What is UMAT?

UMAT stands for Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test

The UMAT is a common test developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) on behalf of participating universities to ask them in the selection of undergraduate students for medicine, dentistry and the health sciences.

Students need to register online to sit for the UMAT between April and early June. Practice booklets can also be purchased. There are also a number of UMAT preparation courses that are available.

The UMAT is usually held in July.

Participating universities and courses that require a UMAT can be found at the UMAT website. See above link .

How do I gain undergraduate entry into Medicine, Dentistry & the Health Sciences?

Undergraduate entry into medicine, dentistry(oral health) and other health science degree courses at many universities is based upon one or more of the following selection methods

  • Year 12 academic performance in the HSC or Year 12 certificate from another state
  • Interviews by the University
  • UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test)

Check with the university for the current requirements of a particular course.

What about Sydney University?

At Sydney University (2009) there were two intake pathways into medicine.

  1. Graduate entry into medicine. The requirements were a bachelor’s degree with a credit average or higher, a Medical School admissions test and an interview. The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is a four year degree.
  2. Undergraduate entry into medicine. This is for a very small number of students. The 2009 UAI rank was 99.95 for most combined degrees with medicine and 99.50 for Bachelor Music Studies/ MBBS. All combined courses are 7 years.

For more information see the Sydney University Medical program