adv Comp (Honours)90
2013135706B Adv Comp (Honours)/B Sc90
2013136034B Commerce/B Information Tech82
2013136044B Economics/B Information Tech86
2013136063B Information Tech80
2013137004B Laws96
2013137015B Arts/B Laws96
2013137025B Asia-Pacific Stds/B Laws96
2013137035B Commerce/B Laws96
2013137045B Economics/B Laws96
2013137065B Info Tech/B Laws96
2013137075B Int Rels/B Laws96
2013137085B Science/B Laws96
2013137135B Bus Admin/B Laws96
2013137205B Finance/B Laws96
2013137445B Actuarial Studies/B Laws96
2013137825B Sc (Psychology)/B Laws96
2013137885B Sc (Res & Env Mgt)/B Laws96
2013137915B Music/B Laws96
2013138001Assoc Deg Science & TechN/A
2013138003B Science80
2013138004B Science (Adv) (Honours)95
2013138006B Global & Ocean Sc (Hons)95
2013138008B Interdisciplinary Stds(Sust)80
2013138009B Interdisc Stds (Sust) (Hon)95
2013138024B Asia-Pac Stds/B Sc (For Sc)80
2013138034B Commerce/B Sc (Forest Sc)82
2013138083B Science (Res & Env Mgt)80
2013138084B Science (Forest Sciences)80
2013138085B Science/B Science(Forest Sc)80
2013138094B Music/B Science80
2013138123B Science (Psychology)80
2013138124B Science (Psychology)/B Sc80
2013138130B Psychology (Honours)95
2013138194B Music/B Sc (Psychology)80
2013138203B Science (Sc Communication)80
2013138304B Computational Sc (Hons)98
2013138403B Medical Science90
2013138503B Biotechnology80
2013138600B Genetics90
2013139104B Visual ArtsN/A
2013139105B Design ArtsN/A
2013139106B Digital ArtsN/A
2013139114B Music80
2013139404B Visual Arts/B MusicN/A
2012130004B Philosophy (Hons)-ScienceN/A
2012130005B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/B Sc Hons(NUS)N/A
2012130013B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/BA Hons(NUS)N/A
2012130014B Philosophy (Honours) ArtsN/A
2012131001Assoc Deg Soc StudsN/A
2012131003B Arts80
2012131024B Arts/B Asia-Pacific Studs80
2012131064B Arts/B Information Tech80
2012131084B Arts/B Science80
2012131094B Arts/B MusicN/A
2012131095B Arts/B Visual ArtsN/A
2012131096B Arts/B Digital ArtsN/A
2012131100B Art History & Curatorship80
2012131103B Classical Studies80
2012131143B Development Studies80
2012131145B Env Stds80
2012131147B European Studies80
2012131153B International Relations89
2012131155B Latin American Studies80
2012131157B Mid East & Centrl Asian Stds80
2012131160B Policy Studies80
2012131163B Archaeological Practice80
2012131184B Prof Music PracticeN/A
2012131193B Languages-Arts & Soc Sc80
2012131824B Arts/B Science (Psychology)80
2012132002Dip Asia-Pacific Stds80
2012132003B Asia-Pacific Studies80
2012132033B Asia-Pacific Studs/GD Edu UC80
2012132084B Asia-Pacific Std/B Science80
2012132094B Asia-Pacific Std/BVisualArtsN/A
2012132096B Music/B Asia-Pacific StudiesN/A
2012132103B Asia-Pacific Security80
2012132904B Asia-Pacific Stds/B Edu (UC)80
2012133001Assoc Deg BusN/A
2012133003B Commerce82
2012133014B Arts/B Commerce82
2012133024B Asia-Pacific Std/B Commerce82
2012133033B Commerce/GD Edu (UC)82
2012133044B Commerce/B Economics86
2012133084B Science/B Commerce82
2012133094B Commerce/B MusicN/A
2012133203B Finance86
2012133284B Finance/B Science86
2012133303B International Business86
2012133403B Bus Admin84
2012133414B Bus Admin/B Arts84
2012133424B Bus Admin/B Asia-Pacific Std84
2012133434B Bus Admin/B Info Tech84
2012133444B Bus Admin/B Science84
2012133454B Bus Admin/B Sc (Psychology)84
2012133464B Bus Admin/B Prof Music PracN/A
2012133474B Bus Admin/B MusicN/A
2012133824B Com/B Sc (Psychology)82
2012133904B Sc/B Edu (Sec Teach) (UC)80
2012134003B Economics86
2012134014B Arts/B Economics86
2012134024B Asia-Pacific Std/B Economics86
2012134033B Economics/GD Ed (UC)86
2012134084B Science/B Economics86
2012134085B Econ/B Science (Forest Sc)86
2012134200B Statistics86
2012134201B Actuarial Std/B Statistics95
2012134202B Commerce/B Statistics86
2012134203B Economics/B Statistics86
2012134204B Finance/B Statistics86
2012134205B Economics/B Finance86
2012134403B Actuarial Studies95
2012134424B Actuarial Studies/B Finance95
2012134434B Actuarial Studies/B Commerce95
2012134444B Actuarial Studies/B Ec95
2012134454B Soc Scs (Hon Act Stds & Ec)95
2012134484B Actuarial Studies/B Science95
2012134824B Ec/B Sci (Psychology)86
2012135000B Engineering (Research & Dev)99
2012135001B Eng(Research & Dev)/B Sc99
2012135004B Engineering87
2012135015B Engineering/B Arts87
2012135025B Asia-Pacific Studies/B Eng87
2012135035B Commerce/B Engineering87
2012135045B Engineering/B Economics87
2012135065B Engineering/B Info Tech87
2012135085B Engineering/B Science87
2012135604B Software Engineering87
2012135635B Software Eng/B Commerce87
2012135685B Software Eng/B Science87
2012135700B Adv Comp (R&D;)98
2012135701B Adv Comp (R&D;) /B Sci98
2012135705B Advanced Computing90
2012135706B Adv Comp/B Sci90
2012136034B Commerce/B Information Tech82
2012136044B Economics/B Information Tech86
2012136063B Information Tech80
2012137004B Laws96
2012137015B Arts/B Laws96
2012137025B Asia-Pacific Std/B Laws96
2012137035B Commerce/B Laws96
2012137045B Economics/B Laws96
2012137065B Inf Tech/B Laws96
2012137075B Intl Rel/B Laws96
2012137085B Science/B Laws96
2012137135B Bus Admin/B Laws96
2012137205B Finance/B Laws96
2012137445B Actuarial Studies/B Laws96
2012137825B Sc (Psychology)/B Laws96
2012137885B Sc (Res & Env Mgmt)/B Laws96
2012137915B Music/B LawsN/A
2012138001Assoc Deg Science & TechN/A
2012138003B Science80
2012138004B Science (Adv) (Honours)95
2012138006B Global & Ocean Scs (Hons)95
2012138008B Interdisciplinary Std (Sust)80
2012138009B Interdisc Std (Sust) (Hon)95
2012138024B Asia-Pac Stds/B Sc (For Sc)80
2012138033B Sc/GD Edu (UC)80
2012138034B Commerce/B Sc (Forest Sc)82
2012138083B Science (Res & Env Mgmt)80
2012138084B Science (Forest Sciences)80
2012138085B Science/B Science(Forest Sc)80
2012138094B Music/B ScienceN/A
2012138123B Science (Psychology)80
2012138124B Science (Psychology)/B Sc80
2012138130B Psychology (Honours)95
2012138194B Music/B Sc (Psychology)N/A
2012138203B Science (Sc Communication)80
2012138304B Computational Sc (Hons)98
2012138403B Medical Science90
2012138503B Biotechnology80
2012138600B Genetics90
2012139102Dip ArtN/A
2012139104B Visual ArtsN/A
2012139105B Design ArtsN/A
2012139106B Digital ArtsN/A
2012139114B MusicN/A
2012139404B Visual Arts/B MusicN/A
2011130004B Philosophy (Hons)-ScienceN/A
2011130005B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/B Sc Hons(NUS)N/A
2011130014B Philosophy (Honours) -ArtsN/A
2011130015B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/BA Hons(NUS)N/A
2011131001Assoc Deg Soc StudsN/A
2011131002Dip Arts80
2011131003B Arts81
2011131024B Arts/B Asia-Pacific Studs82
2011131064B Arts/B Information Tech82
2011131084B Arts/B Science84
2011131094B Arts/B MusicN/A
2011131095B Arts/B Visual ArtsN/A
2011131096B Arts/B Digital ArtsN/A
2011131103B Classical Studies88
2011131143B Development Studies88
2011131153B Arts (Int Relations)89
2011131163B Archaeological Practice82
2011131184B Prof Music PracticeN/A
2011131193B Languages-Arts & Soc Sc82
2011131824B Arts/B Science (Psychology)84
2011132003B Asia-Pacific Studies82
2011132033B Asia-Pacific Studs/GD Edu UC82
2011132084B Asia-Pacific Std/B Science84
2011132094B Asia-Pacific Std/BVisualArtsN/A
2011132096B Music/B Asia-Pacific StudiesN/A
2011132103B Asia-Pacific Security82
2011132193B Languages-Asia-Pacific82
2011132904B Asia-Pacific Stds/B Edu (UC)82
2011133001Assoc Deg BusN/A
2011133003B Commerce84
2011133014B Arts/B Commerce84
2011133024B Asia-Pacific Std/B Commerce84
2011133033B Commerce/GD Edu (UC)84
2011133044B Commerce/B Economics86
2011133084B Science/B Commerce84
2011133094B Commerce/B MusicN/A
2011133203B Finance86
2011133284B Finance/B Science86
2011133303B International Business86
2011133403B Bus Admin86
2011133414B Bus Admin/B Arts86
2011133424B Bus Admin/B Asia-Pacific Std86
2011133434B Bus Admin/B Info Tech86
2011133444B Bus Admin/B Science86
2011133454B Bus Admin/B Sc (Psychology)86
2011133464B Bus Admin/B Prof Music PracN/A
2011133474B Bus Admin/B MusicN/A
2011133824B Com/B Sci (Psychology)84
2011133904B Sc/B Edu (Sec Teach) (UC)84
2011134003B Economics86
2011134014B Arts/B Economics86
2011134024B Asia-Pacific Std/B Economics86
2011134033B Economics/GD Ed (UC)86
2011134084B Science/B Economics86
2011134085B Econ/B Science (Forest Sc)86
2011134200B Statistics86
2011134201B Actuarial Std/B Statistics95
2011134202B Commerce/B Statistics86
2011134203B Economics/B Statistics86
2011134204B Finance/B Statistics86
2011134205B Economics/B Finance86
2011134403B Actuarial Studies95
2011134424B Actuarial Studies/B Finance95
2011134434B Actuarial Studies/B Commerce95
2011134444B Actuarial Studies/B Ec95
2011134454B Soc Scs (Hon Act Stds & Ec)95
2011134484B Actuarial Studies/B Science95
2011134824B Ec/B Sci (Psychology)86
2011135000B Engineering (Research & Dev)99
2011135001B Eng(Research & Dev)/B Sc99
2011135004B Engineering87
2011135015B Engineering/B Arts87
2011135025B Asia-Pacific Studies/B Eng87
2011135035B Commerce/B Engineering87
2011135045B Engineering/B Economics87
2011135065B Engineering/B Info Tech87
2011135085B Engineering/B Science87
2011135604B Software Engineering87
2011135635B Software Eng/B Commerce87
2011135685B Software Eng/B Science87
2011135704B Computer Science (Honours)98
2011135705B Advanced Computing90
2011136034B Commerce/B Information Tech84
2011136044B Economics/B Information Tech86
2011136063B Information Tech82
2011137004B Laws96
2011137015B Arts/B Laws96
2011137025B Asia-Pacific Std/B Laws96
2011137035B Commerce/B Laws96
2011137045B Economics/B Laws96
2011137065B Inf Tech/B Laws96
2011137085B Science/B Laws96
2011137135B Bus Admin/B Laws96
2011137205B Finance/B Laws96
2011137445B Actuarial Studies/B Laws96
2011137825B Sc (Psychology)/B Laws96
2011137885B Sc (Res & Env Mgmt)/B Laws96
2011137915B Music/B LawsN/A
2011138001Assoc Deg Science & TechN/A
2011138003B Science84
2011138004B Science (Adv) (Honours)95
2011138006B Global & Ocean Scs (Hons)95
2011138008B Interdisciplinary Std (Sust)84
2011138009B Interdisc Std (Sust) (Hon)95
2011138024B Asia-Pac Stds/B Sc (For Sc)84
2011138033B Sc/GD Edu (UC)83
2011138034B Commerce/B Sc (Forest Sc)84
2011138083B Science (Res & Env Mgmt)84
2011138084B Science (Forest Sciences)84
2011138085B Science/B Science(Forest Sc)84
2011138094B Music/B ScienceN/A
2011138123B Science (Psychology)84
2011138124B Science (Psychology)/B Sc84
2011138130B Psychology (Honours)95
2011138194B Music/B Sc (Psychology)N/A
2011138203B Science (Sc Communication)84
2011138304B Computational Sc (Hons)98
2011138403B Medical Science90
2011138503B Biotechnology84
2011138600B Genetics90
2011139102Dip ArtN/A
2011139104B Visual ArtsN/A
2011139105B Design ArtsN/A
2011139106B Digital ArtsN/A
2011139114B MusicN/A
2011139404B Visual Arts/B MusicN/A
2010130004B Philosophy (Hons)-ScienceN/A
2010130005B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/B Sc Hons(NUS)N/A
2010130014B Philosophy (Honours) -ArtsN/A
2010130015B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/BA Hons(NUS)N/A
2010131001Assoc Deg Soc StudsN/A
2010131002Dip Arts80
2010131003B Arts80
2010131024B Arts/B Asia-Pacific Studs80
2010131064B Arts/B Information Tech82
2010131084B Arts/B Science82
2010131094B Arts/B MusicN/A
2010131095B Arts/B Visual ArtsN/A
2010131103B Classical Studies88
2010131143B Development Studies88
2010131153B Arts (Int Relations)89
2010131163B Archaeological Practice80
2010131184B Prof Music PracticeN/A
2010131193B Languages-Arts & Soc Sc81
2010131824B Arts/B Science (Psychology)82
2010132003B Asia-Pacific Studies80
2010132033B Asia-Pacific Studs/GD Edu UC80
2010132084B Asia-Pacific Std/B Science82
2010132094B Asia-Pacific Std/B VisualArtsN/A
2010132096B Music/B Asia-Pacific StudiesN/A
2010132103B Security Analysis (Asia-Pac)80
2010132193B Languages-Asia-Pacific81
2010133001Assoc Deg BusN/A
2010133003B Commerce82
2010133014B Arts/B Commerce82
2010133024B Asia-Pacific Std/B Commerce82
2010133033B Commerce/GD Edu UC82
2010133044B Commerce/B Economics85
2010133084B Science/B Commerce82
2010133094B Commerce/B MusicN/A
2010133203B Finance85
2010133284B Finance/B Science85
2010133303B International Business85
2010133403B Bus Admin85
2010133824B Com/B Sci (Psychology)82
2010134003B Economics85
2010134014B Arts/B Economics85
2010134024B Asia-Pacific Std/B Economics85
2010134033B Economics/GD Ed UC85
2010134084B Science/B Economics85
2010134085B Science (Forestry)/B Ec85
2010134200B Statistics85
2010134201B Actuarial Std/B Statistics95
2010134202B Commerce/B Statistics85
2010134203B Economics/B Statistics85
2010134204B Finance/B Statistics85
2010134205B Economics/B Finance85
2010134403B Actuarial Studies95
2010134424B Actuarial Studies/B Finance95
2010134434B Actuarial Studies/B Commerce95
2010134444B Actuarial Studies/B Ec95
2010134454B Soc Scs (Hon Act Stds & Ec)95
2010134484B Actuarial Studies/B Science95
2010134824B Ec/B Sci (Psychology)85
2010135000B Engineering (Research & Dev)99
2010135001B Eng(Research & Dev)/B Sc99
2010135004B Engineering86
2010135015B Engineering/B Arts86
2010135025B Asia-Pacific Studies/B Eng86
2010135035B Commerce/B Engineering86
2010135045B Engineering/B Economics86
2010135065B Engineering/B Info Tech86
2010135085B Engineering/B Science86
2010135604B Software Engineering86
2010135635B Software Eng/B Commerce86
2010135685B Software Eng/B Science86
2010135704B Computer Science (Honours)98
2010136034B Commerce/B Information Tech82
2010136044B Economics/B Information Tech85
2010136063B Information Tech82
2010137004B Laws96
2010137015B Arts/B Laws96
2010137025B Asia-Pacific Std/B Laws96
2010137035B Commerce/B Laws96
2010137045B Economics/B Laws96
2010137065B Info Tech/B Laws96
2010137085B Science/B Laws96
2010137205B Finance/B Laws96
2010137445B Actuarial Studies/B Laws96
2010137825B Sc (Psychology)/B Laws96
2010137885B Sc (Res & Env Mgmt)/B Laws96
2010137915B Music/B LawsN/A
2010138001Assoc Deg Science & TechN/A
2010138003B Science82
2010138004B Science (Adv) (Honours)95
2010138006B Global & Ocean Scs (Hons)95
2010138008B Interdisciplinary Std (Sust)82
2010138009B Interdisc Std (Sust) (Hon)95
2010138014B Arts/B Science (Forestry)82
2010138024B Asia-Pacific Stds/B Sc (For)82
2010138033B Sc/GD Edu UC82
2010138034B Commerce/B Sc (Forestry)82
2010138083B Science (Res & Env Mgmt)82
2010138084B Science (Forestry)82
2010138085B Science/B Science (Forestry)82
2010138094B Music/B ScienceN/A
2010138095B Visual Arts/B Sc (Forestry)N/A
2010138123B Science (Psychology)82
2010138124B Science (Psychology)/B Sc82
2010138130B Psychology (Honours)95
2010138194B Music/B Sc (Psychology)N/A
2010138203B Science (Sc Communication)82
2010138304B Computational Sc (Hons)98
2010138403B Medical Science90
2010138503B Biotechnology82
2010138600B Genetics90
2010139102Dip ArtN/A
2010139104B Visual ArtsN/A
2010139105B Design ArtsN/A
2010139114B MusicN/A
2010139404B Visual Arts/B MusicN/A
2009130004B Philosophy (Hons)-ScienceN/A
2009130005B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/B Sc Hons(NUS)N/A
2009130014B Philosophy (Honours) -ArtsN/A
2009130015B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/BA Hons(NUS)N/A
2009131001Assoc Deg Soc StudiesN/A
2009131002Dip Arts80
2009131003B Arts80
2009131024B Arts/B Asia-Pacific Studies80
2009131026B Asia-Pac Stud/B Visual ArtsN/A
2009131064B Arts/B Information Tech80
2009131084B Arts/B Science80
2009131094B Arts/B MusicN/A
2009131095B Arts/B Visual ArtsN/A
2009131144B Arts/B Social Work80
2009131153B Arts (Int Relations)87
2009131163B Archaeological Practice80
2009131173B Arts (New Media Arts)80
2009131183B Arts (Music)N/A
2009131193B Languages-Arts & Soc Sc80
2009131824B Arts/B Science (Psychology)80
2009132002Dip Asian Studies80
2009132003B Asia-Pacific Studies80
2009132084B Asia-Pacific Std/B Science80
2009132096B Asia-Pacific Studies/B MusicN/A
2009132103B Security Analysis (Asia-Pac)80
2009132193B Languages-Asia-Pacific80
2009133001Assoc Deg BusN/A
2009133003B Commerce80
2009133014B Arts/B Commerce80
2009133024B Asia-Pacific Std/B Commerce80
2009133044B Commerce/B Economics84
2009133084B Science/B Commerce80
2009133094B Commerce/B MusicN/A
2009133203B Finance85
2009133284B Finance/B Science85
2009133303B International Business84
2009133403B Bus Admin84
2009133824B Com/B Sci (Psychology)80
2009134003B Economics84
2009134014B Arts/B Economics84
2009134024B Asia-Pacific Std/B Economics84
2009134084B Science/B Economics84
2009134085B Science (Forestry)/B Ec84
2009134200B Statistics84
2009134201B Actuarial Std/B Statistics95
2009134202B Commerce/B Statistics84
2009134203B Economics/B Statistics84
2009134204B Finance/B Statistics85
2009134205B Economics/B Finance85
2009134403B Actuarial Studies95
2009134424B Actuarial Studies/B Finance95
2009134434B Actuarial Studies/B Commerce95
2009134444B Actuarial Studies/B Ec95
2009134454B Soc Scs (Hon) Act Stds & Ec95
2009134484B Actuarial Studies/B Science95
2009134824B Ec/B Sci (Psychology)84
2009135000B Engineering (Research & Dev)98
2009135001B Eng(Research & Dev)/B Sc98
2009135004B Engineering85
2009135015B Engineering/B Arts85
2009135025B Asia-Pacific Studies/B Eng85
2009135035B Commerce/B Engineering85
2009135045B Engineering/B Economics85
2009135065B Engineering/B Info Tech85
2009135085B Engineering/B Science85
2009135604B Software Engineering85
2009135635B Software Eng/B Commerce85
2009135685B Software Eng/B Science85
2009135704B Computer Science (Honours)98
2009136034B Commerce/B Information Tech80
2009136044B Economics/B Information Tech84
2009136063B Information Tech80
2009137004B Laws96
2009137015B Arts/B Laws96
2009137025B Asia-Pacific Std/B Laws96
2009137035B Commerce/B Laws96
2009137045B Economics/B Laws96
2009137065B Inf Tech/B Laws96
2009137085B Science/B Laws96
2009137205B Finance/B Laws96
2009137445B Actuarial Studies/B Laws96
2009137825B Sc (Psychology)/B Laws96
2009137885B Sc (Res & Env Mgmt)/B Laws96
2009137915B Music/B LawsN/A
2009138001Assoc Deg ScienceN/A
2009138003B Science80
2009138004B Science (Honours)95
2009138006B Global & Ocean Scs (Hons)95
2009138008B Interdisciplinary Std (Sust)80
2009138009B Interdisc Std (Sust) (Hon)95
2009138014B Arts/B Science (Forestry)80
2009138024B Asia-Pacific Stds/B Sc (For)80
2009138034B Commerce/B Sc (Forestry)80
2009138064B Inf Tech/B Sc (Forestry)80
2009138083B Science (Res & Env Mgmt)80
2009138084B Science (Forestry)80
2009138085B Science/B Science(Forestry)80
2009138094B Music/B ScienceN/A
2009138095B Visual Arts/B Sc (Forestry)N/A
2009138123B Science (Psychology)80
2009138124B Science (Psychology)/B Sc80
2009138130B Psychology (Honours)95
2009138194B Music/B Sc (Psychology)N/A
2009138203B Science (Sc Communication)80
2009138304B Computational Sc (Hons)98
2009138403B Medical Science90
2009138503B Biotechnology80
2009138600B Genetics90
2009139102Dip ArtN/A
2009139104B Visual ArtsN/A
2009139105B Design ArtsN/A
2009139114B MusicN/A
2009139404B Visual Arts/B MusicN/A
2008130004B Philosophy (Hons)-ScienceN/A
2008130005B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/B Sc Hons(NUS)N/A
2008130014B Philosophy (Honours) -ArtsN/A
2008130015B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/BA Hons(NUS)N/A
2008130024B Philosophy(Honours)Asian StdN/A
2008131002Dip Arts75
2008131003B Arts75
2008131024B Arts/B Asian Studies75
2008131025B Arts/B Asian Studies (Spec)85
2008131064B Arts/B Information Tech75
2008131084B Arts/B Science75
2008131094B Arts/B MusicN/A
2008131095B Arts/B Visual ArtsN/A
2008131144B Arts/B Social Work75
2008131153B Arts (Int Relations)85
2008131163B Archaeological Practice75
2008131173B Arts (New Media Arts)75
2008131183B Arts (Music)N/A
2008131824B Arts/B Science (Psychology)75
2008132002Dip Asian Studies75
2008132003B Asian Studies75
2008132004B Asian Studies (Specialist)85
2008132084B Asian Studies/B Science75
2008132085B Asian Stds (Spec)/B Science85
2008132095B Asian Stds (Spec)/B Vis ArtsN/A
2008132096B Asian Studies/B MusicN/A
2008132097B Asian Studies (Spec)/B MusicN/A
2008132103B Security Analysis (Asia-Pac)85
2008132204B Translation (Asian Region)85
2008132303B Religions (Asian Societies)75
2008133003B Commerce75
2008133014B Arts/B Commerce75
2008133024B Asian Studies/B Commerce75
2008133025B Asian Stds (Spec)/B Commerce85
2008133044B Commerce/B Economics75
2008133084B Science/B Commerce75
2008133094B Commerce/B MusicN/A
2008133203B Finance85
2008133284B Finance/B Science85
2008133303B International Business85
2008133824B Com/B Sc (Psychology)75
2008134003B Economics75
2008134014B Arts/B Economics75
2008134024B Asian Studies/B Economics75
2008134025B Asian Studies (Spec)/B Ec85
2008134084B Science/B Economics75
2008134085B Science (Forestry)/B Ec75
2008134200B Statistics75
2008134403B Actuarial Studies95
2008134424B Actuarial Studies/B Finance95
2008134434B Actuarial Studies/B Commerce95
2008134444B Actuarial Studies/B Ec95
2008134454B Soc Scs (Hon) Act Stds & Ec95
2008134484B Actuarial Studies/B Science95
2008134824B Ec/B Sc (Psychology)75
2008135000B Engineering (Research & Dev)98
2008135001B Eng(Research & Dev)/B Sc98
2008135004B Engineering80
2008135015B Engineering/B Arts80
2008135025B Asian Studies/B Engineering80
2008135035B Commerce/B Engineering80
2008135045B Engineering/B Economics80
2008135065B Engineering/B Info Tech80
2008135085B Engineering/B Science80
2008135604B Software Engineering80
2008135635B Software Eng/B Commerce80
2008135685B Software Eng/B Science80
2008135704B Computer Science (Honours)98
2008136034B Commerce/B Information Tech75
2008136044B Economics/B Information Tech75
2008136063B Information Tech75
2008137004B Laws95
2008137015B Arts/B Laws95
2008137025B Asian Studies/B Laws95
2008137026B Asian Studies (Spec)/B Laws95
2008137035B Commerce/B Laws95
2008137045B Economics/B Laws95
2008137065B Inf Tech/B Laws95
2008137085B Science/B Laws95
2008137205B Finance/B Laws95
2008137445B Actuarial Studies/B Laws95
2008137825B Sc (Psychology)/B Laws95
2008137885B Sc (Res & Env Mgmt)/B Laws95
2008137915B Music/B LawsN/A
2008138003B Science75
2008138004B Science (Honours)95
2008138006B Global & Ocean Scs (Hons)95
2008138008B Interdisciplinary Std (Sust)75
2008138009B Interdisc Std (Sust) (Hon)95
2008138014B Arts/B Science (Forestry)75
2008138024B Asian Stds/B Sc (Forestry)75
2008138034B Commerce/B Sc (Forestry)75
2008138064B Inf Tech/B Sc (Forestry)75
2008138083B Science (Res & Env Mgmt)75
2008138084B Science (Forestry)75
2008138085B Science/B Science(Forestry)75
2008138094B Music/B ScienceN/A
2008138095B Visual Arts/B Sc (Forestry)N/A
2008138123B Science (Psychology)75
2008138124B Science (Psychology)/B Sc75
2008138130B Psychology (Honours)95
2008138194B Music/B Sc (Psychology)N/A
2008138203B Science (Sc Communication)75
2008138304B Computational Sc (Hons)95
2008138403B Medical Science90
2008138503B Biotechnology75
2008139102Dip ArtN/A
2008139104B Visual ArtsN/A
2008139105B Design ArtsN/A
2008139114B MusicN/A
2008139404B Visual Arts/B MusicN/A
2007130004B Philosophy (Hons)-ScienceN/A
2007130005B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/B Sc Hons(NUS)N/A
2007130014B Philosophy (Honours) -ArtsN/A
2007130015B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/BA Hons(NUS)N/A
2007130024B Philosophy(Honours)Asian StdN/A
2007131002Dip Arts75
2007131003B Arts75
2007131024B Arts/B Asian Studies75
2007131025B Arts/B Asian Studies (Spec)85
2007131064B Arts/B Information Tech75
2007131084B Arts/B Science75
2007131094B Arts/B MusicN/A
2007131095B Arts/B Visual ArtsN/A
2007131144B Arts/B Social Work75
2007131153B Arts (Int Relations)85
2007131163B Archaeological Practice75
2007131173B Arts (New Media Arts)75
2007131183B Arts (Music)N/A
2007131824B Arts/B Science (Psychology)75
2007132002Dip Asian Studies75
2007132003B Asian Studies75
2007132004B Asian Studies (Specialist)85
2007132084B Asian Studies/B Science75
2007132085B Asian Stds(Spec)/B Science85
2007132095B Asian Stds(Spec)/B Vis ArtsN/A
2007132103B Security Analysis (Asia-Pac)85
2007132204B Translation (Asian Region)85
2007132303B Religions (Asian Societies)75
2007133003B Commerce75
2007133014B Arts/B Commerce75
2007133024B Asian Studies/B Commerce75
2007133025B Asian Stds (Spec)/B Commerce85
2007133044B Commerce/B Economics75
2007133084B Science/B Commerce75
2007133094B Commerce/B MusicN/A
2007133203B Finance87
2007133284B Finance/B Science87
2007133303B International Business85
2007133824B Com/B Sci (Psychology)75
2007134003B Economics75
2007134014B Arts/B Economics75
2007134024B Asian Studies/B Economics75
2007134025B Asian Studies (Spec)/B Ec85
2007134084B Science/B Economics75
2007134085B Science (Forestry)/B Ec75
2007134403B Actuarial Studies95
2007134424B Actuarial Studies/B Finance95
2007134434B Actuarial Studies/B Commerce95
2007134444B Actuarial Studies/B Ec95
2007134454B Soc Scs (Hon) Act Stds & Ec95
2007134484B Actuarial Studies/B Science95
2007134824B Ec/B Sci (Psychology)75
2007135004B Engineering80
2007135015B Engineering/B Arts80
2007135025B Asian Studies/B Engineering80
2007135035B Commerce/B Engineering80
2007135045B Engineering/B Economics80
2007135065B Engineering/B Info Tech80
2007135085B Engineering/B Science80
2007135604B Software Engineering80
2007135635B Software Eng/B Commerce80
2007135685B Software Eng/B Science80
2007135704B Computer Science (Honours)98
2007136034B Commerce/B Information Tech75
2007136044B Economics/B Information Tech75
2007136063B Information Tech75
2007137003B Laws (Graduate)N/A
2007137004B Laws95
2007137015B Arts/B Laws95
2007137025B Asian Studies/B Laws95
2007137026B Asian Studies (Spec)/B Laws95
2007137035B Commerce/B Laws95
2007137045B Economics/B Laws95
2007137065B Info Tech/B Laws95
2007137085B Science/B Laws95
2007137205B Finance/B Laws95
2007137445B Actuarial Studies/B Laws95
2007137825B Sc (Psychology)/B Laws95
2007137885B Sc (Res & Env Mgmt)/B Laws95
2007137915B Music/B LawsN/A
2007138003B Science75
2007138004B Science (Honours)95
2007138006B Global & Ocean Scs (Hons)95
2007138008B Interdisciplinary Std (Sust)75
2007138009B Interdisc Std (Sust) (Hon)95
2007138014B Arts/B Science (Forestry)75
2007138024B Asian Stds/B Sc (Forestry)75
2007138034B Commerce/B Sc (Forestry)75
2007138064B Info Tech/B Sc (Forestry)75
2007138083B Science (Res & Env Mgmt)75
2007138084B Science (Forestry)75
2007138085B Science/B Science (Forestry)75
2007138094B Music/B ScienceN/A
2007138095B Visual Arts/B Sc (Forestry)N/A
2007138123B Science (Psychology)75
2007138124B Science (Psychology)/B Sc75
2007138130B Psychology (Honours)95
2007138194B Music/B Sc (Psychology)N/A
2007138203B Science (Sc Communication)75
2007138304B Computational Sc (Hons)98
2007138403B Medical Science90
2007138503B Biotechnology75
2007138603B Photonics80
2007139102Dip ArtN/A
2007139104B Visual ArtsN/A
2007139105B Design ArtsN/A
2007139114B MusicN/A
2007139133B Arts (Digital Arts)N/A
2007139404B Visual Arts/B MusicN/A
2006130004B Philosophy (Hons)-ScienceN/A
2006130005B Ph(Hons)(ANU)/B Sc Hons(NUS)N/A
2006130014B Philosophy (Honours) -ArtsN/A
2006130024B Philosophy(Honours)Asian StdN/A
2006131002Dip Arts83
2006131003B Arts83
2006131024B Arts/B Asian Studies83
2006131025B Arts/B Asian Studies (Spec)88
2006131064B Arts/B Information Tech83
2006131084B Arts/B Science83
2006131094B Arts/B MusicN/A
2006131095B Arts/B Visual ArtsN/A
2006131144B Arts/B Social Work83
2006131153B Arts (Int Relations)90
2006131163B Archaeological Practice83
2006131173B Arts (New Media Arts)83
2006131183B Arts (Music)N/A
2006131824B Arts/B Science (Psychology)83
2006132002Dip Asian Studies83
2006132003B Asian Studies83
2006132004B Asian Studies (Specialist)88
2006132084B Asian Studies/B Science83
2006132085B Asian Stds(Spec)/B Science88
2006132095B Asian Stds(Spec)/B Vis ArtsN/A
2006132103B Security Analysis (Asia-Pac)88
2006132204B Translation(Asian Region)88
2006132303B Religions(Asian Societies)83
2006133003B Commerce83
2006133014B Arts/B Commerce83
2006133024B Asian Studies/B Commerce83
2006133025B Asian Stds (Spec)/B Commerce88
2006133044B Commerce/B Economics83
2006133084B Science/B Commerce83
2006133094B Commerce/ B MusicN/A
2006133203B Finance88
2006133284B Finance/B Science88
2006133303B Int Business88
2006133824B Com/B Sci (Psychology)83
2006134003B Economics83
2006134014B Arts/B Economics83
2006134024B Asian Studies/B Economics83
2006134025B Asian Studies (Spec)/B Ec88
2006134084B Science/B Economics83
2006134085B Science (Forestry)/B Ec83
2006134403B Actuarial Studies95
2006134424B Actuarial Studies/B Finance95
2006134434B Actuarial Studies/B Commerce95
2006134444B Actuarial Studies/B Ec95
2006134454B Soc Scs (Hon) Act Stds & Ec95
2006134484B Actuarial Studies/B Science95
2006134824B Ec/B Sci (Psychology)83
2006135004B Engineering83
2006135015B Engineering/B Arts83
2006135025B Asian Studies/B Engineering83
2006135035B Commerce/B Engineering83
2006135045B Engineering/B Economics83
2006135065B Engineering/B Info Tech83
2006135085B Engineering/B Science83
2006135604B Software Engineering83
2006135635B Software Eng/B Commerce83
2006135685B Software Eng/B Science83
2006135704B Computer Science (Honours)98
2006136034B Commerce/B Information Tech83
2006136044B Economics/B Information Tech83
2006136063B Information Tech83
2006137003B Laws (Graduate)N/A
2006137004B Laws96
2006137015B Arts/B Laws96
2006137025B Asian Studies/B Laws96
2006137026B Asian Studies (Spec)/B Laws96
2006137035B Commerce/B Laws96
2006137045B Economics/B Laws96
2006137065B Inf Tech/B Laws96
2006137085B Science/B Laws96
2006137205B Finance/B Laws96
2006137445B Actuarial Studies/B Laws96
2006137825B Sc (Psychology)/B Laws96
2006137885B Sc (Res & Env Mgmt)/B Laws96
2006137915B Music/B LawsN/A
2006138003B Science83
2006138004B Science (Honours)95
2006138006B Global & Ocean Scs (Hons)95
2006138008B Interdisciplinary Std (Sust)83
2006138009B Interdisc Std (Sust) (Hon)95
2006138014B Arts/B Science (Forestry)83
2006138024B Asian Stds/B Sc (Forestry)83
2006138034B Commerce/B Sc (Forestry)83
2006138064B Inf Tech/B Sc (Forestry)83
2006138083B Science (Res & Env Mgmt)83
2006138084B Science (Forestry)83
2006138085B Science/B Science(Forestry)83
2006138094B Music/B ScienceN/A
2006138095B Visual Arts/B Sc (Forestry)N/A
2006138123B Science (Psychology)83
2006138124B Science (Psychology)/B Sci83
2006138130B Psychology (Honours)95
2006138194B Music/B Sc (Psychology)N/A
2006138203B Science (Sc Communication)83
2006138303B Computational Science83
2006138403B Medical Science90
2006138503B Biotechnology83
2006138603B Photonics83
2006139102Dip ArtN/A
2006139104B Visual ArtsN/A
2006139114B MusicN/A
2006139133B Arts (Digital Arts)N/A
2006139404B Visual Arts/B MusicN/A
2005130004B Philosophy (Hons)-ScienceN/A
2005130014B Philosophy (Honours) -ArtsN/A
2005130024B Philosophy(Honours)Asian StdN/A
2005131002Dip Arts85
2005131003B Arts85
2005131024B Arts/B Asian Studies85
2005131025B Arts/B Asian Studies (Spec)90
2005131064B Arts/B Information Tech85
2005131084B Arts/B Science85
2005131094B Arts/B MusicN/A
2005131095B Arts/B Arts (Visual)N/A
2005131144B Arts/B Social Work85
2005131153B Arts (Int Relations)90
2005131163B Archaeological Practice85
2005131173B Arts (New Media Arts)85
2005131824B Arts/B Science (Psychology)85
2005132002Dip Asian Studies85
2005132003B Asian Studies85
2005132004B Asian Studies (Specialist)90
2005132084B Asian Studies/B Science85
2005132085B Asian Stds(Spec)/B Science90
2005132095B Asian Stds(Spec)/B Arts(Vis)N/A
2005132103B Security Analysis (Asia-Pac)90
2005132204B Translation(Asian Region)90
2005132303B Religions(Asian Societies)85
2005133003B Commerce85
2005133004BCom(Hons)(Ind Based Learning)N/A
2005133014B Arts/B Commerce85
2005133024B Asian Studies/B Commerce85
2005133025B Asian Stds (Spec)/B Commerce90
2005133044B Commerce/B Economics85
2005133084B Science/B Commerce85
2005133094B Commerce/ B MusicN/A
2005133203B Finance88
2005133284B Finance/B Science88
2005133303B Int Business88
2005133824B Com/B Sci (Psychology)85
2005134003B Economics85
2005134004B Ec (Hons)(Ind Based Learning)N/A
2005134014B Arts/B Economics85
2005134024B Asian Studies/B Economics85
2005134025B Asian Studies (Spec)/B Ec90
2005134084B Science/B Economics85
2005134085B Science (Forestry)/B Ec85
2005134403B Actuarial Studies95
2005134424B Actuarial Studies/B Finance95
2005134435B Actuarial Studies/B Commerce95
2005134444B Actuarial Studies/B Ec95
2005134454B Soc Scs (Hon) Act Stds & Ec98
2005134824B Ec/B Sci (Psychology)85
2005135004B Engineering85
2005135015B Engineering/B Arts85
2005135025B Asian Studies/B Engineering85
2005135035B Commerce/B Engineering85
2005135045B Engineering/B Economics85
2005135065B Engineering/B Info Tech85
2005135085B Engineering/B Science85
2005135604B Software Engineering85
2005136034B Commerce/B Information Tech85
2005136044B Economics/B Information Tech85
2005136063B Information Tech85
2005137003B Laws(Graduate)N/A
2005137004B Laws95
2005137015B Arts/B Laws95
2005137025B Asian Studies/B Laws95
2005137026B Asian Studies (Spec)/B Laws95
2005137035B Commerce/B Laws95
2005137045B Economics/B Laws95
2005137065B Inf Tech/B Laws95
2005137085B Science/B Laws95
2005137205B Finance/B Laws95
2005137445B Actuarial Studies/B Laws95
2005137825B Sc (Psychology)/B Laws95
2005137885B Sc (Res & Env Mgmt)/B Laws95
2005137915B Music/B LawsN/A
2005138003B Science85
2005138014B Arts/B Science (Forestry)85
2005138024B Asian Stds/B Sc (Forestry)85
2005138034B Commerce/B Sc (Forestry)85
2005138064B Inf Tech/B Sc (Forestry)85
2005138083B Science (Res & Env Mgmt)85
2005138084B Science (Forestry)85
2005138085B Science/B Science(Forestry)85
2005138094B Music/B ScienceN/A
2005138095B A (Visual)/B Sc (Forestry)N/A
2005138123B Science (Psychology)85
2005138124B Science (Psychology)/B Sci85
2005138194B Music/B Sc (Psychology)N/A
2005138203B Science (Sc Communication)85
2005138303B Computational Science85
2005138403B Medical Science90
2005138503B Biotechnology85
2005138603B Photonics85
2005139102Dip ArtN/A
2005139104B Arts (Visual)N/A
2005139114B MusicN/A
2005139133B Arts (Digital Arts)N/A
2005139404B A (Visual)/B MusicN/A