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ATAR Cut-offs

Year Course No. Course Description ATAR Campus
2017330110 B Arts/B Education (Primary)70Lismore
2017330111 B Arts/B Education (Primary/Early Childhood)70Lismore
2017330112 B Arts/B Education (Primary/Secondary)70Lismore
2017330113 B Arts/B Education (Secondary)70Lismore
2017330150 B Arts/B Education (Primary)70Coffs Harbour
2017330151 B Arts/B Education (Primary/Early Childhood)70Coffs Harbour
2017330152 B Arts/B Education (Primary/Secondary)70Coffs Harbour
2017330153 B Arts/B Education (Secondary)70Coffs Harbour
2017330160 B Arts/B Education (Primary)70Gold Coast
2017330161 B Arts/B Education (Primary/Early Childhood)70Gold Coast
2017330162 B Arts/B Education (Primary/Secondary)70Gold Coast
2017330163 B Arts/B Education (Secondary)70Gold Coast
2017330167 B Clinical Sciences (Osteopathic Studies)ncGold Coast
2017330168 B Speech Pathology78Gold Coast
2017330169 B Podiatry68Gold Coast
2017330410 B Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management63Lismore
2017330450 B Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management63Coffs Harbour
2017330460 B Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management63Gold Coast
2017331101 B Social Science68Lismore
2017331161 B Social Science68Gold Coast
2017331162 B Social Welfare68Gold Coast
2017332100 B Business63Lismore
2017332103 B Accounting63Lismore
2017332105 B Business/B Arts63Lismore
2017332150 B Business63Coffs Harbour
2017332160 B Business63Gold Coast
2017332161 B Information Technology63Gold Coast
2017332162 B Accounting63Gold Coast
2017332163 B Digital BusinessncGold Coast
2017332313 AssocDeg Business45Lismore
2017332351 AssocDeg Business45Coffs Harbour
2017332362 AssocDeg Business45Gold Coast
2017333100 B Arts68Lismore
2017333101 B Contemporary Music68Lismore
2017333103 B Digital Media and Communications68Lismore
2017333110 B Art and DesignN/ALismore
2017333161 B Arts68Gold Coast
2017333301 AssocDeg Creative Writing63Lismore
2017333311 AssocDeg Arts45Lismore
2017333361 AssocDeg Arts45Gold Coast
2017334014 Dip Science45Lismore
2017334100 B Environmental Science68Lismore
2017334102 B Forest Science and Management68Lismore
2017334103 B Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering72Lismore
2017334104 B Marine Science and Management68Lismore
2017334106 B Engineering (Honours) in Coastal Systems EngineeringncLismore
2017334109 B Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering72Lismore
2017334112 B Environmental Science/B Marine Science and Management68Lismore
2017334116 B Science68Lismore
2017334191 B Technology/B Education (Secondary)70Online
2017334312 AssocDeg Science45Lismore
2017335065 B Pedorthics68Gold Coast
2017335100 B Sport and Exercise Science68Lismore
2017335101 B Nursing68Lismore
2017335115 B Clinical Sciences (Osteopathic Studies)68Lismore
2017335151 B Nursing68Coffs Harbour
2017335152 B Psychological Science68Coffs Harbour
2017335153 B Midwifery90Coffs Harbour
2017335154 B Sport and Exercise Science68Coffs Harbour
2017335164 B Nursing68Gold Coast
2017335165 B Biomedical Science68Gold Coast
2017335167 B Midwifery90Gold Coast
2017335168 B Occupational Therapy72Gold Coast
2017335319 AssocDeg Health45Lismore
2017335361 AssocDeg Health45Gold Coast
2017336000 B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)89Lismore
2017336060 B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)89Gold Coast
2017336100 B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/ALismore
2017336101 B Business/B Laws89Lismore
2017336104 B Arts/B Laws89Lismore
2017336105 B Psychology/B LawsncLismore
2017336106 B Sport and Exercise Science/B Laws89Lismore
2017336109 B Legal and Justice Studies/B Laws89Lismore
2017336110 B Legal and Justice Studies68Lismore
2017336113 B Social Science/B Laws89Lismore
2017336114 B Business/B Laws89Gold Coast
2017336115 B Laws/B Creative WritingncLismore
2017336150 B Psychology/B LawsncCoffs Harbour
2017336160 B Arts/B Laws89Gold Coast
2017336161 B Legal and Justice Studies68Gold Coast
2017336162 B Social Science/B Laws89Gold Coast
2017336163 B Sport and Exercise Science/B Laws89Gold Coast
2017336164 B Laws/B Creative WritingncGold Coast
2017336169 B Legal and Justice Studies/B Laws89Gold Coast
2017336300 AssocDeg Law (Paralegal Studies)63Lismore
2017336361 AssocDeg Law (Paralegal Studies)63Gold Coast
2017336766 B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/AGold Coast
2017337118 B Indigenous Knowledge68Lismore
2017338160 B Sport and Exercise Science68Gold Coast
2017354140 B Business in Hotel ManagementN/AThe Hotel School Sydney
2016330100 B Contemporary Studies45Lismore
2016330110 B Arts/B Education (Primary)70Lismore
2016330111 B Arts/B Education (Primary/Early Childhood)70Lismore
2016330112 B Arts/B Education (Primary/Secondary)70Lismore
2016330113 B Arts/B Education (Secondary)70Lismore
2016330150 B Arts/B Education (Primary)70Coffs Harbour
2016330151 B Arts/B Education (Primary/Early Childhood)70Coffs Harbour
2016330152 B Arts/B Education (Primary/Secondary)70Coffs Harbour
2016330153 B Arts/B Education (Secondary)70Coffs Harbour
2016330160 B Arts/B Education (Primary)70Gold Coast
2016330161 B Arts/B Education (Primary/Early Childhood)70Gold Coast
2016330162 B Arts/B Education (Primary/Secondary)70Gold Coast
2016330163 B Arts/B Education (Secondary)70Gold Coast
2016330168 B Speech Pathology79Gold Coast
2016330169 B Podiatry68Gold Coast
2016330410 B Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management65Lismore
2016330450 B Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management65Coffs Harbour
2016330460 B Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management65Gold Coast
2016331101 B Social Science68Lismore
2016331161 B Social Science68Gold Coast
2016331162 B Social Welfare68Gold Coast
2016332100 B Business65Lismore
2016332103 B AccountingncLismore
2016332105 B Business/B Arts65Lismore
2016332107 B Business Administration65Lismore
2016332150 B Business65Coffs Harbour
2016332155 B Business Administration65Coffs Harbour
2016332160 B Business65Gold Coast
2016332161 B Information Technology65Gold Coast
2016332162 B AccountingncGold Coast
2016332165 B Business Administration65Gold Coast
2016332313 AssocDeg Business45Lismore
2016332351 AssocDeg Business45Coffs Harbour
2016332362 AssocDeg Business45Gold Coast
2016333100 B Arts68Lismore
2016333101 B Music68Lismore
2016333102 B Visual ArtsN/ALismore
2016333103 B Digital Media and Communications68Lismore
2016333104 B Creative Arts68Lismore
2016333161 B Arts68Gold Coast
2016333301 AssocDeg Creative Writing63Lismore
2016333311 AssocDeg Arts45Lismore
2016333361 AssocDeg Arts45Gold Coast
2016334014 Dip Science45Lismore
2016334100 B Environmental Science68Lismore
2016334102 B Forest Science and Management68Lismore
2016334103 B Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering72Lismore
2016334104 B Marine Science and Management68Lismore
2016334105 B Environmental Science/B PlanningncLismore
2016334109 B Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering72Lismore
2016334110 B Regional and Urban Planning (Honours)68Lismore
2016334112 B Environmental Science/B Marine Science and Management68Lismore
2016334116 B Science68Lismore
2016334152 B Business in Convention and Event Management65Coffs Harbour
2016334191 B Technology/B Education (Secondary)70Distance education
2016334312 AssocDeg Science45Lismore
2016334460 B Business in Convention and Event Management65Gold Coast
2016335065 B Pedorthics68Gold Coast
2016335100 B Sport and Exercise Science68Lismore
2016335101 B Nursing68Lismore
2016335115 B Clinical Sciences (Osteopathic Studies)68Lismore
2016335151 B Nursing68Coffs Harbour
2016335152 B Psychological Science68Coffs Harbour
2016335153 B Midwifery90Coffs Harbour
2016335154 B Sport and Exercise Science68Coffs Harbour
2016335164 B Nursing68Gold Coast
2016335165 B Biomedical Science68Gold Coast
2016335167 B Midwifery90Gold Coast
2016335168 B Occupational Therapy72Gold Coast
2016335319 AssocDeg Health45Lismore
2016335361 AssocDeg Health45Gold Coast
2016336000 B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)89Lismore
2016336060 B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)89Gold Coast
2016336100 B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/ALismore
2016336101 B Business/B Laws89Lismore
2016336104 B Arts/B Laws89Lismore
2016336106 B Sport and Exercise Science/B Laws89Lismore
2016336109 B Legal and Justice Studies/B Laws89Lismore
2016336110 B Legal and Justice Studies68Lismore
2016336111 B Music/B Laws89Lismore
2016336113 B Social Science/B Laws89Lismore
2016336114 B Business/B Laws89Gold Coast
2016336160 B Arts/B Laws89Gold Coast
2016336161 B Legal and Justice Studies68Gold Coast
2016336162 B Social Science/B Laws89Gold Coast
2016336163 B Sport and Exercise Science/B Laws89Gold Coast
2016336169 B Legal and Justice Studies/B Laws89Gold Coast
2016336300 AssocDeg Law (Paralegal Studies)63Lismore
2016336361 AssocDeg Law (Paralegal Studies)63Gold Coast
2016336766 B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/AGold Coast
2016337118 B Indigenous KnowledgencLismore
2016337119 B Aboriginal Health and WellbeingncLismore
2016338159 B AccountingncCoffs Harbour
2016338160 B Sport and Exercise Science68Gold Coast
2016354140 B Business in Hotel ManagementN/AThe Hotel School Sydney
2015330100B Contemporary Studies45
2015330110B Arts/B Education (Primary)70
2015330111B Arts/B Edu(Prim/EarlyChldhd)70
2015330112B Arts/B Ed (Prim/Sec)70
2015330113B Arts/B Education (Secondary)70
2015330161BA/B Edu(Prim/Early Childhood)70
2015330167B Clinical Sc68
2015330168B Speech Pathology79
2015330169B Podiatry68
2015330410B Bus in Tourism & Hosp Mgt65
2015331101B Social Science68
2015331162B Social Welfare68
2015331191B Technology Education65
2015332100B Business65
2015332105B Business/B Arts65
2015332107B Business Admin65
2015332155B Business Administration65
2015332313Assoc Deg Business45
2015332350Assoc Deg Info Tech65
2015333100B Arts68
2015333101B Contemporary Music68
2015333103B Media68
2015333104B Creative Arts68
2015333301Assoc Deg Creative Writing63
2015333311Assoc Deg Arts45
2015334100B Environmental Sc68
2015334102B Forest Science and Mgt68
2015334103B Eng (Hons) Civil Eng72
2015334104B Marine Science & Mgt68
2015334110B Regionl & Urban Plan(Hons)68
2015334112B Env Sc/B Marine Sc Mgt68
2015334116B Science68
2015334152B Bus Convention & Event Mgt65
2015334160B Business in International Hospitality ManagementN/O
2015334161B Business in International Tourism ManagementN/O
2015334312Assoc Deg Science45
2015335100B Sport & Exercise Science68
2015335101B Nursing68
2015335152B Psychological Science68
2015335153B Midwifery90
2015335168B Occupational Therapy84
2015335361Assoc Deg Allied Health45
2015336000B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)89
2015336101B Business/B Laws89
2015336104B Arts/B Laws89
2015336106B Sport & Exer Science/B Laws89
2015336109B Legal & Justice Stds/B Laws89
2015336110B Legal & Justice Studies68
2015336111B Contemporary Music/B Laws89
2015336113B Social Science/B Laws89
2015336300AssocDeg Law (Paralegal Stds)63
2015337100B Indigenous Studies68
2015337101B Trauma and Healing68
2015338160B Sport & Exer Sc68
2015345191B Psychological Science DE68
2015354140B Bus in Hotel Mgt (DFEE)N/A
2014331100B Education (Primary)77
2014331101B Social Science68
2014331103B Science/B Ed (Secondary)77
2014331104B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)77
2014331105B Cont Music/B Ed (Secondary)77
2014331106B Sport & Exer Sc/B Ed (Sec)77
2014331107B Visual Arts/B Ed (Secondary)N/A
2014331117B Education (Early Childhood)68
2014331152B Science/B Ed (Secondary)77
2014331155B Education (Primary)77
2014331156B Arts/B Education (Secondary)77
2014331157B Education (Early Childhood)68
2014331161B Social Science68
2014331162B Social Welfare68
2014331163B Education (Primary)77
2014331164B Education (Early Childhood)68
2014331165B Arts/B Education (Secondary)77
2014331166B Science/B Ed (Secondary)77
2014331191B Technology Education67
2014332100B Business65
2014332105B Business/B Arts65
2014332107B Business Admin65
2014332150B Business65
2014332153B Information Technology65
2014332155B Business Administration65
2014332160B Business65
2014332161B Information Technology65
2014332165B Business Administration65
2014332313Assoc Deg Business45
2014332350Assoc Deg Info Tech65
2014332351Assoc Deg Business45
2014332362Assoc Deg Business45
2014333100B Arts68
2014333101B Contemporary Music68
2014333102B Visual ArtsN/A
2014333103B Media68
2014333104B Creative Arts68
2014333161B Arts68
2014333301Assoc Deg Creative Writing63
2014333311Assoc Deg Arts45
2014333361Assoc Deg Arts45
2014334100B Environmental Sc68
2014334102B Forest Science and Mgt68
2014334103B Eng (Hons) Civil Eng75
2014334104B Marine Science & Mgt68
2014334111B Business Inter Tourism Mgt68
2014334112B Env Sc/B Marine Sc Mgt68
2014334116B Science68
2014334150B Bus in Inter Hsplty Mgt68
2014334160B Bus in Inter Hsplty Mgt68
2014334161B Business Inter Tourism Mgt68
2014334312Assoc Deg Science45
2014334460B Bus Convention & Event Mgt68
2014335100B Sport & Exercise Science68
2014335101B Nursing68
2014335104B Exercise Science & Nutrition68
2014335115B Clinical Sc68
2014335151B Nursing68
2014335152B Psychological Science68
2014335153B Midwifery90
2014335160B Health Science – Podiatry72
2014335164B Nursing68
2014335167B Midwifery85
2014335168B Occupational Therapy84
2014335169B Health Sc – Speech Pathology79
2014335261D Sport Mgt (Surfing Studies)68
2014335361Assoc Deg Allied Health45
2014336000B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)89
2014336060B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)89
2014336100B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2014336101B Business/B Laws89
2014336104B Arts/B Laws89
2014336106B Sport & Exer Science/B Laws89
2014336109B Legal & Justice Stds/B Laws89
2014336110B Legal & Justice Studies68
2014336111B Contemporary Music/B Laws89
2014336113B Social Science/B Laws89
2014336114B Business/B Laws89
2014336161B Legal & Justice Studies68
2014336162B Social Science/B Laws89
2014336169B Legal & Justice Stds/B Laws89
2014336300AssocDeg Law (Paralegal Stds)63
2014336361AssocDeg Law (Paralegal Stds)63
2014336766B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2014337100B Indigenous Studies68
2014337101B Trauma and Healing68
2014345191B Psychological Science DE68
2014354140B Bus in Hotel Mgt (DFEE)N/A
2013331100B Education (Primary)77
2013331101B Social Science68
2013331103B Science/B Ed (Secondary)77
2013331104B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)77
2013331105B Cont Music/B Ed (Secondary)77
2013331106B Sport & Exer Sc/B Ed (Sec)77
2013331107B Visual Arts/B Ed (Secondary)N/A
2013331117B Education (Early Childhood)68
2013331151B Social Science68
2013331155B Education (Primary)77
2013331156B Arts/B Education (Secondary)77
2013331157B Education (Early Childhood)68
2013331161B Social Science68
2013331162B Social Welfare68
2013331163B Education (Primary)77
2013331164B Education (Early Childhood)68
2013331191B Technology Education67
2013332100B Business65
2013332105B Business/B Arts65
2013332107B Business Admin65
2013332150B Business65
2013332153B Information Technology65
2013332155B Business Administration65
2013332160B Business65
2013332161B Information Technology65
2013332165B Business Administration65
2013332313Assoc Deg Business45
2013332350Assoc Deg Info Tech65
2013332351Assoc Deg Business45
2013332362Assoc Deg Business45
2013333100B Arts68
2013333101B Contemporary Music68
2013333102B Visual ArtsN/A
2013333103B Media68
2013333151B Arts68
2013333301Assoc Deg Creative Writing63
2013333311Assoc Deg Arts45
2013333353Assoc Deg Creative Writing63
2013333354Assoc Deg Arts45
2013333361Assoc Deg Arts45
2013334100B Environmental Sc68
2013334102B Forest Science and Mgt68
2013334103B Eng (Hons) Civil Eng75
2013334104B Marine Science & Mgt68
2013334111B Business Inter Tourism Mgt68
2013334112B Env Sc/B Marine Sc Mgt68
2013334150B Bus in Inter Hsplty Mgt68
2013334160B Bus in Inter Hsplty Mgt68
2013334161B Business Inter Tourism Mgt68
2013334460B Bus Convention & Event Mgt68
2013335100B Sport & Exercise Science68
2013335101B Nursing68
2013335104B Exercise Science & Nutrition68
2013335115B Clinical Sc68
2013335151B Nursing68
2013335152B Psychological Science68
2013335153B Midwifery94
2013335160B Health Science – Podiatry72
2013335164B Nursing68
2013335167B Midwifery94
2013335168B Occupational Therapy86
2013335169B Health Sc – Speech Pathology79
2013335261D Sport Mgt (Surfing Studies)68
2013335361Assoc Deg Allied Health45
2013336000B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)89
2013336060B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)89
2013336100B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2013336101B Business/B Laws89
2013336104B Arts/B Laws89
2013336106B Sport & Exer Science/B Laws89
2013336109B Legal & Justice Stds/B Laws89
2013336110B Legal & Justice Studies68
2013336111B Contemporary Music/B Laws89
2013336113B Social Science/B Laws89
2013336114B Business/B Laws89
2013336161B Legal & Justice Studies68
2013336162B Social Science/B Laws89
2013336169B Legal & Justice Stds/B Laws89
2013336300AssocDeg Law (Paralegal Stds)63
2013336361AssocDeg Law (Paralegal Stds)63
2013336766B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2013337100B Indigenous Studies68
2013337101B Trauma and Healing68
2013354140B Bus in Hotel Mgt (DFEE)N/A
2012331100B Education (Primary)77
2012331101B Social Science68
2012331103B Sc/B Ed (Secondary)77
2012331104B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)77
2012331105B Cont Music/B Ed (Secondary)77
2012331106B Sport & Exc Sc/B Ed (Sec)77
2012331107B Visual Arts/B Ed (Secondary)N/A
2012331117B Education (Early Childhood)68
2012331151B Social Sc68
2012331155B Ed (Primary)77
2012331156B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)77
2012331157B Education (Early Childhood)68
2012331160B Ed (Primary)77
2012331167B Education (Early Childhood)68
2012331170B Social Science68
2012332000Dip Business54
2012332050Dip Business54
2012332060Dip Business54
2012332100B Business68
2012332105B Business/B Arts68
2012332107B Bus Admin68
2012332150B Business68
2012332153B Information Technology68
2012332155B Bus Administration68
2012332160B Business68
2012332165B Bus Admin68
2012332350Assoc Deg Info Tech63
2012333100B Arts68
2012333101B Contemporary Music68
2012333102B Visual ArtsN/A
2012333103B Media68
2012333151B Arts68
2012333301Assoc Deg Creative Writing63
2012334100B Environmental Sc68
2012334101B Business in Tourism Mgmt68
2012334102B Forest Sc and Mgmt68
2012334104B Marine Sc & Mgmt68
2012334111B Business Int Tourism Mgmt68
2012334150B Bus in Int Hsplty Mgmt68
2012334151B Bus in Int Hsplty Mgmt68
2012334161B Business Int Tourism Mgmt68
2012334162B Business in Tourism Mgmt68
2012334400B Env Tourism Mgmt68
2012334460B Bus Convention & Event Mgmt68
2012335061D Sport Mgmt (Surfing Stds)68
2012335100B Sport & Exercise Sc68
2012335101B Nursing68
2012335103B Sport Tourism Mgmt68
2012335104B Exercise Sc & Nutrition68
2012335115B Clinical Sc68
2012335151B Nursing68
2012335152B Psychological Science73
2012335161B Nursing68
2012335163B Occupational Therapy72
2012335171B Midwifery84
2012336000B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)90
2012336060B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)90
2012336100B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2012336101B Business/B Laws90
2012336102B Env Sc/B Laws90
2012336103B Bus in Tourism Mgmt/B Laws90
2012336104B Arts/B Laws90
2012336106B Sport & Exc Sc/B Laws90
2012336107B Indigenous Stds/B Laws90
2012336109B Legal & Justice Stds/B Laws90
2012336110B Legal & Justice Stds68
2012336111B Contemporary Music/B Laws90
2012336113B Social Sc/B Laws90
2012336114B Bus/B Laws90
2012336161B Legal & Justice Stds68
2012336169B Legal & Justice Stds/B Laws90
2012336263B Bus in Tourism Mgmt/B Laws90
2012336300AD Law (Paralegal Stds)63
2012336361AD Law (Paralegal Stds)63
2012336766B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2012337100B Indigenous Studies68
2012337101B Trauma and Healing68
2012354140B Bus in Hotel Mgmt (DFEE)N/A
2011331100B Education (Primary)77
2011331101B Social Science68
2011331103B Sc/B Ed (Secondary)77
2011331104B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)77
2011331105B Cont Music/B Ed (Secondary)77
2011331106B Sport & Exc Sc/B Ed (Sec)77
2011331107B Visual Arts/B Ed (Secondary)N/A
2011331117B Education (Early Childhood)68
2011331151B Social Sc68
2011331155B Ed (Primary)77
2011331156B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)77
2011331157B Education (Early Childhood)68
2011331167B Education (Early Childhood)68
2011331170B Social Science68
2011332100B Business68
2011332105B Business/B Arts68
2011332107B Bus Admin68
2011332150B Business68
2011332153B Information Technology68
2011332155B Bus Administration68
2011332160B Business68
2011332165B Bus Admin68
2011332350Assoc Deg Info Technology63
2011333100B Arts68
2011333101B Contemporary Music68
2011333102B Visual ArtsN/A
2011333103B Media68
2011333151B Arts68
2011333301Assoc Deg Creative Writing63
2011334100B Environmental Sc68
2011334101B Business in Tourism Mgmt68
2011334102B Forest Sc and Mgmt68
2011334104B Marine Sc & Mgmt68
2011334111B Business Int Tourism Mgmt68
2011334150B Bus in Hotel & Resort Mgmt68
2011334161B Business Int Tourism Mgmt68
2011334162B Business in Tourism Mgmt68
2011334400B Env Tourism Mgmt68
2011334460B Bus Convention & Event Mgmt68
2011335061D Sport Mgmt (Surfing Stds)68
2011335100B Sport & Exercise Sc68
2011335101B Nursing68
2011335103B Sport Tourism Mgmt68
2011335104B Exercise Sc & Nutrition68
2011335115B Clinical Sc68
2011335151B Nursing68
2011335152B Psychological Science73
2011335161B Nursing68
2011335163B Occupational Therapy72
2011335171B Midwifery84
2011336000B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)90
2011336060B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)90
2011336100B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2011336101B Business/B Laws90
2011336102B Env Sc/B Laws90
2011336103B Bus in Tourism Mgmt/B Laws90
2011336104B Arts/B Laws90
2011336106B Sport & Exc Sc/B Laws90
2011336107B Indigenous Stds/B Laws90
2011336109B Legal & Justice Stds/B Laws90
2011336110B Legal & Justice Stds68
2011336111B Contemporary Music/B Laws90
2011336113B Social Sc/B Laws90
2011336161B Legal & Justice Stds68
2011336300AD Law (Paralegal Stds)63
2011336361AD Law (Paralegal Stds)63
2011336766B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2011354140B Bus in Hotel Mgmt (DFEE)N/A
2009331100B Education (Primary)75
2009331101B Social Science65
2009331103B Sc/B Ed (Secondary)75
2009331104B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)75
2009331105B Cont Music/B Ed (Secondary)75
2009331106B Sport & Exc Sc/B Ed (Sec)75
2009331107B Visual Arts/B Ed (Secondary)N/A
2009331117B Education (Early Childhood)65
2009331151B Social Science65
2009331152B Technology Education65
2009331154B Psychology (Honours)70
2009331155B Education (Primary)75
2009331156B Arts/B Education (Secondary)75
2009331157B Education (Early Childhood)65
2009331167B Education (Early Childhood)65
2009331170B Social Science65
2009332100B Business65
2009332105B Business/B Arts65
2009332107B Bus Admin65
2009332150B Business65
2009332153B Information Technology65
2009332155B Bus Administration65
2009332170B Business65
2009332171B Bus Admin65
2009332350Assoc Deg Info Technology60
2009333100B Arts65
2009333101B Contemporary Music65
2009333102B Visual ArtsN/A
2009333103B Media65
2009333151B Arts65
2009334100B Environmental Science65
2009334101B Business in Tourism Mgt65
2009334102B App Science (Forestry)65
2009334104B Marine Science & Mgt65
2009334150B Bus in Hotel & Resort Mgt65
2009334170B Bus Convention & Event Mgt65
2009334400B Env Tourism Mgt65
2009335071D Sport Mgt (Surfing Stds)N/A
2009335100B Sport & Exercise Science65
2009335101B Nursing65
2009335102B Naturopathy65
2009335103B Sport Tourism Management65
2009335104B Exercise Science & Nutrition65
2009335115B Clinical Sciences65
2009335151B Nursing65
2009335163B Occupational Therapy70
2009335181B Nursing65
2009336000B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)90
2009336100B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2009336101B Business/B Laws90
2009336102B Env Science/B Laws90
2009336103B Bus in Tourism Mgt/B Laws90
2009336104B Arts/B Laws90
2009336106B Sport & Exc Science/B Laws90
2009336107B Indigenous Studies/B Laws90
2009336109B Legal & Justice St/B Laws90
2009336110B Legal & Justice Studies65
2009336111B Contemporary Music/B Laws90
2009336113B Social Science/B Laws90
2009336170B Legal & Justice Studies65
2009336300AssocDegLaw (Paralegal Studies)60
2009336370AssocDegLaw (Paralegal Studies)60
2009354140B Business in Hotel Mgt (DFEE)N/A
2009355071D Sport Mgt (Surfing Stds)65
2008331100B Education (Primary)75
2008331101B Social Science65
2008331103B Sc/B Ed (Secondary)75
2008331104B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)75
2008331105B Cont Music/B Ed (Secondary)N/A
2008331106B Sport & Exc Sc/B Ed (Sec)80
2008331107B Visual Arts/B Ed (Secondary)N/A
2008331151B Social Science65
2008331152B Technology Education65
2008331154B Psychology (Honours)70
2008331155B Education (Primary)75
2008331156B Arts/B Education (Secondary)75
2008331157B Education (Early Childhood)75
2008331170B Social Science65
2008332100B Business65
2008332105B Business/B Arts65
2008332107B Bus Admin (Mgmt Spec)65
2008332150B Business65
2008332153B Information Technology65
2008332155B Bus Administration65
2008332170B Business65
2008332171B Bus Admin (HR Spec)65
2008332178B Bus Admin (Com & Mgmt Spec)65
2008332350Assoc Deg Info Technology60
2008333100B Arts65
2008333101B Contemporary MusicN/A
2008333102B Visual ArtsN/A
2008333103B Media65
2008333151B Arts65
2008333171B Arts65
2008334100B Environmental Science65
2008334101B Business in Tourism Mgmt65
2008334102B App Science (Forestry)65
2008334104B Marine Science & Mgmt65
2008334150B Bus in Hotel & Resort Mgmt65
2008334170B Bus Convention & Event Mgmt65
2008334400B Env Tourism Mgmt65
2008335100B Sport & Exercise Science65
2008335101B Nursing65
2008335102B Naturopathy65
2008335103B Sport Tourism Management65
2008335104B Exercise Science & Nutrition65
2008335115B Clinical Sciences65
2008335151B Nursing65
2008335181B Nursing80
2008336000B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)90
2008336100B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2008336101B Business/B Laws90
2008336102B Env Science/B Laws90
2008336103B Bus in Tourism Mgmt/B Laws90
2008336104B Arts/B Laws90
2008336106B Sport & Exc Science/B Laws90
2008336107B Indigenous Studies/B Laws90
2008336109B Legal & Justice St/B Laws90
2008336110B Legal & Justice Studies65
2008336111B Contemporary Music/B LawsN/A
2008336113B Social Science/B Laws90
2008336170B Legal & Justice Studies65
2008336300Assoc Deg Law(Paralegal St)60
2008336370Assoc Deg Law(Paralegal St)60
2007331100B Education (Primary)78
2007331101B Social Science65
2007331103B Env Sc/B Ed (Secondary)80
2007331104B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)80
2007331105B Cont Music/B Ed (Secondary)N/A
2007331106B Human Mov Sc/B Ed(Secondary)80
2007331107B Visual Arts/B Ed (Secondary)N/A
2007331151B Social Science65
2007331152B Technology Education65
2007331154B Psychology (Honours)75
2007331155B Education (Primary)85
2007331156B Arts/B Education (Secondary)80
2007331170B Social Science65
2007332100B Business65
2007332105B Business/B Arts65
2007332107B Bus Admin (HR Spec)65
2007332150B Business65
2007332153B Information Technology65
2007332155B Bus Administration65
2007332159B Applied ComputingN/A
2007332170B Business65
2007332171B Bus Admin (HR Spec)65
2007332178B Bus Admin (Com & Mgmt Spec)65
2007332350Assoc Deg Info Technology60
2007333100B Arts65
2007333101B Contemporary MusicN/A
2007333102B Visual ArtsN/A
2007333103B Media65
2007333151B Arts65
2007334100B Environmental Science65
2007334101B Business in Tourism Mgmt65
2007334102B App Science (Forestry)65
2007334104B Marine Science & Mgmt65
2007334111B Bus International Tour Mgmt65
2007334150B Bus in Hotel & Resort Mgmt65
2007334170B Bus Convention & Event Mgmt65
2007334400B Env Tourism Mgmt65
2007334410B Env Sc/B Bus in Tourism Mgmt65
2007335100B Human Movement Science70
2007335101B Nursing65
2007335102B Naturopathy70
2007335103B Sport Tourism Management65
2007335104B Exercise Science & Nutrition65
2007335115B Clinical Sciences65
2007335151B Nursing65
2007335181B Nursing65
2007336000B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)90
2007336100B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2007336101B Business/B Laws90
2007336102B Env Science/B Laws90
2007336103B Bus in Tourism Mgmt/B Laws90
2007336104B Arts/B Laws90
2007336106B Human Movt Science/B Laws90
2007336107B Indigenous Studies/B Laws90
2007336109B Legal & Justice St/B Laws90
2007336110B Legal & Justice Studies65
2007336111B Contemporary Music/B LawsN/A
2007336113B Social Science/B Laws90
2007336300Assoc Deg Law(Paralegal St)60
2006331100B Education (Primary)78
2006331101B Social Science65
2006331103B Applied Sc/B Ed (Secondary)80
2006331104B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)80
2006331105B Cont Music/B Ed (Secondary)N/A
2006331106B Human Mov Sc/B Ed(Secondary)80
2006331107B Visual Arts/B Ed (Secondary)N/A
2006331151B Social Science65
2006331152B Technology Education65
2006331153B Human ServicesN/A
2006331154B Psychology (Honours)75
2006331155B Education (Primary)80
2006331170B Social Science65
2006332100B Business65
2006332101B Information Technology65
2006332105B Business/B Arts65
2006332107B Bus Admin (HR Spec)65
2006332109B Applied Computing65
2006332150B Business65
2006332153B Information Technology65
2006332155B Bus Administration65
2006332158B Multimedia65
2006332159B Applied Computing65
2006332170B Business65
2006332171B Bus Admin (HR Spec)65
2006332178B Bus Admin (Com & Mgmt Spec)65
2006332200B Mgmt & Professional Studies65
2006332270B Mgmt & Professional Studies65
2006332300Assoc Deg Info Technology60
2006332350Assoc Deg Info Technology60
2006332358Assoc Deg Multimedia60
2006333100B Arts65
2006333101B Contemporary MusicN/A
2006333102B Visual ArtsN/A
2006333103B Media65
2006333151B Arts65
2006333300AssocDeg Arts (Writing)65
2006334100B Applied Science65
2006334101B Business in Tourism Mgmt65
2006334102B App Science (Forestry)65
2006334111B Bus International Tour Mgmt65
2006334150B Bus in Hotel & Resort Mgmt65
2006334170B Bus Convention & Event Mgmt65
2006334300AssocDeg AppSc (Resource Tech)60
2006334400B Env Tourism Mgmt65
2006334410B App Sc/B Bus in Tourism Mgmt65
2006334900B Indigenous Tourism Mgmt65
2006335100B Human Movement Science70
2006335101B Nursing65
2006335102B Naturopathy70
2006335103B Sport Tourism Management65
2006335104B Exercise Science & Nutrition65
2006335151B Nursing65
2006335181B Nursing65
2006336000B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)90
2006336100B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2006336101B Business/B Laws90
2006336102B Applied Science/B Laws90
2006336103B Bus in Tourism Mgmt/B Laws90
2006336104B Arts/B Laws90
2006336106B Human Movt Science/B Laws90
2006336107B Indigenous Studies/B Laws90
2006336108B Information Tech/B Laws90
2006336109B Legal & Justice St/B Laws90
2006336110B Legal & Justice Studies65
2006336111B Contemporary Music/B LawsN/A
2006336113B Social Science/B Laws90
2006336300Assoc Deg Law(Paralegal St)60
2006337100B Indigenous Studies60
2006337101B Indig Stds (Trauma&Healing;)60
2006337400B BusTourMgmt/BIndigenous Stds65
2005331100B Education (Primary)78
2005331101B Social Science65
2005331103B Applied Sc/B Ed (Secondary)80
2005331104B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)80
2005331105B Cont Music/B Ed (Secondary)N/A
2005331106B Human Mov Sc/B Ed(Secondary)80
2005331107B Visual Arts/B Ed (Secondary)N/A
2005331151B Social Science65
2005331152B Technology Education65
2005331153B Human ServicesN/A
2005331154B Psychology (Honours)75
2005331170B Social Science65
2005332100B Business65
2005332101B Information Technology65
2005332105B Business/B Arts65
2005332107B Bus Admin (HR Spec)65
2005332150B Business65
2005332153B Information Technology65
2005332155B Bus Administration65
2005332170B Business65
2005332171B Bus Admin (HR Spec)65
2005332178B Bus Admin (Com & Mgmt Spec)65
2005332200B Mgmt & Professional Studies65
2005332270B Mgmt & Professional Studies65
2005332300Assoc Deg Info Technology60
2005332350Assoc Deg Info Technology60
2005333100B Arts65
2005333101B Contemporary MusicN/A
2005333102B Visual ArtsN/A
2005333103B Media70
2005333151B Arts65
2005333300AssocDeg Arts (Writing)65
2005334100B Applied Science65
2005334101B Business in Tourism Mgmt65
2005334102B App Science (Forestry)65
2005334150B Bus in Hotel & Resort Mgmt65
2005334170B Bus Convention & Event Mgmt65
2005334300AssocDeg AppSc (Resource Tech)60
2005334400B Env Tourism Mgmt65
2005334410B App Sc/B Bus in Tourism Mgmt65
2005334900B Indigenous Tourism Mgmt65
2005335100B Human Movement Science70
2005335101B Nursing60
2005335102B Naturopathy70
2005335103B Sport Tourism Management65
2005335104B Exercise Science & Nutrition65
2005335151B Nursing60
2005335181B Nursing60
2005336000B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)90
2005336100B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2005336101B Business/B Laws90
2005336102B Applied Science/B Laws90
2005336103B Bus in Tourism Mgmt/B Laws90
2005336104B Arts/B Laws90
2005336106B Human Movt Science/B Laws90
2005336107B Indigenous Studies/B Laws90
2005336108B Information Tech/B Laws90
2005336109B Legal & Justice St/B Laws90
2005336110B Legal & Justice Studies65
2005336111B Contemporary Music/B LawsN/A
2005336113B Social Science/B Laws90
2005336300Assoc Deg Law(Paralegal St)60
2005337100B Indigenous Studies60
2005337101B Indig Stds (Trauma&Healing;)60
2005337400B BusTourMgmt/BIndigenous Stds65