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ATAR Cut-offs

Year Course No. Course Description ATAR Campus
2017300107 B Arts75North Ryde
2017300116 B Ancient History92North Ryde
2017300118 B Ancient History92Distance
2017300120 B Social Science77North Ryde
2017300126 B Psychology (Honours)94.15North Ryde
2017300127 B Arts – Psychology83North Ryde
2017300129 B Science – Psychology83North Ryde
2017300131 B International Studies80North Ryde
2017300135 B Security Studies75North Ryde
2017300136 B Security Studies75Distance
2017300138 B Marketing and Media95.35North Ryde
2017300139 B Media85North Ryde
2017300143 B Archaeology88North Ryde
2017300144 B Hellenic Studies75North Ryde
2017300145 B Arts with B Science75North Ryde
2017300201 B Applied Finance88North Ryde
2017300204 B Business Administration81North Ryde
2017300205 B Business Analytics85North Ryde
2017300206 B Business Leadership and CommerceA+CNorth Ryde
2017300207 B Global Business85North Ryde
2017300209 B Economics80North Ryde
2017300210 B Commerce80North Ryde
2017300212 B Commerce with B Arts – Psychology83North Ryde
2017300213 B Commerce with B Psychology (Honours)94.2North Ryde
2017300229 B Commerce – Professional Accounting80North Ryde
2017300230 B Actuarial Studies with B Professional PracticencNorth Ryde
2017300231 B Actuarial Studies97.05North Ryde
2017300233 B Business Analytics with B Security Studies85North Ryde
2017300235 B Commerce – Professional Accounting with B Business Analytics85North Ryde
2017300237 B Economics with B Business Analytics85North Ryde
2017300253 B Business Administration with B Arts81North Ryde
2017300258 B Business Administration with B Arts – Psychology83North Ryde
2017300263 B Applied Finance with B Actuarial Studies97.25North Ryde
2017300271 B Applied Finance with B Economics88North Ryde
2017300272 B Applied Finance with B Commerce – Professional Accounting88North Ryde
2017300273 B Applied Finance with B Business Analytics88North Ryde
2017300276 B Actuarial Studies with B Science97North Ryde
2017300282 B Business Administration with B Commerce – Professional Accounting81North Ryde
2017300283 B Business Administration with B Psychology (Honours)94.35North Ryde
2017300287 B Arts with B Commerce80North Ryde
2017300288 B Commerce with B Science80North Ryde
2017300302 B Laws97North Ryde
2017300304 B Arts with B Laws96North Ryde
2017300305 B Science with B Laws96North Ryde
2017300306 B Laws97Distance
2017300307 B Commerce with B Laws96North Ryde
2017300308 B Business Administration with B Laws96North Ryde
2017300309 B Psychology (Honours) with B Laws96.7North Ryde
2017300310 B Security Studies with B Laws96North Ryde
2017300312 B Applied Finance with B Laws96North Ryde
2017300316 B International Studies with B Laws96North Ryde
2017300317 B Environment with B Laws96North Ryde
2017300318 B Media with B Laws96North Ryde
2017300319 B Social Science with B Laws96North Ryde
2017300322 B Commerce – Professional Accounting with B Laws96North Ryde
2017300340 B Information Technology with B Laws96North Ryde
2017300395 B Arts – Psychology with B Laws96North Ryde
2017300405 B Arts with B Education (Primary)75North Ryde
2017300407 B Education (Early Childhood Education) (Birth to 12)75North Ryde
2017300408 B Arts with B Education (Secondary)75North Ryde
2017300409 B Arts – Psychology with B Education (Primary)83North Ryde
2017300410 B Science with B Education (Secondary)75North Ryde
2017300415 B Education (Early Childhood Education) (Birth to 12)75Distance
2017300418 B Teaching (Early Childhood Education)75North Ryde
2017300419 B Teaching (Early Childhood Education)75Distance
2017300470 B Chiropractic Science80North Ryde
2017300496 B Digital Business85North Ryde
2017300503 B Information Technology75North Ryde
2017300504 B Information Technology – Games Design and Development77North Ryde
2017300515 B Marine Science78North Ryde
2017300516 B Environment84North Ryde
2017300517 B Science75North Ryde
2017300518 B Medical Sciences85North Ryde
2017300519 B Science – Global ChallengesncNorth Ryde
2017300521 B Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences83North Ryde
2017300522 B Human Sciences80North Ryde
2017300523 B Arts – Psychology with B Human Sciences83North Ryde
2017300524 B Psychology (Honours) with B Human Sciences94North Ryde
2017300532 B Biodiversity and Conservation80North Ryde
2017300543 B Advanced Science96North Ryde
2017300561 B Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences with B Human SciencesncNorth Ryde
2017300563 B Arts – Psychology with B Speech, Hearing and Language SciencesncNorth Ryde
2017300564 B Psychology (Honours) with B Speech, Hearing and Language SciencesncNorth Ryde
2017300570 B Planning78North Ryde
2017300670 B Clinical ScienceN/ANorth Ryde
2017300711 B Engineering (Honours) with a major in Electrical Engineering80North Ryde
2017300712 B Engineering (Honours) with a major in Electronics Engineering80North Ryde
2017300713 B Engineering (Honours) with a major in Mechanical Engineering80North Ryde
2017300714 B Engineering (Honours) with a major in Mechatronic Engineering80North Ryde
2017300715 B Engineering (Honours) with a major in Software Engineering80North Ryde
2017300716 B Engineering (Honours) with a major in Telecommunications Engineering80North Ryde
2017300721 B Engineering (Honours) with B Commerce81North Ryde
2017300722 B Engineering (Honours) with B Science80North Ryde
2017300723 B Engineering (Honours) with B Arts80North Ryde
2017300907 B Arts75Distance
2017300917 B Science75Distance
2017301001 Dip Media and Communication60North Ryde
2017301002 Dip Accounting, Commerce and Business Administration60North Ryde
2017301005 Dip Information Technology60North Ryde
2017301007 Dip Engineering60North Ryde
2017301020 Intensive ProgramncNorth Ryde
2017301021 Standard Foundation ProgramncNorth Ryde
2016300107 B Arts75North Ryde
2016300116 B Ancient History92North Ryde
2016300118 B Ancient History92Distance
2016300120 B Social Science77North Ryde
2016300126 B Psychology (Honours)94.15North Ryde
2016300127 B Arts – Psychology83North Ryde
2016300129 B Science – Psychology83North Ryde
2016300131 B International Studies80North Ryde
2016300135 B Security Studies75North Ryde
2016300136 B Security Studies75Distance
2016300138 B Marketing and Media95.3North Ryde
2016300139 B Media85North Ryde
2016300143 B Archaeology88North Ryde
2016300144 B Hellenic Studies75North Ryde
2016300145 B Arts with B Science75North Ryde
2016300201 B Applied Finance88North Ryde
2016300204 B Business Administration81North Ryde
2016300205 B Business Analytics85North Ryde
2016300206 B Business Leadership and CommerceA+CNorth Ryde
2016300207 B Global Business85North Ryde
2016300209 B Economics80North Ryde
2016300210 B Commerce80North Ryde
2016300212 B Commerce with B Arts – Psychology83North Ryde
2016300213 B Commerce with B Psychology (Honours)94.2North Ryde
2016300229 B Commerce – Professional Accounting80North Ryde
2016300231 B Actuarial Studies97.1North Ryde
2016300233 B Business Analytics with B Security Studies85North Ryde
2016300235 B Commerce – Professional Accounting with B Business Analytics85North Ryde
2016300237 B Economics with B Business Analytics85North Ryde
2016300253 B Business Administration with B Arts81North Ryde
2016300258 B Business Administration with B Arts – Psychology83North Ryde
2016300263 B Applied Finance with B Actuarial Studies97.2North Ryde
2016300271 B Applied Finance with B Economics88North Ryde
2016300272 B Applied Finance with B Commerce – Professional Accounting88North Ryde
2016300273 B Applied Finance with B Business Analytics88North Ryde
2016300276 B Actuarial Studies with B Science97.75North Ryde
2016300282 B Business Administration with B Commerce – Professional Accounting81North Ryde
2016300283 B Business Administration with B Psychology (Honours)94.35North Ryde
2016300287 B Arts with B Commerce81.25North Ryde
2016300288 B Commerce with B Science81.25North Ryde
2016300302 B Laws97North Ryde
2016300304 B Arts with B Laws96North Ryde
2016300305 B Science with B Laws96North Ryde
2016300306 B Laws97Distance
2016300307 B Commerce with B Laws96North Ryde
2016300308 B Business Administration with B Laws96North Ryde
2016300309 B Psychology (Honours) with B Laws96.7North Ryde
2016300310 B Security Studies with B Laws96North Ryde
2016300312 B Applied Finance with B Laws96North Ryde
2016300316 B International Studies with B Laws96North Ryde
2016300317 B Environment with B Laws96North Ryde
2016300318 B Media with B Laws96North Ryde
2016300319 B Social Science with B Laws96North Ryde
2016300322 B Commerce – Professional Accounting with B Laws96North Ryde
2016300340 B Information Technology with B Laws96North Ryde
2016300395 B Arts – Psychology with B Laws96North Ryde
2016300405 B Arts with B Education (Primary)75North Ryde
2016300407 B Education (Early Childhood Education) (Birth to 12)75North Ryde
2016300408 B Arts with B Education (Secondary)75North Ryde
2016300409 B Arts – Psychology with B Education (Primary)83North Ryde
2016300410 B Science with B Education (Secondary)75North Ryde
2016300415 B Education (Early Childhood Education) (Birth to 12)75Distance
2016300418 B Teaching (Early Childhood Education)75North Ryde
2016300419 B Teaching (Early Childhood Education)75Distance
2016300470 B Chiropractic Science80North Ryde
2016300496 B Digital BusinessncNorth Ryde
2016300503 B Information Technology75North Ryde
2016300504 B Information Technology – Games Design and Development77North Ryde
2016300515 B Marine Science78North Ryde
2016300516 B Environment84North Ryde
2016300517 B Science75North Ryde
2016300518 B Medical Sciences85North Ryde
2016300521 B Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences83North Ryde
2016300522 B Human Sciences80North Ryde
2016300523 B Arts – Psychology with B Human Sciences83North Ryde
2016300524 B Psychology (Honours) with B Human Sciences94North Ryde
2016300532 B Biodiversity and Conservation80North Ryde
2016300543 B Advanced Science96North Ryde
2016300570 B Planning78North Ryde
2016300670 B Clinical Science90.00*North Ryde
2016300710 B Engineering (Honours) with a major in Mechanical Engineering80North Ryde
2016300710 B Engineering (Honours) with a major in Software Engineering80North Ryde
2016300710 B Engineering (Honours) with a major in Telecommunications Engineering80North Ryde
2016300710 B Engineering (Honours) with a major in Electronics Engineering80North Ryde
2016300710 B Engineering (Honours) with a major in Mechatronic Engineering80North Ryde
2016300721 B Engineering (Honours) with B Commerce81North Ryde
2016300722 B Engineering (Honours) with B Science80North Ryde
2016300723 B Engineering (Honours) with B Arts80North Ryde
2016300907 B Arts75Distance
2016300917 B Science75Distance
2016301001 Dip Media and CommunicationN/ANorth Ryde
2016301002 Dip Accounting, Commerce and Business AdministrationN/ANorth Ryde
2016301005 Dip Information TechnologyN/ANorth Ryde
2016301007 Dip EngineeringN/ANorth Ryde
2015300107B Arts75
2015300116B Ancient History92
2015300118B Ancient History Dist92
2015300120B Social Science77
2015300126B Psychology (Honours)94.15
2015300127B Arts – Psychology83
2015300129B Science – Psychology83
2015300131B International Studies80
2015300135B Secur Stds75
2015300136B Secur Stds Dist75
2015300138B Marketing & Media95.3
2015300139B Arts – Media85
2015300143B Archaeology88
2015300144B Hellenic Stds75
2015300145B Arts/B Science75
2015300201B Applied Finance88
2015300204B Business Administration81
2015300205B Business Analytics85
2015300206B Bus Ldrshp & CommerceN/A
2015300207B Global Business85
2015300209B Economics80
2015300210B Commerce80
2015300212B Com/BA Psychology83
2015300213B Com/B Psychology (Hons)94.2
2015300229B Com Professional Accounting78
2015300231B Actuarial Studies96
2015300253B BusAdmin/B Arts81
2015300258B Bus Admin/BA Psychology83
2015300263B App Finance/B Actrl Studies96
2015300271B App Finance/B Economics88
2015300272B AppFinance/B Com-ProfAccting88
2015300276B Actrl Studies/B Science96
2015300282BBusAdmin/BCom Prof Accting81
2015300283BBA/B Psychology (Honours)94.35
2015300287B Arts/B Commerce80
2015300288B Commerce/B Science80
2015300302B Laws97
2015300304B Arts/B Laws96
2015300305B Science/B Laws96
2015300306B Laws Distance97
2015300307B Commerce/B Laws96
2015300308B Bus Admin/B Laws96
2015300309B Psychology (Hons) /B Laws96.7
2015300312B Applied Finance/B Laws96
2015300316B Int Studies/B Laws96
2015300317B Env/B Laws96
2015300318B Arts- Media/B Laws96
2015300319B Social Science/B Laws96
2015300322B Com-Prof Accting/B Laws96
2015300340B Information Tech/B Laws96
2015300395B Arts-Psychology/B Laws96
2015300405B Arts/B Ed (Primary)75
2015300407B Ed (E Chld Ed)(B-12)75
2015300408B Arts/B Ed (Sec)75
2015300409BA – Psychology/B Ed (Prim)83
2015300410B Sc/B Ed (Secondary)75
2015300415B Ed (E Chld Ed)(B-12) Dist75
2015300418B Teach (E Chld Ed)75
2015300419B Teach (E Chld Ed) Dist75
2015300470B Chiropractic Science80
2015300497B eBusiness75
2015300503B Information Technology75
2015300504B Info Tech – Games Dsgn&Dvlt;77
2015300515B Marine Science78
2015300516B Environment84
2015300517B Science75
2015300518B Medical Sciences85
2015300521B Sph Hearing Lang Scs83
2015300522B Human Sciences80
2015300523B Arts Psych B Hum Sc83
2015300524B Psych (Hons) B Hum Sc94
2015300532B Biodiversity & Conservation76
2015300543B Advanced Science96
2015300570B Planning78
2015300701B Eng with majors80
2015300757B Eng/B Commerce81
2015300758B Eng/B Science80
2015300760B Eng/B Arts80
2015300815B Com – Professional Acc78
2014300107B Arts75
2014300116B Ancient History92.4
2014300120B Social Science77
2014300123B Arts-Psychology with B Hlth83
2014300124B Psychology (Hons)/B Health95.35
2014300126B Psychology (Honours)94.2
2014300127B Arts – Psychology83
2014300129B Science – Psychology83.2
2014300131B International Studies80.45
2014300138B Marketing & Media95
2014300139B Arts – Media85.4
2014300145B Arts with B Science75.05
2014300201B Applied Finance90.6
2014300204B Business Administration82.35
2014300205B Business Analytics85
2014300206B Bus Ldrshp & Commerce93.85
2014300207B Global Business87.3
2014300209B Economics83.8
2014300210B Commerce81
2014300212B Com with BAPsychology83.7
2014300213B Com/B Psy (Hons)94.2
2014300229B Com Professional Accounting82
2014300231B Actuarial Studies96.55
2014300253B BusAdmin B Arts82.35
2014300258B Bus Admin with BAPsychology83.5
2014300263B App Fin with B Actrl Studies96.3
2014300271B App Finance with B Economics90.15
2014300272B AppFinwith B Com-ProfAccting88.1
2014300276B Actrl Studies with B Science96.25
2014300282B BusAdmin with BComProfAccting82.05
2014300283BBA/B Psy (Honours)97.3
2014300287B Arts with B Commerce81.55
2014300288B Commerce with B Science81.45
2014300302B Laws97
2014300304B Arts with B Laws96
2014300305B Science with B Laws95.9
2014300306B Laws Distance97
2014300307B Commerce with B Laws95.9
2014300308B Bus Admin with B Laws96.6
2014300309B Psy (Hons) / B Laws96.35
2014300312B Applied Finance with B Laws96.4
2014300316B Int Studies with B Laws95.9
2014300317B Env with B Laws97.35
2014300318B Arts- Media with B Laws96.2
2014300319B Social Science with B Laws95.9
2014300322B Com-Prof Accting with B Laws95.95
2014300340B Information Tech with B Laws95.9
2014300395B Arts-Psychology with B Laws96
2014300405B Arts with B Ed (Prim)75.35
2014300407B Ed (E Child Ed)(B-12)75
2014300408B Arts with B Ed (Sec)75
2014300409BA – Psy with B Ed (Prim)83
2014300410B Sc with B Ed (Sec)75
2014300415B Ed (E Child Ed)(B-12) Dist75
2014300420B Teach (Birth to 5 Years)75
2014300421B Teach (Birth to 5 Yrs) Dist75
2014300470B Chiropractic Science80.15
2014300497B eBusiness75
2014300503B Info Tech75
2014300504B Info Tech – Games Dsgn&Dvlt;76.5
2014300515B Marine Science78.75
2014300516B Environment84
2014300517B Science75
2014300518B Medical Sciences85
2014300520B Health81.15
2014300521B Sph Hearing Lang Scs83.05
2014300522B Human Sciences80
2014300532B Biodiversity & Conservation76.5
2014300543B Advanced Science96
2014300570B Planning78.4
2014300701B Eng with majors80
2014300757B Eng with B Commerce81.45
2014300758B Eng with B Science80
2014300760B Eng with B Arts80
2014300810B Business Administration82
2014300815B Com – Professional Acc82
2014300817B Arts75
2013300107B Arts75
2013300116B Ancient History92.4
2013300117B Arts with Dip Ed75.15
2013300120B Social Science77
2013300123B Arts-Psychology with B Hlth83
2013300126B Psychology (Honours)94.05
2013300127B Arts – Psychology83
2013300129B Science – Psychology83
2013300130B Arts-Psychology with Dip Ed83
2013300131B International Studies80.45
2013300138B Marketing & Media95.1
2013300139B Arts – Media85.4
2013300145B Arts with B Science75.05
2013300201B Applied Finance88
2013300204B Business Administration82
2013300209B Economics82.9
2013300210B Commerce81
2013300212B Com with BAPsychology83.1
2013300229B Com Professional Accounting82.2
2013300231B Actuarial Studies96
2013300253B BusAdmin B Arts82.2
2013300258B Bus Admin with BAPsychology83
2013300263B App Fin with B Actrl Studies96.05
2013300271B App Finance with B Economics89.95
2013300272B AppFinwith B Com-ProfAccting88
2013300274B Actuarial Studies with BEcon96.25
2013300276B Actrl Studies with B Science96.1
2013300282BBusAdmin with BComProfAccting82
2013300287B Arts with B Commerce82.3
2013300288B Commerce with B Science81.15
2013300295B Laws – Distance EdN/A
2013300299B Laws (Graduate entry only)N/A
2013300300B Laws(GraduateEntryOnly) DistN/A
2013300304B Arts with B Laws96
2013300305B Science with B Laws95.9
2013300307B Commerce with B Laws95.9
2013300308B Bus Admin with B Laws96.6
2013300312B Applied Finance with B Laws96.4
2013300316B Int Studies with B Laws95.9
2013300317B Env with B Laws97.35
2013300318B Arts- Media with B Laws96.2
2013300319B Social Science with B Laws95.9
2013300322B Com-Prof Accting with B Laws95.95
2013300340B Information Tech with B Laws95.9
2013300395B Arts-Psychology with B Laws96
2013300405B Arts with B Ed (Prim)75.2
2013300407B Ed (Early Childhood Ed)75
2013300415B Ed (Early Childhood Ed) Dist75
2013300420B Teach (Birth to 5 Years)75
2013300421B Teach (Birth to 5 Years) DE75
2013300470B Chiropractic Science80.7
2013300497B eBusiness75.6
2013300503B Info Tech75.2
2013300504B Info Tech – Games Dsgn&Dvlt;76.55
2013300515B Marine Science79.05
2013300516B Environment85.7
2013300517B Science75.05
2013300518B Medical Sciences85.1
2013300520B Health81.6
2013300521B Speech & Hearing Sciences83
2013300532B Biodiversity & Conservation76.7
2013300537B Science with Dip Ed76.1
2013300543B Advanced Science96.45
2013300570B Planning78.85
2013300701B Eng with majors80
2013300757B Eng with B Commerce81.35
2013300758B Eng with B Science80
2013300760B Eng with B Arts80
2013300810B Business Administration82
2013300815B Com – Professional Acc82.2
2013300817B Arts75
2012300107B Arts75
2012300115B Ancient History (Honours)82.8
2012300117B Arts with Dip Ed75
2012300120B Social Science78.3
2012300123B Arts-Psychology with B Hlth84.4
2012300126B Psychology (Honours)94.05
2012300127B Arts – Psychology83
2012300129B Science – Psychology83
2012300130B Arts-Psychology with Dip Ed83
2012300131B International Studies80.35
2012300138B Marketing & Media95.15
2012300139BA – Media85.4
2012300145BA with B Science75.4
2012300201B Applied Finance88
2012300204B Business Administration83.5
2012300209B Economics85.05
2012300210B Commerce82.6
2012300229B Com Professional Accounting81.95
2012300231B Actuarial Stds96.05
2012300253B BusAdmin B Arts83.55
2012300258B Bus Admin with BAPsychology83.5
2012300263B App Fin with B Actrl Studies95.85
2012300271B App Fin with BEc88.25
2012300272B AppFinwith B Com-ProfAccting88.2
2012300274B Actuarial Stds with B Ec96.15
2012300276B Actrl Stds with B Sc95.75
2012300282BBusAdmin with BComProfAccting84.05
2012300287B Arts with B Commerce82.75
2012300288B Commerce with B Sc83.9
2012300295B Laws – Distance EdN/A
2012300299B Laws (Graduate entry only)N/A
2012300304B Arts with B Laws95.9
2012300305B Sc with B Laws96.05
2012300307B Commerce with B Laws95.9
2012300308B Bus Admin with B Laws96.1
2012300312B Applied Finance with B Laws96.45
2012300316B Int Stds with B Laws96.1
2012300317B Env with B Laws97
2012300318BA – Media with B Laws96.2
2012300319B Social Science with B Laws96.05
2012300322B Com-Prof Accting with B Laws97.1
2012300340B Information Tech with B Laws98.2
2012300395B Arts-Psychology with B Laws95.95
2012300405B Arts with B Ed (Prim)75.25
2012300407B Ed (Early Childhood Ed)75.25
2012300415B Ed (Early Childhood)DistanceN/A
2012300420B Teach (Birth to 5 Years)76.15
2012300421B Teach (Birth to 5 Years) DEN/A
2012300470B Chiropractic Science80.25
2012300497B eBusiness74.1
2012300503B Inf Tech74.4
2012300504B Inf Tech – Games Dsgn & Dvlt74.25
2012300515B Marine Science78.9
2012300516B Environment75.7
2012300517B Science75.15
2012300518B Medical Scs80.7
2012300520B Health81.35
2012300521B Speech & Hearing Sciences83.05
2012300532B Biodiversity & Cons75.75
2012300537B Science with Dip Ed75.45
2012300543B Advanced Sc97.05
2012300570B Planning78.85
2012300701B Eng with majors77.5
2012300757B Eng with B Commerce83.55
2012300758B Eng with B Science78.15
2012300759B Eng with B BA85.4
2012300760B Eng with BA78.3
2012300810B Bus Administration83.5
2012300815B Com – Professional Accting81.95
2012300817B Arts75
2012300900B Bus Admin in Event MgmtN/A
2012300920B Bus Admin Hospitality MgmtN/A
2012300930B Bus Admin in IntTourismN/A
2012300940B Bus Admin in Prop Serv MgmtN/A
2012300960B Bus Admin in Sport MgmtN/A
2011300107B Arts75.05
2011300115B Ancient History (Honours)82.55
2011300117B Arts with Dip Ed75
2011300120B Social Science77.65
2011300123B Arts-Psychology with B Helth84.5
2011300126B Psychology (Honours)95
2011300127B Arts – Psychology84.55
2011300129B Science – Psychology85.1
2011300130B Arts-Psychology with Dip Ed85.25
2011300131B International Studies80.5
2011300139BA – Media85.4
2011300145BA with B Science77.25
2011300201B Applied Finance88.55
2011300204B Business Administration84.6
2011300209B Economics86.9
2011300210B Commerce83.6
2011300229B Com -Professional Accounting83.8
2011300231B Actuarial Stds96.7
2011300253B BusAdmin B Arts84.75
2011300258B Bus Admin with BAPsychology85
2011300263BAppFin with B Actrl Studies96.15
2011300271B App Fin with BEc88.25
2011300272B AppFinwith B Com-ProfAccting88.6
2011300274B Actuarial Stds with B Ec95.95
2011300276B Actrl Stds with B Sc95.9
2011300282BBusAdmin with BComProfAccting84.8
2011300287B Arts with B Commerce83.65
2011300288B Commerce with B Sc86.1
2011300295B Laws-Distance EdN/A
2011300299B Laws (Graduate entry only)N/A
2011300304B Arts with B Laws96
2011300305B Sc with B Laws96.2
2011300307B Commerce with B Laws95.9
2011300308B Bus Admin with B Laws95.95
2011300312B Applied Finance with B Laws97.55
2011300316B Int Stds with B Laws95.95
2011300317B Env with B Laws95.95
2011300318BA – Media with B Laws96.05
2011300319B Social Science with B Laws96.2
2011300322B Com-Prof Accting with B Laws95.9
2011300340B Information Tech with B Laws95.9
2011300395B Arts-Psychology with B Laws96.1
2011300405B Arts with B Ed (Prim)75.1
2011300407B Ed (Early Childhood Ed)75.1
2011300415B Ed (Early Childhood)DistanceN/A
2011300420B Teach (Birth to 5 Years)N/A
2011300470B Chiropractic Science80.55
2011300497B eBusiness74.1
2011300503B Inf Tech74.7
2011300515B Marine Science81.1
2011300516B Environment75.15
2011300517B Science75.15
2011300518B Medical Scs80.4
2011300520B Health81.25
2011300521B Speech & Hearing Sciences84.9
2011300532B Biodiversity & Cons76.7
2011300537B Science with Dip Ed75.85
2011300543B Advanced Sc97.25
2011300570B Planning79.25
2011300701B Eng with specialisations77.85
2011300757B Eng with B Commerce83.6
2011300758B Eng with B Science77.7
2011300759B Eng with B BA86.8
2011300760B Eng with BA78.05
2011300810B Bus Administration84.6
2011300815B Com – Professional Accting83.8
2011300817B Arts75.05
2011300900B Bus Admin in Event MgmtN/A
2011300920B Bus Admin Hospitality MgmtN/A
2011300930B Bus Admin in IntTourismN/A
2011300940B Bus Admin in Prop Serv MgmtN/A
2011300950B Bus Admin Retail Serv MgmtN/A
2011300960B Bus Admin in Sport MgmtN/A
2010300107B Arts75
2010300115B Ancient History (Honours)83.05
2010300117B Arts with Dip Ed75.85
2010300119BA Dvlt Stds & Culture Change86.55
2010300120B Social Science77.8
2010300123B Arts-Psychology and B Health84.65
2010300126B Psychology (Honours)93.55
2010300127B Arts – Psychology84.5
2010300129B Science – Psychology84.5
2010300130B Arts Psychology with Dip Ed84.95
2010300131B International Studies80.3
2010300139BA in Media84.25
2010300145BA with B Science78.65
2010300201B Applied Finance86.4
2010300204B Business Administration84.5
2010300209B Economics85.5
2010300210B Commerce83.6
2010300229B Com – Profesional Accounting83.7
2010300231B Actuarial Stds95.9
2010300253B BusAdmin B Arts85
2010300258B Bus Admin with BAPsychology84.6
2010300263B AppFin with B Actrl Studies95.5
2010300271B App Fin with BEc87.4
2010300272B AppFinwith B Com-ProfAccting86.15
2010300274B Actuarial Stds with B Ec95.4
2010300276B Actrl Stds with B Sc96.35
2010300282B BusAdmin with BComProfAccting84.55
2010300287B Arts with B Commerce83.9
2010300288B Commerce with B Sc85.4
2010300295B Laws-Distance EdN/A
2010300299B Laws (Graduate entry only)N/A
2010300304B Arts with B Laws96
2010300305B Sc with B Laws96.15
2010300307B Commerce with B Laws95.9
2010300308B Bus Admin with B Laws96
2010300312B Applied Finance with B Laws96.85
2010300316B Int Stds with B Laws97.1
2010300317B Env with B Laws95.45
2010300318BA in Media with B Laws95.4
2010300319B Social Science with B Laws97.05
2010300322B Com-Prof Accting with B Laws95.9
2010300335B Actuarial Stds with B Laws95.9
2010300340B Information Tech with B Laws97
2010300395B Arts-Psychology with B Laws96.2
2010300407B Ed (Early Childhood Ed)75.05
2010300415B Ed (Early Childhood)DistanceN/A
2010300470B Chiropractic Science80.15
2010300497B eBusiness74.05
2010300503B Info Tech74.25
2010300515B Marine Science78.75
2010300516B Environment76.55
2010300517B Science77.25
2010300518B Medical Sc80.25
2010300520B Health81.15
2010300521B Speech & Hearing Science85.25
2010300529B Sc in Astronomy&Astrophysics;83.45
2010300532B Biodiversity & Cons75.75
2010300533B Sc in Climate Sc81.55
2010300537B Science Dip Ed78.5
2010300543B Advanced Sc96
2010300544B Sc in Photonics83.05
2010300546B Sc in Physics80.85
2010300548BSc Dvlt Stds & Culture Change84.3
2010300551BA in Msm Stds75.4
2010300553B Sc in Msm Stds78.85
2010300570B Planning78.4
2010300750B Eng in Telecom Engineering81.65
2010300751B Eng in Computer Engineering78.25
2010300752B Eng in Electronics Eng78.1
2010300754B Eng in Wireless Engineering78.35
2010300755B Eng in Software Engineering77.55
2010300758B Eng with B Science77.15
2010300760B Eng with BA79.65
2010300810B Bus Administration84.65
2010300815B Com – Professional Accting85.4
2010300816BA in Media81.65
2010300817B ArtsN/A
2010300900B Bus Admin in Event MgmtN/A
2010300920B Bus Admin Hospitality MgmtN/A
2010300930B Bus Admin in Int TourismN/A
2010300940B Bus Admin in Prop Serv MgmtN/A
2010300950B Bus Admin Retail Serv MgmtN/A
2010300960B Bus Admin in Sport MgmtN/A
2010331100B Education (Primary)77
2010331101B Social Science68
2010331103B Sc/B Ed (Secondary)77
2010331104B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)77
2010331105B Cont Music/B Ed (Secondary)77
2010331106B Sport & Exc Sc/B Ed (Sec)77
2010331107B Visual Arts/B Ed (Secondary)N/A
2010331117B Education (Early Childhood)68
2010331151B Social Sc68
2010331154B Psychology (Honours)73
2010331155B Education (Primary)77
2010331156B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)77
2010331157B Education (Early Childhood)68
2010331167B Education (Early Childhood)68
2010331170B Social Science68
2010332100B Business68
2010332105B Business/B Arts68
2010332107B Bus Admin68
2010332150B Business68
2010332153B Information Technology68
2010332155B Bus Administration68
2010332160B Business68
2010332165B Bus Admin68
2010332350Assoc Deg Info Technology63
2010333100B Arts68
2010333101B Contemporary Music68
2010333102B Visual ArtsN/A
2010333103B Media68
2010333151B Arts68
2010333301Assoc Deg Creative Writing63
2010334100B Environmental Sc68
2010334101B Business in Tourism Mgmt68
2010334102B Forest Sc and Mgmt68
2010334104B Marine Sc & Mgmt68
2010334111B Business Int Tourism Mgmt68
2010334150B Bus in Hotel & Resort Mgmt68
2010334161B Business Int Tourism Mgmt68
2010334162B Business in Tourism Mgmt68
2010334400B Env Tourism Mgmt68
2010334460B Bus Convention & Event Mgmt68
2010335061D Sport Mgmt (Surfing Stds)68
2010335100B Sport & Exercise Sc68
2010335101B Nursing68
2010335102B Naturopathy68
2010335103B Sport Tourism Mgmt68
2010335104B Exercise Sc & Nutrition68
2010335115B Clinical Sc68
2010335151B Nursing68
2010335161B Nursing68
2010335163B Occupational Therapy72
2010335171B Midwifery84
2010335181B Nursing68
2010336000B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)90
2010336060B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)90
2010336100B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2010336101B Business/B Laws90
2010336102B Env Sc/B Laws90
2010336103B Bus in Tourism Mgmt/B Laws90
2010336104B Arts/B Laws90
2010336106B Sport & Exc Sc/B Laws90
2010336107B Indigenous Stds/B Laws90
2010336109B Legal & Justice Stds/B Laws90
2010336110B Legal & Justice Stds68
2010336111B Contemporary Music/B Laws90
2010336113B Social Sc/B Laws90
2010336161B Legal & Justice Stds68
2010336300AD Law (Paralegal Stds)63
2010336361AD Law (Paralegal Stds)63
2010336766B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2010354140B Bus in Hotel Mgmt (DFEE)N/A
2009300105B Arts Distance Education80
2009300107B Arts75
2009300115B Ancient History (Honours)80
2009300117B Arts with Dip Ed75
2009300119BA Dvlt Stds & Culture Change82
2009300120B Social Science75
2009300121B Creative Arts77
2009300122B Creative Arts (Int)80
2009300123B Arts-Psychology withB Health84
2009300124B Sc-Psychology with B Health84
2009300126B Psychology (Honours)93
2009300127B Arts – Psychology83
2009300129B Science – Psychology84
2009300130B Arts Psychology with Dip Ed84
2009300131B International Studies80
2009300138B Media80
2009300140B International Communication78
2009300142BA in Media & Cultural Stds76
2009300201B Applied Finance87
2009300204B Business Administration83
2009300205B Bus Admin (Int Studies)87
2009300209B Economics82
2009300210B Commerce82
2009300227B Com – Accounting83
2009300232B Com – Actuarial Stds95
2009300240B Commerce – Marketing83
2009300253B BusAdmin BA in European Stds87
2009300257B Bus Admin with B Inf Tech84
2009300258B Bus Admin with BAPsychology83
2009300260B AppFin with BCom-Actrl Studies95
2009300261B ComActuarial Std withBEc95
2009300262B ComActrl Stds with BComAcctg95
2009300268B Com-Act Std with BSc97
2009300270B App Finwith B Com-Accounting84
2009300271B App Fin with BEc84
2009300280B BusAdmin with BComAccounting83
2009300281B BusAdmin with B Ec83
2009300285B Human Resource Management80
2009300290B International Business82
2009300295B Laws-Distance EdN/A
2009300304B Arts with B Laws95
2009300305B Sc with B Laws95
2009300307B Commerce with B Laws95
2009300308B Bus Admin with B Laws95
2009300312B Applied Finance with B Laws96
2009300314B Env Mgmt with B Laws95
2009300315B Media with B Laws95
2009300316B Int Stds with B Laws95
2009300319B Social Science with B Laws95
2009300320B Com – Accounting with B Laws95
2009300330B Com Actuarial St with B Laws95
2009300331B Com – Marketing with B Laws95
2009300340B Information Techwith B Laws96
2009300395B Arts-Psychology with B Laws95
2009300407B Ed (Early Childhood Ed)73
2009300415B Ed (Early Childhood)DistanceN/A
2009300470B Chiropractic Science73
2009300497B eBusiness70
2009300499B Information Systems72
2009300503B Inf Tech70
2009300505B Computer Science75
2009300506B Sc with BA Nat Cult Hrgt Msms80
2009300507B Science in Advanced Maths98
2009300508B Science in Advanced Biology97
2009300509B Science in Advanced Chem98
2009300512B Biotechnology82
2009300513B Environmental Science74
2009300514B Environmental Management73
2009300515B Marine Science74
2009300517B Science72
2009300518B Medical Sciences80
2009300520B Health76
2009300521B Speech & Hearing Sciences85
2009300525B Science Distance Ed72
2009300529B Sc in Astronomy&Astrophysics;76
2009300531B Sc in Biodiversity & Cons77
2009300537B Science Dip Ed72
2009300570B Planning74
2009300660B Optical Tech75
2009300750B Eng in Telecom Engineering76
2009300751B Eng in Computer Engineering77
2009300752B Eng in Electronics Eng77
2009300753B Eng in Instr & Control Eng76
2009300754B Eng in Wireless Engineering76
2009300755B Eng in Software Engineering76
2009300756B Eng in Photonics Eng78
2009300757B Eng with B Commerce82
2009300758B Eng with B Science76
2009300759B Eng with B BA83
2009300800BA Media & Cultural Stds79
2009300810B Bus Administration83
2009300811B Commerce82
2009300812B Commerce – Accounting83
2009300813B Com – Marketing83
2009300900B Bus Admin in Event MgmtN/A
2009300920B Bus Admin Hospitality MgmtN/A
2009300930B Bus Admin in IntTourismN/A
2009300940B Bus Admin in Prop Serv MgmtN/A
2009300960B Bus Admin in Sport MgmtN/A
2008300105B Arts Distance Education80
2008300107B Arts76
2008300115B Ancient History (Honours)84
2008300117B Arts with Dip Ed75
2008300119BA Dvlt Stds & Culture Change85
2008300120B Social Science76
2008300121B Creative Arts78
2008300122B Creative Arts (Int)82
2008300123B Arts-Psychology withB Health84
2008300124B Sc-Psychology with B Health84
2008300126B Psychology (Honours)93
2008300127B Arts – Psychology83
2008300129B Science – Psychology83
2008300130B Arts Psychology with Dip Ed84
2008300131B International Studies80
2008300138B Media80
2008300140B International Communication80
2008300142BA in Media & Cultural Stds78
2008300201B Applied Finance85
2008300204B Business Administration82
2008300205B Bus Admin (Int Studies)90
2008300209B Economics82
2008300210B Commerce83
2008300227B Com – Accounting83
2008300232B Com – Actuarial Stds95
2008300240B Commerce – Marketing83
2008300253B BusAdmin BA in European Stds83
2008300257B Bus Admin with B Inf Tech84
2008300258B Bus Admin with BAPsychology85
2008300260B AppFinwith BCom-Actrl Studies95
2008300261B ComActuarial Std withBEc96
2008300262B ComActrl Stds with BComAcctg95
2008300268B Com-Act Std with BSc95
2008300270B App Finwith B Com-Accounting87
2008300271B App Fin with BEc85
2008300280B BusAdmin with BComAccounting83
2008300281B BusAdmin with B Ec83
2008300285B Human Resource Management81
2008300290B International Business82
2008300295B Laws-Distance EdN/A
2008300304B Arts with B Laws95
2008300305B Sc with B Laws96
2008300307B Commerce with B Laws95
2008300308B Bus Admin with B Laws95
2008300312B Applied Finance with B Laws95
2008300314B Env Mgmt with B Laws96
2008300315B Media with B Laws95
2008300316B Int Stds with B Laws95
2008300319B Social Science with B Laws96
2008300320B Com – Accounting with B Laws96
2008300330B Com Actuarial St with B Laws96
2008300331B Com – Marketing with B Laws98
2008300340B Information Techwith B Laws95
2008300395B Arts-Psychology with B Laws95
2008300407B Ed (Early Childhood Ed)76
2008300415B Ed (Early Childhood)DistanceN/A
2008300470B Chiropractic Science76
2008300497B eBusiness70
2008300499B Information Systems71
2008300503B Inf Tech70
2008300505B Computer Science77
2008300506BSc with BA Nat Cult Hrgt Msms76
2008300507B Science in Advanced Maths98
2008300508B Science in Advanced Biology97
2008300509B Science in Advanced Chem98
2008300512B Biotechnology78
2008300513B Environmental Science77
2008300514B Environmental Management75
2008300515B Marine Science76
2008300517B Science73
2008300518B Medical Sciences80
2008300520B Health78
2008300521B Speech & Hearing Sciences83
2008300525B Science Distance Ed73
2008300529B Sc in Astronomy&Astrophysics;76
2008300531B Sc in Biodiversity & Cons75
2008300537B Science Dip Ed74
2008300570B Planning75
2008300660B Optical Tech75
2008300750B Eng in Telecom Engineering76
2008300751B Eng in Computer Engineering75
2008300752B Eng in Electronics Eng76
2008300753B Eng in Instr & Control Eng75
2008300754B Eng in Wireless Engineering75
2008300755B Eng in Software Engineering79
2008300756B Eng in Photonics75
2008300757B Eng with B Commerce85
2008300758B Eng with B Science77
2008300900B Bus Admin in Event MgmtN/A
2008300920B Bus Admin Hospitality MgmtN/A
2008300930B Bus Admin in IntTourismN/A
2008300940B Bus Admin in Prop Serv MgmtN/A
2008300950B Bus Admin Retail Serv MgmtN/A
2008300960B Bus Admin in Sport MgmtN/A
2007300105B Arts Distance Education80
2007300107B Arts80
2007300115B Ancient History (Honours)83
2007300117B Arts/Dip Ed80
2007300120B Social Science80
2007300121B Creative Arts83
2007300122B Creative Arts (Int)85
2007300123B Arts-Psychology/B Health84
2007300124B Science-Psychology/B Health84
2007300126B Psychology (Honours)93
2007300127B Arts – Psychology84
2007300129B Science – Psychology84
2007300130B Arts – Psychology/Dip Ed85
2007300131B International Studies83
2007300138B Media82
2007300140B International Communication84
2007300142BA in Media & Cultural Stds82
2007300201B Applied Finance88
2007300204B Business Administration84
2007300205B Bus Admin (Int Studies)90
2007300209B Economics83
2007300210B Commerce85
2007300227B Com – Accounting85
2007300232B Com – Actuarial Stds95
2007300240B Commerce – Marketing86
2007300250B BusAdmin/BAinJapaneseStds84
2007300253B BusAdmin/BA in European Stds84
2007300257B Bus Admin/B Inf Tech86
2007300258B Bus Admin/BA – Psychology85
2007300260B AppFin/BCom-Actuarial Studies95
2007300261B Com-Actuarial Std/BEc96
2007300262B Com-Acctng/BCom-Actrl Stds95
2007300268B Com-Act Std/BSc95
2007300270B App Fin/B Com-Accounting87
2007300271B App Fin/BEc87
2007300280B BusAdmin/BCom – Accounting85
2007300281B BusAdmin/B Ec88
2007300285B Human Resource Management80
2007300290B International Business84
2007300295B Laws-Distance EdN/A
2007300304B Arts/B Laws94
2007300305B Sc/B Laws94
2007300307B Commerce/B Laws94
2007300308B Bus Admin/B Laws94
2007300312B Applied Finance/B Laws94
2007300314B Environmental Mgmt/B Laws94
2007300315B Media/B Laws94
2007300316B Int Stds/B Laws94
2007300319B Social Science/B Laws95
2007300320B Com – Accounting/B Laws94
2007300330B Com – Actuarial St/B Laws96
2007300331B Com – Marketing/B Laws94
2007300340B Information Tech/B Laws94
2007300350B Information Systems/B Laws94
2007300395B Arts-Psychology/B Laws94
2007300407B Ed (Early Childhood Ed)80
2007300415B Ed (Early Childhood)DistanceN/A
2007300470B Chiropractic Science80
2007300497B eBusiness70
2007300499B Information Systems70
2007300503B Info Tech70
2007300505B Computer Science77
2007300506B Sc/BANatCult Hrgt Msms75
2007300507B Science in Advanced Maths96
2007300508B Science in Advanced Biology98
2007300509B Science in Advanced Chem99
2007300512B Biotechnology78
2007300513B Environmental Science76
2007300514B Environmental Management75
2007300515B Marine Science76
2007300517B Science75
2007300518B Medical Sciences80
2007300520B Health75
2007300521B Speech & Hearing Sciences80
2007300525B Science Distance Ed75
2007300529B Sc in Astronomy&Astrophysics;75
2007300531B Sc in Biodiversity & Cons76
2007300537B Science Dip Ed75
2007300660B Optical Tech75
2007300750B Eng in Telecom Engineering80
2007300900B Bus Admin in Event MgmtN/A
2007300920B Bus Admin Hospitality MgmtN/A
2007300930B Bus Admin in IntTourismN/A
2007300940B Bus Admin in Prop Serv MgmtN/A
2007300950B Bus Admin Retail Serv MgmtN/A
2006300105B Arts Distance EducationN/A
2006300107B Arts83
2006300115B Ancient History (Honours)85
2006300117B Arts/Dip Ed82
2006300120B Social Science83
2006300121B Creative Arts83
2006300122B Creative Arts (Int)95
2006300123B Arts-Psychology/B Health86
2006300124B Science-Psychology/B Health88
2006300126B Psychology (Honours)94
2006300127B Arts – Psychology85
2006300129B Science – Psychology86
2006300130B Arts – Psychology/Dip Ed86
2006300131B International Studies85
2006300133B Media in Screen Production83
2006300134B Media in Writing83
2006300137B Media in Multimedia83
2006300140B International Communication85
2006300142B Arts in Media & Cultural Stds83
2006300201B Applied Finance86
2006300204B Business Administration86
2006300205B Bus Admin (Int Studies)96
2006300209B Economics86
2006300210B Commerce85
2006300227B Com – Accounting86
2006300232B Com – Actuarial Stds96
2006300240B Commerce – Marketing86
2006300250B BusAdmin/BAinJapaneseStds86
2006300253B BusAdmin/BA in European Stds86
2006300257B Bus Admin/B Inf Tech87
2006300258B Bus Admin/BA – Psychology87
2006300260B AppFin/BCom-Actuarial Studies97
2006300261B Com-Actuarial Std/BEc97
2006300268B Com-Act Std/BSc97
2006300270B App Fin/B Com-Accounting86
2006300271B App Fin/BEc88
2006300280B BusAdmin/BCom – Accounting86
2006300281B BusAdmin/B Ec87
2006300285B Human Resource ManagementN/A
2006300290B International Business86
2006300295B Laws-Distance EdN/A
2006300304B Arts/B Laws96
2006300305B Sc/B Laws96
2006300307B Commerce/B Laws96
2006300308B Bus Admin/B Laws96
2006300312B Applied Finance/B Laws96
2006300314B Environmental Mgmt/B Laws96
2006300315B Media/B Laws96
2006300319B Social Science/B Laws96
2006300320B Com – Accounting/B Laws96
2006300330B Com – Actuarial St/B Laws98
2006300331B Com – Marketing/B Laws96
2006300340B Information Tech/B Laws97
2006300350B Information Systems/B Laws96
2006300395B Arts-Psychology/B Laws96
2006300407B Ed (Early Childhood Ed)83
2006300415B Ed (Early Childhood)DistanceN/A
2006300470B Chiropractic Science83
2006300497B eBusiness75
2006300499B Information Systems77
2006300503B Inf Tech75
2006300505B Computer Science84
2006300506B Sc/BANatCult Hrgt Msms75
2006300507B Science in Advanced Maths96
2006300508B Science in Advanced Biology97
2006300509B Science in Advanced Chem95
2006300512B Biotechnology81
2006300513B Environmental Science83
2006300514B Environmental Management80
2006300515B Marine Science78
2006300517B Science76
2006300518B Medical Sciences80
2006300520B Health75
2006300521B Speech & Hearing Sciences81
2006300525B Science Distance EdN/A
2006300529B Sc in Astronomy&Astrophysics;78
2006300531B Sc in Biodiversity & Cons80
2006300537B Science Dip Ed76
2006300632B Technology(Optoelectronics)84
2006300750B Eng in Telecom Engineering80
2006300900B Bus Admin in Event MgmtN/A
2006300920B Bus Admin Hospitality MgmtN/A
2006300930B Bus Admin in IntTourismN/A
2006300940B Bus Admin in Prop Serv MgmtN/A
2006300950B Bus Admin Retail Serv MgmtN/A
2005300105B Arts Distance Education88
2005300107B Arts85
2005300115B Ancient History (Honours)85
2005300117B Arts/Dip Ed82
2005300120B Social Science86
2005300121B Creative Arts84
2005300122B Creative Arts (Int Studies)96
2005300123B Arts-Psychology/B Health87
2005300124B Science-Psychology/B Health89
2005300126B Psychology (Honours)94
2005300127B Arts – Psychology87
2005300129B Science – Psychology87
2005300130B Arts – Psychology/Dip Ed87
2005300133B Media in Screen Production85
2005300134B Media in Writing85
2005300137B Media in Multimedia86
2005300140B International Communication90
2005300142BA in Media & Cultural Stds85
2005300201B Applied Finance89
2005300204B Business Administration89
2005300205B Bus Admin (Int Studies)96
2005300209B Economics88
2005300210B Commerce88
2005300220B Com Dip Ed88
2005300227B Com – Accounting89
2005300232B Com – Actuarial Stds96
2005300240B Commerce – Marketing89
2005300250B BusAdmin/BAinJapaneseStds91
2005300253B BusAdmin/BA in European Stds89
2005300257B Bus Admin/B Inf Tech91
2005300258B Bus Admin/BA – Psychology89
2005300260BAppFin/BCom-Actuarial Studies98
2005300261BCom-Actuarial Std/BEc98
2005300268BCom-Act Std/BSc98
2005300270B App Fin/B Com-Accounting89
2005300271B App Fin/BEc90
2005300280B BusAdmin/BCom – Accounting89
2005300281B BusAdmin/B Ec90
2005300285B Human Resource ManagementN/A
2005300290B International Business90
2005300304B Arts/B Laws96
2005300305B Sc/B Laws96
2005300307B Commerce/B Laws96
2005300308B Bus Admin/B Laws96
2005300312B Applied Finance/B Laws96
2005300314B Environmental Mgmt/B Laws96
2005300315B Media/B Laws96
2005300319B Social Science/B Laws96
2005300320B Com – Accounting/B Laws96
2005300330B Com – Actuarial St/B Laws99
2005300331B Com – Marketing/B Laws96
2005300340B Information Tech/B Laws96
2005300350B Information Systems/B Laws96
2005300395B Arts-Psychology/B Laws96
2005300407B Ed (Early Childhood Ed)82
2005300415B Ed (Early Childhood)Distance83
2005300470B Chiropractic Science85
2005300497B eBusiness80
2005300499B Information Systems77
2005300503B Inf Tech77
2005300505B Computer Science87
2005300506B Sc/BA Museum Stds & Heritage81
2005300507B Science in Advanced Maths95
2005300508B Science in Advanced Biology97
2005300509B Science in Advanced Chem95
2005300513B Environmental Science91
2005300514B Environmental Management80
2005300515B Marine Science81
2005300517B Science80
2005300518B Medical Sciences85
2005300520B Health81
2005300521B Speech & Hearing Sciences83
2005300525B Science Distance Ed81
2005300529B Sc in Astronomy&Astrophysics;81
2005300531B Sc in Biodiversity&Conserva;82
2005300537B Science Dip Ed80
2005300632B Technology(Optoelectronics)76
2005300700B Tech (Telecomm)83
2005300750B Eng in Telecom Engineering85