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What is a HSC Assessment task?

A HSC assessment task is a task performed in a HSC subject which contributes to your overall class ranking and School Assessment mark.

Each HSC subject will have about 4-6 assessment tasks which are collectively used to produce a School Assessment mark.

This mark is sent by your school to the Board of Studies and is moderated or changed to by the Board to reflect the overall HSC performance of your class.


Example HSC class

Name School Assessment Mark Moderated Assessment Mark HSC Exam Mark Final HSC Mark
Albert 82 90 84 87
Bruce 80 88 90 89
Cecil 76 82 86 84

 Key points

  • The final HSC mark is an average of the Moderated Assessment and HSC exam mark.

eg. Albert 87 = (90 + 84) / 2

  • The rankings of the HSC Moderated Assessment do not change from the School Assessment.

Albert is still ranked first, Bruce second and Cecil third.

  • The top ranked student receives the top HSC moderated mark which comes from the highest HSC Exam mark in the class.

Albert receives a moderated mark of 90 which was the highest HSC exam mark in the class. This came from Bruce.

  • All other School Assessment marks are moderated to reflect the performance of the class in the HSC exam.


Making a Yearly Assessment Planner

Students will complete around 20-30 assessment tasks for the HSC based on 5 HSC subjects with a average of 4-6 tasks per subject.

These tasks will contribute towards your final HSC mark which will influence your ATAR or university admissions rank.

Do the following

  • Buy or construct a yearly planner about the size of an A3 sheet of paper (2 A4 sheets)

The planner is a yearly calendar with days and months.

  • Find your HSC assessment handbook or list of assessments which your school should give you at the beginning of the HSC year.
  • Write down all your HSC assessment tasks on your yearly planner with other important events.

eg. sports carnivals, exams, parent teacher nights.

  • Place the planner on the wall in the area in which you study.

Start each assessment task well before the due date

  • Carefully follow the marking criteria for each assessment task given to you by your teacher.