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What is the most accurate ATAR calculator? Read our frequently asked questions to find out.

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This calculator is based upon actual HSC published data for the NSW HSC exams.

The ATAR equivalent is shown for each subject to help you compare your HSC courses.

Please note: Your best 2 units of English are included in the ATAR calculations. Not all subject combinations are eligible for an ATAR. Only one HSC category B course is allowed. This ATAR calculator estimates rankings for purposes of comparison. Please check with your school advisor for actual HSC subject selections if you intend to study at university.

A list ATAR cut offs for the main round university entrance requirements are published by the UAC in January. ATAR cut-offs from 2005 to 2017 are provided to help students view trends in various university degrees over time. UAI cut offs for pre-2010 university courses have been converted to an ATAR.

Excel version – downloadable

Helping HSC students estimate their Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank with a free ATAR calculator.

Einstein’s ATAR Calculator. Analyse your 2018 HSC results.

Based upon Microsoft Excel. Includes HSC aggregate mark, ATAR rank, HSC percentiles, subject ranks and number of candidates for each subject.


HSC Chemistry revision

Over three hundred graded chemistry questions designed to help students revise for the HSC Chemistry exam. 

If you can answer 15 questions correctly your name is entered on the Chemist’s Hall of fame scorebard.

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