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ATAR Cut-offs

Year Course No. Course Description ATAR Campus
2017211004 B Arts65Wagga Wagga
2017211007 B Arts65Bathurst
2017211017 B Social Science (Psychology)/B Business (Management)70Bathurst
2017211037 B Social Science (Psychology)/B Business (Marketing)70Bathurst
2017211177 B Communication (Journalism and International Studies)65Bathurst
2017211187 B Communication (Advertising and Public Relations)65Bathurst
2017211197 B Communication65Bathurst
2017211207 B Communication (Advertising)65Bathurst
2017211210 B Communication (Advertising)65Port Macquarie
2017211217 B Communication (Advertising)/B Business (Marketing)65Bathurst
2017211227 B Communication (Radio)65Bathurst
2017211237 B Communication (Journalism)65Bathurst
2017211247 B Communication (Public Relations)65Bathurst
2017211257 B Communication (Public Relations)/B Business Studies65Bathurst
2017211267 B Communication (Media Practice)65Bathurst
2017211270 B Communication (Public Relations)65Port Macquarie
2017211287 B Communication (Theatre Media)A+CBathurst
2017211314 B Stage and Screen (Design)65Wagga Wagga
2017211324 B Stage and Screen (Sound Design)65Wagga Wagga
2017211414 B Creative Arts and Design (Graphic Design)65Wagga Wagga
2017211420 B Creative Arts and Design (Graphic Design)65Port Macquarie
2017211654 B Creative Arts and Design (Art History)65Wagga Wagga
2017211684 B Creative Arts and Design (Sound Design)65Wagga Wagga
2017211694 B Creative Arts and Design65Wagga Wagga
2017211714 B Creative Arts and Design (Animation and Visual Effects)65Wagga Wagga
2017211744 B Stage and Screen (Acting)A+CWagga Wagga
2017211764 B Creative Arts and Design (Photography)65Wagga Wagga
2017211784 B Creative Arts and Design (Graphic Design/Photography)65Wagga Wagga
2017211794 B Stage and Screen (Television)65Wagga Wagga
2017211804 B Psychology80Wagga Wagga
2017211807 B Psychology80Bathurst
2017211810 B Psychology80Port Macquarie
2017211850 B Social Science (Psychology)70Port Macquarie
2017211854 B Social Science (Psychology)70Wagga Wagga
2017211857 B Social Science (Psychology)70Bathurst
2017211890 B Criminal Justice65Port Macquarie
2017211897 B Criminal Justice65Bathurst
2017211900 B Social WorkA+CPort Macquarie
2017211904 B Social Work65Wagga Wagga
2017211955 B Theology65Parramatta
2017211957 B Theology65Canberra
2017212010 B Accounting65Port Macquarie
2017212011 B Accounting65Albury-Wodonga
2017212014 B Accounting65Wagga Wagga
2017212017 B Accounting65Bathurst
2017212171 B Business (Management)65Albury-Wodonga
2017212174 B Business (Management)65Wagga Wagga
2017212177 B Business (Management)65Bathurst
2017212201 B Business (Marketing)65Albury-Wodonga
2017212207 B Business (Marketing)65Bathurst
2017212700 B Business Studies65Port Macquarie
2017212701 B Business Studies65Albury-Wodonga
2017212704 B Business Studies65Wagga Wagga
2017212707 B Business Studies65Bathurst
2017212717 B Computer Science (with specialisation)65Bathurst
2017212731 B Information Technology (with specialisation)65Albury-Wodonga
2017212734 B Information Technology (with specialisation)65Wagga Wagga
2017212817 B Technology/M Engineering (Civil Systems)A+CBathurst
2017213091 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)70Albury-Wodonga
2017213094 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)70Wagga Wagga
2017213095 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)70Dubbo
2017213097 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)70Bathurst
2017213160 B Education (K-12)70Port Macquarie
2017213161 B Education (K-12)70Albury-Wodonga
2017213164 B Education (K-12)70Wagga Wagga
2017213167 B Education (K-12)70Bathurst
2017213204 B Education (Technology and Applied Studies)70Wagga Wagga
2017213267 B Exercise and Sport Science (with specialisation)70Bathurst
2017213357 B Education (Health and Physical Education)70Bathurst
2017213377 B Sports Media70Bathurst
2017213911 B Outdoor Education70Albury-Wodonga
2017214001 B General Studies (Science)70Albury-Wodonga
2017214004 B General Studies (Science)70Wagga Wagga
2017214007 B General Studies (Science)70Bathurst
2017214008 B General Studies (Science)70Orange
2017214010 Dip General Studies30Port Macquarie
2017214011 Dip General Studies30Albury-Wodonga
2017214014 Dip General Studies30Wagga Wagga
2017214015 Dip General Studies30Dubbo
2017214017 Dip General Studies30Bathurst
2017214024 B Agricultural Science70Wagga Wagga
2017214100 B Medical Radiation Science with specialisations (Medical Imaging) and (Nuclear Medicine)70Port Macquarie
2017214200 B Paramedicine70Port Macquarie
2017214207 B Paramedicine70Bathurst
2017214238 B Clinical Science70Orange
2017214294 B Medical Radiation Science with specialisations (Medical Imaging) (Radiation Therapy) and (Nuclear Medicine)70Wagga Wagga
2017214300 B Occupational Therapy75Port Macquarie
2017214301 B Occupational Therapy75Albury-Wodonga
2017214340 B Environmental Science and ManagementncPort Macquarie
2017214341 B Environmental Science and Management70Albury-Wodonga
2017214351 B Health and Rehabilitation Science70Albury-Wodonga
2017214384 B Oral Health (Therapy and Hygiene)75Wagga Wagga
2017214390 B Applied Science (Outdoor Recreation and Ecotourism)70Port Macquarie
2017214400 B Physiotherapy80Port Macquarie
2017214401 B Physiotherapy88.75Albury-Wodonga
2017214408 B Physiotherapy80Orange
2017214451 B Podiatric Medicine70Albury-Wodonga
2017214501 B Speech and Language Pathology75Albury-Wodonga
2017214554 B Medical Science with specialisations (Biotechnology) (Clinical Physiology) and (Pathology)70Wagga Wagga
2017214651 B Nursing70Albury-Wodonga
2017214654 B Nursing70Wagga Wagga
2017214655 B Nursing70Dubbo
2017214657 B Nursing70Bathurst
2017214707 B Nursing – GradDip Clinical Practice (Paramedic)70Bathurst
2017214738 B Dental ScienceA+COrange
2017214808 B Pharmacy80Orange
2017214860 B Exercise and Sport Science (with specialisation)70Port Macquarie
2017214954 B Veterinary Technology70Wagga Wagga
2017214964 B Veterinary Biology/B Veterinary ScienceA+CWagga Wagga
2017215024 B Agricultural Business Management70Wagga Wagga
2017215034 B Animal Science70Wagga Wagga
2017215051 B Applied Science (Outdoor Recreation and Ecotourism)70Albury-Wodonga
2017215204 B Equine Science (with specialisation)70Wagga Wagga
2017215350 B Applied Science (Parks, Recreation and Heritage)ncPort Macquarie
2017215351 B Applied Science (Parks, Recreation and Heritage)70Albury-Wodonga
2017215854 B Science70Wagga Wagga
2016211004 B Arts65Wagga Wagga
2016211007 B Arts65Bathurst
2016211017 B Social Science (Psychology)/B Business (Management)70Bathurst
2016211037 B Social Science (Psychology)/B Business (Marketing)70Bathurst
2016211177 B Communication (Journalism and International Studies)ncBathurst
2016211187 B Communication (Advertising/Public Relations)ncBathurst
2016211197 B CommunicationncBathurst
2016211207 B Communication (Advertising)65Bathurst
2016211210 B Communication (Advertising)65Port Macquarie
2016211217 B Communication (Advertising)/B Business (Marketing)65Bathurst
2016211227 B Communication (Radio)65Bathurst
2016211237 B Communication (Journalism)65Bathurst
2016211247 B Communication (Public Relations)65Bathurst
2016211257 B Communication (Public Relations)/B Business Studies65Bathurst
2016211267 B Communication (Media Practice)65Bathurst
2016211270 B Communication (Public Relations)65Port Macquarie
2016211287 B Communication (Theatre Media)A+CBathurst
2016211314 B Stage and Screen (Design)65Wagga Wagga
2016211324 B Stage and Screen (Sound Design)ncWagga Wagga
2016211414 B Creative Arts and Design (Graphic Design)65Wagga Wagga
2016211420 B Creative Arts and Design (Graphic Design)65Port Macquarie
2016211654 B Creative Arts and Design (Art History)ncWagga Wagga
2016211684 B Creative Arts and Design (Sound Design)ncWagga Wagga
2016211694 B Creative Arts and Design65Wagga Wagga
2016211714 B Creative Arts and Design (Animation and Visual Effects)65Wagga Wagga
2016211744 B Stage and Screen (Acting)A+CWagga Wagga
2016211764 B Creative Arts and Design (Photography)65Wagga Wagga
2016211784 B Creative Arts and Design (Graphic Design/Photography)65Wagga Wagga
2016211794 B Stage and Screen (Television)65Wagga Wagga
2016211804 B Psychology80Wagga Wagga
2016211807 B Psychology80Bathurst
2016211810 B Psychology80Port Macquarie
2016211850 B Social Science (Psychology)70Port Macquarie
2016211854 B Social Science (Psychology)70Wagga Wagga
2016211857 B Social Science (Psychology)70Bathurst
2016211890 B Criminal Justice65Port Macquarie
2016211897 B Criminal Justice65Bathurst
2016211900 B Social WorkN/APort Macquarie
2016211904 B Social Work65Wagga Wagga
2016211955 B Theology65Parramatta (Theology)
2016211957 B Theology65Canberra (Theology)
2016212010 B Accounting65Port Macquarie
2016212011 B Accounting65Albury/Wodonga
2016212014 B Accounting65Wagga Wagga
2016212017 B Accounting65Bathurst
2016212171 B Business (Management)65Albury/Wodonga
2016212174 B Business (Management)65Wagga Wagga
2016212177 B Business (Management)65Bathurst
2016212201 B Business (Marketing)65Albury/Wodonga
2016212207 B Business (Marketing)65Bathurst
2016212700 B Business Studies65Port Macquarie
2016212701 B Business Studies65Albury/Wodonga
2016212704 B Business Studies65Wagga Wagga
2016212707 B Business Studies65Bathurst
2016212717 B Computer Science65Bathurst
2016212731 B Information Technology65Albury/Wodonga
2016212734 B Information Technology65Wagga Wagga
2016212817 B Technology/M Engineering (Civil Systems)A+CBathurst
2016213091 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)70Albury/Wodonga
2016213094 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)70Wagga Wagga
2016213095 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)70Dubbo
2016213097 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)70Bathurst
2016213160 B Education (K-12)70Port Macquarie
2016213161 B Education (K-12)70Albury/Wodonga
2016213164 B Education (K-12)70Wagga Wagga
2016213167 B Education (K-12)70Bathurst
2016213204 B Education (Technology and Applied Studies)70Wagga Wagga
2016213267 B Exercise and Sport Science70Bathurst
2016213357 B Education (Health and Physical Education)70Bathurst
2016213377 B Sport Studies/B Communication (Journalism)70Bathurst
2016213911 B Outdoor Education70Albury/Wodonga
2016214001 B General Studies (Science)70Albury/Wodonga
2016214004 B General Studies (Science)70Wagga Wagga
2016214007 B General Studies (Science)70Bathurst
2016214008 B General Studies (Science)70Orange
2016214010 Dip General Studies30Port Macquarie
2016214011 Dip General Studies30Albury/Wodonga
2016214014 Dip General Studies30Wagga Wagga
2016214017 Dip General Studies30Bathurst
2016214024 B Agricultural Science70Wagga Wagga
2016214100 B Medical Radiation Science with specialisations (Medical Imaging) and (Nuclear Medicine)87.1Port Macquarie
2016214200 B Clinical Practice (Paramedic)84.25Port Macquarie
2016214207 B Clinical Practice (Paramedic)70Bathurst
2016214238 B Clinical Science70Orange
2016214294 B Medical Radiation Science with specialisations (Medical Imaging) (Radiation Therapy) and (Nuclear Medicine)70Wagga Wagga
2016214301 B Occupational Therapy75Albury/Wodonga
2016214341 B Environmental Science and Management70Albury/Wodonga
2016214351 B Health and Rehabilitation Science70Albury/Wodonga
2016214384 B Oral Health (Therapy and Hygiene)70Wagga Wagga
2016214390 B Applied Science (Outdoor Recreation and Ecotourism)70Port Macquarie
2016214400 B PhysiotherapyncPort Macquarie
2016214401 B PhysiotherapyN/AAlbury/Wodonga
2016214408 B Physiotherapy85.1Orange
2016214451 B Podiatric Medicine70Albury/Wodonga
2016214501 B Speech and Language Pathology75Albury/Wodonga
2016214554 B Medical Science with specialisations (Biotechnology) (Clinical Physiology)(Pathology)70Wagga Wagga
2016214651 B Nursing70Albury/Wodonga
2016214654 B Nursing70Wagga Wagga
2016214655 B Nursing70Dubbo
2016214657 B Nursing70Bathurst
2016214707 B Nursing – GradDip Clinical Practice (Paramedic)70Bathurst
2016214738 B Dental ScienceA+COrange
2016214808 B Pharmacy80Orange
2016214860 B Exercise and Sport SciencencPort Macquarie
2016214954 B Veterinary Technology70Wagga Wagga
2016214964 B Veterinary Biology/B Veterinary ScienceA+CWagga Wagga
2016215024 B Agricultural Business Management70Wagga Wagga
2016215034 B Animal Science70Wagga Wagga
2016215051 B Applied Science (Outdoor Recreation and Ecotourism)70Albury/Wodonga
2016215204 B Equine Science70Wagga Wagga
2016215351 B Applied Science (Parks, Recreation and Heritage)70Albury/Wodonga
2016215854 B Science70Wagga Wagga
2015211004B Arts65
2015211207B Comm (Advertising)N/A
2015211217B Comm (Advt)/B Bus (Mktg)N/A
2015211227B Comm (Radio)N/A
2015211237B Comm (Journalism)N/A
2015211247B Comm (Public Relations)N/A
2015211257B Comm (PR)/B Bus StudiesN/A
2015211267B Comm (Media Practice)N/A
2015211287B Comm (Theatre/Media)N/A
2015211314B Stage and Screen (Design)N/A
2015211414B CreatArts&Dsgn; (GraphicDsgn)N/A
2015211694B CreatArts&Dsgn;N/A
2015211714B CreatArts&Dsgn; (Anim&VisEff;)N/A
2015211744B Stage and Screen (Acting)N/A
2015211764B CreatArts&Dsgn; (Photography)N/A
2015211784B CreatArts&Dsgn; (GDsgn/Photo)N/A
2015211794B Stage&Screen; (TV Production)N/A
2015211804B Psychology80
2015211850B Social Science (Psychology)70
2015211877B Soc Science(Psych)/B Bus70
2015211890B Crim Justice65
2015211900B Social WorkN/A
2015211904B Social Work65
2015211955B Theology65
2015212010B Accounting65
2015212020B AccountingN/A
2015212171B Business (Mgt)65
2015212201B Business (Marketing)65
2015212700B Business Studies65
2015212717B Computer Science65
2015212731B Information Technology65
2015213111B Ed (Early Child & Primary)70
2015213115B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70
2015213131B Education (K-12)70
2015213204B Edu (Tech & Applied Studies)70
2015213267B Ex & Sport Sc70
2015213357B Ed (Health & PE)70
2015213377B Sport Studies/BComm(Journ)70
2015213911B Outdoor Education70
2015214001B General Stds (Sc)70
2015214011Dip General Stds30
2015214024B Agricultural Science70
2015214100B Med Radiation ScienceN/A
2015214200B Clinical Practice(Paramedic)N/A
2015214207B Clinical Practice(Paramedic)70
2015214238B Clinical Science70
2015214294B Med Radiation Science70
2015214301B Occupational Therapy75
2015214341B Env Science & Mgt70
2015214351B Health and Rehab Science70
2015214384B Oral Health(Therapy/Hygiene)N/A
2015214401B PhysiotherapyN/A
2015214408B Physiotherapy (Orange)89.1
2015214451B Podiatric Medicine70
2015214501B Speech & Lang Pathology75
2015214554B MedSc(Clin Phyl)(Path)(BioT)70
2015214651B Nursing70
2015214707B Nursing/GD Clinical Practice70
2015214738B Dental ScienceN/A
2015214804B PharmacyN/A
2015214954B Veterinary TechnologyN/A
2015214964B Veterinary Biology/B Vet ScN/A
2015215024B Agricultural Business Mgt70
2015215034B Animal Science70
2015215051B App Sc(OutdrRecEcotour)70
2015215204B Equine Science70
2015215351B App Sc (Parks Rec Heritage)70
2015215854B Science70
2014214011Dip General Stds30
2014214014Dip General Stds30
2014214017Dip General Stds30
2014211004B Arts65
2014211007B Arts65
2014211207B Comm (Advertising)N/A
2014211217B Comm (Advt)/B Bus (Mktg)N/A
2014211227B Comm (Commercial Radio)N/A
2014211237B Comm (Journalism)N/A
2014211247B Comm (Public Relations)N/A
2014211257B Comm (PR)/B Bus StudiesN/A
2014211287B Comm (Theatre/Media)N/A
2014211314B Stage and Screen (Design)N/A
2014211414B CreatArts&Dsgn; (GraphicDsgn)N/A
2014211694B CreatArts&Dsgn;N/A
2014211714B CreatArts&Dsgn; (Anim&VisEff;)N/A
2014211744B Stage and Screen (Act)N/A
2014211764B CreatArts&Dsgn; (Photography)N/A
2014211784B CreatArts&Dsgn; (Photo/GDsgn)N/A
2014211794B Stage&Screen; (TV Production)N/A
2014211804B Psychology/B Psych (Honours)80
2014211807B Psychology/B Psych (Honours)80
2014211810B Psychology/B Psych (Honours)80
2014211850B Social Science (Psychology)70
2014211854B Social Sc (Psychology)70
2014211857B Social Science (Psychology)70
2014211867B Soc Science (Crim Justice)65
2014211877B Soc Science(Psych)/B Bus70
2014211880B Justice Studies (Policing)65
2014211887B Justice Studies (Policing)65
2014211900B Social WorkN/A
2014211904B Social Work65
2014211955B Theology65
2014211957B Theology65
2014212010B Accounting65
2014212011B Accounting65
2014212014B Accounting65
2014212015B Accounting65
2014212017B Accounting65
2014212020B AccountingN/A
2014212171B Business (Mgt)65
2014212174B Business (Mgt)65
2014212177B Business (Mgt)65
2014212201B Business (Marketing)65
2014212207B Business (Marketing)65
2014212700B Business Studies65
2014212701B Business Studies65
2014212704B Business Studies65
2014212705B Business Studies65
2014212707B Business Studies65
2014212717B Computer Science65
2014212731B Information Technology65
2014212734B Information Technology65
2014212737B Information Technology65
2014212757B Info Tech (Bus Services)N/A
2014212761B Computing Studies (Business)65
2014212764B Computing Studies (Business)65
2014212767B Computing Studies (Business)65
2014213111B Ed (Early Child & Primary)70
2014213114B Ed (Early Child & Primary)70
2014213115B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70
2014213117B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70
2014213131B Education (K-12-Middle Sch)70
2014213134B Education (K-12-Middle Sch)70
2014213137B Education (K-12-Middle Sch)70
2014213204B Edu (Tech & Applied Studies)70
2014213267B Ex & Sport Sc70
2014213357B Ed (Health & PE)70
2014213377B Sport Studies/BComm(Journ)70
2014214001B General Stds (Sc)65
2014214004B General Stds (Sc)65
2014214007B General Stds (Sc)65
2014214008B General Stds (Sc)65
2014214024B Agricultural Science70
2014214100B Med Radiation Sc70
2014214200B Clinical Practice(Paramedic)70
2014214207B Clinical Practice(Paramedic)70
2014214238B Clinical Science70
2014214294B Med Radiation Science70
2014214301B Occupational Therapy75
2014214341B Env Science & Mgt70
2014214350B Health and Rehab Science70
2014214351B Health and Rehab Science70
2014214384B Oral Health(Therapy/Hygiene)N/A
2014214401B PhysiotherapyN/A
2014214408B Physiotherapy (Orange)89.5
2014214451B Podiatric Medicine70
2014214501B Speech & Lang Pathology75
2014214554B Med Sc (Clin Physiol) (Path)70
2014214651B Nursing70
2014214654B Nursing70
2014214655B Nursing70
2014214657B Nursing70
2014214707B Nursing/GD Clinical Practice70
2014214738B Dental ScienceN/A
2014214804B PharmacyN/A
2014214808B PharmacyN/A
2014214964B Veterinary Biology/B Vet ScN/A
2014215024B Agricultural Business Mgt70
2014215028B Agricultural Bus Mgt70
2014215034B Animal Science84.4
2014215051B App Sc(OutdrRecEcotour)N/A
2014215204B Equine Science70
2014215351B App Sc (Parks Rec Heritage)70
2014215854B Science70
2013212011B Accounting65Albury/Wodonga campus
2013212171B Business (Mgt)65Albury/Wodonga campus
2013212201B Business (Marketing)65Albury/Wodonga campus
2013212701B Business Studies65Albury/Wodonga campus
2013212731B Information Technology65Albury/Wodonga campus
2013212761B Computing Studies (Business)65Albury/Wodonga campus
2013213101B Ed (Early Child & Primary)70Albury/Wodonga campus
2013213121B Education (K-12-Middle Sch)70Albury/Wodonga campus
2013214301B Occupational Therapy75Albury/Wodonga campus
2013214341B Env Science & Mgt70Albury/Wodonga campus
2013214351B Health and Rehab Science70Albury/Wodonga campus
2013214401B PhysiotherapyN/AAlbury/Wodonga campus
2013214451B Podiatry70Albury/Wodonga campus
2013214501B Health Science (Speech Path)75Albury/Wodonga campus
2013214651B Nursing70Albury/Wodonga campus
2013215051B App Sc(Adventure Ecotourism)N/AAlbury/Wodonga campus
2013215351B App Sc (Parks Rec Heritage)70Albury/Wodonga campus
2013211007B Arts65Bathurst campus
2013211207B Comm (Advertising)65Bathurst campus
2013211217B Comm (Advt)/B Bus (Mktg)65Bathurst campus
2013211227B Comm (Commercial Radio)65Bathurst campus
2013211237B Comm (Journalism)N/ABathurst campus
2013211247B Comm (Public Relations)65Bathurst campus
2013211257B Comm (PR)/B Bus Studies65Bathurst campus
2013211287B Comm (Theatre/Media)N/ABathurst campus
2013211807B Psychology/B Psych (Honours)80Bathurst campus
2013211857B Social Science (Psychology)70Bathurst campus
2013211867B Soc Science (Crim Justice)65Bathurst campus
2013211877B Soc Science(Psych)/B Bus66Bathurst campus
2013211887B Justice Studies (Policing)65Bathurst campus
2013211955B Theology65Bathurst campus
2013211957B Theology65Bathurst campus
2013212017B Accounting65Bathurst campus
2013212177B Business (Mgt)65Bathurst campus
2013212207B Business (Marketing)65Bathurst campus
2013212707B Business Studies65Bathurst campus
2013212717B Computer Science65Bathurst campus
2013212727B Computer Sc (Games Tech)70Bathurst campus
2013212737B Information Technology65Bathurst campus
2013212757B Info Tech (Bus Services)N/ABathurst campus
2013212767B Computing Studies (Business)65Bathurst campus
2013213107B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70Bathurst campus
2013213157B Education (Primary)70Bathurst campus
2013213257B Exercise Science70Bathurst campus
2013213357B Ed (Health & PE)70Bathurst campus
2013213377B Sport Studies/BComm(Journ)70Bathurst campus
2013214207B Clinical Practice(Paramedic)70Bathurst campus
2013214657B Nursing70Bathurst campus
2013214707B Nursing/GD Clinical Practice70Bathurst campus
2013212015B Accounting65Dubbo campus
2013212705B Business Studies65Dubbo campus
2013213105B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70Dubbo campus
2013214655B Nursing70Dubbo campus
2013214238B Clinical Science70Orange campus
2013214738B Dental ScienceN/AOrange campus
2013214408B Physiotherapy (Orange)91.75Orange campus
2013214808B PharmacyN/AOrange campus
2013215028B Agricultural Bus Mgt70Orange campus
2013211880B Justice Studies (Policing)65Port Macquarie campus
2013211900B Social WorkN/APort Macquarie campus
2013212010B Accounting65Port Macquarie campus
2013212020B AccountingN/APort Macquarie campus
2013212700B Business Studies65Port Macquarie campus
2013214100B Med Radiation Sc97.1Port Macquarie campus
2013214200B Clinical Practice(Paramedic)84.95Port Macquarie campus
2013214350B Health and Rehab Science70Port Macquarie campus
2013211004B Arts65Wagga Wagga campus
2013211304B Arts (Design-Theatre & TV)65Wagga Wagga campus
2013211404B Arts (Graphic Design)65Wagga Wagga campus
2013211444B Arts(Graphic Dsgn)/B BusStds65Wagga Wagga campus
2013211554B Arts (Anim & Visual Effect)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2013211664BA (Photo)/BA (Graphic Design)65Wagga Wagga campus
2013211704B Arts (Photography)65Wagga Wagga campus
2013211724B Arts (Acting-Screen&Stage;)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2013211734B Arts (Television Production)65Wagga Wagga campus
2013211804B Psychology/B Psych (Honours)80Wagga Wagga campus
2013211854B Social Sc (Psychology)70Wagga Wagga campus
2013211904B Social Work65Wagga Wagga campus
2013212014B Accounting65Wagga Wagga campus
2013212174B Business (Mgt)65Wagga Wagga campus
2013212704B Business Studies65Wagga Wagga campus
2013212734B Information Technology65Wagga Wagga campus
2013212764B Computing Studies (Business)65Wagga Wagga campus
2013213154B Education (Primary)70Wagga Wagga campus
2013213204B Edu (Tech & Applied Studies)70Wagga Wagga campus
2013213454B Arts/B Teaching (Sec)70Wagga Wagga campus
2013214024B Agricultural Science70Wagga Wagga campus
2013214254B Hlth Sc(Nutrition&Dietetics;)70Wagga Wagga campus
2013214264B Forensic Biotechnology70Wagga Wagga campus
2013214274B Med Sc/B Forensic Biotech70Wagga Wagga campus
2013214294B Med Radiation Science70Wagga Wagga campus
2013214384B Oral Health(Therapy/Hygiene)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2013214554B Med Sc (Clin Physiol) (Path)70Wagga Wagga campus
2013214654B Nursing70Wagga Wagga campus
2013214804B PharmacyN/AWagga Wagga campus
2013214964B Veterinary Biology/B Vet ScN/AWagga Wagga campus
2013215024B Agricultural Business Mgt70Wagga Wagga campus
2013215034B Animal Science70Wagga Wagga campus
2013215204B Equine Science70Wagga Wagga campus
2013215854B Science70Wagga Wagga campus
2012212011B Accounting65Albury/Wodonga campus
2012212171B Business (Mgmt)65Albury/Wodonga campus
2012212201B Business (Marketing)65Albury/Wodonga campus
2012212701B Business Studies65Albury/Wodonga campus
2012212731B Information Technology65Albury/Wodonga campus
2012212761B Computing Studies (Business)65Albury/Wodonga campus
2012213101B Ed (Early Child & Primary)70Albury/Wodonga campus
2012213121B Education (K-12-Middle Sch)70Albury/Wodonga campus
2012213411B Sports Sc65Albury/Wodonga campus
2012214301B Occ Therapy75Albury/Wodonga campus
2012214341B Env Sc & Mgmt70Albury/Wodonga campus
2012214351B Health and Rehab Sc70Albury/Wodonga campus
2012214401B Physiotherapy93.75Albury/Wodonga campus
2012214451B Podiatry70Albury/Wodonga campus
2012214501B Health Sc (Speech Path)75Albury/Wodonga campus
2012214651B Nursing70Albury/Wodonga campus
2012215051B App Sc(Adventure Ecotourism)N/AAlbury/Wodonga campus
2012215351B App Sc (Parks Rec Heritage)70Albury/Wodonga campus
2012211007B Arts65Bathurst campus
2012211207B Comm (Advertising)65Bathurst campus
2012211217B Comm (Advtg)/B Bus (Mktg)65Bathurst campus
2012211227B Comm (Commercial Radio)65Bathurst campus
2012211237B Comm (Journalism)N/ABathurst campus
2012211247B Comm (Public Relations)65Bathurst campus
2012211257B Comm (PR)/B Bus Stds65Bathurst campus
2012211287B Comm (Theatre/Media)N/ABathurst campus
2012211807B Psychology/B Psych (Honours)80Bathurst campus
2012211857B Social Sc (Psychology)70Bathurst campus
2012211867B Soc Sc (Crim Jus)65Bathurst campus
2012211877B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Bus65Bathurst campus
2012211887B Justice Studies (Policing)65Bathurst campus
2012211955B Theology65Bathurst campus
2012211957B Theology65Bathurst campus
2012212017B Accounting65Bathurst campus
2012212177B Business (Mgmt)65Bathurst campus
2012212207B Business (Marketing)65Bathurst campus
2012212707B Business Studies65Bathurst campus
2012212717B Computer Science65Bathurst campus
2012212727B Computer Sc (Games Tech)70Bathurst campus
2012212737B Information Technology65Bathurst campus
2012212757B Info Tech (Bus Services)N/ABathurst campus
2012212767B Computing Studies (Business)65Bathurst campus
2012213107B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70Bathurst campus
2012213157B Education (Primary)70Bathurst campus
2012213257B Exercise Sc70Bathurst campus
2012213357B Ed (Health & PE)70Bathurst campus
2012213377B Sport Studies/BComm(Journ)70Bathurst campus
2012213407B Exer Sc/B Bus Stds70Bathurst campus
2012213467B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Teach (Sec)70Bathurst campus
2012214207B Clinical Prac (Paramedic)N/ABathurst campus
2012214657B Nursing70Bathurst campus
2012214707B Nursing/B Clinical PracticeN/ABathurst campus
2012212015B Accounting65Dubbo campus
2012212705B Business Studies65Dubbo campus
2012213105B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70Dubbo campus
2012214655B Nursing70Dubbo campus
2012214238B Clinical Science70Orange campus
2012214738B Dental ScN/AOrange campus
2012214408B Physiotherapy (Orange)90.35Orange campus
2012214808B PharmacyN/AOrange campus
2012215028B Agricultural Bus Mgmt70Orange campus
2012211900B Social WorkN/APort Macquarie campus
2012214350B Health and Rehab Sc70Port Macquarie campus
2012211004B Arts65Wagga Wagga campus
2012211304B Arts (Design-Theatre & TV)65Wagga Wagga campus
2012211404B Arts (Graphic Design)65Wagga Wagga campus
2012211444B Arts(Graphic Dgn)/B Bus Stds65Wagga Wagga campus
2012211554B Arts (Anim & Visual Effect)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2012211664BA (Photo)/BA (Graphic Design)65Wagga Wagga campus
2012211704B Arts (Photography)65Wagga Wagga campus
2012211724B Arts (Acting-Screen&Stage;)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2012211734B Arts (Television Production)65Wagga Wagga campus
2012211804B Psychology/B Psych (Honours)80Wagga Wagga campus
2012211854B Social Sc (Psychology)70Wagga Wagga campus
2012211904B Social Work65Wagga Wagga campus
2012212014B Accounting65Wagga Wagga campus
2012212174B Business (Mgmt)65Wagga Wagga campus
2012212704B Business Studies65Wagga Wagga campus
2012212734B Information Technology65Wagga Wagga campus
2012212764B Computing Studies (Business)65Wagga Wagga campus
2012213154B Education (Primary)70Wagga Wagga campus
2012213204B Edu (Tech & App Stud)70Wagga Wagga campus
2012213454B Arts/B Teaching (Sec)70Wagga Wagga campus
2012213504B Science/B Teaching (Sec)70Wagga Wagga campus
2012214024B Agricultural Science70Wagga Wagga campus
2012214254B Hlth Sc(Nutrition&Dietetics;)70Wagga Wagga campus
2012214264B Forensic Biotechnology70Wagga Wagga campus
2012214274B Med Sc/B Forensic Biotech70Wagga Wagga campus
2012214294B Med Radiation Sc70Wagga Wagga campus
2012214384B Oral Hlth (Therapy/Hygiene)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2012214554B Med Sc (Clin Physiol) (Path)70Wagga Wagga campus
2012214654B Nursing70Wagga Wagga campus
2012214804B PharmacyN/AWagga Wagga campus
2012214964B Veterinary Biology/B Vet ScN/AWagga Wagga campus
2012214984B Viticulture & Wine Sc70Wagga Wagga campus
2012215034B Animal Science70Wagga Wagga campus
2012215204B Equine Science70Wagga Wagga campus
2012215854B Science70Wagga Wagga campus
2011212011B Business (Accounting)65Albury/Wodonga campus
2011212171B Business (Mgmt)65Albury/Wodonga campus
2011212201B Business (Marketing)65Albury/Wodonga campus
2011212701B Business Studies65Albury/Wodonga campus
2011212731B Information Technology65Albury/Wodonga campus
2011212761B Computing Studies (Business)65Albury/Wodonga campus
2011213101B Ed (Early Child & Primary)70Albury/Wodonga campus
2011213121B Education (K-12-Middle Sch)70Albury/Wodonga campus
2011213411B Sports Sc65Albury/Wodonga campus
2011214301B Occ Therapy70Albury/Wodonga campus
2011214341B Env Sc & Mgmt70Albury/Wodonga campus
2011214351B Health and Rehab Sc65Albury/Wodonga campus
2011214401B Physiotherapy90.5Albury/Wodonga campus
2011214451B Podiatry70Albury/Wodonga campus
2011214501B Health Sc (Speech Path)70Albury/Wodonga campus
2011214651B Nursing68Albury/Wodonga campus
2011215051B App Sc(Adventure Ecotourism)N/AAlbury/Wodonga campus
2011215351B App Sc (Parks Rec Heritage)70Albury/Wodonga campus
2011211207B Comm (Advertising)N/ABathurst campus
2011211217B Comm (Advtg)/B Bus (Mktg)N/ABathurst campus
2011211227B Comm (Commercial Radio)N/ABathurst campus
2011211237B Comm (Journalism)N/ABathurst campus
2011211247B Comm (Public Relations)N/ABathurst campus
2011211257B Com (PR)/B Bus StdsN/ABathurst campus
2011211287B Comm (Theatre/Media)N/ABathurst campus
2011211807B Psychology/B Psych (Honours)80Bathurst campus
2011211857B Social Sc (Psychology)65Bathurst campus
2011211867B Soc Sc (Crim Jus)65Bathurst campus
2011211877B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Bus65Bathurst campus
2011211887B Justice Studies (Policing)65Bathurst campus
2011211955B Theology65Bathurst campus
2011211957B Theology65Bathurst campus
2011212017B Business (Accounting)65Bathurst campus
2011212177B Business (Mgmt)65Bathurst campus
2011212207B Business (Marketing)65Bathurst campus
2011212707B Business Studies65Bathurst campus
2011212717B Computer Science65Bathurst campus
2011212727B Computer Sc (Games Tech)70Bathurst campus
2011212737B Information Technology65Bathurst campus
2011212757B Info Tech (Bus Services)N/ABathurst campus
2011212767B Computing Studies (Business)65Bathurst campus
2011213007Asso Deg in Music EdN/ABathurst campus
2011213107B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70Bathurst campus
2011213157B Education (Primary)70Bathurst campus
2011213257B Exercise Sc65Bathurst campus
2011213357B Ed (Health & PE)70Bathurst campus
2011213377B Sport Studies/BComm(Journ)70Bathurst campus
2011213407B Exer Sc/B Bus Stds65Bathurst campus
2011213467B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Teach (Sec)70Bathurst campus
2011214207B Clinical Prac (Paramedic)N/ABathurst campus
2011214657B Nursing68Bathurst campus
2011214707B Nursing/B Clinical PracticeN/ABathurst campus
2011212015B Business (Accounting)65Dubbo campus
2011212705B Business Studies65Dubbo campus
2011213105B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70Dubbo campus
2011214655B Nursing68Dubbo campus
2011214238B Clinical ScienceN/AOrange campus
2011214738B Dental SciN/AOrange campus
2011214808B PharmacyN/AOrange campus
2011215028B Agricultural Bus Mgmt70Orange campus
2011214408B Physiotherapy87.95Orange campus
2011211004B Arts65Wagga Wagga campus
2011211304B Arts (Design-Theatre & TV)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2011211404B Arts (Graphic Design)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2011211444B Arts(Graphic Dgn)/B Bus StdsN/AWagga Wagga campus
2011211504B Arts (Jewellery)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2011211524B Arts (Jewellery)/B Bus StdsN/AWagga Wagga campus
2011211554B Arts (Anim & Visual Effect)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2011211664BA (Photo)/BA (Graphic Design)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2011211704B Arts (Photography)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2011211724B Arts (Acting-Screen&Stage;)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2011211734B Arts (Television Production)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2011211804B Psychology/B Psych (Honours)80Wagga Wagga campus
2011211854B Social Sc (Psychology)65Wagga Wagga campus
2011211904B Social Work65Wagga Wagga campus
2011212014B Business (Accounting)65Wagga Wagga campus
2011212174B Business (Mgmt)65Wagga Wagga campus
2011212704B Business Studies65Wagga Wagga campus
2011212734B Information Technology65Wagga Wagga campus
2011212764B Computing Studies (Business)65Wagga Wagga campus
2011213154B Education (Primary)70Wagga Wagga campus
2011213204B Edu (Tech & App Stud)70Wagga Wagga campus
2011213454B Arts/B Teaching (Sec)70Wagga Wagga campus
2011213504B Science/B Teaching (Sec)70Wagga Wagga campus
2011214024B Agricultural Science70Wagga Wagga campus
2011214254B Hlth Sc(Nutrition&Dietetics;)70Wagga Wagga campus
2011214264B Forensic Biotechnology70Wagga Wagga campus
2011214274B Med Sc/B Forensic Biotech70Wagga Wagga campus
2011214294B Med Radiation Sc70Wagga Wagga campus
2011214384B Oral Hlth (Therapy/Hygiene)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2011214554B Med Sc (Clin Physiol) (Path)70Wagga Wagga campus
2011214654B Nursing68Wagga Wagga campus
2011214804B PharmacyN/AWagga Wagga campus
2011214964B Veterinary Biology/B Vet ScN/AWagga Wagga campus
2011214984B Viticulture & Wine Sc70Wagga Wagga campus
2011215034B Animal Science70.25Wagga Wagga campus
2011215204B Equine Science70Wagga Wagga campus
2011215854B Science70Wagga Wagga campus
2010212011B Business (Accounting)65Albury/Wodonga campus
2010212171B Business (Mgmt)65Albury/Wodonga campus
2010212201B Business (Marketing)65Albury/Wodonga campus
2010212701B Business Studies65Albury/Wodonga campus
2010212731B Information Technology65Albury/Wodonga campus
2010213101B Ed (Early Child & Primary)70Albury/Wodonga campus
2010213121B Education (K-12-Middle Sch)70Albury/Wodonga campus
2010214301B Occ Therapy73Albury/Wodonga campus
2010214341B Env Sc & Mgmt65Albury/Wodonga campus
2010214351B Health and Rehab Sc70Albury/Wodonga campus
2010214401B Physiotherapy97Albury/Wodonga campus
2010214451B Podiatry70Albury/Wodonga campus
2010214501B Health Sc (Speech Path)73Albury/Wodonga campus
2010214651B Nursing70Albury/Wodonga campus
2010215051B App Sc(Adventure Ecotourism)N/AAlbury/Wodonga campus
2010215351B App Sc (Parks Rec Heritage)65Albury/Wodonga campus
2010211207B Comm (Advertising)N/ABathurst campus
2010211217B Comm (Advtg)/B Bus (Mktg)N/ABathurst campus
2010211227B Comm (Commercial Radio)N/ABathurst campus
2010211237B Comm (Journalism)N/ABathurst campus
2010211247B Comm (Public Relations)N/ABathurst campus
2010211257B Comm (PR)/B Bus StdsN/ABathurst campus
2010211287B Comm (Theatre/Media)N/ABathurst campus
2010211807B Psychology/B Psych (Honours)80Bathurst campus
2010211857B Social Sc (Psychology)70Bathurst campus
2010211867B Soc Sc (Crim Jus)70Bathurst campus
2010211877B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Bus70Bathurst campus
2010211887B Justice Studies (Policing)70Bathurst campus
2010211955B Theology65Bathurst campus
2010211957B Theology65Bathurst campus
2010212017B Business (Accounting)65Bathurst campus
2010212177B Business (Mgmt)65Bathurst campus
2010212207B Business (Marketing)65Bathurst campus
2010212707B Business Studies65Bathurst campus
2010212717B Computer Science65Bathurst campus
2010212727B Computer Sc (Games Tech)70Bathurst campus
2010212737B Information Technology65Bathurst campus
2010212757B Info Tech (Bus Services)N/ABathurst campus
2010213007Assoc Deg in Music Ed70Bathurst campus
2010213107B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70Bathurst campus
2010213157B Education (Primary)70Bathurst campus
2010213257B Exercise ScN/ABathurst campus
2010213357B Ed (Health & PE)N/ABathurst campus
2010213377B Sport Studies/BComm(Journ)N/ABathurst campus
2010213407B Exercise Sc/B Bus StdsN/ABathurst campus
2010213467B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Teach (Sec)70Bathurst campus
2010214207B Clinical Prac (Paramedic)N/ABathurst campus
2010214657B Nursing70Bathurst campus
2010214707B Nursing/B Clinical PracticeN/ABathurst campus
2010212015B Business (Accounting)65Dubbo campus
2010212705B Business Studies65Dubbo campus
2010213105B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70Dubbo campus
2010214655B Nursing70Dubbo campus
2010214238B Clinical ScienceN/AOrange campus
2010214358B Health and Rehab Sc73Orange campus
2010214408B Physiotherapy86Orange campus
2010214738B Dental SciN/AOrange campus
2010214808B PharmacyN/AOrange campus
2010215028B Agricultural Bus Mgmt70Orange campus
2010211004B Arts65Wagga Wagga campus
2010211304B Arts (Design-Theatre & TV)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2010211404B Arts (Graphic Design)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2010211444B Arts (Graphic Dgn)/B Bus StdsN/AWagga Wagga campus
2010211504B Arts (Jewellery)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2010211524B Arts (Jewellery)/B Bus StdsN/AWagga Wagga campus
2010211554B Arts (Anim & Visual Effect)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2010211664BA (Photo)/BA (Graphic Design)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2010211704B Arts (Photography)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2010211724B Arts (Acting-Screen&Stage;)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2010211734B Arts (Television Production)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2010211904B Social Work70Wagga Wagga campus
2010212014B Business (Accounting)65Wagga Wagga campus
2010212174B Business (Mgmt)65Wagga Wagga campus
2010212704B Business Studies65Wagga Wagga campus
2010212734B Information Technology65Wagga Wagga campus
2010213154B Education (Primary)70Wagga Wagga campus
2010213204B Edu (Tech & App Stud)70Wagga Wagga campus
2010213454B Arts/B Teaching (Sec)70Wagga Wagga campus
2010213504B Science/B Teaching (Sec)70Wagga Wagga campus
2010214024B Agricultural Science70Wagga Wagga campus
2010214154B Med Radiation Sc (Med Imag)83.70*Wagga Wagga campus
2010214254B Hlth Sc (Nutrition&Dietetics;)70Wagga Wagga campus
2010214264B Forensic Biotechnology70Wagga Wagga campus
2010214274B Med Sc/B Forensic Biotech70Wagga Wagga campus
2010214384B Oral Hlth (Therapy/Hygiene)N/AWagga Wagga campus
2010214554B Med Sc (Clin Physiol) (Path)70Wagga Wagga campus
2010214654B Nursing70Wagga Wagga campus
2010214804B PharmacyN/AWagga Wagga campus
2010214964B Veterinary Sc/B Vet BiologyN/AWagga Wagga campus
2010214984B Viticulture & Wine Sc70Wagga Wagga campus
2010215034B Animal Science82.95*Wagga Wagga campus
2010215204B Equine Science70.2Wagga Wagga campus
2010215854B Science70Wagga Wagga campus
2009212011B Business (Accounting)65
2009212051B Business Admin65
2009212201B Business (Marketing)65
2009212301B Business (Tourism Mgmt)65
2009212351B Bus (Int Bus Mgmt)65
2009212701B Business Studies65
2009213101B Ed (Early Child & Primary)70
2009213121B Education (K-12-Middle Sch)70
2009214301B Health Sc (Occ Therapy)73
2009214311B Env Sc (Catchment Mgt)65
2009214321B Env Sc (Conservation Mgt)65
2009214351B Health and Rehab Sc70
2009214401B Physiotherapy94
2009214451B Health Sc (Podiatry)70
2009214501B Health Sc (Speech Path)73
2009214651B Nursing70
2009215051B App Sc (Adventure Ecotourism)N/A
2009215351B App Sc (Parks Rec Heritage)65
2009215601B Business/B Information Tech65
2009215801B Information Technology65
2009211207B Arts (Comm-Advertising)N/A
2009211217B Arts (Comm-Advtg)/B Bus(Mktg)N/A
2009211227B Arts (Comm-Commercial Radio)N/A
2009211237B Arts (Comm-Journalism)N/A
2009211247B Arts (Comm-PR & Org Comm)N/A
2009211257B Arts (Com-PR&OrgCom;)/BBus StdsN/A
2009211287B Arts (Comm/Theatre Media)N/A
2009211807B Psychology/B Psych (Honours)88
2009211857B Social Sc (Psychology)70
2009211867B Soc Sc (Crim Jus)70
2009211877B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Bus Stds70
2009211887B Justice Studies (Policing)70
2009211955B Theology65
2009211957B Theology65
2009212017B Business (Accounting)65
2009212057B Business Admin65
2009212127B Business (Finance)65
2009212207B Business (Marketing)65
2009212707B Business Studies65
2009212757B Info Tech (Bus Services)N/A
2009213107B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70
2009213157B Education (Primary)70
2009213257B Exercise ScienceN/A
2009213307B Exer Sc/B Soc Sc (Psych)N/A
2009213357B Ed (Health & PE)N/A
2009213377B Sport Studies/BA(Comm-Journ)N/A
2009213407B Exer Sc/B Bus StdsN/A
2009213467B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Teach (Sec)70
2009214207B Clinical Prac (Paramedic)N/A
2009214657B Nursing70
2009214707B Nursing/B Clinical PracticeN/A
2009215607B Business/B Information Tech65
2009215627B Computer Science65
2009215657B Computer Sc (Games Tech)70
2009215807B Information Technology65
2009213105B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70
2009214655B Nursing70
2009212808B Management65
2009214238B Clinical Science70
2009214658B Nursing70
2009214738B Dental ScienceN/A
2009214808B Pharmacy86
2009215028B Agricultural Bus Management70
2009211004B Arts65
2009211304B Arts (Design-Theatre & TV)N/A
2009211404B Arts (Graphic Design)N/A
2009211424B Arts (Gr Des)/B Arts(TV Prod)N/A
2009211504B Arts (Jewellery)N/A
2009211554B Arts (Anim & Visual Effect)N/A
2009211604B Arts (Multi)/B Arts(TV Prod)N/A
2009211624B Arts (Grap Des)/BArts(Multi)N/A
2009211664BA (Photo)/BA (Graphic Design)N/A
2009211674BA (Photo)/BA (Multimedia)N/A
2009211704B Arts (Photography)N/A
2009211724B Arts (Acting-Screen&Stage;)N/A
2009211734B Arts (Television Production)N/A
2009211904B Social Work70
2009212014B Business (Accounting)65
2009212054B Business Admin65
2009212104B Business (Bus Mgmt)65
2009212154B Bus (Human Resource Mgmt)65
2009212704B Business Studies65
2009213154B Education (Primary)70
2009213454B Arts/B Teaching (Sec)70
2009213504B Science/B Teaching (Sec)70
2009214154B Med Radiation Sc (Med Imag)82
2009214254B Hlth Sc (Nutrition&Dietetics;)70
2009214264B Forensic Biotechnology70
2009214274B Med Sc/B Forensic Biotech70
2009214314B Env Sc (Catchmt Mgt)70
2009214334B Env Sc (Land & Water)70
2009214384B Oral Hlth (Therapy/Hygiene)84
2009214554B Medical Science70
2009214654B Nursing70
2009214804B Pharmacy86
2009214964B Veterinary Sc/B Vet BiologyN/A
2009215034B Animal Science70
2009215204B Equine Science70
2009215454B App Sc (Viticulture)70
2009215504B App Sc (Wine Science)70
2009215554B App Sc(Wine Sci)/BApp Sc(Vit)70
2009215604B Business/B Information Tech65
2009215804B Information Technology65
2009215854B Science70
2009215904B Science (Agriculture)70
2008212011B Business (Accounting)65
2008212201B Business (Marketing)65
2008212301B Business (Tourism Mgmt)65
2008212351B Bus (Int Bus Mgmt)65
2008212701B Business Studies65
2008213101B Ed (Early Child & Primary)70
2008213121B Education (K-12-Middle Sch)70
2008214241B Env Science70
2008214301B Health Sc (Occ Therapy)73
2008214401B Physiotherapy91
2008214451B Health Sc (Podiatry)70
2008214501B Health Sc (Speech Path)75
2008215051B App Sc(Adventure Ecotourism)N/A
2008215351B App Sc (Parks Rec Heritage)70
2008215601B Business/B Information Tech65
2008215801B Information Technology65
2008211207B Arts (Comm-Advertising)N/A
2008211217BArts(Comm-Advtg)/B Bus(Mktg)N/A
2008211227B Arts (Comm-Commercial Radio)N/A
2008211237B Arts (Comm-Journalism)N/A
2008211247B Arts (Comm-PR & Org Comm)N/A
2008211257BArts(Com-PR&OrgCom;)/BBus StdsN/A
2008211287B Arts (Comm/Theatre Media)N/A
2008211807B Psychology/B Psych (Honours)93
2008211857B Social Sc (Psychology)70
2008211867B Soc Sc (Crim Jus)70
2008211877B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Bus Stds70
2008211887B Justice Studies (Policing)70
2008211955B Theology65
2008211957B Theology65
2008212017B Business (Accounting)65
2008212127B Business (Finance)65
2008212207B Business (Marketing)65
2008212707B Business Studies65
2008213057B Early Child Teach/B Nursing70
2008213107B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70
2008213157B Education (Primary)70
2008213257B Exercise ScienceN/A
2008213307B Exer Sc/B Soc Sc (Psych)N/A
2008213357B Ed (Health & PE)N/A
2008213377B Sport Studies/BA(Comm-Journ)N/A
2008213407B Exer Sc/B Bus StdsN/A
2008213467B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Teach (Sec)70
2008214207B Clinical Prac (Paramedic)N/A
2008214657B Nursing70
2008214707B Nursing/B Clinical PracticeN/A
2008215607B Business/B Information Tech65
2008215627B Computer Science65
2008215657B Computer Sc (Games Tech)70
2008215807B Information Technology65
2008212015B Business (Accounting)65
2008212705B Business Studies65
2008213105B Education (Early Child&Prim;)70
2008214655B Nursing70
2008212608B Business (Agric Commerce)65
2008212808B Management65
2008214238B Clinical Science70
2008214658B Nursing70
2008214808B Pharmacy80
2008215028B Agricultural Bus Management70
2008215788B Horticulture71
2008211004B Arts65
2008211304B Arts (Design-Theatre & TV)N/A
2008211404B Arts (Graphic Design)N/A
2008211424B Arts(Gr Des)/B Arts(TV Prod)N/A
2008211504B Arts (Jewellery)N/A
2008211554B Arts (Anim & Visual Effect)N/A
2008211604B Arts (Multi)/B Arts(TV Prod)N/A
2008211624B Arts (Grap Des)/BArts(Multi)N/A
2008211664BA (Photo)/BA (Graphic Design)N/A
2008211674BA (Photo)/BA (Multimedia)N/A
2008211704B Arts (Photography)N/A
2008211724B Arts (Acting-Screen&Stage;)N/A
2008211734B Arts (Television Production)N/A
2008211754B Arts/B Social Work70
2008211774B Arts/B Theology65
2008211904B Social Work70
2008212014B Business (Accounting)65
2008212104B Business (Bus Mgmt)65
2008212154B Bus (Human Resource Mgmt)65
2008212704B Business Studies65
2008213154B Education (Primary)70
2008213204B Ed (Tech & Applied Studies)70
2008213454B Arts/B Teaching (Sec)70
2008213504B Science/B Teaching (Sec)70
2008214104B Med Radiation Sc (Nucl Med)70
2008214154B Med Radiation Sc (Med Imag)70
2008214244B Env Science70
2008214254B Hlth Sc(Nutrition&Dietetics;)70
2008214264B Forensic Biotechnology70
2008214274B Med Sc/B Forensic Biotech70
2008214284B Med Sc(Path)/B Foren Biotech70
2008214554B Medical Science70
2008214654B Nursing70
2008214804B Pharmacy81
2008214964B Veterinary Sc/B Vet BiologyN/A
2008215034B Animal Science70
2008215204B Equine Science70
2008215454B App Sc (Viticulture)70
2008215504B App Sc (Wine Science)70
2008215554BApp Sc(Wine Sci)/BApp Sc(Vit)70
2008215604B Business/B Information Tech65
2008215804B Information Technology65
2008215854B Science70
2008215904B Science (Agriculture)70
2008215954B Science/B Information Tech70
2007212011B Business (Accounting)65
2007212201B Business (Marketing)65
2007212301B Business (Tourism Mgmt)65
2007212351B Bus (Int Bus Mgmt)65
2007212701B Business Studies65
2007213101B Education (Early Childhood)70
2007213121B Education (K-12-Middle Sch)70
2007214301B Health Sc (Occ Therapy)73
2007214401B Physiotherapy92
2007214451B Health Sc (Podiatry)71
2007214501B Health Sc (Speech Path)75
2007215051B App Sc(Adventure Ecotourism)N/A
2007215101B App Sc (Ecotourism)N/A
2007215301B AppSc(PRH)/BAppSc(Ecotourism)70
2007215351B App Sc (Parks Rec Heritage)70
2007215401B App Sc(Pks Rec H)/B Inf Tech70
2007215601B Business/B Information Tech65
2007215751B Env Sc(Management)70
2007215801B Information Technology65
2007211207B Arts (Comm-Advertising)N/A
2007211217B Arts(Comm-Advtg)/B Bus(Mktg)N/A
2007211227B Arts (Comm-Commercial Radio)N/A
2007211237B Arts (Comm-Journalism)N/A
2007211247B Arts (Comm-PR & Org Comm)N/A
2007211257B Arts(Com-PR&OrgCom;)/BBus StdsN/A
2007211287B Arts (Comm-Theatre Media)N/A
2007211807B Psychology/B Psych (Honours)90
2007211857B Social Sc (Psychology)70
2007211867B Soc Sc (Crim Jus)70
2007211877B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Bus Stds70
2007211887B Justice Studies (Policing)70
2007211957B Theology65
2007212017B Business (Accounting)65
2007212127B Business (Finance)65
2007212207B Business (Marketing)65
2007212707B Business Studies65
2007213057B Early Child Teach/B Nursing70
2007213107B Education (Early Childhood)70
2007213157B Education (Primary)70
2007213257B Exercise ScienceN/A
2007213307B Exer Sc/B Soc Sc (Psych)N/A
2007213357B Ed (PDHPE)N/A
2007213377B Sport Studies/BA(Comm-Journ)N/A
2007213407B Exer Sc/B Bus StdsN/A
2007213457B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Teach (Pri)70
2007213467B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Teach (Sec)70
2007214207B Clinical Prac (Paramedic)N/A
2007214657B Nursing70
2007214707B Nursing/B Clinical PracticeN/A
2007215607B Business/B Information Tech65
2007215627B Computer Science65
2007215657B Computer Sc (Games Tech)70
2007215807B Information Technology65
2007212015B Business (Accounting)65
2007212705B Business Studies65
2007213105B Education (Early Childhood)70
2007213155B Education (Primary)70
2007214655B Nursing70
2007212608B Business (Agric Commerce)65
2007212808B Management65
2007214238B Clinical Science80
2007214658B Nursing70
2007214808B Pharmacy90
2007215028B Agricultural Bus Management70
2007215858B Science70
2007211004B Arts65
2007211304B Arts (Design-Theatre & TV)N/A
2007211404B Arts (Graphic Design)N/A
2007211424B Arts(Gr Des)/B Arts(TV Prod)N/A
2007211504B Arts (Jewellery)N/A
2007211554B Arts (Anim & Visual Effect)N/A
2007211604B Arts (Multi)/B Arts(TV Prod)N/A
2007211624B Arts (Grap Des)/BArts(Multi)N/A
2007211664BA (Photo)/BA (Graphic Design)N/A
2007211674BA (Photo)/BA (Multimedia)N/A
2007211704B Arts (Photography)N/A
2007211724B Arts (Acting-Screen&Stage;)N/A
2007211734B Arts (Television Production)N/A
2007211754B Arts/B Social Work70
2007211774B Arts/B Theology65
2007211904B Social Work70
2007212014B Business (Accounting)65
2007212104B Business (Bus Mgmt)65
2007212154B Bus (Human Resource Mgmt)65
2007212704B Business Studies65
2007213154B Education (Primary)70
2007213204B Ed (Tech & Applied Studies)70
2007213454B Teaching (Sec)/B Arts70
2007213504B Teaching (Sec)/B Science70
2007214054B Biotechnology (Medical)70
2007214104B Med Radiation Sc (Nucl Med)70
2007214154B Med Radiation Sc (Med Imag)79
2007214254B Hlth Sc(Nutrition&Dietetics;)70
2007214554B Medical Science70
2007214604B Med Sc/B Biotech (Medical)70
2007214654B Nursing70
2007214804B Pharmacy91
2007215034B Animal Science70
2007215204B Equine Science70
2007215254B App Sc (Food Science)70
2007215274B AppSc (Food Sc)/B HlthSc(Nut)70
2007215454B App Sc (Viticulture)70
2007215504B App Sc (Wine Science)70
2007215554B App Sc (Wine Sci)/BApp Sc(Vit)70
2007215604B Business/B Information Tech65
2007215704B Env Science (Land & Water)70
2007215804B Information Technology65
2007215854B Science70
2007215904B Science (Agriculture)70
2007215954B Science/B Information Tech70
2007215984B Veterinary ScienceN/A
2006212011B Business (Accounting)70
2006212201B Business (Marketing)70
2006212301B Business (Tourism Mgmt)70
2006212351B Business (Int Bus Mgmt)70
2006212701B Business Studies70
2006213011B Early Child/B Speech Hearing75
2006213101B Education (Early Childhood)70
2006213121B Education (K-12-Middle Sch)70
2006214301B Health Sc (Occ Therapy)73
2006214401B Physiotherapy96
2006214451B Health Sc (Podiatry)70
2006214501B Health Sc (Speech Path)76
2006214851B Speech & Hearing Science76
2006215051B App Sc(Adventure Ecotourism)N/A
2006215101B App Sc (Ecotourism)N/A
2006215301B AppSc(PRH)/BAppSc(Ecotourism)70
2006215351B App Sc (Parks Rec Heritage)70
2006215401B App Sc(Pks Rec H)/B Inf Tech70
2006215601B Business/B Information Tech70
2006215751B Env Sc(Management)70
2006215801B Information Technology70
2006211207B Arts (Comm-Advertising)N/A
2006211217B Arts(Comm-Advtg)/B Bus(Mktg)N/A
2006211227B Arts (Comm-Commercial Radio)N/A
2006211237B Arts (Comm-Journalism)N/A
2006211247B Arts (Comm-PR & Org Comm)N/A
2006211257B Arts(Com-PR&OrgCom;)/BBus StdsN/A
2006211287B Arts (Comm-Theatre Media)N/A
2006211807B Psychology/B Psych (Honours)90
2006211857B Social Sc (Psychology)70
2006211867B Soc Sc (Crim Jus)70
2006211887B Justice Studies (Policing)70
2006211957B Theology70
2006212017B Business (Accounting)70
2006212127B Business (Finance)70
2006212207B Business (Marketing)70
2006212707B Business Studies70
2006213057B Early C’hood Teach/B Nursing70
2006213107B Education (Early Childhood)70
2006213157B Education (Primary)70
2006213257B Human MovementN/A
2006213307B Human Movt/B Soc Sc(Psych)N/A
2006213357B Human Movt/B Teaching (Sec)N/A
2006213377B Sport Studies/BA(Comm-Journ)N/A
2006213407B Human Movt/B Bus StudiesN/A
2006213457B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Teach (Pri)70
2006213467B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Teach (Sec)70
2006214207B Clin Prac (Paramedic)N/A
2006214657B Nursing70
2006214707B Nursing/B Clinical PracticeN/A
2006215607B Business/B Information Tech70
2006215627B Computer Sc70
2006215657B Computer Sc (Games Tech)76
2006215807B Information Technology70
2006212015B Business (Accounting)70
2006212705B Business Studies70
2006213105B Education (Early Childhood)70
2006213155B Education (Primary)70
2006214655B Nursing70
2006215805B Information Technology70
2006212608B Business (Agric Commerce)70
2006212808B Management70
2006214658B Nursing70
2006214808B Pharmacy91
2006215768B Equine Business Management70
2006215778B Farm Management70
2006215788B Horticultural Management70
2006215838B Land Mgmt (Ecol Agric)70
2006215858B Science70
2006211004B Arts70
2006211304B Arts (Design-Theatre & TV)N/A
2006211404B Arts (Graphic Design)N/A
2006211424B Arts(Gr Des)/B Arts(TV Prod)N/A
2006211504B Arts (Jewellery)N/A
2006211554B Arts (Multimedia)N/A
2006211604B Arts (Multi)/B Arts(TV Prod)N/A
2006211624B Arts (Grap Des)/BArts(Multi)N/A
2006211664BA (Photo)/BA (Graphic Design)N/A
2006211674BA (Photo)/BA (Multimedia)N/A
2006211704B Arts (Photography)N/A
2006211724B Arts (Acting-Screen&Stage;)N/A
2006211734B Arts (Television Production)N/A
2006211754B Arts/B Social Work70
2006211904B Social Work70
2006212014B Business (Accounting)70
2006212104B Business (Bus Mgmt)70
2006212154B Bus (Human Resource Mgmt)70
2006212704B Business Studies70
2006213154B Education (Primary)70
2006213204B Ed (Tech & Applied Studies)70
2006213454B Teaching (Sec)/B Arts70
2006213504B Teaching (Sec)/B Science70
2006214054B Biotechnology (Medical)70
2006214104B Med Radiation Sc (Nucl Med)70
2006214154B Med Radiation Sc (Med Imag)83
2006214254B Hlth Sc (Nutrition&Dietetics;)70
2006214554B Medical Science70
2006214604B Med Sc/B Biotech (Medical)70
2006214654B Nursing70
2006214804B Pharmacy92
2006215204B App Sc (Equine Studies)70
2006215254B App Sc (Food Science)70
2006215274B AppSc(Food Sc)/B HlthSc(Nut)70
2006215454B App Sc (Viticulture)70
2006215504B App Sc (Wine Science)70
2006215554B App Sc(Wine Sci)/BApp Sc(Vit)70
2006215604B Business/B Information Tech70
2006215704B Env Science (Land & Water)70
2006215804B Information Technology70
2006215854B Science70
2006215904B Science70
2006215954B Science/B Information Tech70
2006215984B Veterinary SciencesN/A
2005211011B Arts (Photography)N/AAlbury/Wodonga Campus
2005211031B Arts (Photo)/B App Sc (PRH)N/AAlbury/Wodonga Campus
2005221011B Business (Accounting)70Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005221301B Business (Marketing)70Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005221331B Business Studies70Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005221351B Business (Tourism Mgmt)70Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005221501B Bus (Int Bus Mgmt)70Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005231021B Early Child/B Speech Hearing81Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005232011B Education (Early Childhood)70Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005232031B Education (K-12-Middle Sch)71Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005242011B Health Sc (Occ Therapy)81Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005242021B Physiotherapy97Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005242031B Health Sc (Speech Path)83Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005242221B Health Sc (Podiatry)81Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005247011B Speech & Hearing Science77Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005251081B App Sc(Adventure Ecotourism)N/AAlbury/Wodonga Campus
2005251251B App Sc (Ecotourism)N/AAlbury/Wodonga Campus
2005251261B AppSc(Ecotourism)/B Inf Tech70Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005251301B App Sc (Parks Rec Heritage)70Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005251341B App Sc(Pks Rec H)/B Inf Tech70Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005251761BAppSc(PRH)/BAppSc(Ecotourism)70Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005251851B Business/B Information Tech70Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005252041B Env Sc(Management)70Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005252051B Information Technology70Albury/Wodonga Campus
2005211507BArts(Comm-Advtg)/B Bus(Mktg)N/ABathurst Campus
2005211517B Arts (Comm-Advertising)N/ABathurst Campus
2005211537B Arts (Comm-Journalism)N/ABathurst Campus
2005211547B Arts (Comm-PR & Org Comm)N/ABathurst Campus
2005211557B Arts (Comm-Theatre & Media)N/ABathurst Campus
2005211577B Arts (Comm-Commercial Radio)N/ABathurst Campus
2005211587BArts(Com-PR&OrgCom;)/BBus StdsN/ABathurst Campus
2005212007B Soc Sc (Crim Jus)70Bathurst Campus
2005212017B Social Sc (Psychology)70Bathurst Campus
2005212027B Psychology90Bathurst Campus
2005212067B Justice Studies (Policing)72Bathurst Campus
2005213007B Theology70Bathurst Campus
2005221017B Business (Accounting)70Bathurst Campus
2005221157B Business (Finance)70Bathurst Campus
2005221307B Business (Marketing)70Bathurst Campus
2005221337B Business Studies70Bathurst Campus
2005231017B Education (Early Childhood)70Bathurst Campus
2005231027B Early C’hood Teach/B Nursing70Bathurst Campus
2005231057B Education (Primary)72Bathurst Campus
2005231207B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Teach (Pri)71Bathurst Campus
2005231307B Soc Sc (Psych)/B Teach (Sec)71Bathurst Campus
2005233017B Human MovementN/ABathurst Campus
2005234017B Human Movt/B Bus StudiesN/ABathurst Campus
2005234027B Human Movt/B Soc Sc(Psych)N/ABathurst Campus
2005234037B Human Movt/B Teaching (Sec)N/ABathurst Campus
2005235017B Sport Studies/BA(Comm-Journ)N/ABathurst Campus
2005241017B Nursing70Bathurst Campus
2005244067B Clin Prac (Paramedic)N/ABathurst Campus
2005244077B Nursing/B Clinical PracticeN/ABathurst Campus
2005251857B Business/B Information Tech70Bathurst Campus
2005251907B Computer Sc (Games Tech)75Bathurst Campus
2005252057B Information Technology70Bathurst Campus
2005221075B Business (Accounting)70Dubbo Campus
2005230075B Education (Early Childhood)70Dubbo Campus
2005231075B Education (Primary)70Dubbo Campus
2005241075B Nursing70Dubbo Campus
2005252075B Information Technology70Dubbo Campus
2005242828B Nursing70Orange Campus
2005243828B Pharmacy90Orange Campus
2005250028Adv Dip Viticultural Mgmt70Orange Campus
2005251028B Business (Ag Commerce)70Orange Campus
2005251228B Management70Orange Campus
2005252028B Equine Business Management70Orange Campus
2005252128B Farm Management70Orange Campus
2005252228B Horticultural Management70Orange Campus
2005252328B Land Mgmt (Ecol Agric)70Orange Campus
2005210934B Arts (Grap Des)/BArts(Multi)N/AWagga Wagga Campus
2005210944B Arts (Multimedia)N/AWagga Wagga Campus
2005210954B Arts (Multimedia)/B InfoTechN/AWagga Wagga Campus
2005211014B Arts (Graphic Design)N/AWagga Wagga Campus
2005211024B Arts/B Social Work70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005211054B Arts (Television Production)N/AWagga Wagga Campus
2005211104B Arts (Acting-Screen&Stage;)N/AWagga Wagga Campus
2005211204B Arts70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005211404B Arts (Design-Theatre & TV)N/AWagga Wagga Campus
2005211604B Arts (Jewellery)N/AWagga Wagga Campus
2005212154B Social Work70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005221014B Business (Accounting)70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005221054B Business (Bus Mgmt)70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005221204B Bus (Human Resource Mgmt)70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005221334B Business Studies70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005221554B Bus (Electronic Commerce)70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005232054B Education (Primary)70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005232204B Ed (Tech & Applied Studies)70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005236014B Teaching (Sec)/B Arts70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005237104B Teaching (Sec)/B Science70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005237204B Teaching (Sec)/B Inf Tech70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005241004B Nursing/B Midwifery87Wagga Wagga Campus
2005241014B Nursing70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005242604B Hlth Sc(Nutrition&Dietetics;)71Wagga Wagga Campus
2005242704B Pharmacy97Wagga Wagga Campus
2005243014B App Sc (Medical Imag)73Wagga Wagga Campus
2005243024B App Sc (Nuclear Med Tech)70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005244054B Med and Applied Biotech70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005244064B Med Sc/B Med & AppBiotech70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005245064B Medical Science70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005251154B App Sc (Food Science)70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005251354B Science70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005251554B App Sc (Equine Studies)70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005251604B App Sc (Wine Science)70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005251624BApp Sc(Wine Sci)/BApp Sc(Vit)70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005251654B App Sc (Viticulture)70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005251854B Business/B Information Tech70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005252004B Env Science (Land & Water)70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005252054B Information Technology70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005258004B Science/B Information Tech70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005259004B Science70Wagga Wagga Campus
2005259804B Veterinary SciencesN/AWagga Wagga Campus