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This calculator is based upon 2016 HSC scaled data. How much does the ATAR vary from year to year?

Each year a new group of students sits for each HSC subject. This produces variation in HSC results and final ATAR calculations.

The most accurate ATAR calculator are the results produced by the University Admissions Centre which uses actual HSC raw data for the current year.

The ATAR rank is used to determine the course cut offs each university course for the Australian Universities. eg. Medicine, Science-law and Physiotherapy 

University ATAR/ UAI course cut offs


Sydney University – Bachelor Veterinary Science

2009 – 98.30

2008 – 98.30

2007 – 98.40

2006 – 98.50

2005 – 98.45


The ATAR rank is used to determine the cut offs.

Convert your ATAR to the old UAI for University Admissions cut offs with the conversion table or use the ATAR to UAI converter.