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ATAR Cut-offs

Year Course No. Course Description ATAR Campus
2017360005 Dip Communication50Canberra
2017360010 Dip Information Technology50Canberra
2017360015 Dip Business50Canberra
2017360020 Dip Business Informatics50Canberra
2017360024 Dip Network and Software Engineering50Canberra
2017360030 Dip Science50Canberra
2017360035 Dip DesignN/ACanberra
2017360045 Dip HealthncCanberra
2017361003 B Applied Economics60Canberra
2017361023 B Applied Economics/B Commerce60Canberra
2017361063 B Applied Economics/B Laws87Canberra
2017361083 B Applied Economics/B Management60Canberra
2017361124 B Building and Construction Management60Canberra
2017361143 B Business Administration60Canberra
2017361146 B Public Administration70Canberra
2017361156 B Entrepreneurship and Innovation60Canberra
2017361183 B Business Administration/B Management60Canberra
2017361203 B Commerce60Canberra
2017361204 B Accounting70Canberra
2017361205 B Applied Business (Management)60Online
2017361206 B Applied Business (Marketing)60Online
2017361207 B Applied Entrepreneurship60Online
2017361208 B Applied Entrepreneurship (Social Entrepreneurship)60Online
2017361244 B Finance60Canberra
2017361254 B Human Resource Management60Canberra
2017361274 B International Business60Canberra
2017361284 B Marketing Management60Canberra
2017361323 B Commerce/B Laws87Canberra
2017361363 B Management60Canberra
2017361423 B Management/B Laws87Canberra
2017361426 B Australian Politics and Public Policy/B Communication in Media and Public Affairs70Canberra
2017361436 B Commerce/B Communication in Advertising60Canberra
2017361443 B Management/B Science in Psychology60Canberra
2017361456 B Commerce/B Communication in Public Relations60Canberra
2017361465 B Commerce/B Event and Tourism Management70Canberra
2017361466 B Commerce/B Communication in Media and Public Affairs60Canberra
2017361476 B Marketing Management/B Communication in Advertising60Canberra
2017361479 B Event and Tourism Management70Canberra
2017361481 B Event and Tourism Management/B Sports Management70Canberra
2017361496 B Politics and International Relations/B Communication in Media and Public Affairs70Canberra
2017361503 B Politics and International Relations70Canberra
2017361504 B Politics and International Relations/B Applied Economics70Canberra
2017361506 B Politics and International Relations/B Business Administration70Canberra
2017361507 B Politics and International Relations/B Commerce70Canberra
2017361508 B Politics and International Relations/B Science in Psychology70Canberra
2017361509 B Politics and International Relations/B Laws87Canberra
2017361513 B Australian Politics and Public Policy70Canberra
2017361516 B Australian Politics and Public Policy/B Laws87Canberra
2017361536 B Human Resource Management/B Laws87Canberra
2017361546 B Social Science/B Laws87Canberra
2017361603 B Social Science70Canberra
2017362003 B Arts60Canberra
2017362023 B Arts/B Commerce60Canberra
2017362056 B Arts/B Communication in Advertising60Canberra
2017362084 B Arts/B Media Arts and Production60Canberra
2017362096 B Arts/B Communication in Media and Public Affairs60Canberra
2017362106 B Arts/B Communication in Public Relations60Canberra
2017362123 B Arts/B Information Technology60Canberra
2017362143 B Arts/B Laws87Canberra
2017362163 B Arts/B Management60Canberra
2017362183 B Arts/B Science in Psychology60Canberra
2017362203 B Arts in International Studies60Canberra
2017362223 B Arts in International Studies/B Commerce60Canberra
2017362265 B Arts in International Studies/B JournalismncCanberra
2017362284 B Arts in International Studies/B Media Arts and Production60Canberra
2017362306 B Arts in International Studies/B Communication in Advertising60Canberra
2017362318 B Arts in International Studies/B Event and Tourism Management70Canberra
2017362323 B Arts in International Studies/B Laws87Canberra
2017362326 B Arts in International Studies/B Communication in Media and Public Affairs60Canberra
2017362336 B Arts in International Studies/B Communication in Public Relations60Canberra
2017362343 B Arts in International Studies/B Management60Canberra
2017362416 B Communication in Advertising60Canberra
2017362426 B Communication in Public Relations60Canberra
2017362446 B Communication in Advertising/B Laws87Canberra
2017362458 B Communication in Public Relations/B Event and Tourism Management70Canberra
2017363003 B Arts in Architecture60Canberra
2017363007 B Interior Architecture60Canberra
2017363024 B Writing60Canberra
2017363025 B Journalism60Canberra
2017363053 B Media Arts and Production60Canberra
2017363056 B Communication in Media and Public Affairs60Canberra
2017363066 B Heritage, Museums and Conservation60Canberra
2017363076 B Communication in Media and Public Affairs/B Laws87Canberra
2017363078 B Film Production60Canberra
2017363086 B Communication in Public Relations/B Laws87Canberra
2017363104 B Graphic Design60Canberra
2017363106 B Design60Canberra
2017363113 B Web Design and Production60Canberra
2017363116 B Graphic Design/B Communication in Advertising60Canberra
2017363124 B Industrial Design60Canberra
2017363129 B Landscape Design60Canberra
2017364003 B Primary Education60Canberra
2017364023 B Primary Education (Creative Arts)60Canberra
2017364024 B Primary Education (STEM)60Canberra
2017364033 B Primary Education (Health and Physical Education)60Canberra
2017364044 B Secondary Education (Health and Physical Education)60Canberra
2017364053 B Secondary Education/B Arts60Canberra
2017364063 B Secondary Education/B Science60Canberra
2017364073 B Secondary Education/B Mathematics and Computing Technology Studies60Canberra
2017364103 B Early Childhood and Primary Education60Canberra
2017365063 B Human Nutrition60Canberra
2017365083 B MidwiferyA+CCanberra
2017365101 B NursingncCanberra
2017365102 B Nursing AdvancedncCanberra
2017365103 B Nursing67Canberra
2017365106 B Physiotherapy90Canberra
2017365107 B Occupational TherapyncCanberra
2017365113 B Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation83Canberra
2017365116 B Pharmacy74Canberra
2017365123 B Science in Psychology60Canberra
2017365133 B Science in Psychology/B Sport and Exercise Science60Canberra
2017365163 B Science in Psychology/B Laws87Canberra
2017365183 B Sports Management55Canberra
2017365191 B Sport and Exercise Science60Canberra
2017365193 B Sport and Exercise Science/B Human Nutrition60Canberra
2017365194 B Sport and Exercise Science/B Information Technology60Canberra
2017365196 B Sport and Exercise Science/B Sports Management60Canberra
2017365203 B Sports Media60Canberra
2017365223 B Sports Media/B Laws87Canberra
2017365233 B Public Health60Canberra
2017365243 B Health Studies54Canberra
2017365266 B Health Science60Canberra
2017365273 B Medical Radiation Science (Medical Imaging)80Canberra
2017366003 B Business Informatics70Canberra
2017366043 B Information Technology60Canberra
2017366054 B Engineering in Network and Software Engineering (Honours)60Canberra
2017366063 B Information Technology/B Commerce60Canberra
2017366084 B Information Technology/B Media Arts and Production60Canberra
2017366103 B Software Engineering60Canberra
2017366123 B Software Engineering/B Business Informatics70Canberra
2017367003 B Laws87Canberra
2017367033 B Justice Studies70Canberra
2017367034 B Justice Studies/B Forensic Studies70Canberra
2017368023 B Environmental Science60Canberra
2017368044 B Applied Science in Forensic Studies60Canberra
2017368047 B Forensic Studies/B Laws87Canberra
2017368073 B Vision SciencencCanberra
2017368083 B Medical Science60Canberra
2017368093 B Biomedical Science60Canberra
2017368103 B Science60Canberra
2017368143 B Science/B Laws87Canberra
2016360005 Dip CommunicationncCanberra
2016360010 Dip Information TechnologyncCanberra
2016360015 Dip BusinessncCanberra
2016360020 Dip Business Informatics50Canberra
2016360024 Dip Network and Software EngineeringncCanberra
2016360030 Dip Science50Canberra
2016360035 Dip Design50Canberra
2016360045 Dip HealthncCanberra
2016361003 B Applied Economics70Canberra
2016361013 B Economic Studies60Online
2016361023 B Applied Economics/B Commerce70Canberra
2016361063 B Applied Economics/B Laws87Canberra
2016361083 B Applied Economics/B Management70Canberra
2016361124 B Building and Construction Management (Honours)60Canberra
2016361143 B Business Administration70Canberra
2016361146 B Public Administration70Canberra
2016361156 B Entrepreneurship and Innovation70Canberra
2016361183 B Business Administration/B Management70Canberra
2016361188 B Business Studies60Online
2016361203 B Commerce60Canberra
2016361204 B Accounting70Canberra
2016361205 B Applied Business (Management)60Online
2016361206 B Applied Business (Marketing)60Online
2016361207 B Applied Entrepreneurship60Online
2016361208 B Applied Entrepreneurship (Social Entrepreneurship)60Online
2016361244 B Finance70Canberra
2016361254 B Human Resource Management70Canberra
2016361274 B International Business70Canberra
2016361284 B Marketing Management70Canberra
2016361323 B Commerce/B Laws87Canberra
2016361363 B Management60Canberra
2016361423 B Management/B Laws87Canberra
2016361426 B Australian Politics and Public Policy/B Communication in Media and Public Affairs70Canberra
2016361436 B Commerce/B Communication in Advertising60Canberra
2016361443 B Management/B Science (Psychology)60Canberra
2016361456 B Commerce/B Communication in Public Relations60Canberra
2016361465 B Commerce/B Event and Tourism Management70Canberra
2016361466 B Commerce/B Communication in Media and Public Affairs60Canberra
2016361476 B Marketing Management/B Communication in Advertising70Canberra
2016361479 B Event and Tourism Management70Canberra
2016361481 B Event and Tourism Management/B Sports Management70Canberra
2016361496 B Politics and International Relations/B Communication in Media and Public Affairs70Canberra
2016361503 B Politics and International Relations70Canberra
2016361504 B Politics and International Relations/B Applied Economics70Canberra
2016361506 B Politics and International Relations/B Business Administration70Canberra
2016361507 B Politics and International Relations/B Commerce70Canberra
2016361508 B Politics and International Relations/B Science (Psychology)70Canberra
2016361509 B Politics and International Relations/B Laws87Canberra
2016361513 B Australian Politics and Public Policy70Canberra
2016361516 B Australian Politics and Public Policy/B Laws87Canberra
2016361519 B Political Studies60Online
2016361536 B Human Resource Management/B Laws87Canberra
2016361546 B Social Science/B Laws87Canberra
2016361603 B Social Science70Canberra
2016362003 B Arts60Canberra
2016362023 B Arts/B Commerce60Canberra
2016362056 B Arts/B Communication in Advertising60Canberra
2016362084 B Arts/B Media Arts and Production60Canberra
2016362096 B Arts/B Communication in Media and Public Affairs60Canberra
2016362106 B Arts/B Communication in Public Relations60Canberra
2016362123 B Arts/B Information Technology60Canberra
2016362143 B Arts/B Laws87Canberra
2016362163 B Arts/B Management60Canberra
2016362183 B Arts/B Science (Psychology)60Canberra
2016362203 B Arts in International Studies60Canberra
2016362223 B Arts in International Studies/B Commerce60Canberra
2016362284 B Arts in International Studies/B Media Arts and Production60Canberra
2016362306 B Arts in International Studies/B Communication in Advertising60Canberra
2016362318 B Arts in International Studies/B Event and Tourism Management70Canberra
2016362323 B Arts in International Studies/B Laws87Canberra
2016362326 B Arts in International Studies/B Communication in Media and Public Affairs60Canberra
2016362336 B Arts in International Studies/B Communication in Public Relations60Canberra
2016362343 B Arts in International Studies/B Management60Canberra
2016362416 B Communication in Advertising60Canberra
2016362426 B Communication in Public Relations60Canberra
2016362446 B Communication in Advertising/B Laws87Canberra
2016362458 B Communication in Public Relations/B Event and Tourism Management70Canberra
2016363003 B Arts in Architecture60Canberra
2016363007 B Interior Architecture60Canberra
2016363024 B Writing60Canberra
2016363025 B Journalism60Canberra
2016363053 B Media Arts and Production60Canberra
2016363056 B Communication in Media and Public Affairs60Canberra
2016363066 B Heritage, Museums and Conservation60Canberra
2016363076 B Communication in Media and Public Affairs/B Laws87Canberra
2016363078 B Film Production60Canberra
2016363086 B Communication in Public Relations/B Laws87Canberra
2016363104 B Graphic Design60Canberra
2016363106 B Design60Canberra
2016363113 B Web Design and Production60Canberra
2016363116 B Graphic Design/B Communication in Advertising60Canberra
2016363124 B Industrial Design60Canberra
2016363129 B Landscape Design60Canberra
2016364003 B Primary Education60Canberra
2016364023 B Primary Education (Creative Arts)60Canberra
2016364024 B Primary Education (STEM)60Canberra
2016364033 B Primary Education (Health and Physical Education)60Canberra
2016364044 B Secondary Education (Health and Physical Education)60Canberra
2016364053 B Secondary Education/B Arts60Canberra
2016364063 B Secondary Education/B Science60Canberra
2016364073 B Secondary Education/B Mathematics and Computing Technology Studies60Canberra
2016364103 B Early Childhood and Primary Educationn/oCanberra
2016365063 B Human Nutrition60Canberra
2016365083 B MidwiferyN/ACanberra
2016365103 B Nursing67Canberra
2016365106 B Physiotherapy89Canberra
2016365113 B Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation83Canberra
2016365116 B Pharmacy74Canberra
2016365123 B Science (Psychology)60Canberra
2016365133 B Science (Psychology)/B Sport and Exercise Science60Canberra
2016365163 B Science (Psychology)/B Laws87Canberra
2016365183 B Sports Management55Canberra
2016365191 B Sport and Exercise Science60Canberra
2016365193 B Sport and Exercise Science/B Human Nutrition60Canberra
2016365194 B Sport and Exercise Science/B Information Technology60Canberra
2016365196 B Sport and Exercise Science/B Sports Management60Canberra
2016365203 B Sports Media60Canberra
2016365223 B Sports Media/B Laws87Canberra
2016365233 B Public Health60Canberra
2016365243 B Health Studies54Canberra
2016365266 B Health Science60Canberra
2016365273 B Medical Radiation Science (Medical Imaging)80Canberra
2016366003 B Business Informatics70Canberra
2016366043 B Information Technology60Canberra
2016366054 B Engineering in Network and Software Engineering (Honours)ncCanberra
2016366063 B Information Technology/B Commerce60Canberra
2016366084 B Information Technology/B Media Arts and Production60Canberra
2016366103 B Software Engineering60Canberra
2016366123 B Software Engineering/B Business Informatics70Canberra
2016367003 B Laws87Canberra
2016367033 B Justice Studies70Canberra
2016367034 B Justice Studies/B Forensic Studies70Canberra
2016368023 B Environmental Science60Canberra
2016368033 B Pharmaceutical Science60Canberra
2016368044 B Applied Science in Forensic Studies60Canberra
2016368047 B Forensic Studies/B Laws87Canberra
2016368083 B Medical Science60Canberra
2016368093 B Biomedical Science60Canberra
2016368103 B Science60Canberra
2016368143 B Science/B Laws87Canberra
2015360020Dip Business Informatics60
2015360030Dip Science60
2015360035Dip Design60
2015361003B Applied Economics70
2015361013B Econ Stds (online)60
2015361023B Applied Economics/B Commerce70
2015361063B Applied Economics/B Laws87
2015361083B App Economics/B Management70
2015361123B Building & Construction Mgt60
2015361143B Bus Admin70
2015361146B Public Admin70
2015361156B Entrepreneurship&Innovation;70
2015361163B Bus Admin/B Bus Info70
2015361166B Gender and Diversity70
2015361183B Business Admin/B Mgt70
2015361188B Bus Stds (online)60
2015361203B Commerce60
2015361204B Accounting70
2015361244B Finance70
2015361254B Human Resource Mgt70
2015361274B International Business70
2015361284B Marketing Management70
2015361323B Commerce/B Laws87
2015361363B Management60
2015361416B AustPolit&PP;/B Comm Jlsm70
2015361423B Management/B Laws87
2015361426B AustPolit&PP;/B Comm M&PA;70
2015361436B Com/B Comm Advt65
2015361443B Mgt/B Sc (Psych)65
2015361446B Com/B Comm Journalism65
2015361456B Com/B Comm Pub Rels65
2015361465B Comm/B Event&Tour; Mgt70
2015361466B Com/B Comm Media & PA65
2015361476B Mktg Mgt/B Comm Advt70
2015361479B Event & Tourism Mgt70
2015361481B Event&Tour; Mgt/B Sports Mgt70
2015361486B Polit & Int Rels/B Comm Jlsm70
2015361496B Polit&IR;/B Comm Media&PA;70
2015361503B Politics & Inter Relations70
2015361504B Politics InterRels/BApp Eco70
2015361506B Polit InterRels/B BusAdmin70
2015361507B Politics InterRels/B Comm70
2015361508B Politics InterRels/B Psych70
2015361509B Politics InterRels/B Laws87
2015361513B Aust Polit & Pub Policy70
2015361516B AustPolit&PP;/B Laws87
2015361519B Political Studies (online)60
2015361526B Bldg & Constr Mgt/B Laws87
2015361536B Hum Res Mgt/B Laws87
2015361546B Social Sc/B Laws87
2015361603B Social Science70
2015362003B Arts60
2015362023B Arts/B Commerce60
2015362056B Arts/B Comm Advt65
2015362066B Arts/B Comm Journalism65
2015362084BA/B Media Arts & Production65
2015362096B Arts/B Comm Media & PA65
2015362106B Arts/B Comm Pub Rels65
2015362123B Arts/B Info Tech65
2015362143B Arts/B Laws87
2015362163B Arts/B Mgt60
2015362183B Arts/B Science (Psychology)65
2015362203BA Inter Studies65
2015362223BA Inter Studies/B Commerce65
2015362284BA InterStds/B Media Arts&Prod;65
2015362306BA Inter Stds/B Comm Advt65
2015362316BA Inter Stds/B Comm Jlsm65
2015362318BA Inter Stds/B Event&Tour; Mgt70
2015362323BA Inter Studies/B Laws87
2015362326BA Inter Stds/B Comm Media&PA;65
2015362336BA Inter Stds/B Comm Pub Rels65
2015362343BA Inter Studies/B Mgt65
2015362406B Comm Journalism65
2015362416B Comm Advt65
2015362426B Comm Pub Rels65
2015362446B Comm Advt/B Laws87
2015362456B Comm Jlsm/B Laws87
2015362458B Comm PR/B Event&Tour; Mgt70
2015363003B Arts in Architecture75
2015363007B Interior Architecture65
2015363024B Writing75
2015363053B Media Arts & Production65
2015363056B Comm Media & Pub Affairs65
2015363066B Herit Musm & Cons75
2015363076B Comm Media&PA;/B Laws87
2015363078B Film Production60
2015363086B Comm Pub Rels/B Laws87
2015363104B Graphic Design65
2015363106B Design60
2015363113B Web Design & Production65
2015363116B Graphic Dsgn/B Comm Advt65
2015363124B Industrial Design65
2015363129B Landscape Design65
2015363203B Urban & Regional Planning70
2015364086B Education65
2015364173B Education/B Arts65
2015364213B Education/B Science65
2015365063B Human Nutrition65
2015365083B MidwiferyN/A
2015365103B Nursing67
2015365106B Physiotherapy93
2015365113B Ex Physio & Rehabilitation84
2015365116B Pharmacy84
2015365123B Science (Psychology)65
2015365133B Sc in Psych/B Sport&ExerSc;65
2015365163B Science (Psychology)/ B Laws87
2015365183B Sports Mgt65
2015365191B Sport & Exer Sc65
2015365193B Sport & Exer Sc/B Hum Nutri65
2015365194B Sport & Exer Sc/B Info Tech65
2015365196B Sport & Exer Sc/B Sports Mgt65
2015365203B Sports Media65
2015365223B Sports Media/B Laws87
2015365233B Public Health65
2015366003B Business Informatics70
2015366023B Business Informatics/B Laws87
2015366043B Info Tech65
2015366053B Eng in Network &Software; Eng65
2015366063B Info Tech/B Commerce65
2015366084B InfoTech/B Media Arts & Prod65
2015366103B Software Eng65
2015366123B Soft Eng/B Bus Info70
2015367003B Laws87
2015367014Assoc Deg of Just Stds60
2015367033B Justice Studies70
2015367034B Just Stds/B Forensic Stds70
2015368023B Environmental Science65
2015368033B Pharmaceutical Science65
2015368044B App Sc in Forensic Studies65
2015368047B Forensic Stds/B Laws87
2015368083B Medical Science65
2015368093B Biomedical Science65
2015368103B Science65
2015368126B Sc/B Comm Jlsm65
2015368143B Science/B Laws87
2014361003B Applied Economics70
2014361023B Applied Economics/B Commerce70
2014361063B Applied Economics/B Laws90
2014361083B App Economics/B Management70
2014361123B Building & Construction Mgt70
2014361143B Bus Admin70
2014361146B Public Admin70
2014361156B Entrepreneurship&Innovation;70
2014361163B Bus Admin/B Bus Info70
2014361166B Gender and Diversity70
2014361183B Business Admin/B Mgt70
2014361203B Commerce68
2014361204B Accounting70
2014361244B Finance70
2014361254B Human Resource Mgt70
2014361274B International Business70
2014361284B Marketing Management70
2014361323B Commerce/B Laws90
2014361343B Commerce/B Tourism Mgt70
2014361363B Management68
2014361416B AustPolit&PP;/B Comm Jlsm70
2014361423B Management/B Laws90
2014361426B AustPolit&PP;/B Comm M&PA;70
2014361436B Com/B Comm Advt68
2014361443B Mgt/B Sc (Psych)70
2014361446B Com/B Comm Journalism68
2014361456B Com/B Comm Pub Rels68
2014361463B Tourism Mgt70
2014361466B Com/B Comm Media & PA68
2014361476B Mktg Mgt/B Comm Advt70
2014361483B Tourism Mgt/B Sports Mgt70
2014361486B Polit & Int Rels/B Comm Jlsm70
2014361496B Polit&IR;/B Comm Media&PA;70
2014361503B Politics & Inter Relations70
2014361504B Politics InterRels/BApp Eco70
2014361506B Polit InterRels/B BusAdmin70
2014361507B Politics InterRels/B Comm70
2014361508B Politics InterRels/B Psych70
2014361509B Politics InterRels/B Laws90
2014361513B Aust Polit & Pub Policy70
2014361516B AustPolit&PP;/B Laws90
2014361526B Bldg & Constr Mgt/B Laws90
2014361536B Hum Res Mgt/B Laws90
2014361546B Social Sc/B Laws90
2014361603B Social Science70
2014362003B Arts68
2014362023B Arts/B Commerce68
2014362056B Arts/B Comm Advt68
2014362066B Arts/B Comm Journalism68
2014362084BA/B Media Arts & Production68
2014362096B Arts/B Comm Media & PA68
2014362106B Arts/B Comm Pub Rels68
2014362123B Arts/B Info Tech68
2014362143B Arts/B Laws90
2014362163B Arts/B Mgt68
2014362183B Arts/B Science (Psychology)70
2014362203BA Inter Studies68
2014362223BA Inter Studies/B Commerce68
2014362284BA InterStds/B Media Arts&Prod;68
2014362306BA Inter Stds/B Comm Advt68
2014362316BA Inter Stds/B Comm Jlsm68
2014362323BA Inter Studies/B Laws90
2014362326BA Inter Stds/B Comm Media&PA;68
2014362336BA Inter Stds/B Comm Pub Rels68
2014362343BA Inter Studies/B Mgt68
2014362363BA Inter Studies/B Tourism Mgt68
2014362406B Comm Journalism68
2014362416B Comm Advt68
2014362426B Comm Pub Rels68
2014362446B Comm Advt/B Laws90
2014362456B Comm Jlsm/B Laws90
2014363003B Arts in Architecture68
2014363024B Writing68
2014363053B Media Arts & Production68
2014363056B Comm Media & Pub Affairs68
2014363066B Herit Musm & Cons68
2014363076B Comm Media&PA;/B Laws90
2014363086B Comm Pub Rels/B Laws90
2014363104B Graphic Design68
2014363106B Design68
2014363113B Web Design & Production68
2014363116B Graphic Dsgn/B Comm Advt68
2014363126B Dsgn/B Lndscpe Arch68
2014363203B Urban & Regional Planning70
2014364086B Education68
2014364173B Education/B Arts68
2014364213B Education/B Science68
2014365004B Sport Coaching & Exer Sc70
2014365006B Sport Coaching/B Info Tech70
2014365024B Spt Coach Ex Sc/B Hum Nutri70
2014365044B Sport Coaching/B Sports Mgt70
2014365063B Human Nutrition70
2014365083B MidwiferyN/A
2014365103B Nursing70
2014365106B Physiotherapy93.15
2014365113B Ex Physio & Rehabilitation81.85
2014365116B Pharmacy83.1
2014365123B Science (Psychology)70
2014365144B Sc(Psych)/B Spt Coach & ExSc70
2014365163B Science (Psychology)/ B Laws90
2014365183B Sports Mgt70
2014365203B Sports Media68
2014365223B Sports Media/B Laws90
2014365233B Public Health70
2014365236B Environmental Health68
2014366003B Business Informatics70
2014366023B Business Informatics/B Laws90
2014366043B Info Tech68
2014366053B Eng in Network &Software; Eng68
2014366063B Info Tech/B Commerce68
2014366084B InfoTech/B Media Arts & Prod68
2014366103B Software Eng68
2014366123B Soft Eng/B Bus Info68
2014367003B Laws90
2014367014Assoc Deg of Just Stds68
2014367033B Justice Studies70
2014367034B Just Stds/B Forensic Stds70
2014368023B Environmental Science68
2014368033B Pharmaceutical Science68
2014368044B App Sc in Forensic Studies68
2014368047B Forensic Stds/B Laws90
2014368083B Medical Science68
2014368093B Biomedical Science68
2014368103B Science68
2014368126B Sc/B Comm Jlsm68
2014368143B Science/B Laws90
2014360020Dip Business Informatics60
2014360030Dip Science60
2014360035Dip Design60
2013360020Dip Business Informatics60
2013360025Dip International Studies60
2013360030Dip Science60
2013360035Dip Design60
2013361003B Applied Economics70
2013361023B Applied Economics/B Commerce70
2013361063B Applied Economics/B Laws90
2013361083B App Economics/B Management70
2013361123B Building & Construction Mgt70
2013361143B Bus Admin70
2013361146B Public Admin70
2013361156B Entrepreneurship&Innovation;70
2013361163B Bus Admin/B Bus Info70
2013361166B Gender and Diversity70
2013361183B Business Admin/B Mgt70
2013361203B Commerce66
2013361204B Accounting70
2013361244B Finance70
2013361254B Human Resource Mgt70
2013361274B International Business70
2013361284B Marketing Management70
2013361323B Commerce/B Laws90
2013361343B Commerce/B Tourism Mgt70
2013361363B Management66
2013361416B AustPolit&PP;/B Comm Jlsm70
2013361423B Management/B Laws90
2013361426B AustPolit&PP;/B Comm M&PA;70
2013361436B Com/B Comm Advt66
2013361443B Mgt/B Sc (Psych)70
2013361446B Com/B Comm Journalism66
2013361456B Com/B Comm Pub Rels66
2013361463B Tourism Mgt70
2013361466B Com/B Comm Media & PA66
2013361476B Mktg Mgt/B Comm Advt70
2013361483B Tourism Mgt/B Sports Mgt70
2013361486B Polit & Int Rels/B Comm Jlsm70
2013361496B Polit&IR;/B Comm Media&PA;70
2013361503B Politics & Inter Relations70
2013361504B Politics InterRels/BApp Eco70
2013361506B Polit InterRels/B BusAdmin70
2013361507B Politics InterRels/B Comm70
2013361508B Politics InterRels/B Psych70
2013361509B Politics InterRels/B Laws90
2013361513B Aust Polit & Pub Policy70
2013361516B AustPolit&PP;/B Laws90
2013361526B Bldg & Constr Mgt/B Laws90
2013361536B Hum Res Mgt/B Laws90
2013361546B Social Sc/B Laws90
2013361603B Social Science70
2013362003B Arts66
2013362023B Arts/B Commerce66
2013362056B Arts/B Comm Advt66
2013362066B Arts/B Comm Journalism66
2013362084BA/B Media Arts & Production66
2013362096B Arts/B Comm Media & PA66
2013362106B Arts/B Comm Pub Rels66
2013362123B Arts/B Info Tech66
2013362143B Arts/B Laws90
2013362163B Arts/B Mgt66
2013362183B Arts/B Science (Psychology)70
2013362203BA Inter Studies67
2013362223BA Inter Studies/B Commerce67
2013362284BA InterStds/B Media Arts&Prod;67
2013362306BA Inter Stds/B Comm Advt66
2013362316BA Inter Stds/B Comm Jlsm66
2013362323BA Inter Studies/B Laws90
2013362326BA Inter Stds/B Comm Media&PA;66
2013362336BA Inter Stds/B Comm Pub Rels66
2013362343BA Inter Studies/B Mgt67
2013362363BA Inter Studies/B Tourism Mgt67
2013362406B Comm Journalism68
2013362416B Comm Advt66
2013362426B Comm Pub Rels66
2013362446B Comm Advt/B Laws90
2013362456B Comm Jlsm/B Laws90
2013363003B Arts in Architecture67
2013363024B Writing68
2013363053B Media Arts & Production68
2013363056B Comm Media & Pub Affairs66
2013363066B Herit Musm & Cons66
2013363076B Comm Media&PA;/B Laws90
2013363086B Comm Pub Rels/B Laws90
2013363104B Graphic Design66
2013363106B Design66
2013363116B Graphic Dsgn/B Comm Advt66
2013363126B Dsgn/B Lndscpe Arch66
2013363203B Urban & Regional Planning70
2013364086B Education66
2013364143B Ed (Secondary Ed – Music)N/A
2013364173B Education/B Arts66
2013364213B Education/B Science66
2013365004B Sport Coaching & Exer Sc70
2013365006B Sport Coaching/B Info Tech70
2013365024B Spt Coach Ex Sc/B Hum Nutri70
2013365044B Sport Coaching/B Sports Mgt70
2013365063B Human Nutrition70
2013365083B MidwiferyN/A
2013365103B Nursing70
2013365106B Physiotherapy93.1
2013365123B Science (Psychology)70
2013365144B Sc(Psych)/B Spt Coach & ExSc70
2013365163B Science (Psychology)/ B Laws90
2013365183B Sports Mgt70
2013365203B Sports Media68
2013365223B Sports Media/B Laws90
2013365233B Public Health70
2013366003B Business Informatics70
2013366023B Business Informatics/B Laws90
2013366043B Info Tech66
2013366053B Eng in Network &Software; Eng66
2013366063B Info Tech/B Commerce66
2013366084B InfoTech/B Media Arts & Prod66
2013366103B Software Eng66
2013366123B Soft Eng/B Bus Info66
2013367003B Laws90
2013367014Assoc Deg of Just Stds66
2013367033B Justice Studies70
2013367034B Just Stds/B Forensic Stds70
2013368003B App Sc (Human Biology)66
2013368023B Environmental Science66
2013368033B Pharmaceutical Science66
2013368044B App Sc in Forensic Studies66
2013368047B App Sc Forensic Stds/B Laws90
2013368083B Medical Science66
2013368103B Science66
2013368126B Sc/B Comm Jlsm66
2013368143B Science/B Laws90
2012361003B Applied Economics65.35
2012361023B Applied Economics/B Commerce65.35
2012361044B App Econ/B Adver & Mkg Comm65.65
2012361063B Applied Economics/B Laws89.35
2012361083B App Economics/B Management65.35
2012361123B Building & Construction Mgmt65.2
2012361143B Bus Admin65.65
2012361163B Bus Admin/B Bus Info65.65
2012361183B Business Admin/B Mgmt65.7
2012361203B Commerce (Accounting)65
2012361204B Accounting68.55
2012361244B Finance69.85
2012361254B Human Resource Mgmt69.8
2012361274B International Business66.55
2012361284B Marketing Management68.25
2012361304B Com/B Adver & Mkg Comm65.65
2012361323B Commerce/B Laws89.35
2012361343B Commerce/B Tourism Mgmt65.45
2012361363B Management65
2012361384B Mgmt/B Journalism65.85
2012361386B Mgmt/B Commu in Media Stds67.6
2012361404B Mgmt/B Public Relations65.65
2012361423B Management/B Laws89.35
2012361443B Mgt/B Sc (Psy)65
2012361463B Tourism Mgmt65.45
2012361483B Tourism Mgmt/B Sports Mgmt65.45
2012361503B Politics & Inter’l Relations65
2012361504B Politics IntenatRel/BApp Eco65.35
2012361506B Politics IntenatRel/B Bus Ad65.65
2012361507B Politics IntenatRel/B Comm65
2012361508B Politics InternatRel/B Psych65
2012361509B Politics InternatRel/B Laws89.35
2012361513B Aust Polit & Pub Policy71.8
2012361603B Social Science79.7
2012362003B Arts65
2012362023B Arts/B Commerce65
2012362044B Arts/B Adver & Mkg Comm66.9
2012362064B Arts/B Journalism65.65
2012362084BA/B Media Arts & Production65.35
2012362086B Arts/B Comm & Media Studies70.35
2012362104BA/B Public Relations67.2
2012362123B Arts/B Info Tech67.9
2012362143B Arts/B Laws89.5
2012362163B Arts/B Mgmt65
2012362183B Arts/B Science (Psychology)65
2012362203BA Intl Stds65.35
2012362223BA Intl Stds/B Commerce65
2012362244BA Intl Stds/B Adv & Mkg Comm65.65
2012362264BA Intl Stds/B Journalism65.15
2012362282BA Intl Stds/B Comm & Mda Stds67.6
2012362284BA Intl Stds/B Media Arts& Pdn66.4
2012362304BA Intl Stds/B PR65.65
2012362323BA Intl Stds/B Laws89.35
2012362343BA Intl Stds/B Mgmt65
2012362363BA Intl Stds/B Tourism Mgmt65
2012362384B Adver & Mkg Comm65.65
2012362404B Journalism65.85
2012362424B Public Relations65.65
2012362444B Adver & Mkg Comm/B Laws89.35
2012362464B Journalism/B Laws89.35
2012362484B Public Relations/B Laws89.35
2012363003B Arts in Architecture65.1
2012363024B Writing66.15
2012363044B Comm & Media Stds67.6
2012363046B Comm & Media Studies/B Laws89.35
2012363053B Media Arts & Production67
2012363063B Cultural Herit Conserv65
2012363104B Graphic Design65
2012363114B Grap Dsgn/B Adv & Mkg Comm65.65
2012363124B Industrial Design65.8
2012363144B Interior Architecture65.1
2012363164B Arts Landscape65.25
2012363166BA Landscape/B Envr Sc65.25
2012363203B Urban & Regional Planning68.7
2012364043B Ed(Early Childhood Teaching)65
2012364083B Ed (Primary Teaching)65
2012364143B Ed (Secondary Ed – Music)N/A
2012364173B Education/B Arts65
2012364213B Education/B Science65.7
2012365004B Sport Coaching & Exer Sci65
2012365006B Sport Coaching/B Info Tech65
2012365024B Sp Coach Ex Sc/B Hum Nutri65
2012365044B Sport Coaching/B SportsMgmt65
2012365063B Human Nutrition65
2012365083B MidwiferyN/A
2012365103B Nursing65
2012365123B Sc (Psychology)65
2012365144B Sc (Psy)/B Sp Coach & Ex Sc65
2012365163B Sc (Psychology)/ B Laws89.35
2012365183B Sports Mgmt65
2012365203B Sports Media65
2012365223B Sports Media/B Laws89.35
2012365233B Public Health65
2012366003B Business Informatics65
2012366023B Business Informatics/B Laws89.35
2012366043B Info Tech65
2012366053B Eng in Network &Software; Eng65.7
2012366063B Info Tech/B Commerce65
2012366084B Info Tech/B Media Arts & Pdn65.9
2012366103B Software Eng65
2012366123B Soft Eng/B Bus Info65
2012367003B Laws89.35
2012367013AD Soc Sc in Just Stds65
2012367023B Soc Sc Just Stds66.15
2012367024B So Sc Just Stds/B For Std65
2012368003B App Sc (Human Biology)65.7
2012368023B Environmental Sc65
2012368033B Pharmaceutical Sc66.95
2012368044B App Sc in Forensic Stds66
2012368047B Forensic Stds/B Laws89.35
2012368083B Medical Sc66.25
2012368103B Sc65.7
2012368124B Sc/B Journalism65
2012368143B Sc/B Laws89.35
2011361003B Applied Economics65
2011361023B Applied Economics/B Commerce65
2011361044B App Econ/B Adver & Mkg Comm65
2011361063B Applied Economics/B Laws85
2011361083B App Economics/B Management65
2011361123B Building & Construction Mgmt65
2011361143B Bus Admin65
2011361163B Bus Admin/B Bus Info65
2011361183B Business Admin/B Mgmt65
2011361203B Commerce (Accounting)65
2011361213B Commerce (Banking & Finance)65
2011361223B Commerce (Business Mgmt)65
2011361233B Commerce (Economics)65
2011361243B Commerce (Fin Planning)65
2011361253B Commerce (HR Mgmt)65
2011361263B Commerce (Info Sys)65
2011361273B Commerce (Int Bus)65
2011361283B Commerce (Marketing Mgmt)65
2011361304B Com/B Adver & Mkg Comm65
2011361323B Commerce/B Laws85
2011361343B Commerce/B Tourism Mgmt65
2011361363B Management65
2011361384B Mgmt/B Journalism65
2011361386B Mgmt/B Commu in Media Stds65
2011361404B Mgmt/B Public Relations65
2011361423B Management/B Laws85
2011361443B Mgt/B Sc (Psy)65
2011361463B Tourism Mgmt65
2011361483B Tourism Mgmt/B Sports Mgmt65
2011361503B Politics & Inter’l Relations65
2011361504B Politics IntenatRel/BApp Eco65
2011361506B Politics IntenatRel/B Bus Ad65
2011361507B Politics IntenatRel/B Comm65
2011361508B Politics InternatRel/B Psych65
2011361509B Politics InternatRel/B Laws85
2011362003B Arts65
2011362023B Arts/B Commerce65
2011362044B Arts/B Adver & Mkg Comm65
2011362064B Arts/B Journalism65
2011362084BA/B Media Arts & Production65
2011362086B Arts/B Comm & Media Studies65
2011362104BA/B Public Relations65
2011362123B Arts/B Info Tech65
2011362143B Arts/B Laws85
2011362163B Arts/B Mgmt65
2011362183B Arts/B Science (Psychology)65
2011362203BA Intl Stds65
2011362223BA Intl Stds/B Commerce65
2011362244BA Intl Stds/B Adv & Mkg Comm65
2011362264BA Intl Stds/B Journalism65
2011362282BA Intl Stds/B Comm & Mda Stds65
2011362284BA Intl Stds/B Media Arts& Pdn65
2011362304BA Intl Stds/B PR65
2011362323BA Intl Stds/B Laws85
2011362343BA Intl Stds/B Mgmt65
2011362363BA Intl Stds/B Tourism Mgmt65
2011362384B Adver & Mkg Comm65
2011362404B Journalism65
2011362424B Public Relations65
2011362444B Adver & Mkg Comm/B Laws85
2011362464B Journalism/B Laws85
2011362484B Public Relations/B Laws85
2011363003B Arts in Architecture65
2011363024B Writing65
2011363044B Comm & Media Stds65
2011363046B Comm & Media Studies/B Laws85
2011363053B Media Arts & Production65
2011363063B Cultural Herit Conserv65
2011363083B Cultural Heritage65
2011363104B Graphic Design65
2011363124B Industrial Design65
2011363143B Interior DesignN/A
2011363144B Interior Architecture65
2011363164B Arts Landscape65
2011363166BA Landscape/B Envr Sc65
2011363203B Urban & Regional Planning65
2011364004B Social &Community; Stud65
2011364013B Social&CmtyStud;/BJusticeStud65
2011364023B Ed Early Child Teach (3-8)65
2011364043B Ed(Early Childhood Teaching)65
2011364063BEd Middle School Teach (K-10)65
2011364083B Ed (Primary Teaching)65
2011364103BEd (Secondary Ed-Design/Tech)65
2011364123B Ed (SecondaryHealth&Phys; Ed)65.65
2011364143B Ed (Secondary Ed – Music)N/A
2011364173B Education/B Arts65
2011364183B Education/B Commerce65
2011364193B Education/B Justice Studies65
2011364203B Education/B Info Tech65
2011364213B Education/B Science65
2011365004B Sport Coaching & Exer Sci65
2011365006B Sport Coaching/B Info Tech65
2011365024B Sp Coach Ex Sc/B Hum Nutri65
2011365044B Sport Coaching/B SportsMgmt65
2011365063B Human Nutrition65
2011365083B MidwiferyN/A
2011365103B Nursing65
2011365123B Sc (Psychology)65
2011365144B Sc (Psy)/B Sp Coach & Ex Sc65
2011365163B Sc (Psychology)/ B Laws85
2011365183B Sports Mgmt65
2011365203B Sports Media65
2011365223B Sports Media/B Laws85
2011365233B Public Health65
2011366003B Business Informatics65
2011366023B Business Informatics/B Laws85
2011366043B Info Tech65
2011366053B Eng in Network &Software; Eng65
2011366063B Info Tech/B Commerce65
2011366084B Info Tech/B Media Arts & Pdn65
2011366103B Software Eng65
2011366123B Soft Eng/B Bus Info65
2011367003B Laws85
2011367013AD Soc Sc inJust Stds65
2011367017AD Soc Sc Just Stds (online)65
2011367023B Soc Sc Just Stds65
2011367026B So Sc Just Stds/B AS For Std65
2011367027B Soc Sc in Just Stds (online)65
2011368003B App Sc (Human Biology)65
2011368023B Environmental Sc65
2011368033B Pharmaceutical Sc65
2011368044B App Sc in Forensic Stds65
2011368064B App Sc Forensic Stds/B Laws85
2011368083B Medical Sc65
2011368103B Sc65
2011368124B Sc/B Journalism65
2011368143B Sc/B Laws85
2010361003B Applied Economics65
2010361023B Applied Economics/B Commerce65
2010361044B App Econ/B Adver & Mkg Comm65
2010361063B Applied Economics/B Laws85
2010361083B App Economics/B Management65
2010361123B Building & Construction Mgmt65
2010361143B Bus Admin65
2010361163B Bus Admin/B Bus Info65
2010361183B Business Admin/B Mgmt65
2010361203B Commerce (Accounting)65
2010361213B Commerce (Banking & Finance)65
2010361223B Commerce (Business Mgmt)65
2010361233B Commerce (Economics)65
2010361243B Commerce (Fin Planning)65
2010361253B Commerce (HR Mgmt)65
2010361263B Commerce (Info Sys)65
2010361273B Commerce (Int Bus)65
2010361283B Commerce (Marketing Mgmt)65
2010361304B Com/B Adver & Mkg Comm65
2010361323B Commerce/B Laws85
2010361333B Commerce/B Ed65
2010361343B Commerce/B Tourism Mgmt65
2010361363B Management65
2010361384B Mgmt/B Journalism65
2010361404B Mgmt/B Public Relations65
2010361423B Management/B Laws85
2010361443B Mgt/B Sc (Psy)65
2010361463B Tourism Mgmt65
2010361483B Tourism Mgmt/B Sports Mgmt65
2010362003B Arts65
2010362023B Arts/B Commerce65
2010362044B Arts/B Adver & Mkg Comm65
2010362064B Arts/B Journalism65
2010362084BA/B Media Arts & Production65
2010362104BA/B Public Relations65
2010362123B Arts/B Info Tech65
2010362143B Arts/B Laws85
2010362163B Arts/B Mgmt65
2010362183B Arts/B Science (Psychology)65
2010362193B Arts/B Ed65
2010362203BA Intl Stds65
2010362223BA Intl Stds/B Commerce65
2010362244BA Intl Stds/B Adv & Mkg Comm65
2010362264BA Intl Stds/B Journalism65
2010362284BA Intl Stds/B Media Arts& Pdn65
2010362304BA Intl Stds/B PR65
2010362323BA Intl Stds/B Laws85
2010362343BA Intl Stds/B Mgmt65
2010362363BA Intl Stds/B Tourism Mgmt65
2010362384B Adver & Mkg Comm65
2010362404B Journalism65
2010362424B Public Relations65
2010362444B Adver & Mkg Comm/B Laws85
2010362464B Journalism/B Laws85
2010362484B Public Relations/B Laws85
2010363003B Arts in Architecture65
2010363024B Writing65
2010363044B Comm & Media Stds65
2010363053B Media Arts & Production65
2010363063B Cultural Herit Conserv65
2010363083B Cultural Heritage65
2010363103B Graphic Design65
2010363123B Industrial Design65
2010363143B Interior DesignN/A
2010363163B Landscape Architecture65
2010363183B Landscape Arch/B Envr Sc65
2010363203B Urban & Regional Planning65
2010364003B Community Education65
2010364023B Ed Early Child Teach (3-8)65
2010364043B Ed(Early Childhood Teaching)65
2010364063B Ed Middle School Teach (K-10)65
2010364083B Ed (Primary Teaching)65
2010364103B Ed (Secondary Ed-Design/Tech)65
2010364123B Ed (SecondaryHealth&Phys; Ed)65
2010364143B Ed (Secondary Ed – Music)N/A
2010365003B Coaching Science65
2010365023B Coaching Sc/B Hum Nutrition65
2010365043B Coaching Sc/B Sports Mgmt65
2010365063B Human Nutrition65
2010365083B MidwiferyN/A
2010365103B Nursing65
2010365123B Sc (Psychology)65
2010365143B Sc (Psy)/B Coaching Sc65
2010365163B Sc (Psychology)/ B Laws85
2010365183B Sports Mgmt65
2010365203B Sports Media65
2010365223B Sports Media/B Laws85
2010366003B Business Informatics65
2010366023B Business Informatics/B Laws85
2010366043B Info Tech65
2010366053B Eng in Network &Software; Eng65
2010366063B Info Tech/ B Commerce65
2010366084B Info Tech/B Media Arts & Pdn65
2010366093B Info Tech/B Ed65
2010366103B Software Eng65
2010366123B Soft Eng/B Bus Info65
2010367003B Laws85
2010367013AD Soc Sc in Just Stds65
2010367017AD Soc Sc Just Stds (online)65
2010367023B Soc Sc Just Stds65
2010367024B Soc Sc Just Stds/B Foren Sc65
2010367027B Soc Sc in Just Stds (online)65
2010367033B Ed/B Soc Sc in Justice Studs65
2010368003B App Sc (Human Biology)65
2010368023B Environmental Sc65
2010368043B Forensic Stds65
2010368063B Forensic Stds/B Laws85
2010368083B Medical Sc65
2010368103B Sc65
2010368124B Sc/B Journalism65
2010368143B Sc/B Laws85
2010368153B Sc/B Ed65
2009361003B Applied Economics65
2009361023B Applied Economics/B Commerce65
2009361043B App Eco/B Comm(Adv Mkg Comm)65
2009361063B Applied Economics/B Laws85
2009361083B App Economics/B Management65
2009361123B Building & Construction Mgmt70
2009361143B Bus Admin65
2009361163B Bus Admin/B Bus Info65
2009361183B Business Admin/B Mgt65
2009361203B Commerce (Accounting)65
2009361213B Commerce (Banking & Finance)65
2009361223B Commerce (Business Mgt)65
2009361233B Commerce (Economics)65
2009361243B Commerce (Fin Planning)65
2009361253B Commerce (HR Mgt)65
2009361263B Commerce (Info Sys)65
2009361273B Commerce (Int Studies)65
2009361283B Commerce (Marketing Mgt)65
2009361303B Com/B Comm (Ad Mkt Com)65
2009361323B Commerce / B Laws85
2009361343B Commerce/B Tourism Mgmt65
2009361363B Management65
2009361383B Mgmt/B Comm (Journalism)65
2009361403B Mgt/B Comm (PR)65
2009361423B Management/B Laws85
2009361443B Mgt/B Sci (Psy)65
2009361463B Tourism Mgmt65
2009361483B Tourism Mgmt/B Sports Mgmt65
2009362003B Arts65
2009362023B Arts/B Commerce65
2009362043B Arts/B Comm (Adt Mkt Comm)65
2009362063B Arts/B Comm (Journalism)65
2009362083B Arts/B Comm (Media/MM Prod)65
2009362103B Arts/B Comm (PR)65
2009362123B Arts/B Info Tech65
2009362143B Arts/B Laws85
2009362163B Arts/B Mgt65
2009362183B Arts/B Science (Psychology)65
2009362203B Arts in Int Studies65
2009362223B Arts in Int Std/B Commerce65
2009362243B Arts Int Std/B Comm (Adv Mk)65
2009362263B Arts Int Stds/B Comm (Jour)65
2009362283B Arts Int Stds/B Comm (Media)65
2009362303B Arts Int Stds/B Comm (PR)65
2009362323B Arts in Int Studies/B Laws85
2009362343B Arts in Int Stds/B Mgmt65
2009362363B Arts Int Stds/B Tourism Mgmt65
2009362383B Comm (Advt/Mktg Comm)65
2009362403B Comm (Journalism)65
2009362423B Comm (Public Rel)65
2009362443B Advert& Mark Comm/B Laws85
2009362463B Comm (Journalism)/B Laws85
2009362483B Comm in Public Rel/B Laws85
2009363003B Arts in Architecture65
2009363023B Comm (Creative Writing)65
2009363043B Comm (Media/Multimedia Prod)65
2009363063B Cultural Herit Conserv82
2009363083B Cultural Heritage65
2009363103B Graphic Design65
2009363123B Industrial Design65
2009363143B Interior DesignN/A
2009363163B Landscape Architecture65
2009363183B Landscape Arch/B Envr Sc65
2009363203B Urban & Regional Planning65
2009364003B Community Education65
2009364023B Ed Early Child Teach (3-8)65
2009364043B Ed (Early Childhood Teaching)65
2009364063B Ed Middle School Teach (K-10)65
2009364083B Ed (Primary Teaching)65
2009364103B Ed (Secondary Ed-Design/Tech)65
2009364123B Ed (SecondaryHealth&Phys; Ed)65
2009364143B Ed (Secondary Ed – Music)N/A
2009365003B Coaching Science65
2009365023B Coaching Sc/B Hum Nutrition65
2009365043B Coaching Sc/B Sports Mgmt65
2009365063B Human Nutrition65
2009365083B MidwiferyN/A
2009365103B Nursing65
2009365123B Science (Psychology)65
2009365143B Sc (Psy)/B Coaching Sci65
2009365163B Sc (Psychology)/B Laws85
2009365183B Sports Mgmt65
2009365203B Sports Media65
2009365223B Sports Media/B Laws85
2009366003B Business Informatics65
2009366023B Business Informatics/B Laws85
2009366043B Information Tech65
2009366063B Info Tech/B Commerce65
2009366083B InfoTech/B Comm (Media)65
2009366103B Software Engineering65
2009366123B Software Eng B Bus Info65
2009367003B Laws85
2009367023B Soc Sc Just Stud65
2009368003B App Sc (Human Biology)65
2009368023B Environmental Science65
2009368043B Forensic Studies65
2009368063B Forensic Studies/B Laws85
2009368083B Medical Science65
2009368103B Science65
2009368123B Sc/B Comm (Journalism)65
2009368143B Science/B Laws85
2008361031B Science (Psychology)65
2008361032B Sci (Psychology)/ B Laws85
2008361041B Environmental Science65
2008361060B App Sc (Human Biology)65
2008361071B Human Nutrition65
2008361091B Sports Mgmt65
2008361101B Coaching Science65
2008361102B Coaching Sc/B Hum Nutrition65
2008361103B Coaching Sci/ B Sci (Psy)65
2008361105B Coaching Sc/B Sports Mgmt65
2008361111B Sports Media65
2008361116B Sports Media/B Laws88
2008361118B Medical Science65
2008361120B Nursing65
2008361210B Forensic Studies65
2008361215B Forensic Studies/B Laws93
2008362010B Arts65
2008362012B Arts/B Comm (Adt Mkt Comm)65
2008362013B Arts/B Info Tech65
2008362014B Arts/B Management65
2008362015B Arts/B Comm (Media/MM Prod)65
2008362016B Arts/B Science (Psychology)65
2008362017B Arts/B Comm (PR)65
2008362020B Arts/B Laws86
2008362025B Arts in Int Studies65
2008362026B Arts in Int Studies/B Laws87
2008362027B Arts Int Std/B Comm (Adv Mk)65
2008362028B Arts in Int Std/B Commerce65
2008362029B Arts Int Stds/B Comm (Jour)65
2008362030B Arts in Int Stds/B Mgmt65
2008362031B Arts Int Stds/B Comm (Media)65
2008362032B Arts Int Stds/B Comm (PR)65
2008362033B Arts Int Stds/B Tourism Mgmt65
2008362036B Comm (Journalism)/B Arts65
2008362040B Comm (Advt/Mktg Comm)65
2008362055B Comm (Creative Writing)65
2008362060B Comm (Journalism)65
2008362070B Comm (Journalism)/B Laws89
2008362072B Advert& Mark Comm/B Laws86
2008362075B Comm in Public Rel/B Laws86
2008362080B Comm (Media/Multimedia Prod)65
2008362100B Comm (Public Rel)65
2008362160B Inf Tech/B Comm (Media)65
2008362170B Tourism Mgmt65
2008362175B Tourism Mgmt/B Sports Mgmt65
2008363020B Community Education65
2008363040B Ed(Early Childhood Teaching)65
2008363045B Ed Early Child Teach (3-8)65
2008363050B Ed (Primary Teaching)65
2008363060B Ed Middle School Teach (K-10)65
2008363200B Ed (SecondaryHealth&Phys; Ed)65
2008363250B Ed (Secondary Ed – Music)N/A
2008363300B Ed (Secondary Ed-Design/Tech)65
2008364010B Arts in Architecture75
2008364040B Graphic Design65
2008364050B Industrial Design65
2008364055B Interior DesignN/A
2008364060B Landscape Architecture65
2008364067B Landscape Arch/B Envr Sc65
2008365060B Information Tech65
2008365080B Science65
2008365120B Science/B Laws87
2008365180B Software Engineering70
2008365181B Soft Engin B Bus Info72
2008366021B Applied Economics65
2008366070B Bus Admin65
2008366071B Bus Admin/B Bus Info65
2008366081B Sc/ B Comm (Journalism)65
2008366125B Business Informatics65
2008366145B Commerce65
2008366146B Commerce / B Laws89
2008366147B Applied Economics/B Commerce65
2008366148B Com/B Comm (Ad Mkt Com)65
2008366149B Commerce / B Arts65
2008366150B Commerce/B Tourism Mgmt65
2008366151B Commerce /B Info Tech65
2008366155B Applied Economics/B Laws90
2008366157B App Economics/B Management65
2008366170B Laws87
2008366180B Management65
2008366181B Management/B Business Admin65
2008366182B Mgmt/B Comm (Journalism)65
2008366183B Mgt/B Sc (Psy)65
2008366184B Mgt/B Comm (PR)65
2008366190B Management/B Laws85
2008366195B Business Informatics/B Laws85
2008366210B Building & Construction Mgmt65
2007361031B Science (Psychology)65
2007361032B Sci (Psychology)/ B Laws85
2007361041B Environmental Science65
2007361060B App Sc (Human Biology)65
2007361071B Human Nutrition65
2007361091B Sports Mgmt65
2007361101B Coaching Science66
2007361102B Coaching Sc/B Hum Nutrition68
2007361103B Coaching Sci/ B Sci (Psy)74
2007361105B Coaching Sc/B Sports Mgmt71
2007361111B Sports Media65
2007361116B Sports Media/B Laws88
2007361118B Medical Science70
2007361120B Nursing72
2007361210B Forensic Studies70
2007361215B Forensic Studies/B Laws89
2007362010B Arts66
2007362012B Arts/B Comm (Adt Mkt Comm)70
2007362013B Arts/B Info Tech71
2007362014B Arts/B Management65
2007362015B Arts/B Comm (Media/MM Prod)69
2007362016B Arts/B Science (Psychology)74
2007362017B Arts/B Comm (PR)67
2007362020B Arts/B Laws85
2007362025B Arts in Int Studies65
2007362026B Arts in Int Studies/B Laws85
2007362027B Arts Int Std/B Comm (Adv Mk)70
2007362028B Arts in Int Std/B Commerce65
2007362029B Arts Int Stds/B Comm (Jour)73
2007362030B Arts in Int Stds/B Mgmt68
2007362031B Arts Int Stds/B Comm (Media)65
2007362032B Arts Int Stds/B Comm (PR)67
2007362033B Arts Int Stds/B Tourism Mgmt65
2007362036B Comm (Journalism)/B Arts70
2007362040B Comm (Advt/Mktg Comm)65
2007362055B Comm (Creative Writing)68
2007362060B Comm (Journalism)71
2007362070B Comm (Journalism)/B Laws85
2007362072B Advert& Mark Comm/B Laws85
2007362075B Comm in Public Rel/B Laws88
2007362080B Comm (Media/Multimedia Prod)65
2007362100B Comm (Public Rel)70
2007362160B Info Tech/B Comm (Media)65
2007362170B Tourism Mgmt65
2007362175B Tourism Mgmt/B Sports Mgmt65
2007363020B Community Education72
2007363040B Ed (Early Childhood Teaching)65
2007363045B Ed Early Child Teach (3-8)67
2007363050B Ed (Primary Teaching)65
2007363060B Ed Middle School Teach (K-10)65
2007363200B Ed (SecondaryHealth&Phys; Ed)72
2007363250B Ed (Secondary Ed – Music)N/A
2007363300B Ed (Secondary Ed-Design/Tech)70
2007364010B Arts in Architecture70
2007364040B Graphic Design65
2007364050B Industrial Design65
2007364055B Interior DesignN/A
2007364060B Landscape Architecture65
2007364067B Landscape Arch/B Envr Sc69
2007365060B Information Tech65
2007365080B Science65
2007365120B Science/B Laws90
2007365180B Software Engineering65
2007365181B Soft Engin B Bus Info75
2007366021B Economics65
2007366070B Bus Admin65
2007366071B Bus Admin/B Bus Info74
2007366081B Sci/ B Comm (Journalism)79
2007366125B Business Informatics79
2007366145B Commerce65
2007366146B Commerce / B Laws85
2007366147B Commerce/B Economics65
2007366148B Com/B Comm (Ad Mkt Com)68
2007366149B Commerce / B Arts68
2007366151B Commerce /B Info Tech65
2007366155B Economics/B Laws88
2007366157B Economics/B Management65
2007366170B Laws85
2007366180B Management65
2007366181B Management/B Business Admin72
2007366182B Mgmt/B Comm (Journalism)85
2007366183B Mgt/B Sci (Psy)65
2007366184B Mgt/B Comm (PR)65
2007366190B Management/B Laws90
2007366195B Business Informatics/B Laws85
2006361031B Science (Psychology)80
2006361032B Sci (Psychology)/ B Laws90
2006361041B Envirnmental Science75
2006361060B App Sc (Human Biology)76
2006361071B Human Nutrition82
2006361091B Sports Mgmt75
2006361101B Coaching Science77
2006361102B Coaching Sc/B Hum Nutrition80
2006361103B Coaching Sci/ B Sci (Psy)81
2006361105B Coaching Sc/B Sports Mgmt94
2006361111B Sports Media78
2006361116B Sports Media/B Laws92
2006361118B Medical Science77
2006361120B Nursing75
2006361210B Forensic Studies82
2006361215B Forensic Studies/B Laws86
2006362010B Arts80
2006362012B Arts/B Comm (Adt Mkt Comm)81
2006362013B Arts/B Info Tech80
2006362014B Arts/B Management80
2006362015B Arts/B Comm (Media/MM Prod)81
2006362016B Arts/B Science (Psychology)83
2006362017B Arts/B Comm (PR)81
2006362020B Arts/B Laws92
2006362025B Arts in Int Studies76
2006362026B Arts in Int Studies/B Laws90
2006362027B Arts Int Std/B Comm (Adv Mk)79
2006362028B Arts in Int Std/B Commerce77
2006362029B Arts Int Stds/B Comm (Jour)78
2006362030B Arts in Int Stds/B Mgmt76
2006362031B Arts Int Stds/B Comm (Media)81
2006362032B Arts Int Stds/B Comm (PR)77
2006362033B Arts Int Stds/B Tourism Mgmt77
2006362036B Comm (Journalism)/B Arts81
2006362040B Comm (Advt/Mktg Comm)75
2006362055B Comm (Creative Writing)75
2006362060B Comm (Journalism)78
2006362070B Comm (Journalism)/B Laws91
2006362072B Advert& Mark Comm/B Laws90
2006362075B Comm in Public Rel/B Laws92
2006362080B Comm (Media/Multimedia Prod)75
2006362100B Comm (Public Rel)75
2006362112B New Media Production75
2006362115B Hotel Management75
2006362160B Inf Tech/B Comm (Media)77
2006362170B Tourism Mgmt75
2006362175B Tourism Mgmt/B Sports Mgmt81
2006363020B Community Education75
2006363040B Ed(Early Childhood Teaching)77
2006363045B Ed Early Child Teach (3-8)81
2006363050B Ed (Primary Teaching)75
2006363060B Ed Middle School Teach (K-10)79
2006363200B Ed (SecondaryHealth&Phys; Ed)75
2006363250B Ed (Secondary Ed – Music)N/A
2006363300B Ed (Secondary Ed-Design/Tech)76
2006364005B App Sc Arch/B Arch75
2006364040B Graphic Design75
2006364050B Industrial Design75
2006364055B Interior DesignN/A
2006364060B Landscape Architure75
2006364067B Landscape Arch/B Envr Sc75
2006365060B Information Tech75
2006365080B Science75
2006365120B Science/B Laws91
2006365180B Software Engineering75
2006365181B Soft Engin B Bus Info75
2006366021B Economics75
2006366070B Bus Admin75
2006366071B Bus Admin/B Bus Info75
2006366081B Sci/ B Comm (Journalism)78
2006366125B Business Informatics75
2006366145B Commerce75
2006366146B Commerce / B Laws90
2006366147B Commerce/B Economics78
2006366148B Com/B Comm (Ad Mkt Com)76
2006366149B Commerce / B Arts81
2006366151B Commerce /B Info Tech76
2006366170B Laws90
2006366180B Management75
2006366181B Management/B Business Admin76
2006366182B Mgmt/B Comm (Journalism)78
2006366183B Mgt/B Sci (Psy)84
2006366184B Mgt/B Comm (PR)75
2006366190B Management/B Laws90
2006366195B Business Informatics/B Laws90
2005361021B Cult Heritage Studies75
2005361031B Science (Psychology)76
2005361032B Sci (Psychology)/ B Laws92
2005361041B Envirnmental Science80
2005361060B App Sc (Human Biology)78
2005361071B Human Nutrition78
2005361091B Sports Mgmt75
2005361101B Coaching Science76
2005361102B Coaching Sc/B Hum Nutrition76
2005361103B Coaching Sci/ B Sci (Psy)79
2005361111B Sports Media78
2005361116B Sports Media/B Laws90
2005361118B Medical Science76
2005361120B Nursing75
2005361210B Forensic Studies75
2005361215B Laws/B Forensic Studies98
2005362010B Arts75
2005362012B Arts/B Comm (Adt,Mkt,Comm)75
2005362013B Arts/B Info Tech75
2005362014B Arts/B Mgt75
2005362015B Arts/B Comm (Media/MM Prod)80
2005362016B Arts/B Science (Psychology)77
2005362017B Arts/B Comm (PR)78
2005362020B Arts/B Laws92
2005362025B Arts in Int Studies76
2005362026B Arts in Int Studies/B Laws90
2005362027B Arts Int Std/ B Com (Adv,Mk)76
2005362028B Arts in Int Std/B Commerce79
2005362029B Arts Int Stds/B Com (Jour)78
2005362030B Arts in Int Stds/B Mgmt76
2005362031B Arts Int Stds/B Com (Media)76
2005362032B Arts Int Stds/B Comm (PR)82
2005362033B Arts Int Stds/B Tourism Mgmt76
2005362036B Comm (Journalism)/B Arts75
2005362040B Comm (Advt/Mktg Comm)76
2005362050B Comm (Advt/Mktg Comm)/B Laws94
2005362055B Comm (Creative Writing)79
2005362060B Comm (Journalism)75
2005362070B Comm (Journalism)/B Laws91
2005362080B Comm (Media/Multimedia Prod)78
2005362100B Comm (Public Rel)75
2005362110B Comm (Public Rel)/B Laws94
2005362112B New Media Production75
2005362115B Hotel Management75
2005362160B Inf Tech/B Comm (Media)79
2005362170B Tourism Mgmt75
2005363020B ComtyEd(ComtyDev/CounlStds)75
2005363040B Ed(Early Childhood Teaching)75
2005363050B Ed (Primary Teaching)75
2005363200B Ed (SecondaryHealth&Phys; Ed)75
2005363250B Ed (Secondary Ed – Music)N/A
2005363300BEd (Secondary Ed-Design/Tech)75
2005364005B App Sc Arch/B Arch78
2005364040B Graphic Design75
2005364050B Industrial Design75
2005364055B Interior DesignN/A
2005364060B Landscape Architure76
2005364067B Landscape Arch/B Envr Sc78
2005365060B Information Tech75
2005365080B Science75
2005365120B Science/B Laws93
2005365180B Software Engineering75
2005365181B Soft Engin B Bus Info94
2005366021B Economics76
2005366070B Bus Admin75
2005366071B Bus Admin/B Bus Info83
2005366081B Sci/ B Comm (Journalism)75
2005366125B Business Informatics76
2005366126B Business Informatics/ B Laws91
2005366145B Commerce78
2005366146B Commerce / B Laws91
2005366147B Commerce /B Economics79
2005366148B Comm/B Com (Ad,Mkt,Com)78
2005366149B Commerce /B Arts78
2005366151B Commerce /B Info Tech78
2005366153B Comm /B Tourism Mgt83
2005366170B Laws94
2005366180B Management75
2005366181B Management/B Business Admin88
2005366182B Mgmt/B Comm (Journalism)75
2005366183B Mgt/B Sci (Psy)78
2005366184B Mgt/B Comm (PR)75
2005366190B Management/B Laws90