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Organisational study tips

  • Organise all your tools in a handy position on your desk and keep them in those same places.
  • Develop the habit of studying in the same place which should be a desk in a quiet room.
  • Do your most difficult task first
  • Study a variety of subjects each night.
  • Study in bursts and take short breaks when you have mastered a significant section of work.
  • Keep up to date with study, making notes for revision as well as working on assignments.
  • Do not leave work to the last minute (or last night)
  • Revise your revision notes often
  • Revise classroom work from that day and ensure you understand it.
  • Allocate specific times for homework and stick to your own study timetable. Do not be distracted by phone calls, text messages from the most popular person in your class, the television, computer games, magazines or creating a new hairstyle. Stick to your timetable.
  • Force yourself to work as fast as possible while understanding what you are doing. This actually forces you to concentrate and you will absorb the material better.
  • Keep a diary to record assignments given and important dates for deadlines.
  • Listen well in class. The first time you hear something is the best time to learn, then revision needs only take a short time.
  • Write notes on material presented in class by the teacher.
  • Create a back up of all essential computer documents on both a USB stick and your computer hard drive. USB memory sticks and computer hard drives do not last forever. A one minute backup can save hours and hours of work and reduce untold stress resulting from theft, loss and eventual failure.