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ATAR Cut-offs

Year Course No. Course Description ATAR Campus
2017421000 B Fine Arts (Honours)80Paddington
2017421001 B Fine Arts/B Arts80Paddington/Kensington
2017421100 B Design (Honours)80Paddington
2017421101 B Design (Honours)/B Media (Public Relations and Advertising)85Paddington/Kensington
2017421200 B Media Arts (Honours)80Paddington
2017421400 B Art Theory80Paddington
2017421401 B Art Theory/B Arts80Paddington/Kensington
2017421402 B Art Theory/B Social Research and Policy80Paddington/Kensington
2017422000 B Arts80Kensington
2017422050 B Arts and Business90Kensington
2017422100 B Arts/B Education (Secondary)80Kensington
2017422110 B Science/B Education (Secondary)85Kensington
2017422120 B Commerce/B Education (Secondary)96.3Kensington
2017422130 B Economics/B Education (Secondary)93Kensington
2017422140 B Fine Arts/B Education (Secondary)80Paddington/Kensington
2017422141 B Design (Honours)/B Education (Secondary)80Paddington/Kensington
2017422142 B Media Arts (Honours)/B Education (Secondary)80Paddington/Kensington
2017422200 B International Studies92Kensington
2017422210 B International Studies/B Media (Communication and Journalism)92Kensington
2017422220 B International Studies/B Media (Public Relations and Advertising)92Kensington
2017422230 B International Studies/B Media (Screen and Sound Production)92Kensington
2017422300 B Social Research and Policy80Kensington
2017422350 B Criminology and Criminal Justice83Kensington
2017422400 B Social Work (Honours)80Kensington
2017422401 B Social Work (Honours)/B Arts80Kensington
2017422402 B Social Work (Honours)/B Social Research and Policy80Kensington
2017422403 B Social Work (Honours)/B Criminology and Criminal Justice83Kensington
2017422500 B MusicA+CKensington
2017422501 B Music/B ArtsA+CKensington
2017422502 B Music/B Education (Secondary)A+CKensington
2017422503 B Music/B Media (Communication and Journalism)A+CKensington
2017422504 B Music/B Media (Public Relations and Advertising)A+CKensington
2017422505 B Music/B Media (Screen and Sound Production)A+CKensington
2017422510 B Music/B CommerceA+CKensington
2017422520 B Music/B Engineering (Honours)A+CKensington
2017422530 B Music/B ScienceA+CKensington
2017422531 B Music/B Advanced Science (Honours)A+CKensington
2017422700 B Media (Communication and Journalism)85Kensington
2017422710 B Media (Public Relations and Advertising)85Kensington
2017422720 B Media (Screen and Sound Production)85Kensington
2017423000 B Architectural Studies95.6Kensington
2017423100 B Computational Design80Kensington
2017423200 B Construction Management and Property82.1Kensington
2017423300 B Industrial Design (Honours)80Kensington
2017423400 B Interior Architecture (Honours)80Kensington
2017423500 B Landscape Architecture (Honours)80Kensington
2017423600 B City Planning (Honours)81.15Kensington
2017424000 B Commerce96.3Kensington
2017424050 B Commerce (International)97.25Kensington
2017424100 B Commerce/B Science96.3Kensington
2017424100 B Commerce/B Advanced Science (Honours)96.3Kensington
2017424100 B Commerce/B Arts96.3Kensington
2017424100 B Commerce/B Aviation (Management)96.3Kensington
2017424100 B Commerce/B Economics96.3Kensington
2017424100 B Commerce/B Information Systems96.3Kensington
2017424100 B Commerce/B Media (Public Relations and Advertising)96.3Kensington
2017424100 B Commerce/B Design (Honours)96.3Kensington/Paddington
2017424100 B Commerce/B Science (Computer Science)96.3Kensington
2017424100 B Commerce/B Fine Arts96.3Kensington/Paddington
2017424200 B Commerce/B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)96.3Kensington
2017424300 B Actuarial Studies97.3Kensington
2017424350 B Actuarial Studies/B Commerce97.3Kensington
2017424350 B Actuarial Studies/B Economics97.3Kensington
2017424350 B Actuarial Studies/B Science97.3Kensington
2017424350 B Actuarial Studies/B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)97.3Kensington
2017424400 B Economics93Kensington
2017424450 B Economics/B Arts93Kensington
2017424450 B Economics/B Science93Kensington
2017424460 B Economics/B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)95Kensington
2017424470 B Economics/B Advanced Science (Honours)95Kensington
2017424500 B Information Systems90Kensington
2017424600 B Commerce (Co-op)A+CKensington
2017424601 B Commerce (Co-op) (Honours)A+CKensington
2017424620 B Actuarial Studies (Co-op)A+CKensington
2017424640 B Information Systems (Co-op) (Honours)A+CKensington
2017425000 B Engineering (Honours) (Flexible First Year)92Kensington
2017425020 B Engineering (Honours) (Mechatronic)92Kensington
2017425050 B Engineering (Honours) (Aerospace/Mechanical and Manufacturing/Mechanical)92Kensington
2017425100 B Engineering (Honours) (Electrical)92Kensington
2017425100 B Engineering (Honours) (Telecommunications)92Kensington
2017425150 B Engineering (Honours) (Electrical)/M Engineering (Electrical)96Kensington
2017425200 B Engineering (Honours) (Renewable Energy)92Kensington
2017425200 B Engineering (Honours) (Photovoltaics and Solar Energy)92Kensington
2017425300 B Engineering (Honours) (Mining)92Kensington
2017425400 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil), including Geotechnical, Management, Structural, Transport or Water and Coastal92Kensington
2017425401 B Engineering (Honours)/B Engineering Science (Environmental/Civil or Civil/Environmental)92Kensington
2017425401 B Engineering (Honours)/B Engineering Science (Civil/Mining or Mining/Civil)92Kensington
2017425402 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil)/B Surveying92Kensington
2017425450 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil with Architecture)95.6Kensington
2017425470 B Engineering (Honours) (Environmental)92Kensington
2017425500 B Engineering (Honours) (Surveying)92Kensington
2017425550 B Engineering (Honours) (Industrial Chemistry)92Kensington
2017425550 B Engineering (Honours) (Chemical)92Kensington
2017425600 B Food Science (Honours)92Kensington
2017425650 B Engineering (Honours) (Petroleum)92Kensington
2017425700 B Engineering (Honours) (Computer)92Kensington
2017425750 B Engineering (Honours) (Software)92Kensington
2017425770 B Engineering (Honours) (Bioinformatics)92Kensington
2017425800 B Science (Computer Science)/B Science92Kensington
2017425800 B Science (Computer Science)92Kensington
2017425800 B Science (Computer Science)/B Arts92Kensington
2017425801 B Science (Computer Science)/B Media Arts (Honours)92Kensington/Paddington
2017425850 B Engineering (Honours)/B Science (Computer Science)92Kensington
2017425850 B Engineering (Honours)/B Science92Kensington
2017425850 B Engineering (Honours)/B Arts92Kensington
2017425900 B Engineering (Honours)/B Commerce96.3Kensington
2017425950 B Engineering (Honours) (Bioinformatics, Chemical, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronic, Software, Telecommunications)/M Biomedical Engineering92Kensington
2017426000 B Criminology and Criminal Justice/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Arts and Business/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Arts/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B City Planning (Honours)/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Commerce/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Economics/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Engineering (Honours)*/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B International Studies/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Media (Communication and Journalism)/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Media (Public Relations and Advertising)/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Media (Screen and Sound Production)/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Medicinal Chemistry (Honours)/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Psychological Science/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Psychology (Honours)/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Actuarial Studies/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Science (Computer Science)/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Science and Business/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Science/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Social Research and Policy/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Social Work (Honours)/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Fine Arts/B LawsA+CPaddington/Kensington
2017426000 B Advanced Science (Honours)/B LawsA+CKensington
2017426000 B Art Theory/B LawsA+CPaddington/Kensington
2017426050 B Music/B LawsA+CKensington
2017428000 B Medical Studies/Doctor of MedicineA+CKensington
2017428000 B Arts/B Medical Studies/Doctor of MedicineA+CKensington
2017428100 B Exercise Physiology85Kensington
2017428200 B International Public HealthncOnline
2017429000 B Science85Kensington
2017429050 B Life Sciences80Kensington
2017429100 B Science and Business90Kensington
2017429150 B Data Science and Decisions94Kensington
2017429200 B Science/B Arts85Kensington
2017429220 B Science/B Social Research and Policy85Kensington
2017429230 B Science/B Fine Arts85Kensington/Paddington
2017429300 B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)95Kensington
2017429320 B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)/B Arts95Kensington
2017429330 B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)/B Engineering (Honours)95Kensington
2017429331 B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)/B Science (Computer Science)95Kensington
2017429350 B Advanced Science (Honours)95Kensington
2017429360 B Advanced Science (Honours)/B Engineering (Honours)95Kensington
2017429361 B Advanced Science (Honours)/B Science (Computer Science)95Kensington
2017429370 B Advanced Science (Honours)/B Arts95Kensington
2017429390 B Advanced Science (Honours)/B Social Research and Policy95Kensington
2017429395 B Advanced Science (Honours)/B Fine Arts95Kensington/Paddington
2017429400 B Biotechnology (Honours)85Kensington
2017429420 B Science (International)87Kensington
2017429450 B Nanoscience (Honours)85Kensington
2017429500 B Aviation (Flying)A+CKensington
2017429520 B Aviation (Management)80Kensington
2017429540 B Environmental Management80Kensington
2017429560 B Environmental Management/B Arts80Kensington
2017429600 B Engineering (Honours) (Materials Science and Engineering)85Kensington
2017429610 B Engineering (Honours) (Materials Science and Engineering)/B Commerce96.3Kensington
2017429620 B Engineering (Honours) (Materials Science and Engineering)/B Engineering Science (Chemical Engineering)92Kensington
2017429630 B Engineering (Honours) (Materials Science and Engineering)/M Biomedical Engineering92Kensington
2017429700 B Medical Science91Kensington
2017429720 B Medicinal Chemistry (Honours)90Kensington
2017429740 B Vision Science95Kensington
2017429750 B Vision Science/M Clinical Optometry97Kensington
2017429800 B Psychological Science87Kensington
2017429850 B Psychology (Honours)98Kensington
2017430100 UNSW Preparation Program (Arts and Social Sciences)A+CKensington
2017430110 UNSW Preparation Program (Business)A+CKensington
2017430120 UNSW Preparation Program (Engineering)A+CKensington
2017430130 UNSW Preparation Program (Science)A+CKensington
2017430200 University Preparation ProgramN/AKensington
2017450001 B ArtsA+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017450010 B BusinessA+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017450020 B ScienceA+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017450030 B Computing and Cyber SecurityA+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017450040 B Engineering (Honours) (Aeronautical Engineering)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017450050 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil Engineering)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017450060 B Engineering (Honours) (Electrical Engineering)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017450070 B Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical Engineering)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017450080 B Technology (Aeronautical Engineering)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017450090 B Technology (Aviation)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017451040 B Engineering (Honours) (Aeronautical Engineering)91UNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017451050 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil Engineering)91UNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017451060 B Engineering (Honours) (Electrical Engineering)91UNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017451070 B Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical Engineering)91UNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017451100 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil Engineering)/B Science91UNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017451100 B Engineering (Honours) (Aeronautical Engineering)/B Science91UNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017451100 B Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical Engineering)/B Science91UNSW Canberra at ADFA
2017451100 B Engineering (Honours) (Electrical Engineering)/B Science91UNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016421000 B Fine Arts (Honours)80Paddington
2016421001 B Fine Arts/B Arts81Kensington/Paddington
2016421100 B Design (Honours)80Paddington
2016421101 B Design (Honours)/B Media (Public Relations and Advertising)85Kensington/Paddington
2016421200 B Media Arts (Honours)80Paddington
2016421400 B Art Theory80Paddington
2016421401 B Art Theory/B Arts81Kensington/Paddington
2016421402 B Art Theory/B Social Research and Policy80Kensington/Paddington
2016422000 B Arts81Kensington
2016422050 B Arts and Business90Kensington
2016422100 B Arts/B Education (Secondary)81Kensington
2016422110 B Science/B Education (Secondary)85Kensington
2016422120 B Commerce/B Education (Secondary)96.5Kensington
2016422130 B Economics/B Education (Secondary)93Kensington
2016422140 B Fine Arts/B Education (Secondary)80Kensington/Paddington
2016422141 B Design (Honours)/B Education (Secondary)80Kensington/Paddington
2016422142 B Media Arts (Honours)/B Education (Secondary)80Kensington/Paddington
2016422200 B International Studies93Kensington
2016422210 B International Studies/B Media (Communication and Journalism)93Kensington
2016422220 B International Studies/B Media (Public Relations and Advertising)93Kensington
2016422230 B International Studies/B Media (Screen and Sound Production)93Kensington
2016422300 B Social Research and Policy80Kensington
2016422350 B Criminology and Criminal Justice83Kensington
2016422400 B Social Work (Honours)80Kensington
2016422401 B Social Work (Honours)/B Arts81Kensington
2016422402 B Social Work (Honours)/B Social Research and Policy80Kensington
2016422403 B Social Work (Honours)/B Criminology and Criminal Justice83Kensington
2016422500 B MusicA+CKensington
2016422501 B Music/B ArtsA+CKensington
2016422502 B Music/B Education (Secondary)A+CKensington
2016422503 B Music/B Media (Communication and Journalism)A+CKensington
2016422504 B Music/B Media (Public Relations and Advertising)A+CKensington
2016422505 B Music/B Media (Screen and Sound Production)A+CKensington
2016422510 B Music/B CommerceA+CKensington
2016422520 B Music/B Engineering (Honours)A+CKensington
2016422530 B Music/B ScienceA+CKensington
2016422531 B Music/B Advanced Science (Honours)A+CKensington
2016422700 B Media (Communication and Journalism)85Kensington
2016422710 B Media (Public Relations and Advertising)85Kensington
2016422720 B Media (Screen and Sound Production)85Kensington
2016423000 B Architectural Studies95.6Kensington
2016423100 B Computational Design80Kensington
2016423200 B Construction Management and Property82.1Kensington
2016423300 B Industrial Design (Honours)80Kensington
2016423400 B Interior Architecture (Honours)80Kensington
2016423500 B Landscape Architecture (Honours)80Kensington
2016423600 B City Planning (Honours)80Kensington
2016424000 B Commerce96.5Kensington
2016424050 B Commerce (International)97.5Kensington
2016424100 B Commerce/B Aviation (Management)96.5Kensington
2016424100 B Commerce/B Media (Public Relations and Advertising)96.5Kensington
2016424100 B Commerce/B Design (Honours)96.5Kensington/Paddington
2016424100 B Commerce/B Advanced Science (Honours)96.5Kensington
2016424100 B Commerce/B Fine Arts96.5Kensington/Paddington
2016424100 B Commerce/B Arts96.5Kensington
2016424100 B Commerce/B Science96.5Kensington
2016424100 B Commerce/B Information Systems96.5Kensington
2016424100 B Commerce/B Economics96.5Kensington
2016424100 B Commerce/B Science (Computer Science)96.5Kensington
2016424200 B Commerce/B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)96.5Kensington
2016424300 B Actuarial Studies97.5Kensington
2016424350 B Actuarial Studies/B Economics97.5Kensington
2016424350 B Actuarial Studies/B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)97.5Kensington
2016424350 B Actuarial Studies/B Commerce97.5Kensington
2016424350 B Actuarial Studies/B Science97.5Kensington
2016424400 B Economics93Kensington
2016424450 B Economics/B Arts93Kensington
2016424450 B Economics/B Science93Kensington
2016424460 B Economics/B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)95Kensington
2016424470 B Economics/B Advanced Science (Honours)95Kensington
2016424500 B Information Systems90Kensington
2016424600 B Commerce (Co-op)A+CKensington
2016424601 B Commerce (Co-op) (Honours)A+CKensington
2016424620 B Actuarial Studies (Co-op)A+CKensington
2016424640 B Information Systems (Co-op) (Honours)A+CKensington
2016425000 B Engineering (Honours) (Flexible First Year)91Kensington
2016425020 B Engineering (Honours) (Mechatronic)91Kensington
2016425050 B Engineering (Honours) (Aerospace/Mechanical and Manufacturing/Mechanical)91Kensington
2016425100 B Engineering (Honours) (Electrical)91Kensington
2016425100 B Engineering (Honours) (Telecommunications)91Kensington
2016425150 B Engineering (Honours) (Electrical)/M Engineering (Electrical)95Kensington
2016425200 B Engineering (Honours) (Photovoltaics and Solar Energy)91Kensington
2016425200 B Engineering (Honours) (Renewable Energy)91Kensington
2016425300 B Engineering (Honours) (Mining)91Kensington
2016425400 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil), including Geotechnical, Management, Structural, Transport or Water and Coastal91Kensington
2016425401 B Engineering (Honours)/B Engineering Science (Civil/Mining or Mining/Civil)91Kensington
2016425401 B Engineering (Honours)/B Engineering Science (Environmental/Civil or Civil/Environmental)91Kensington
2016425402 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil)/B Surveying91Kensington
2016425450 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil with Architecture)95.6Kensington
2016425470 B Engineering (Honours) (Environmental)91Kensington
2016425500 B Engineering (Honours) (Surveying)91Kensington
2016425500 B Engineering (Honours) (Geospatial Engineering)91Kensington
2016425550 B Engineering (Honours) (Chemical)91Kensington
2016425550 B Engineering (Honours) (Industrial Chemistry)91Kensington
2016425600 B Food Science (Honours)91Kensington
2016425650 B Engineering (Honours) (Petroleum)91Kensington
2016425700 B Engineering (Honours) (Computer)91Kensington
2016425750 B Engineering (Honours) (Software)91Kensington
2016425770 B Engineering (Honours) (Bioinformatics)91Kensington
2016425800 B Science (Computer Science)91Kensington
2016425800 B Science (Computer Science)/B Arts91Kensington
2016425800 B Science (Computer Science)/B Science91Kensington
2016425801 B Science (Computer Science)/B Media Arts (Honours)91Kensington/Paddington
2016425850 B Engineering (Honours)/B Arts91Kensington
2016425850 B Engineering (Honours)/B Science91Kensington
2016425850 B Engineering (Honours)/B Science (Computer Science)91Kensington
2016425900 B Engineering (Honours)/B Commerce96.5Kensington
2016425950 B Engineering (Honours) (Bioinformatics, Chemical, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronic, Software, Telecommunications)/M Biomedical Engineering91Kensington
2016426000 B International Studies/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Social Research and Policy/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Science/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Art Theory/B Laws99.7Kensington/Paddington
2016426000 B Media (Public Relations and Advertising)/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Advanced Science (Honours)/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Arts and Business/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Social Work (Honours)/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Arts/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B City Planning (Honours)/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Commerce/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Criminology and Criminal Justice/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Economics/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Engineering (Honours)*/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Fine Arts/B Laws99.7Kensington/Paddington
2016426000 B Actuarial Studies/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Media (Communication and Journalism)/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Science (Computer Science)/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Psychology (Honours)/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Psychological Science/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Medicinal Chemistry (Honours)/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Media (Screen and Sound Production)/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426000 B Science and Business/B Laws99.7Kensington
2016426050 B Music/B LawsA+CKensington
2016428000 B Medical Studies/Doctor of MedicineA+CKensington
2016428000 B Arts/B Medical Studies/Doctor of MedicineA+CKensington
2016428100 B Exercise Physiology86Kensington
2016429000 B Science85Kensington
2016429050 B Life Sciences80Kensington
2016429100 B Science and Business90Kensington
2016429150 B Data Science and DecisionsncKensington
2016429200 B Science/B Arts85Kensington
2016429220 B Science/B Social Research and Policy85Kensington
2016429230 B Science/B Fine Arts85Kensington/Paddington
2016429300 B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)95Kensington
2016429320 B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)/B Arts95Kensington
2016429330 B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)/B Engineering (Honours)95Kensington
2016429331 B Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)/B Science (Computer Science)95Kensington
2016429350 B Advanced Science (Honours)95Kensington
2016429360 B Advanced Science (Honours)/B Engineering (Honours)95Kensington
2016429361 B Advanced Science (Honours)/B Science (Computer Science)95Kensington
2016429370 B Advanced Science (Honours)/B Arts95Kensington
2016429390 B Advanced Science (Honours)/B Social Research and Policy95Kensington
2016429395 B Advanced Science (Honours)/B Fine Arts95Kensington/Paddington
2016429400 B Biotechnology (Honours)85Kensington
2016429420 B Science (International)87Kensington
2016429450 B Nanoscience (Honours)85Kensington
2016429500 B Aviation (Flying)A+CKensington
2016429520 B Aviation (Management)80Kensington
2016429540 B Environmental Management80Kensington
2016429560 B Environmental Management/B Arts81Kensington
2016429600 B Engineering (Honours) (Materials Science and Engineering)85Kensington
2016429610 B Engineering (Honours) (Materials Science and Engineering)/B Commerce96.5Kensington
2016429620 B Engineering (Honours) (Materials Science and Engineering)/B Engineering Science (Chemical Engineering)91Kensington
2016429630 B Engineering (Honours) (Materials Science and Engineering)/M Biomedical Engineering91Kensington
2016429700 B Medical Science94Kensington
2016429720 B Medicinal Chemistry (Honours)90Kensington
2016429740 B Vision SciencencKensington
2016429750 B Vision Science/M Clinical Optometry98.00*Kensington
2016429800 B Psychological Science87Kensington
2016429850 B Psychology (Honours)98Kensington
2016430100 UNSW Preparation Program (Arts and Social Sciences)A+CKensington
2016430110 UNSW Preparation Program (Business)A+CKensington
2016430120 UNSW Preparation Program (Engineering)A+CKensington
2016430130 UNSW Preparation Program (Science)A+CKensington
2016430200 University Preparation ProgramN/AKensington
2016450001 B ArtsA+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016450010 B BusinessA+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016450020 B ScienceA+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016450030 B Computing and Cyber SecurityA+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016450040 B Engineering (Honours) (Aeronautical Engineering)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016450050 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil Engineering)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016450060 B Engineering (Honours) (Electrical Engineering)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016450070 B Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical Engineering)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016450080 B Technology (Aeronautical Engineering)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016450090 B Technology (Aviation)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016451040 B Engineering (Honours) (Aeronautical Engineering)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016451050 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil Engineering)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016451060 B Engineering (Honours) (Electrical Engineering)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016451070 B Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical Engineering)A+CUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2016451100 B Engineering (Honours) (Aeronautical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical)/B SciencencUNSW Canberra at ADFA
2015421000B Fine Arts (Honours)80
2015421001B Fine Arts/B Arts80
2015421100B Design (Honours)80
2015421101B Dgn(H)/B Media(PR&Ad;)85
2015421200B Media Arts (Hons)80
2015421400B Art Theory80
2015422000B Arts81
2015422050B Arts and Business90
2015422100B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)81
2015422110B Science/B Ed (Secondary)84
2015422120B Commerce/B Ed (Secondary)96.3
2015422130B Economics/B Ed (Secondary)93
2015422140B Fine Arts/B Ed (Secondary)80
2015422141B Design(Hons)/B Ed (Sec)80
2015422142B Media Arts(Hons)/B Ed (Sec)80
2015422200B International Studies92
2015422210B InterStds/B Media(Comm&Jlsm;)92
2015422220B Inter Stds/B Media(PR&Advt;)92
2015422230B InterStds/B Media(Scr&SndPd;)92
2015422300B Social Research & Policy80
2015422350B Crim&CrimJst;/BSoWkHons/BCrJst82
2015422400B Social Work (Honours)80
2015422500B Music/B Music/B ArtsN/A
2015422501B Music/BMedia (Comm&Jlsm;)N/A
2015422502B Music/B Media (PR&Advert;)N/A
2015422503B Music/B Media (Scr&Snd; Prod)N/A
2015422505B Music/B CommerceN/A
2015422510B Music/B ScienceN/A
2015422520B Music/B Science (Adv Sc)N/A
2015422525B Music/B Eng (Hons)N/A
2015422530B Music/B Education (Sec)N/A
2015422700B Media (Comm & Journalism)85
2015422710B Media (PR & Advertising)85
2015422720B Media (Screen & Sound Prod)83
2015423000B Arch Studies95.35
2015423100B Computational Design80
2015423300B Indust Design80
2015423400B Interior Arch80
2015423500B Lndscpe Arch80
2015423600B Planning80
2015424000B Commerce96.3
2015424050B Commerce (International)97
2015424100Combined Commerce96.3
2015424200B Commerce/B Sc (Adv Maths)96.3
2015424300B Actuarial Studies97
2015424350Combined Actuarial Stds97
2015424400B Economics93
2015424450Combined Economics93
2015424460B Econ/B Sc (Adv Maths)95
2015424500B Information Systems90
2015424600B Commerce (Co-op)N/A
2015424620B Actuarial Studies (Co-op)N/A
2015424640B Information Sys (Co-op)N/A
2015425000B Eng (H)(Flexible First Year)91
2015425020B Eng (H) (Mechatronic)91
2015425050B Eng (H)(AeroMMgtMNA)91
2015425100B Eng (H)(Telecom/Electrical)91
2015425150B Eng (Elec)/M Eng (Elec)95
2015425200B Eng(H)(Photo/Renew Energy)91
2015425300B Eng (H) (Mining)91
2015425400B Eng (H)(Civil)91
2015425450B Eng(H)(Civil with Architect)95.1
2015425470B Engineering (H)(Env)91
2015425500B Eng (H)(Survey or Geo Eng)91
2015425550B Eng (H)(Chem or Ind Chem)91
2015425600B Food Science (Hons)91
2015425650B Eng (H)(Petroleum)91
2015425700B Eng (H)(Computer)91
2015425750B Eng (H)(Software)91
2015425770B Eng (H)(Bioinformatics)91
2015425800B Science (Comp Sc)91
2015425801B Sc(Comp Sc)/B Media Arts(H)91
2015425850B Eng combined(H)BA or BSc91
2015425900B Engineering(H)/B Commerce96.3
2015425950B Eng(Hons)/M Biomed Eng91.3
2015426000B Combined Law99.7
2015426050B Music/B LawsN/A
2015428000B MedMDN/A
2015428100B Exercise Physiology86.15
2015429000B Science84
2015429050B Life Sciences80
2015429100B Science and Business90
2015429200B Science/B Arts84
2015429220B Science/B Soc Rsrch & Pol84
2015429230B Science/B Fine Arts84
2015429300B Science (Adv Maths)95
2015429320B Science (Adv Maths)/B Arts95
2015429330B Sc (Adv Maths)/B Eng(Hons)95
2015429331B Sc(AdvMaths)/B Sc(CompSc)95
2015429350B Science (Adv Science)95
2015429360B Sc (Adv Sc)/B Eng(Hons)95
2015429361B Sc(Adv Sc)/B Sc(Comp Sc)95
2015429370B Science (Adv Science)/BA95
2015429390B Sc (Adv Sc)/B Soc Res & Pol95
2015429395B Science (Adv Science)/BFA95
2015429400B Science (Biotechnology)84
2015429420B Science (International)87
2015429450B Science (Nanotechnology)85
2015429500B Aviation (Flying)N/A
2015429520B Aviation (Management)80
2015429540B Environmental Mgt80
2015429560B Env Mgt/B Arts81
2015429600B Eng (Mtrls Science & Eng)84.45
2015429610B Eng (Mtrls Sc & Eng)/B Com96.3
2015429620B Eng (Mtrls Sc)/B Eng (Chem)91
2015429630B Eng (Mtrls Sc)/M Biomed Eng91
2015429700B Medical Science93.25
2015429720B Medicinal Chemistry90
2015429750B Optometry/B ScienceN/A
2015429800B Psychological Science87
2015429850B Psychology98.1
2015430100UNSW Prep (Arts & Soc Sc)N/A
2015430110UNSW Prep (Business)N/A
2015430120UNSW Prep (Engineering)N/A
2015430130UNSW Prep (Science)N/A
2015430200UNSW UPPN/A
2014421000B Fine Arts (Honours)80
2014421001B Fine Arts/B Arts80
2014421100B Design (Honours)80
2014421200B Media Arts (Hons)80
2014421300B Fine Arts/B Edu (Sec)80
2014421310B Design(Hons)/B Edu (Sec)80
2014421400B Art Theory80
2014422000B Arts82
2014422050B Arts and Business90
2014422100B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)82
2014422110B Science/B Ed (Secondary)84
2014422120B Commerce/B Ed (Secondary)96.3
2014422130B Economics/B Ed (Secondary)93
2014422142B Media Arts(Hons)/B Edu(Sec)80
2014422200B International Studies94
2014422210B InterStds/B Media(Comm&Jlsm;)94
2014422220B Inter Stds/B Media(PR&Advt;)94
2014422300B Social Research & Policy80
2014422400B Social Work (Honours)80
2014422500B Music/ B Music/B ArtsN/A
2014422505B Music/B CommerceN/A
2014422510B Music/B ScienceN/A
2014422520B Music/B Science (Adv Sc)N/A
2014422525B Music/B EngN/A
2014422530B Music/B Education(Sec)N/A
2014422700B Media (Comm & Journalism)85
2014422710B Media (PR & Advertising)85
2014422715B Dgn(Hons)/ BMedia(PR&Adv;)85.5
2014422720B Media(Media & Production)85
2014422730B Media (Screen & Sound)85
2014423000B Architectural Studies95
2014423100B Architectural Computing80
2014423200B Constr Mgt & Property80
2014423300B Industrial Design80
2014423400B Interior Architecture80
2014423500B Landscape Architecture80
2014423600B Planning80
2014424000B Commerce96.3
2014424050B Commerce (International)97
2014424100Combined Commerce96.3
2014424200B Commerce/B Sc (Adv Maths)96.3
2014424300B Actuarial Studies97
2014424350Combined Actuarial Stds97
2014424400B Economics93
2014424450Combined Economics93
2014424460B Econ/B Sc (Adv Maths)95.45
2014424500B Information Systems90
2014424600B Commerce (Co-op)N/A
2014424620B Actuarial Studies (Co-op)N/A
2014424640B Information Sys (Co-op)N/A
2014425000B Eng (Flexible First Year)91
2014425020B Eng (Mechatronic)91.35
2014425050B Eng (Mechanical)91
2014425100B Eng (Tel/Elec/Photonics)91
2014425150B Eng (Elec)/M Eng (Elec)95.45
2014425200B Eng (Photo or Renew Energy)91
2014425300B Eng (Mining)91
2014425400B Eng (Civil)91.2
2014425450B Eng (Civil with Architect)95
2014425470B Engineering (Env)92.25
2014425500B Eng (Survey or Geo Sys)91
2014425550B Eng (Chem or Ind Chem)91
2014425600B Science (Food Sc & Tech)91
2014425650B Eng (Petroleum)91.4
2014425700B Eng (Computer)91.35
2014425750B Eng (Software)91.05
2014425770B Eng (Bioinformatics)91
2014425800B Science (Comp Sc)91
2014425850B Eng combined B Arts or B Sc91
2014425900B Engineering/B Commerce96.3
2014425950B Eng/M Biomed Eng91.05
2014426000B Combined Law99.7
2014428000B MedMDN/A
2014428100B Exercise Physiology88.5
2014429000B Science84
2014429100B Science and Business90
2014429200B Science/B Arts84
2014429220B Science/B Soc Res & Pol84
2014429300B Science (Adv Maths)95
2014429320B Science (Adv Maths)/B Arts95
2014429330B Science (Adv Maths)/B Eng95
2014429350B Science (Adv Science)95
2014429360B Sc (Adv Sc)/B Eng95
2014429370B Science (Adv Science)/BA95
2014429390B Sc (Adv Sc)/B Soc Res & Pol95
2014429400B Science (Biotechnology)84
2014429420B Science (International)89
2014429450B Science (Nanotechnology)85
2014429500B Aviation (Flying)N/A
2014429520B Aviation (Management)80
2014429540B Sc (Environmental Mgt)84
2014429560B Sc (Env Mgt)/B Arts84
2014429600B Eng (Mtrls Science & Eng)84
2014429610B Eng (Mtrls Sc & Eng)/B Com96.3
2014429620B Eng (Mtrls Sc)/B Eng (Chem)91
2014429630B Eng (Mtrls Sc)/M Biomed Eng91
2014429700B Medical Science94
2014429720B Medicinal Chemistry90
2014429750B Optometry/B ScienceN/A
2014429800B Psychological Science87
2014429850B Psychology98
2014430100UNSW Prep (Arts & Soc Sc)N/A
2014430110UNSW Prep (Business)N/A
2014430120UNSW Prep (Engineering)N/A
2014430130UNSW Prep (Science)N/A
2014430200UNSW UPPN/A
2013421000B Fine Arts (Honours)70
2013421001B Art Education75
2013421002B Design (Hons)80.15
2013421003B Art Theory75
2013421005B Design (Hons)/B Art Ed80.45
2013421006B Media Arts (Honours)75.2
2013422000B Arts78
2013422001B Arts and Business90
2013422002B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)78
2013422003B Science/B Ed (Secondary)84.05
2013422004B MusicN/A
2013422005B Music/B EducationN/A
2013422006B Social Research & Policy75
2013422007B Social Work77
2013422008B Music/B Science (Adv Sc)N/A
2013422009B International Studies93.2
2013422010BCrim & CrimJst BSocWk/BCrim83
2013422011B Media (Comm & Journalism)84
2013422012B Media (Media Production)84
2013422013B Media (Screen & Sound)84
2013422014B Media (PR & Advertising)84
2013422024B Commerce/B Ed (Secondary)96.3
2013422025B Economics/B Ed (Secondary)93
2013423000B Architectural Studies95
2013423001B Constr Mgt & Property80.15
2013423002B Industrial Design80
2013423003B Interior Architecture80.7
2013423004B Landscape Architecture80
2013423005B Architectural Computing80
2013423006B Planning80
2013424000B Commerce96.3
2013424001Combined Commerce96.3
2013424002B Economics93
2013424003Combined Economics93
2013424004B Commerce (International)97.05
2013424005B Commerce/B Sc (Adv Maths)96.65
2013424006B Commerce (Co-op)N/A
2013424008B Information Systems90.2
2013424009B Information Sys (Co-op)N/A
2013424010B Actuarial Studies97
2013424011BAcSt/BSc(AdvMaths) BAcSt/BEc97
2013424012B Actuarial Studies (Co-op)N/A
2013424015B Taxation (Flexible Delivery)81.4
2013425000B Eng (Flexible First Year)91.2
2013425001B Eng (Mechanical)91.2
2013425002B Eng (Tel/Elec/Photonics)91
2013425003B Eng (Photo or Renew Energy)91.5
2013425004B Eng (Mining)91
2013425005B Eng (Civil)92.05
2013425006B Eng (Surv or Geo Sys)91
2013425007B Eng (Chem or Ind Chem)91.45
2013425008B Science (Food Sc & Tech)91
2013425009B Eng (Petroleum)91.25
2013425010B Eng (Bio Comp Soft)91
2013425011B Science (Comp Sc)91
2013425012B Eng/M Biomed Eng91.05
2013425013B Eng (Elec)/M Eng (Elec)96.4
2013425014B Eng/B Arts or B Science91.05
2013425015B Engineering/B Commerce96.3
2013425016B Engineering (Env)93.25
2013425036B Eng (Civil with Architect)95.9
2013426000B Combined Law99.65
2013428000B Medicine/B SurgeryN/A
2013428005B Exercise Physiology88.1
2013429000B Science83.05
2013429001B Science/BA or So Res & Pol83.25
2013429003B Science and Business90
2013429004B Science (International)89.05
2013429006B Medicinal Chemistry90.65
2013429007B Medical Science94
2013429008B Environmental Science83
2013429009B Eng (Mtrls Science & Eng)84
2013429010B Eng (Mtrls Sc)/M Biomed Eng91
2013429011B Science (Nanotechnology)85.3
2013429012B Eng (Mtrls Sc )/B Eng (Chem)91
2013429013B Science (Adv Science)95
2013429014B Science (Adv Maths)95
2013429016B Aviation (Flying)N/A
2013429017B Aviation (Management)80
2013429018B Science (Biotechnology)83
2013429025B Optometry/B ScienceN/A
2013429026B Psychology98
2013429027B Psychological Science87
2012421000B Fine Arts73
2012421001B Art Ed76
2012421002B Design86
2012421003B Art Theory79
2012421005B Design/B Art Ed86
2012421006B Digital Media82
2012422000B Arts78
2012422002B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)78
2012422003B Sc/B Ed (Sec)82
2012422004B MusicN/A
2012422005B Music/B EdN/A
2012422006B Social Science75
2012422007B Social Work75
2012422008B Music/B Science (Adv Sc)N/A
2012422009B International Studies94
2012422010B Criminology & Crim Justice84
2012422011B Media (Comm & Journalism)86.45
2012422012B Media (Media Production)84.4
2012422013B Media (Screen & Sound)86.1
2012422014B Media (PR & Advertising)88.1
2012422025B Economics/B Ed (Secondary)94.3
2012423000B Architectural Studies95.05
2012423001B Const Mgmt & Property87.95
2012423002B Industrial Design81.85
2012423003B Interior Architecture88.05
2012423004B Landscape Architecture82
2012423005B Architectural Computing81.05
2012423006B Planning78
2012424000B Commerce96.3
2012424001B Com (Services Marketing)N/A
2012424002B Economics94.3
2012424004B Information SystemsN/A
2012424005B Commerce/B Sc (Adv Maths)96.4
2012424009B Commerce (Co-op)N/A
2012424010B Commerce (International)97
2012424011B Commerce (Liberal Stds)96.3
2012424015B Taxation (Flexible Delivery)80
2012425000B Eng (Flexible First Year)91.25
2012425001B Eng (Mechanical)91
2012425002B Eng (Telecom/Elec/Photonics)91
2012425003B Eng (Photo or Renew Energy)91
2012425004B Eng (Mining)91
2012425005B Eng (Civil)91
2012425006B Eng (Surv or Geo Sys)91
2012425007B Eng (Chem or Ind Chem)91
2012425008B Sc (Food Sc & Tech)91
2012425009B Eng (Petroleum)91.35
2012425010B Eng (Bio Comp Soft)91
2012425011B Sc (Comp Sc)91
2012425012B Eng/M Biomed Eng91
2012425013B Eng (Elec)/M Eng (Elec)96.95
2012425014B Eng/B Arts or B Science91.15
2012425015B Engineering/B Commerce96.3
2012425016B Eng (Env)91.85
2012425030Dip in Science Eng & TechN/A
2012425036B Eng (Civil with Architect)95.9
2012426000B Combined Law99.65
2012428000B Medicine/B SurgeryN/A
2012428005B Exercise Physiology85
2012429000B Science82
2012429001B Sc/BA or Soc Sc82
2012429004B Science (International)89
2012429006B Medicinal Chemistry91.25
2012429007B Medical Science95.1
2012429008B Environmental Science83
2012429009B Eng (Mat Sc & Eng)85.05
2012429010B Eng (Mat Sc)/M Biomed Eng91.1
2012429011B Sc (Nanotechnology)87
2012429012B Eng (Mat Sc )/B Eng (Chem)93.75
2012429013B Science (Adv Sc)95
2012429014B Science (Adv Math)95.3
2012429016B Aviation (Flying)N/A
2012429017B Aviation (Management)80
2012429018B Science (Biotechnology)82
2012429025B Optometry/B ScienceN/A
2012429026B Psychology98
2012429027B Psychological Science87.5
2012429030Dip in Science Eng & TechN/A
2011421000B Fine Arts78.5
2011421001B Art Ed80.55
2011421002B Design90.3
2011421003B Art Theory86.05
2011421005B Design/B Art Ed92
2011421006B Digital Media86.3
2011422000B Arts80
2011422002B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)76.25
2011422003B Arts (Dance)/B EdN/A
2011422004B MusicN/A
2011422005B Music/B EdN/A
2011422006B Social Science76
2011422007B Social Work76
2011422008B Music/B Science (Adv Sc)N/A
2011422009B International Studies96.15
2011422010B Social Sc (Criminology)85.2
2011422011B Media (Comm & Journalism)89.25
2011422012B Media (Media Production)84.65
2011422013B Media (Screen & Sound)87.25
2011422014B Media (PR & Advertising)89
2011423000B Architectural Studies96.6
2011423001B Const Mgmt & Property87.2
2011423002B Industrial Design80.5
2011423003B Interior Architecture88.75
2011423004B Landscape Architecture81.3
2011423005B Architectural Computing83.1
2011423006B Planning80.25
2011424000B Commerce96.7
2011424001B Com (Services Marketing)N/A
2011424002B Economics94.3
2011424004B Information Systems84.5
2011424005B Commerce/B Sc (Adv Maths)98.15
2011424010B Commerce (International)97
2011424011B Commerce (Liberal Stds)96.8
2011425000B Eng (Flexible First Year)91.45
2011425001B Eng (Mechanical)91
2011425002B Eng (Telecom/Elec/Photonics)91
2011425003B Eng (Photo or Renew Energy)91.4
2011425004B Eng (Mining)91.7
2011425005B Eng (Civil/Mining/Env)91
2011425006B Eng (Surv & Geo Sys)91
2011425007B Eng (Chem or Ind Chem)91.1
2011425008B Sc (Food Sc & Tech)91
2011425009B Eng (Petroleum)94.2
2011425010BE(Bio Comp Soft) BSc (CompSc)91
2011425012B Eng/M Biomed Eng91.55
2011425014B Eng/B Arts or B Science91.15
2011425015B Engineering/B Commerce96.7
2011425030Dip in Science Eng & TechN/A
2011425036B Eng (Civil with Architect)96.6
2011426000B Combined Law99.65
2011426004B Taxation (Flexible Delivery)80
2011428000B Medicine/B SurgeryN/A
2011428005B Exercise Physiology85.3
2011429000B Science80
2011429001B Sc/BA or Soc Sc80
2011429002B Science/B Education80.3
2011429004B Science (International)85.25
2011429006B Medicinal Chemistry92.45
2011429007B Medical Science97.8
2011429008B Environmental Science83
2011429009B Eng (Mat Sc & Eng)86.5
2011429010B Eng (Mat Sc)/M Biomed Eng91
2011429011B Sc (Nanotechnology)86.9
2011429012B Eng (Mat Sc )/B Eng (Chem)91
2011429013B Science (Adv Sc)95
2011429014B Science (Adv Math)95.4
2011429016B Aviation (Flying)N/A
2011429017B Aviation (Management)80.45
2011429018B Science (Biotechnology)80
2011429025B Optometry/B ScienceN/A
2011429026B Psychology97.6
2011429027B Psychological Science87.5
2011429030Dip in Science Eng & TechN/A
2010421000B Fine Arts78.2
2010421001B Art Ed80.55
2010421002B Design90.1
2010421003B Art Theory84
2010421005B Design/B Art Ed90
2010421006B Digital Media86.45
2010422000B Arts79
2010422002B Arts/B Ed (Secondary)79.1
2010422003B Arts (Dance)/B EdN/A
2010422004B MusicN/A
2010422005B Music/B EdN/A
2010422006B Social Science78
2010422007B Social Work76
2010422008B Music/B Science (Adv Sc)N/A
2010422009B International Studies96
2010422010B Social Sc (Criminology)85.05
2010422011B Media (Comm & Journalism)91
2010422012B Media (Media Production)84.5
2010422013B Media (Screen & Sound)87.2
2010423000B Architectural Studies95.4
2010423001B Const Mgmt & Property86.2
2010423002B Industrial Design77
2010423003B Interior Architecture87.1
2010423004B Landscape Architecture79.5
2010423005B Architectural Computing80.8
2010423006B Planning80.05
2010424000B Commerce96
2010424001B Com (Services Marketing)N/A
2010424002B Economics91.6
2010424004B Information SystemsN/A
2010424005B Commerce / B Sc (Adv Maths)97.2
2010424010B Commerce (International)97
2010424011B Commerce (Liberal Stds)96
2010425000B Eng (Flexible First Year)91.05
2010425001B Eng (Mechanical)91.3
2010425002B Eng (Telecom/Elec/Photonics)91.05
2010425003B Eng (Photo or Renew Energy)91
2010425004B Eng (Mining)91
2010425005B Eng (Civil/Mining/Env)91
2010425006B Eng (Surv & Geo Sys)91
2010425007B Eng (Chem or Ind Chem)91
2010425008B Sc (Food Sc & Tech)91
2010425009B Eng (Petroleum)91
2010425010B Eng (Comp) or B Sc (Comp Sc)91
2010425011B Eng (Software or Bio)91
2010425012B Eng/M Biomed Eng91.4
2010425013B Eng (Soft)/M Biomed Eng91
2010425014B Eng/B Arts or B Science91.1
2010425015B Engineering/B Commerce96.05
2010425030Dip (Science Eng & Tech)N/A
2010425036B Eng (Civil with Architecture)95.45
2010426000B Combined Law99.55
2010426004B Taxation (Distance Ed)80
2010428000B Medicine/B SurgeryN/A
2010428005B Exercise Physiology85
2010429000B Science78
2010429001B Sc/BA or Soc Sc79
2010429002B Science/B Education78.5
2010429004B Science (International)85
2010429006B Medicinal Chemistry92
2010429007B Medical Science94.7
2010429008B Environmental Science83
2010429009B Eng (Mat Sc & Eng)88.3
2010429010B Eng (Mat Sc)/M Biomed Eng91.15
2010429011B Sc (Nanotechnology)85.05
2010429013B Science (Adv Sc)94
2010429014B Science (Adv Math)96.4
2010429016B Aviation (Flying)N/A
2010429017B Aviation (Management)80.15
2010429018B Science (Biotechnology)79.15
2010429025B Optometry/B ScienceN/A
2010429026B Psychology96.05
2009421000B Fine Arts78
2009421001B Art Education78
2009421002B Design87
2009421003B Art Theory84
2009421005B Design/B Art Education87
2009421006B Digital Media85
2009422000B Arts76
2009422002B Arts/B Education76
2009422003B Arts (Dance)/B EducationN/A
2009422004B Music-B Mus/BA-B Mus/B ScN/A
2009422005B Music/B EducationN/A
2009422006B Social Science76
2009422007B Social Work76
2009422008B Music/B Sc (Adv Sc)N/A
2009422009B International Studies93
2009422010B Social Science (Criminology)80
2009422011B Media (Comm & Journalism)86
2009422012B Media (Media Production)83
2009422013B Media (Screen & Sound)83
2009423000B Architectural Studies94
2009423001B Const Mgmt & Property84
2009423002B Industrial Design78
2009423003B Interior Architecture85
2009423004B Landscape Architecture78
2009423005B Architectural Computing79
2009423006B Planning82
2009424000B Commerce95
2009424001B Com (Mkt/Hospitality)N/A
2009424002B Economics91
2009424004B Sc (Info Sys) B Sc (BIT)N/A
2009424010B Commerce (International)97
2009424011B Com (Liberal Stds)95
2009425000B Eng (Flexible First Year)88
2009425001B Eng (Mechanical)88
2009425002B Eng (Telecom or Elec)88
2009425003B Eng (Photo or Solar Energy)89
2009425004B Eng (Mining)88
2009425005B Eng (Environmental/Civil)88
2009425006B Eng (Surv & Spat Inf Sys)89
2009425007B Eng (Chem or Ind Chem)88
2009425008B Sc (Food Sc & Tech)89
2009425009B Eng (Petroleum)88
2009425010B Eng (Comp) or B Sc (Comp Sc)88
2009425011B Eng (Software or Bio)88
2009425012B Eng/M Biomed Eng88
2009425013B Eng (Soft)/M Biomed Eng90
2009425014B Eng/B Arts or B Sc88
2009425015B Eng/B Commerce95
2009425030Dip (Science Eng & Tech)N/A
2009425036B Eng (Civil with Architect)94
2009426000B Combined Law99
2009426002B Laws F/T (Graduates)N/A
2009426003B Laws P/TN/A
2009426004B Taxation (Distance Ed)80
2009428000B Medicine/B SurgeryN/A
2009428005B Science (Health & Exercise)82
2009429000B Science76
2009429001B Science/B Arts76
2009429002B Science/B Education76
2009429003B Science (Communications)78
2009429007B Medical Science92
2009429008B Environmental Science82
2009429009B Eng (Mat Sc & Eng)83
2009429010B Eng (Mat Sc)/M Biomed Eng88
2009429011B Sc (Nanotechnology)84
2009429013B Sc (Adv Sc)92
2009429014B Sc (Adv Math)95
2009429016B Aviation (Flying)N/A
2009429017B Aviation (Management)76
2009429018B Sc (Biotechnology)77
2009429025B Optometry/B ScienceN/A
2009429026B Psychology96
2008421000B Fine Arts78
2008421001B Art Education78
2008421002B Design86
2008421003B Art Theory80
2008421005B Design/B Art Education86
2008421006B Digital Media87
2008422000B Arts76
2008422001B Arts(Media & Comm)82
2008422002B Arts/B Education76
2008422003B Arts (Dance)/B EducationN/A
2008422004B MusicN/A
2008422005B Music/B EducationN/A
2008422006B Social Science76
2008422007B Social Work76
2008422009B International Studies94
2008422010B Social Science (Criminology)80
2008423000B Architectural Studies90
2008423001B Const Mgmt & Property80
2008423002B Industrial Design78
2008423003B Interior Architecture82
2008423004B Landscape Architecture78
2008423005B Architectural Computing78
2008423006B Planning81
2008424000B Commerce95
2008424001B Com (Mkt/Hospitality)N/A
2008424002B Economics91
2008424004B Sc (Info Sys) B Sc (BIT)N/A
2008424010B Commerce (International)97
2008424011B Com (Liberal Stds)95
2008424012B Economics (Liberal Stds)91
2008425000B Eng (Flexible First Year)88
2008425001B Eng (Mechanical)88
2008425002B Eng (Telecom or Elec)88
2008425003B Eng (Photo or Renewable)88
2008425004B Eng (Mining)88
2008425005B Eng (Civil)88
2008425006B Eng (Surv & Spat Inf Sys)88
2008425007B Eng (Chem or Ind Chem)88
2008425008B Sc (Food Sc & Tech)88
2008425009B Eng (Petroleum)88
2008425010B Eng (Comp) or B Sc (Comp Sc)88
2008425011B Eng (Software or Bio)88
2008425012B Eng/M Biomed Eng88
2008425013B Eng (Soft)/M Biomed Eng88
2008425014B Eng/B Arts or B Sc88
2008425015B Eng/B Commerce95
2008425030Dip (Science Eng & Tech)N/A
2008425036B Eng (Civil with Architect)90
2008426000B Combined Law99
2008426002B Laws F/T (Graduates)N/A
2008426003B Laws P/TN/A
2008426004B Taxation (Distance Ed)80
2008428000B Medicine/B SurgeryN/A
2008428005B Science (Health & Exercise)84
2008429000B Science76
2008429001B Science/B Arts76
2008429002B Science/B Education76
2008429003B Science (Communications)78
2008429004B Science (Media and Comm)82
2008429007B Medical Science92
2008429008B Environmental Science82
2008429009B Eng (Mat Sc & Eng)82
2008429010B Eng (Mat Sc)/M Biomed Eng88
2008429011B Sc (Nanotechnology)83
2008429013BSc(Adv Sc) or BSc(Adv Math)92
2008429016B Aviation (Flying)N/A
2008429017B Aviation (Management)76
2008429018B Sc (Biotechnology)76
2008429025B Optometry/B ScienceN/A
2008429026B Psychology96
2007421000B Fine Arts80
2007421001B Art Education80
2007421002B Design85
2007421003B Art Theory80
2007421005B Design/B Art Education85
2007421006B Sc (Comp Sc)/B Digital Media85
2007422000B Arts80
2007422001B Arts (Media & Comm)83
2007422002B Arts/B Education80
2007422003B Arts (Dance)/B EducationN/A
2007422004B MusicN/A
2007422005B Music/B EducationN/A
2007422006B Social Science80
2007422007B Social Work80
2007422009B International Studies93
2007422010B Social Science (Criminology)80
2007423000B Architecture90
2007423001B Bldg Construction Mgmt78
2007423002B Industrial Design78
2007423003B Interior Architecture83
2007423004B Landscape Architecture75
2007423005B Science (Architecture)79
2007423006B Planning78
2007424000B Commerce95
2007424001B Com (Mkt/Hospitality)N/A
2007424002B Economics90
2007424004B Sc (Info Sys) B Sc (BIT)85
2007424010B Commerce (Int)97
2007424011B Com (Liberal Stds)95
2007424012B Economics(Liberal Stds)90
2007425000B Eng (Flexible First Year)85
2007425001B Eng (Mechanical)85
2007425002B Eng (Telecom or Elec)85
2007425003B Eng (Photo or Renewable)85
2007425004B Eng (Mining)85
2007425005B Eng (Civil)85
2007425006B Eng (Surv & Spat Inf Sys)85
2007425007B Eng (Chem or Ind Chem)85
2007425008B Sc (Food Sc & Tech)85
2007425009B Eng (Petroleum)85
2007425010B Eng (Comp) B Sc (Comp Sc)85
2007425011B Eng (Software or Bio)85
2007425012B Eng/M Biomed Eng85
2007425013B Eng (Soft)/M Biomed Eng85
2007425014B Eng/B Arts or B Sc85
2007425015B Eng/B Commerce95
2007425036B Eng (Civil with Architect)85
2007426000B of Combined Law99
2007426002B Laws F/T (Graduates)N/A
2007426003B Laws P/T(Graduates&UPP; Entr)N/A
2007426004B Taxation (Distance Ed)79
2007428000B Med/B SurgeryN/A
2007428005B Science (Health&Exercise; Sc)85
2007429000B Science75
2007429001B Science/B Arts80
2007429002B Science/B Education75
2007429003B Science (Communications)80
2007429004B Science (Media and Comm)83
2007429007B Medical Science89
2007429008B Environmental Science80
2007429009B Eng (Mat Sc & Eng)80
2007429010B Eng (Mat Sc)/M Biomed Eng85
2007429011B Sc (Nanotechnology)75
2007429013B Science (Adv Science)90
2007429016B Aviation (Flying)N/A
2007429017B Aviation (Management)75
2007429018B Sc (Biotechnology)75
2007429025B Optometry/B Science99
2007429026B Psychology96
2006421000B Fine Arts75
2006421001B Art Education80
2006421002B Design85
2006421003B Art Theory80
2006421005B Design/B Art Education85
2006421006B Digital Media86
2006422000B Arts75
2006422001B Arts(Media & Comm)80
2006422002B Arts/B Education75
2006422003B Arts (Dance)/B EducationN/A
2006422004B MusicN/A
2006422005B Music/B EducationN/A
2006422006B Social Science75
2006422007B Social Work75
2006422009B International Studies91
2006422010B Social Science (Criminology)80
2006423000B Architecture90
2006423001B Bldg Construction Mgmt78
2006423002B Industrial Design78
2006423003B Interior Architecture84
2006423004B Landscape Architecture80
2006423005B Science (Architecture)79
2006423006B Planning78
2006424000B Commerce93
2006424001B Com (Mkt/Hospitality)N/A
2006424002B Economics85
2006424003B Commerce/B Science93
2006424004B Sc (Info Sys) B Sc (BIT)85
2006425000B Eng (Flexible First Year)85
2006425001B Eng (Mat Sc & Eng)75
2006425002B Eng (Chemical)85
2006425003B Eng (Mining)85
2006425004B Eng (Petroleum)85
2006425005B Eng (Civil)85
2006425006B Eng (Computer)85
2006425008B Eng(Electrical or Photonics)85
2006425010B Eng (Environmental)85
2006425011B Eng (Surv & Spat Inf Sys)85
2006425012B Eng (Mechanical)85
2006425014B Eng (Software)88
2006425016B Eng (Telecommunications)85
2006425017B Eng (Photo & Solar Energy)85
2006425018B Sc (Food Science & Tech)75
2006425019B Sc (Computer Science)85
2006425020B Eng/B Arts85
2006425021B Eng/B Science85
2006425022B Eng/M Biomed Eng85
2006425023B Eng (Comp)/M Biomed Eng88
2006425024B Eng (Bioinformatics)89
2006425025B Eng (Mat Sc & Eng)/B Com93
2006425026B Eng (Mat Sc)/M Biomed Eng85
2006425027B Eng (Industrial Chem)85
2006425028B Eng (Software)/B Commerce93
2006425029B Eng/B Commerce93
2006425030B Sc (Comp Sc)/B Digital Media86
2006426000B of Combined Law99
2006426002B Laws F/T (Graduates)N/A
2006426003B Laws P/T(Graduates&UPP; Entr)N/A
2006426004B Taxation (Distance Ed)78
2006428000B Med/B SurgeryN/A
2006428005B Science (Health&Exercise; Sc)80
2006429000B Science73
2006429001B Science/B Arts75
2006429002B Science/B Education73
2006429003B Science (Communications)73
2006429004B Science (Media and Comm)80
2006429007B Medical Science85
2006429008B Environmental Science73
2006429011B Sc (Nanotechnology)80
2006429013B Science (Adv Science)88
2006429016B Aviation (Flying)N/A
2006429017B Aviation (Management)75
2006429018B Sc (Biotechnology)73
2006429025B Optometry/B Science99
2006429026B Psychology96
2005421000B Fine Arts80
2005421001B Art Education85
2005421002B Design90
2005421003B Art Theory86
2005421005B Design/B Art Education85
2005421006B Digital Media90
2005422000B Arts78
2005422001B Arts(Media & Comm)83
2005422002B Arts/B Education78
2005422003B Arts (Dance)/B EducationN/A
2005422004B MusicN/A
2005422005B Music/B EducationN/A
2005422006B Social Science78
2005422007B Social Work78
2005422009B International Studies90
2005422010B Social Science (Criminology)84
2005423000B Architecture90
2005423001B Bldg Construction Mgmt80
2005423002B Industrial Design78
2005423003B Interior Architecture84
2005423004B Landscape Architecture80
2005423005B Science (Architecture)83
2005423006B Planning82
2005424000B Commerce95
2005424001B Com (Mkt/Hospitality)N/A
2005424002B Economics90
2005424003B Commerce/B Science95
2005424004B Sc (Info Sys) B Sc (BIT)90
2005425001B Eng (Mat Sc & Eng)75
2005425002B Eng (Chemical)78
2005425003B Eng (Mining)78
2005425004B Eng (Petroleum)80
2005425005B Eng (Civil)78
2005425006B Eng (Computer)85
2005425008B Eng (Electrical or Photonic)80
2005425010B Eng (Environmental)78
2005425011B Eng (Surv & Spat Inf Sys)80
2005425012B Eng (Mechanical)78
2005425014B Eng (Software)90
2005425016B Eng (Telecommunications)78
2005425017B Eng (Photo & Solar Energy)78
2005425018B Sc (Food Science & Tech)75
2005425019B Sc (Computer Science)81
2005425020B Eng/B Arts80
2005425021B Eng/B Science80
2005425022B Eng/M Biomed Eng85
2005425023B Eng (Comp)/M Biomed Eng90
2005425024B Eng (Bioinformatics)90
2005425026B Eng (Mat Sc)/M Biomed Eng85
2005425027B Eng (Industrial Chem)78
2005425028B Eng (Software)/B Commerce95
2005425029B Eng/B Commerce95
2005426000B of Combined Law99
2005426002B Laws F/T (Graduates)N/A
2005426003B Laws P/T(Graduates&UPP; Entr)N/A
2005426004B Taxation (Distance Ed)80
2005428000B Med/B SurgeryN/A
2005428005B Science (Health & Sports Sc)82
2005429000B Science75
2005429001B Science/B Arts78
2005429002B Science/B Education78
2005429003B Science (Communications)80
2005429004B Science (Media and Comm)85
2005429007B Medical Science85
2005429008B Environmental Science75
2005429011B Sc (Nanotechnology)80
2005429013B Science (Adv Science)88
2005429016B Aviation (Flying)N/A
2005429017B Aviation (Management)78
2005429018B Sc (Biotechnology)75
2005429025B Optometry98
2005429026B Psychology95