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ATAR Cut-offs

Year Course No. Course Description ATAR Campus
2017391601 B Arts72.55Armidale
2017391602 B Arts72.55Armidale
2017391603 B Theatre and Performance72.55Armidale
2017391605 B Theatre and Performance72.55Armidale
2017391610 B Historical Inquiry and Practice72.55Armidale
2017391611 B Historical Inquiry and Practice72.55Armidale
2017391640 B Media and Communications72.55Armidale
2017391641 B Media and Communications72.55Armidale
2017391647 B Urban and Regional Planning72.55Armidale
2017391648 B Urban and Regional Planning72.55Armidale
2017391655 B Arts/B Laws84.4Armidale
2017391657 B Social Science72.55Armidale
2017391658 B Arts/B Laws84.4Armidale
2017391659 B Social Science72.55Armidale
2017391660 B Criminology72.55Armidale
2017391661 B Criminology72.55Armidale
2017391662 B Criminology/B Laws84.4Armidale
2017391663 B Criminology/B Laws84.4Armidale
2017391666 B Social Work72.55Armidale
2017391667 B Social Work72.55Armidale
2017391676 B Languages72.55Armidale
2017391677 B Languages72.55Armidale
2017391678 B Psychological Science72.55Armidale
2017391679 B Psychological Science72.55Armidale
2017391680 B Psychology with Honours86.25Armidale
2017391681 B Psychology with Honours86.25Armidale
2017391682 B Sustainability72.55Armidale
2017391683 B Sustainability72.55Armidale
2017391753 B Arts/B Business72.55Armidale
2017391754 B Arts/B Business72.55Armidale
2017391760 B International Studies72.55Armidale
2017391761 B International Studies72.55Armidale
2017391762 B Languages and International Business72.55Armidale
2017391763 B Languages and International Business72.55Armidale
2017392603 B Science72.55Armidale
2017392606 B GeoScience72.55Armidale
2017392607 B Scientific Studies57.7Armidale
2017392609 B Exercise and Sports Science72.55Armidale
2017392610 B Clinical Exercise Physiology78.85Armidale
2017392611 B Clinical Exercise Physiology78.85Armidale
2017392612 B Pharmacy with Honours87.2Armidale
2017392613 B Pharmacy with Honours87.2Armidale
2017392615 B Exercise and Sports Science72.55Armidale
2017392617 B Scientific Studies57.7Armidale
2017392618 B GeoScience72.55Armidale
2017392620 B Computer Science72.55Armidale
2017392621 B Science72.55Armidale
2017392624 B Computer Science72.55Armidale
2017392669 B Science/B Laws84.4Armidale
2017392670 B Computer Science/B Laws84.4Armidale
2017392671 B Computer Science/B Laws84.4Armidale
2017392672 B Science/B Laws84.4Armidale
2017392684 B Animal Science77.1Armidale
2017392685 B Zoology72.55Armidale
2017392686 B Biomedical Science72.55Armidale
2017392687 B Environmental Science72.55Armidale
2017392690 B Environmental Science72.55Armidale
2017392692 B Biomedical Science72.55Armidale
2017392695 B Zoology72.55Armidale
2017392696 B Animal Science77.1Armidale
2017392702 B Agricultural Production and Management72.55*Armidale
2017392703 B Agricultural Production and Management72.55*Armidale
2017392759 B Arts/B Science72.55Armidale
2017392760 B Arts/B Science72.55Armidale
2017392761 B Agriculture/B Laws84.4Armidale
2017392762 B Agriculture/B Laws84.4Armidale
2017392763 B Environmental Science/B Laws72.55Armidale
2017392764 B Environmental Science/B Laws72.55Armidale
2017393605 B Rural Science77.1Armidale
2017393606 B Rural Science77.1Armidale
2017393676 B Agriculture72.55Armidale
2017393677 B Agriculture72.55Armidale
2017393678 B Agriculture/B Business72.55Armidale
2017393679 B Agriculture/B Business72.55Armidale
2017395465 B Laws (3 years)(Graduate entry)N/AArmidale
2017395468 B Laws (3 years)(Graduate entry)N/AArmidale
2017395469 B Laws (3 years)90Armidale
2017395470 B Laws (3 years)90Armidale
2017395655 B Economics/B Laws84.4Armidale
2017395656 B Economics/B Laws84.4Armidale
2017395664 B Accounting72.55Armidale
2017395665 B Accounting72.55Armidale
2017395666 B Economics72.55Armidale
2017395667 B Economics72.55Armidale
2017395668 B Agricultural and Resource Economics72.55Armidale
2017395669 B Agricultural and Resource Economics72.55Armidale
2017395676 B Business72.55Armidale
2017395677 B Business72.55Armidale
2017395679 B Business/B Laws84.4Armidale
2017395680 B Business/B Laws84.4Armidale
2017395698 B Laws (4 years)84.4Armidale
2017395699 B Laws (4 years)84.4Armidale
2017395700 B Agribusiness72.55Armidale
2017395701 B Agribusiness72.55Armidale
2017395755 B Business/B Economics72.55Armidale
2017395756 B Business/B Economics72.55Armidale
2017396664 B Nursing72.55Armidale
2017396665 B Nursing72.55Armidale
2017396693 B Education (Secondary Arts)77.1Armidale
2017396694 B Education (Secondary Arts)77.1Armidale
2017396695 B Education (Secondary Science)77.1Armidale
2017396696 B Education (Secondary Science)77.1Armidale
2017396751 B Educational Studies72.55Armidale
2017396752 B Education (K-12 Teaching)77.1Armidale
2017396754 B Education (Secondary Mathematics)77.1Armidale
2017396755 B Education (Secondary Mathematics)77.1Armidale
2017396757 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)77.1Armidale
2017396758 B Education (K-12 Teaching)77.1Armidale
2017396759 B Educational Studies72.55Armidale
2017396760 B Education (K-6 Teaching)77.1Armidale
2017396761 B Special and Inclusive Education (Primary)ncArmidale
2017396763 B Education (K-6 Teaching)77.1Armidale
2017785000 B Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (Joint Medical Program)A+CArmidale or Newcastle – Callaghan
2016391601 B Arts72.55Armidale
2016391603 B Theatre and Performance72.55Armidale
2016391610 B Historical Inquiry and Practice72.55Armidale
2016391640 B Media and Communications72.55Armidale
2016391647 B Urban and Regional Planning72.55Armidale
2016391658 B Arts/B Laws84.4Armidale
2016391659 B Social Science72.55Armidale
2016391660 B Criminology72.55Armidale
2016391662 B Criminology/B Laws84.4Armidale
2016391666 B Social Work72.55Armidale
2016391677 B Languages72.55Armidale
2016391678 B Psychological Science72.55Armidale
2016391680 B Psychology with Honours86.25Armidale
2016391682 B Sustainability72.55Armidale
2016391753 B Arts/B Business72.55Armidale
2016391760 B International Studies72.55Armidale
2016391762 B Languages and International Business72.55Armidale
2016392603 B Science72.55Armidale
2016392605 Dip SciencencArmidale
2016392606 B GeoScience72.55Armidale
2016392607 B Scientific StudiesncArmidale
2016392609 B Exercise and Sports Science72.55Armidale
2016392610 B Clinical Exercise Physiology78.85Armidale
2016392612 B Pharmacy with Honours87.2Armidale
2016392624 B Computer Science72.55Armidale
2016392669 B Science/B Laws84.4Armidale
2016392670 B Computer Science/B Laws84.4Armidale
2016392690 B Environmental Science72.55Armidale
2016392692 B Biomedical Science72.55Armidale
2016392694 B Engineering Technology72.55Armidale
2016392695 B Zoology72.55Armidale
2016392696 B Animal Science77.1Armidale
2016392699 B Plant Science72.55Armidale
2016392700 B Agrifood Systems72.55Armidale
2016392759 B Arts/B Science72.55Armidale
2016392761 B Agriculture/B Laws84.4Armidale
2016392763 B Environmental Science/B Laws84.4Armidale
2016393605 B Rural Science77.1Armidale
2016393676 B Agriculture72.55Armidale
2016393678 B Agriculture/B Business72.55Armidale
2016395468 B Laws (3 years)(Graduate Entry)N/AArmidale
2016395469 B Laws (3 years)90Armidale
2016395656 B Economics/B Laws84.4Armidale
2016395664 B Accounting72.55Armidale
2016395666 B Economics72.55Armidale
2016395668 B Agricultural and Resource Economics72.55Armidale
2016395676 B Business72.55Armidale
2016395679 B Business/B Laws84.4Armidale
2016395699 B Laws (4 years)84.4Armidale
2016395700 B Agribusiness72.55Armidale
2016395755 B Business/B Economics72.55Armidale
2016396665 B Nursing72.55Armidale
2016396693 B Education (Secondary Arts)77.1Armidale
2016396695 B Education (Secondary Science)77.1Armidale
2016396697 B Education (Primary)77.1Armidale
2016396755 B Education (Secondary Mathematics)77.1Armidale
2016396757 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)77.1Armidale
2016396758 B Education (K-12 Teaching)77.1Armidale
2016396759 B Educational Studies72.55Armidale
2016396760 B Education (K-6 Teaching)77.1Armidale
2016780000 B Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine (Joint Medical Program)A+CArmidale or Newcastle – Callaghan
2015391601B Arts72.55
2015391603B Theatre & Performance72.55
2015391610B Historical Inquiry&Practice;72.55
2015391640B Media and Communications72.55
2015391647B Urban & Regional Planning72.55
2015391658B Arts/B Laws84.4
2015391659B Social Science72.55
2015391660B Criminology72.55
2015391662B Criminology/B Laws84.4
2015391666B Social Work72.55
2015391677B Languages72.55
2015391678B Psychological Science72.55
2015391680B Psychology with Honours86.25
2015391682B Sustainability72.55
2015391753B Arts/B Business72.55
2015391760B International Studies72.55
2015391762B Languages & Int Business72.55
2015391764B Chinese Language & Bus Stds72.55
2015391765B Adv Chinese Lang & Bus Stds72.55
2015392603B Science72.55
2015392606B GeoScience72.55
2015392609B Exercise and Sports Science72.55
2015392610B Clin Ex Physw78.85
2015392612B Pharmacy Hons87.2
2015392624B Computer Science72.55
2015392669B Science/B Laws84.4
2015392670B Computer Science/B Laws84.4
2015392690B Environmental Science72.55
2015392692B Biomedical Science72.55
2015392694B Engineering Technology72.55
2015392695B Zoology72.55
2015392696B Animal Science77.1
2015392698B Ecology72.55
2015392699B Plant Science72.55
2015392700B Agrifood Systems72.55
2015392759B Arts/B Science72.55
2015392761B Agriculture/B Laws84.4
2015392763B Environmental Science/B Laws84.4
2015393605B Rural Science77.1
2015393676B Agriculture72.55
2015393678B Agriculture/B Business72.55
2015395656B Economics/B Laws84.4
2015395664B Commerce (Accounting)72.55
2015395666B Economics72.55
2015395668B Agr and Resource Economics72.55
2015395676B Business72.55
2015395679B Business/B Laws84.4
2015395699B Laws (4 years)84.4
2015395700B Agribusiness72.55
2015395755B Business/B Economics72.55
2015396665B Nursing (3 years F/T)72.55
2015396693B Ed (Secondary Arts)77.1
2015396695B Ed (Secondary Science)77.1
2015396697B Education (Primary)77.1
2015396700B Ed (Secondary Business)77.1
2015396755B Ed (Secondary Mathematics)77.1
2015396757B Ed (Early Chld & Primary)77.1
2015396758B Education (K-12 Teaching)77.1
2015780000B Medicine-Joint Medical ProgN/A
2014391601B Arts72.55
2014391603B Theatre & Performance72.55
2014391604B MusicN/A
2014391610B Historical Inquiry &Practice;72.55
2014391640B Media and Communications72.55
2014391647B Urban & Regional Planning72.55
2014391658B Arts/B Laws84.4
2014391659B Social Science72.55
2014391660B Criminology72.55
2014391662B Crim/B Laws84.4
2014391666B Social Work72.55
2014391677B Languages72.55
2014391678B Psychological Science72.55
2014391680B Psychology with Honours86.25
2014391682B Sustainability72.55
2014391753B Arts/B Business72.55
2014391760B International Studies72.55
2014391762B Languages & Int Business72.55
2014391764B Chinese Language & Bus Stds72.55
2014391765B Adv Chinese Lang & Bus Stds72.55
2014392603B Science72.55
2014392606B GeoScience72.55
2014392609B Exercise and Sports Science72.55
2014392610B Clin Ex Phys72.55
2014392612B Pharmacy87.2
2014392624B Computer Science72.55
2014392669B Science/B Laws84.4
2014392670B Computer Science/B Laws84.4
2014392690B Environmental Science72.55
2014392692B Biomedical Science72.55
2014392694B Engineering Technology72.55
2014392695B Zoology72.55
2014392696B Animal Science77.1
2014392699B Plant Science72.55
2014392700B Agrifood Systems72.55
2014392701AD Agrifood Systems72.55
2014392759B Arts/B Science72.55
2014392761B Agriculture/B Laws84.4
2014392763B Environmental Science/B Laws84.4
2014393605B Rural Science77.1
2014393676B Agriculture72.55
2014393678B Agriculture/B Business72.55
2014395466B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2014395638B Financial Services72.55
2014395640B Financial Services/B Laws84.4
2014395656B Economics/B Laws84.4
2014395664B Commerce (Accounting)72.55
2014395666B Economics72.55
2014395668B Agr and Resource Economics72.55
2014395676B Business72.55
2014395679B Business/B Laws84.4
2014395699B Laws (4 years)84.4
2014395700B Agribusiness72.55
2014395755B Business/B Economics72.55
2014396665B Nursing (3 years F/T)72.55
2014396693B Arts/B Teaching77.1
2014396695B Science/B Teaching77.1
2014396697B Education (Primary)77.1
2014396699B Music/B TeachingN/A
2014396700B Business/B Teaching77.1
2014396755B Mathematics/B Teaching77.1
2014396756B Information Tech/B Teaching77.1
2014396757B Ed (Early Chld & Primary)77.1
2014396758B Education (K-12 Teaching)77.1
2014392698B Ecology72.55
2014780000B Medicine-Joint Medical ProgN/A
2013391601B Arts72.55
2013391603B Theatre & Performance72.55
2013391604B MusicN/A
2013391610B Historical Inquiry &Practice;72.55
2013391640B Media and Communications72.55
2013391647B Urban & Regional Planning72.55
2013391658B Arts/B Laws84.4
2013391659B Social Science72.55
2013391660B Criminology72.55
2013391662B Crim/B Laws84.4
2013391666B Social Work72.55
2013391677B Languages72.55
2013391678B Psychological Science72.55
2013391680B Psychology with Honours86.25
2013391682B Sustainability72.55
2013391753B Arts/B Business72.55
2013391760B International Studies72.55
2013391762B Languages & Int Business72.55
2013391764B Chinese Language & Bus Stds72.55
2013391765B Adv Chinese Lang & Bus Stds72.55
2013392603B Science72.55
2013392606B GeoScience72.55
2013392608B Sports Studies72.55
2013392609B Exercise and Sports Science72.55
2013392610B Exer & Spt Sc (Clin Ex Phys)78.85
2013392612B Pharmacy87.2
2013392624B Computer Science72.55
2013392669B Science/B Laws84.4
2013392670B Computer Science/B Laws84.4
2013392690B Environmental Science72.55
2013392692B Biomedical Science72.55
2013392694B Engineering Technology72.55
2013392695B Zoology72.55
2013392696B Animal Science77.1
2013392698B Ecology72.55
2013392699B Plant Science72.55
2013392759B Arts/B Science72.55
2013392761B Agriculture/B Laws84.4
2013392763B Environmental Science/B Laws84.4
2013393605B Rural Science77.1
2013393676B Agriculture72.55
2013393678B Agriculture/B Business72.55
2013395466B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2013395638B Financial Services72.55
2013395640B Financial Services/B Laws84.4
2013395656B Economics/B Laws84.4
2013395664B Commerce (Accounting)72.55
2013395666B Economics72.55
2013395668B Agr and Resource Economics77.1
2013395676B Business72.55
2013395679B Business/B Laws84.4
2013395699B Laws (4 years)84.4
2013395700B Agribusiness72.55
2013395755B Business/B Economics72.55
2013396665B Nursing (3 years F/T)72.55
2013396666Adv Dip Nursing72.55
2013396693B Arts/B Teaching77.1
2013396695B Science/B Teaching77.1
2013396697B Education (Primary)77.1
2013396699B Music/B TeachingN/A
2013396700B Business/B Teaching77.1
2013396755B Mathematics/B Teaching77.1
2013396756B Information Tech/B Teaching77.1
2013396757B Ed (Early Chld & Primary)77.1
2013396758B Education (K-12 Teaching)77.1
2013780000B Medicine-Joint Medical ProgN/A
2012391601B Arts72.55
2012391603B Theatre & Performance72.55
2012391604B MusicN/A
2012391610B Historical Inquiry &Practice;72.55
2012391640B Media and Communications72.55
2012391647B Urban & Regional Planning72.55
2012391658B Arts/B Laws84.4
2012391659B Social Science72.55
2012391660B Criminology72.55
2012391662B Crim/B Laws84.4
2012391666B Social Work72.55
2012391677B Languages72.55
2012391678B Psychological Science72.55
2012391680B Psychology with Honours86.25
2012391682B Sustainability72.55
2012391753B Arts/B Business72.55
2012391760B International Studies72.55
2012391762B Languages & Int Business72.55
2012391764B Chinese Language & Bus Stds72.55
2012392603B Science72.55
2012392606B GeoScience72.55
2012392608B Sports Studies72.55
2012392609B Exercise and Sports Sc72.55
2012392610B Exc & Spt Sc (Clin Exc Phys)78.85
2012392612B Pharmacy87.2
2012392624B Computer Science72.55
2012392669B Science/B Laws84.4
2012392670B Computer Science/B Laws84.4
2012392690B Environmental Science72.55
2012392692B Biomedical Sc72.55
2012392694B Engineering Technology72.55
2012392695B Zoology72.55
2012392696B Animal Science77.1
2012392698B Ecology72.55
2012392759B Arts/B Science72.55
2012392761B Agriculture/B Laws84.4
2012392763B Environmental Science/B Laws84.4
2012393605B Rural Science77.1
2012393676B Agriculture72.55
2012393678B Agriculture/B Business72.55
2012395466B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2012395638B Financial Services72.55
2012395640B Financial Services/B Laws84.4
2012395656B Economics/B Laws84.4
2012395664B Commerce (Accounting)72.55
2012395666B Economics72.55
2012395668B Agric and Resource Ec77.1
2012395676B Business72.55
2012395679B Business/B Laws84.4
2012395699B Laws (4 years)84.4
2012395700B Agribusiness72.55
2012395755B Business/B Economics72.55
2012396665B Nursing (3 years F/T)72.55
2012396693B Arts/B Teaching77.1
2012396695B Science/B Teaching77.1
2012396697B Education (Primary)77.1
2012396699B Music/B TeachingN/A
2012396700B Business/B Teaching77.1
2012396755B Mathematics/B Teaching77.1
2012396756B Information Tech/B Teaching77.1
2011391601B Arts72.55
2011391603B Theatre & PerformanceN/A
2011391604B MusicN/A
2011391607B Indigenous Studies72.55
2011391610B Historical Inquiry &Practice;72.55
2011391640B Media and Communications72.55
2011391647B Urban & Regional Planning72.55
2011391658B Arts/B Laws84.4
2011391659B Social Science72.55
2011391660B Criminology72.55
2011391662B Crim/B Laws84.4
2011391666B Social Work72.55
2011391677B Languages72.55
2011391678B Psychological Science72.55
2011391680B Psychology with Honours86.25
2011391682B Sustainability72.55
2011391753B Arts/B Business72.55
2011391760B International Studies72.55
2011391762B Languages & Int Business72.55
2011392603B Science72.55
2011392606B GeoScience72.55
2011392608B Sports Science72.55
2011392609B Exercise Science77.1
2011392610B Exercise Physiology86.25
2011392612B Pharmacy91
2011392624B Computer Science72.55
2011392669B Science/B Laws84.4
2011392670B Computer Science/B Laws84.4
2011392690B Environmental Science72.55
2011392692B Biomedical Sc72.55
2011392694B Engineering Technology72.55
2011392695B Zoology72.55
2011392696B Animal Science77.1
2011392759B Arts/B Science72.55
2011392761B Agriculture/B Laws84.4
2011392763B Environmental Science/B Laws84.4
2011393605B Rural Science77.1
2011393676B Agriculture72.55
2011393678B Agriculture/B Business72.55
2011395466B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2011395636B Financial Admin72.55
2011395638B Financial Services72.55
2011395656B Economics/B Laws84.4
2011395657B Financial Admin/B Laws84.4
2011395664B Commerce (Accounting)72.55
2011395666B Economics72.55
2011395668B Agric and Resource Ec77.1
2011395676B Business72.55
2011395679B Business/B Laws84.4
2011395699B Laws (4 years)84.4
2011395700B Agribusiness72.55
2011395755B Business/B Economics72.55
2011396665B Nursing (3 years F/T)72.55
2011396693B Arts/B Teaching77.1
2011396695B Science/B Teaching77.1
2011396697B Education (Primary)77.1
2011396699B Music/B TeachingN/A
2011396700B Business/B Teaching77.1
2011396755B Mathematics/B Teaching77.1
2011396756B Information Tech/B Teaching77.1
2011396802B Nursing (2 years F/T)N/A
2010391601B Arts72.55
2010391603B Theatre Studies72.55
2010391604B MusicN/A
2010391607B Indigenous Studies72.55
2010391640B Media and Communications72.55
2010391647B Urban & Regional Planning72.55
2010391658B Arts/B Laws84.4
2010391659B Social Science72.55
2010391660B Criminology72.55
2010391662B Crim/B Laws84.4
2010391666B Social Work72.55
2010391677B Languages72.55
2010391678B Psychological Science72.55
2010391680B Psychology with Honours86.25
2010391753B Arts/B Business72.55
2010391760B International Studies72.55
2010391762B Languages & Int Business72.55
2010391770B Archaeology with Honours81.65
2010392603B Science72.55
2010392606B GeoScience72.55
2010392608B Sports Science72.55
2010392609B Exercise Science77.1
2010392610B Exercise Physiology86.25
2010392612B Pharmacy88
2010392624B Computer Science72.55
2010392669B Science/B Laws84.4
2010392670B Computer Science/B Laws84.4
2010392690B Environmental Science72.55
2010392692B Biomedical Sc72.55
2010392694B Engineering Technology72.55
2010392695B Zoology72.55
2010392759B Arts/B Science72.55
2010392761B Agriculture/B Laws84.4
2010392763B Environmental Science/B Laws84.4
2010392765B Livestock Science77.1
2010393605B Rural Science77.1
2010393676B Agriculture72.55
2010393678B Agriculture/B Business72.55
2010395466B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2010395636B Financial Admin72.55
2010395656B Economics/B Laws84.4
2010395657B Financial Admin/B Laws84.4
2010395664B Commerce (Accounting)72.55
2010395666B Economics72.55
2010395668B Agric and Resource Ec77.1
2010395676B Business72.55
2010395679B Business/B Laws84.4
2010395698B Laws (non-Graduate entry)N/A
2010395699B Laws (4 years)84.4
2010395700B Agribusiness72.55
2010395755B Business/B Economics72.55
2010396665B Nursing (3 years F/T)72.55
2010396693B Arts/B Teaching77.1
2010396695B Science/B Teaching77.1
2010396697B Education (Primary)77.1
2010396699B Music/B Teaching77.1
2010396700B Business/B Teaching77.1
2010396755B Mathematics/B Teaching77.1
2010396756B Information Tech/B Teaching77.1
2010396802B Nursing (2 years F/T)N/A
2010397611B Natural Resources77.1
2010397753B Nat Resources/B Urban Plan77.1
2009391601B Arts70
2009391603B Theatre Studies70
2009391604B MusicN/A
2009391607B Indigenous Studies70
2009391640B Communication Studies70
2009391647B Urban & Regional Planning70
2009391658B Arts/B Laws83
2009391659B Social Science70
2009391660B Criminology70
2009391662B Crim/B Laws83
2009391666B Social Work70
2009391677B Languages70
2009391678B Psychological Science70
2009391680B Psychology with Honours85
2009391753B Arts/B Business70
2009391760B International Studies70
2009391762B Languages & Int Business70
2009391770B Archaeology with Honours80
2009392603B Science70
2009392606B GeoScience70
2009392624B Computer Science70
2009392669B Science/B Laws83
2009392670B Computer Science/B Laws83
2009392690B Environmental Science70
2009392691B Advanced Sc with Honours95
2009392692B Biomedical Sc70
2009392693B Marine Sc & Management70
2009392694B Engineering Technology70
2009392759B Arts/B Science70
2009392761B Agriculture/B Laws83
2009392763B Environmental Science/B Laws83
2009392765B Livestock Science75
2009393605B Rural Science75
2009393676B Agriculture70
2009393678B Agriculture/B Business70
2009395466B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2009395636B Financial Admin70
2009395656B Economics/B Laws83
2009395657B Financial Admin/B Laws83
2009395664B Commerce (Accounting)70
2009395666B Economics70
2009395668B Agric and Resource Ec75
2009395676B Business70
2009395679B Business/B Laws83
2009395698B Laws (non-Graduate entry)N/A
2009395700B Agribusiness70
2009395755B Business/B Economics70
2009396665B Nursing (3 years F/T)70
2009396693B Arts/B Teaching75
2009396695B Science/B Teaching75
2009396697B Education (Primary)75
2009396699B Music/B Teaching75
2009396700B Business/B Teaching75
2009396755B Mathematics/B Teaching75
2009396756B Information Tech/B Teaching75
2009396802B Nursing (2 years F/T)N/A
2009397611B Natural Resources75
2009397753B Nat Resources/B Urban Plan75
2008391601B Arts70
2008391603B Theatre Studies70
2008391604B Music70
2008391640B Communication Studies70
2008391647B Urban & Regional Planning70
2008391658B Arts/B Laws83
2008391659B Social Science70
2008391660B Criminology70
2008391677B Languages70
2008391678B Psychological Science70
2008391680B Psychology with Honours85
2008391753B Arts/B Business70
2008391760B International Studies70
2008391762B Languages & Int Business70
2008391770B Archaeology with Honours80
2008392603B Science70
2008392606B GeoScience70
2008392624B Computer Science70
2008392669B Science/B Laws83
2008392670B Computer Science/B Laws83
2008392690B Environmental Science70
2008392691B Advanced Sc with Honours95
2008392692B Biomedical Sc70
2008392693B Marine Sc & Management70
2008392694B Engineering Technology70
2008392759B Arts/B Science70
2008392761B Agriculture/B Laws83
2008392763B Environmental Science/B Laws83
2008392765B Livestock Science75
2008393605B Rural Science75
2008393676B Agriculture70
2008393678B Agriculture/B Business70
2008395466B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2008395636B Financial Admin70
2008395656B Economics/B Laws83
2008395657B Financial Admin/B Laws83
2008395664B Commerce (Accounting)70
2008395666B Economics70
2008395668B Agric and Resource Ec75
2008395676B Business70
2008395679B Business/B Laws83
2008395698B Laws (non-Graduate entry)N/A
2008395700B Agribusiness70
2008395755B Business/B Economics70
2008396665B Nursing (3 years F/T)70
2008396693B Arts/B Teaching75
2008396695B Science/B Teaching75
2008396697B Education (Primary)75
2008396699B Music/B Teaching75
2008396700B Business/B Teaching75
2008396755B Mathematics/B Teaching75
2008396756B Information Tech/B Teaching75
2008396802B Nursing (2 years F/T)N/A
2008397611B Natural Resources75
2008397753B Nat Resources/B Urban Plan75
2007391601B Arts70
2007391640B Communication Studies70
2007391647B Urban & Regional Planning70
2007391658B Arts/B Laws83
2007391659B Social Science70
2007391677B Languages70
2007391680B Psychology with Honours85
2007391753B Arts/B Business70
2007391760B International Studies70
2007391762B Languages & Int Business70
2007391770B Archaeology with Honours80
2007392603B Science70
2007392622B Sc (Marine Sc & Management)75
2007392624B Computer Science75
2007392669B Science/B Laws83
2007392670B Computer Science/B Laws83
2007392679B Science (Advanced)95
2007392689B Science (Biomedical Sc)75
2007392690B Environmental Science70
2007392759B Arts/B Science70
2007392761B Agriculture/B Laws83
2007392763B Environmental Science/B Laws83
2007392765B Livestock Science80
2007393605B Rural Science80
2007393676B Agriculture70
2007395466B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2007395636B Financial Admin70
2007395656B Economics/B Laws83
2007395657B Financial Admin/B Laws83
2007395666B Economics70
2007395668B Agric and Resource Ec75
2007395676B Business70
2007395679B Business/B Laws83
2007395698B Laws (non-Graduate entry)N/A
2007395700B Agribusiness70
2007395755B Business/B Economics70
2007396665B Nursing70
2007396693B Arts/B Teaching75
2007396695B Science/B Teaching75
2007396697B Education (Primary)75
2007396699B Music/B Teaching75
2007396700B Business/B Teaching75
2007396755B Mathematics/B Teaching75
2007396756B Information Tech/B Teaching75
2007397611B Natural Resources75
2007397753B Nat Resources/B Urban Plan75
2006391601B Arts70
2006391640B Communication Studies70
2006391647B Urban & Regional Planning70
2006391658B Arts/B Laws83
2006391659B Social Science70
2006391677B Languages70
2006391680B Psychology with Honours85
2006391753B Arts/B Business70
2006391760B International Studies70
2006391762B Languages & Int Business70
2006392603B Science70
2006392622B Sc (Marine Sc & Management)75
2006392624B Computer Science75
2006392669B Science/B Laws83
2006392670B Computer Science/B Laws83
2006392679B Science (Advanced)95
2006392689B Science (Biomedical Sc)75
2006392690B Environmental Science70
2006392759B Arts/B Science70
2006392761B Agriculture/B Laws83
2006392763B Environmental Science/B Laws83
2006392765B Livestock Science80
2006393605B Rural Science80
2006393676B Agriculture70
2006395466B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2006395636B Financial Admin70
2006395656B Economics/B Laws83
2006395657B Financial Admin/B Laws83
2006395666B Economics70
2006395667B Agricultural Economics75
2006395676B Business70
2006395679B Business/B Laws83
2006395698B Laws (non-Graduate entry)N/A
2006395700B Agribusiness70
2006395755B Business/B Economics70
2006396665B Nursing70
2006396693B Arts/B Teaching75
2006396695B Science/B Teaching75
2006396697B Education (Primary)75
2006396699B Music/B Teaching75
2006396700B Business/B Teaching75
2006396755B Mathematics/B Teaching75
2006396756B Information Tech/B Teaching75
2006397611B Natural Resources80
2006397753B Nat Resources/B Urban Plan80
2005391601B Arts70
2005391640B Communication Studies70
2005391647B Urban & Regional Planning70
2005391658B Arts/B Laws83
2005391659B Social Science70
2005391661B Asian Studies70
2005391677B Languages70
2005391680B Psychology with Honours85
2005391752B Arts/B Commerce70
2005391760B International Studies70
2005391762B Languages & Int Business70
2005392603B Science70
2005392622B Sc (Marine Sc & Management)75
2005392624B Computer Science75
2005392669B Science/B Laws83
2005392670B Computer Science/B Laws83
2005392679B Science (Advanced)95
2005392689B Science (Biomedical Sc)75
2005392690B Environmental Science70
2005392759B Arts/B Science70
2005392761B Agriculture/B Laws83
2005392763B Environmental Science/B Laws83
2005392765B Livestock Science80
2005393605B Rural Science80
2005393676B Agriculture70
2005395466B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2005395636B Financial Admin70
2005395656B Economics/B Laws83
2005395657B Financial Admin/B Laws83
2005395666B Economics70
2005395667B Agricultural Economics75
2005395675B Commerce70
2005395678B Commerce/B Laws83
2005395698B Laws (non-Graduate entry)N/A
2005395700B Agribusiness70
2005395754B Commerce/B Economics70
2005396665B Nursing70
2005396693B Arts/B Teaching75
2005396694B Commerce/B Teaching75
2005396695B Science/B Teaching75
2005396697B Education (Primary)80
2005396699B Music/B Teaching75
2005396755B Mathematics/B Teaching75
2005396756B Information Tech/B Teaching75
2005397611B Natural Resources80
2005397617B Natural Resources/B Eng85
2005397753B Nat Resources/B Urban Plan80