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ATAR Cut-offs

Year Course No. Course Description ATAR Campus
2017481500 NewstepA+CNewcastle – Callaghan
2017481550 NewstepA+CCentral Coast – Ourimbah
2017482000 B Aboriginal Professional Practice77.1Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482010 B Arts60.2Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482020 B Arts61.2Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017482030 B Arts/B Innovation and EntrepreneurshipncNewcastle – Callaghan
2017482050 B Arts/B Science79.05Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482060 B Arts/B Science85.5Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017482100 B Biomedical Science78.05Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482150 B Biotechnology69.75Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482200 B Business61.1Newcastle City Precinct
2017482210 B Business61.45Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017482250 B Business/B Commerce73.15Newcastle City Precinct
2017482260 B Business/B Commerce70.6Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017482300 B Commerce65.75Newcastle City Precinct
2017482310 B Commerce63.95Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017482350 B Communication71.8Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482400 B Computer Science79.05Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482450 B Construction Management (Building) (Honours)63.2Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482460 B Construction Management (Building) (Honours)64.8Distance
2017482480 B Creative Industries63.2Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482485 B Creative Industries/B Innovation and EntrepreneurshipncNewcastle City Precinct
2017482500 B Design (Architecture)80.75Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482550 B Development Studies78.45Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482555 B Development Studies/B BusinessncNewcastle – Callaghan
2017482560 B Development Studies/B Social SciencencNewcastle – Callaghan
2017482600 B Engineering (Honours) (Chemical)81.35Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482610 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil)80.05Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482620 B Engineering (Honours) (Combined)84.55Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482630 B Engineering (Honours) (Computer Systems)79.75Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482640 B Engineering (Honours) (Electrical and Electronic)79.6Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482650 B Engineering (Honours) (Environmental)80.45Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482670 B Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical)82.05Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482680 B Engineering (Honours) (Mechatronics)83.05Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482690 B Medical Engineering (Honours)ncNewcastle – Callaghan
2017482700 B Engineering (Honours) (Software)80Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482705 B Engineering (Honours) (Surveying)83.45Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482720 B Engineering (Mining) Transfer Program80Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482750 B Environmental Science and Management61.7Newcastle – Callaghan
2017482760 B Environmental Science and Management62.4Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017482800 B Exercise and Sport Science75.2Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017482900 B Food Science and Human Nutrition64.6Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017482910 B Food Science and Human Nutrition/B BusinessncCentral Coast – Ourimbah
2017483000 B Information Technology60Newcastle – Callaghan
2017483010 B Information Technology60.4Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017483050 B Information Technology/B Business72.2Newcastle – Callaghan
2017483060 B Business/B Innovation and Entrepreneurship74.1Newcastle City Precinct
2017483070 B Commerce/B Innovation and Entrepreneurship72.9Newcastle City Precinct
2017483100 B Laws (Honours) Combined90.35Newcastle City Precinct
2017483200 B Mathematics80.6Newcastle – Callaghan
2017483250 B Mathematics/B Computer Science85.8Newcastle – Callaghan
2017483300 B Mathematics/B Science85Newcastle – Callaghan
2017483355 B Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Diagnostic Radiography)90.85Newcastle – Callaghan
2017483365 B Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Nuclear Medicine)79.6Newcastle – Callaghan
2017483375 B Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Radiation Therapy)78.9Newcastle – Callaghan
2017483400 B MidwiferyA+CNewcastle – Callaghan
2017483410 B MidwiferyA+CPort Macquarie
2017483450 B MusicA+CNewcastle City Precinct
2017483500 B Music/B ArtsA+CNewcastle City Precinct
2017483550 B Natural History Illustration70.3Newcastle – Callaghan
2017483600 B Nursing77.1Newcastle – Callaghan
2017483610 B Nursing76.85Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017483620 B Nursing71.6Port Macquarie
2017483650 B Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours)82.1Newcastle – Callaghan
2017483700 B Occupational Therapy (Honours)87.5Newcastle – Callaghan
2017483750 B Oral Health Therapy87Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017483800 B Pharmacy (Honours)79Newcastle – Callaghan
2017483850 B Physiotherapy (Honours)96.45Newcastle – Callaghan
2017483900 B Podiatry73.55Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017483970 B Psychological SciencencNewcastle – Callaghan
2017483980 B Psychological SciencencCentral Coast – Ourimbah
2017484000 B Science (Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Geography, Mathematics, Photonics, Physics, Psychology, Statistics)64.6Newcastle – Callaghan
2017484010 B Science (Marine Science, Psychology, Sustainable Resource Management)64.25Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017484050 B Social Science60.2Newcastle – Callaghan
2017484060 B Social Science60.2Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017484100 B Social Work (Honours)80.05Newcastle – Callaghan
2017484110 B Social Work (Honours)80.05Central Coast – Ourimbah
2017484150 B Speech Pathology (Honours)78.75Newcastle – Callaghan
2017484650 B Visual Communication Design66.8Newcastle – Callaghan
2017484750 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)ncNewcastle – Callaghan
2017484760 B Education (Early Childhood and Primary)ncCentral Coast – Ourimbah
2017484800 B Education (Primary)ncNewcastle – Callaghan
2017484810 B Education (Primary)ncCentral Coast – Ourimbah
2017484820 B Education (Primary)ncPort Macquarie
2017484850 B Education (Secondary) – Health and Physical Education (HPE) StreamncNewcastle – Callaghan
2017484860 B Education (Secondary) – Humanities and Arts StreamncNewcastle – Callaghan
2017484870 B Education (Secondary) – Humanities and Arts StreamncCentral Coast – Ourimbah
2017484880 B Education (Secondary) – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) StreamncNewcastle – Callaghan
2017489905 Dip BusinessncNewcastle City Precinct
2017489906 Dip BusinessncCentral Coast – Ourimbah
2017489920 Dip EngineeringncNewcastle – Callaghan
2017489930 Dip HumanitiesncNewcastle – Callaghan
2017489931 Dip HumanitiesncCentral Coast – Ourimbah
2017489981 Dip Languages63.15Newcastle – Callaghan
2017785000 B Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (Joint Medical Program)A+CNewcastle – Callaghan or Armidale
2016481500 NewstepA+CNewcastle – Callaghan
2016481550 NewstepA+CCentral Coast – Ourimbah
2016482000 B Aboriginal Professional Practice65.45Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482010 B Arts60Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482020 B Arts60.65Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016482050 B Arts/B Science78.65Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482060 B Arts/B Science80Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016482100 B Biomedical Science81.55Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482150 B Biotechnology70.9Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482200 B Business61Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482210 B Business60.8Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016482250 B Business/B Commerce70.9Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482260 B Business/B Commerce74.9Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016482300 B Commerce64.65Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482310 B Commerce62.35Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016482350 B Communication71.2Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482400 B Computer Science77.85Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482450 B Construction Management (Building) (Honours)63.1Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482460 B Construction Management (Building) (Honours)66.7Distance
2016482480 B Creative IndustriesncNewcastle – Callaghan
2016482500 B Design (Architecture)80.2Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482550 B Development Studies76.55Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482600 B Engineering (Honours) (Chemical)80.15Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482610 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil)80Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482620 B Engineering (Honours) (Combined)83Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482630 B Engineering (Honours) (Computer Systems)85.05Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482640 B Engineering (Honours) (Electrical and Electronic)80Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482650 B Engineering (Honours) (Environmental)84.8Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482670 B Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical)80.25Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482680 B Engineering (Honours) (Mechatronics)80.6Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482700 B Engineering (Honours) (Software)82.15Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482705 B Engineering (Honours) (Surveying)81.25Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482720 B Engineering (Mining) Transfer Program80Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482750 B Environmental Science and Management60.85Newcastle – Callaghan
2016482760 B Environmental Science and Management62.1Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016482800 B Exercise and Sport Science73Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016482900 B Food Science and Human Nutrition64.25Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016483000 B Information Technology60.85Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483010 B Information Technology61.85Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016483050 B Information Technology/B Business78.8Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483060 B Business/B Innovation and Entrepreneurship73.95Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483070 B Commerce/B Innovation and Entrepreneurship70.55Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483100 B Laws (Honours) Combined90.3Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483200 B Mathematics80.15Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483250 B Mathematics/B Computer Science88Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483300 B Mathematics/B Science89.3Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483355 B Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Diagnostic Radiography)91.1Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483365 B Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Nuclear Medicine)81.35Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483375 B Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Radiation Therapy)78.4Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483400 B MidwiferyA+CNewcastle – Callaghan
2016483410 B MidwiferyA+CPort Macquarie
2016483450 B MusicA+CNewcastle – Callaghan
2016483500 B Music/B ArtsA+CNewcastle – Callaghan
2016483550 B Natural History Illustration75.1Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483600 B Nursing77Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483610 B Nursing78.7Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016483620 B Nursing70.35Port Macquarie
2016483650 B Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours)85.1Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483700 B Occupational Therapy (Honours)87.25Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483750 B Oral Health Therapy90.75Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016483800 B Pharmacy (Honours)82.05Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483850 B Physiotherapy (Honours)96.15Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483900 B Podiatry73.85Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016483950 B Psychology (Honours)68.7Newcastle – Callaghan
2016483960 B Psychology (Honours)68.5Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016484000 B Science (Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Geography, Mathematics, Photonics, Physics, Psychology, Statistics)65.2Newcastle – Callaghan
2016484010 B Science (Marine Science, Psychology, Sustainable Resource Management)66.75Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016484050 B Social Science60.2Newcastle – Callaghan
2016484060 B Social Science60.1Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016484100 B Social Work (Honours)80.3Newcastle – Callaghan
2016484150 B Speech Pathology (Honours)80.2Newcastle – Callaghan
2016484200 B Teaching (Early Childhood and Primary) (Honours)63.4Newcastle – Callaghan
2016484210 B Teaching (Early Childhood and Primary) (Honours)61.2Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016484250 B Teaching (Health and Physical Education) (Honours)64.6Newcastle – Callaghan
2016484260 B Teaching (Humanities) (Honours)65.9Newcastle – Callaghan
2016484300 B Teaching (Humanities) (Honours)65.4Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016484310 B Teaching (Mathematics) (Honours)73.25Newcastle – Callaghan
2016484350 B Teaching (Primary) (Honours)61.15Newcastle – Callaghan
2016484400 B Teaching (Primary) (Honours)62.5Central Coast – Ourimbah
2016484450 B Teaching (Primary) (Honours)63.1Port Macquarie
2016484500 B Teaching (Science) (Honours)66.25Newcastle – Callaghan
2016484550 B Teaching (Technology) (Honours)65.35Newcastle – Callaghan
2016484650 B Visual Communication Design66.5Newcastle – Callaghan
2016489981 Dip Languages60Newcastle – Callaghan
2016780000 B Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine (Joint Medical Program)A+CNewcastle – Callaghan or Armidale
2015481500Newstep – CallaghanN/A
2015481550Newstep – OurimbahN/A
2015482000B Aboriginal Prof Practice65.45
2015482010B Arts (Callaghan)60
2015482020B Arts (Ourimbah)60.15
2015482050B Arts/B Science (Callaghan)77.45
2015482060B Arts/B Science (Ourimbah)86.25
2015482100B Biomedical Science82.25
2015482150B Biotechnology70.55
2015482200B Business (Callaghan)61.2
2015482210B Business (Ourimbah)60.45
2015482250B Business/B Com (Callaghan)70.85
2015482260B Business/B Com (Ourimbah)70.8
2015482300B Commerce (Callaghan)64.5
2015482310B Commerce (Ourimbah)64.4
2015482350B Communication74.8
2015482400B Computer Science72.15
2015482450B Constr Mgt (Bldg) (Hons)63.05
2015482460B Constr Mgt (Bldg)(Hons)(DE)65.3
2015482500B Design (Arch)80.2
2015482550B Development Studies74.4
2015482600B Eng (Hons) (Chemical)74.2
2015482610B Engineering (Hons) (Civil)70.45
2015482620B Eng (Hons) (Combined Deg)80.55
2015482630B Eng (Hons) (Computer)85.05
2015482640B Eng (Hons) (Electrical)70.2
2015482650B Eng (Hons) (Environmental)75.75
2015482670B Eng (Hons) (Mechanical)71.1
2015482680B Eng (Hons) (Mechatronics)74.7
2015482700B Eng (Hons) (Software)73.65
2015482705B Eng (Hons) (Surveying)71.75
2015482710B Eng (Hons) (Telecomm)78.8
2015482720B Eng (Mining) Trans prog71.1
2015482750B Env Sc & Mgt (Callaghan)60.35
2015482760B Env Sc & Mgt (Ourimbah)61.65
2015482800B Ex & Sport Sc (Ourimbah)77
2015482850B Fine ArtN/A
2015482900B Food Sc&HumanNutri;(Ourimbah)63.25
2015482950B Industrial DesignN/A
2015483000B Info Tech (Callaghan)60.45
2015483010B Info Tech (Ourimbah)60.8
2015483050B Info Tech/B Bus76.4
2015483100B Laws (Combined)(Hons)90.25
2015483200B Mathematics79.15
2015483250B Mathematics/B Computer Sc90
2015483300B Mathematics/B Science89.1
2015483350B Med Rad Sc (Diag Rad)92.35
2015483360B Med Rad Sc (Nuclear Med)81.75
2015483370B Med Rad Sc (Rad Therapy)79.6
2015483400B Midwifery (Callaghan)N/A
2015483410B Midwifery (Port Macquarie)N/A
2015483450B MusicN/A
2015483500B Music/B ArtsN/A
2015483550B Natural History Illus77.65
2015483600B Nursing (Callaghan)78.15
2015483610B Nursing (Ourimbah)78.4
2015483620B Nursing (Port Macquarie)70.25
2015483650B Nutrition & Dietetics (Hons)88.25
2015483700B Occupational Therapy(Hons)87.2
2015483750B Oral Health Therapy (Ou)98.95
2015483800B Pharmacy (Hons)85.85
2015483850B Physiotherapy (Hons)96.15
2015483900B Podiatry (Ourimbah)73.85
2015483950B Psychology (Hons) (Cal)68.45
2015483960B Psychology (Hons) (Ou)68.25
2015484000B Science (Callaghan)65.15
2015484010B Science (Ourimbah)66.25
2015484050B Social Science (Callaghan)60.05
2015484060B Social Science (Ourimbah)60.35
2015484100B Social Work (Hons)80.2
2015484150B Speech Pathology (Hons)81.1
2015484220B Teach(FineArt)(Hons)(Cal)N/A
2015484250B Teach(Hlth&PE;)(Hons)(Cal)64.5
2015484260B Teach (Hmts)(Hons)(Cal)65.45
2015484300B Teach (Hmts)(Hons)(Ou)65.4
2015484310B Teaching (Mathematics)(Hons)71.65
2015484350B Teach (Primary) (Hons) (Cal)61.05
2015484400B Teach (Primary) (Hons) (Ou)62.25
2015484450B Teach (Primary) (Hons) (PM)60.85
2015484500B Teach (Science) (Hons)66.05
2015484550B Teach (Technology) (Hons)65.35
2015484650B Visual Comm Design66.15
2015489981Dip Languages (Callaghan)62.4
2015780000B Medicine-Joint Medical ProgN/A
2014480015B Aboriginal Prof Practice65.45
2014480030B Arts (Callaghan)60
2014480040B Arts (Ourimbah)60.1
2014480090B Arts/B Science (Callaghan)79.95
2014480095B Arts/B Science (Ourimbah)86.25
2014480100B Biomedical Science82.05
2014480105B Biotechnology70
2014480110B Business (Callaghan)60.05
2014480120B Business (Ourimbah)60.25
2014480130B Business/B Com (Callaghan)70.6
2014480135B Business/B Com (Ourimbah)70.95
2014480150B Commerce (Callaghan)60.55
2014480160B Commerce (Ourimbah)61.8
2014480175B Communication74.4
2014480180B Computer Science72.15
2014480200B Constr Mgt (Bldg)65.2
2014480201B Constr Mgt (Bldg) (DE)65.3
2014480215B Design (Arch)82.3
2014480230B Development Studies74.9
2014480250B Engineering (Chemical)74.15
2014480265B Engineering (Combined Deg)80
2014480300B Engineering (Civil)70.3
2014480350B Engineering (Computer)85.05
2014480400B Engineering (Electrical)70.7
2014480450B Engineering (Environmental)76.35
2014480470B Eng (Hons)(Surveying)71.55
2014480480B Engineering (Mechanical)73.55
2014480530B Engineering (Mechatronics)74.5
2014480540B Eng (Mining) Trans prog70.05
2014480550B Engineering (Software)72
2014480560B Engineering (Telecomm)80
2014480570B Env Sc & Mgt (Callaghan)60.2
2014480572B Env Sc & Mgt (Ourimbah)63.4
2014480575B Ex & Sport Science77.7
2014480590B Fine Art (Callaghan)N/A
2014480605B Food Sc&HumanNutri;(Ourimbah)63.05
2014480631B Industrial DesignN/A
2014480634B Info Tech (Callaghan)60.35
2014480635B Info Tech (Ourimbah)60.75
2014480637B Info Tech/B Bus (Callaghan)75.7
2014480640B Laws (Combined Degrees)90
2014480650B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2014480660B Mathematics79.15
2014480670B Mathematics/B Computer Sc90
2014480680B Mathematics/B Science87.4
2014480690B Med Rad Sc (Diag Rad)92.3
2014480700B Med Rad Sc (Nuclear Med)81.35
2014480710B Med Rad Sc (Rad Therapy)79.5
2014480720B Midwifery (Callaghan)97.35
2014480722B Midwifery (Port Macquarie)94.7
2014480730B MusicN/A
2014480740B Music/B ArtsN/A
2014480745B Natural History Illus75.3
2014480750B Nursing (Callaghan)71.1
2014480755B Nursing (Ourimbah)75.15
2014480756B Nursing (Port Macquarie)70.15
2014480758B Nutrition & Dietetics88.1
2014480763B Occupational Therapy86.55
2014480764B Oral Health (Ourimbah)87.25
2014480765B Physiotherapy (Callaghan)96.1
2014480766B Pharmacy (Hons)87.55
2014480767B Podiatry (Ourimbah)73.75
2014480768B Psychology (Callaghan)70.05
2014480769B Psychology (Ourimbah)69.8
2014480770B Science (Callaghan)65.15
2014480780B Science (Ourimbah)67.7
2014480870B Social Science (Callaghan)60
2014480880B Social Science(Ourimbah)60.1
2014480902B Social Work (Hons)77
2014480915B Speech Pathology (Hons)82.15
2014481040B Teach(Prim)/B Arts (Cal)62.05
2014481041B Teach (Prim)/B Arts (Ou)62.2
2014481042B Teach(Prim)/B Arts (Pt Macq)63.3
2014481045B Teach(Prim)/B EarChSt (Cal)62.15
2014481046B Teach(Prim)/B EarChSt (Ou)60.65
2014481050B Teach (Second)/B Arts (Cal)66.3
2014481051B Teach (Second)/B Arts (Ou)65.1
2014481053B Teach(Second) /B Tech65.35
2014481055B Teach(Second)/BFineArt(Cal)65.75
2014481060B Teach(Second)/B Hlth&PE;(Cal)64.7
2014481065B Teach(Second)/B Math(Cal)73.6
2014481070B Teach (Second)/B Sci (Cal)67.7
2014481100B Theology60
2014481150B Visual Comm Design70.55
2014489980Dip Languages (Callaghan)61.75
2014780000B Medicine-Joint Medical ProgN/A
2013480015B Aboriginal Prof Practice61.8
2013480030B Arts (Callaghan)60
2013480040B Arts (Ourimbah)60.1
2013480090B Arts/B Science (Callaghan)79.1
2013480095B Arts/B Science (Ourimbah)86.25
2013480100B Biomedical Science84
2013480105B Biotechnology71.5
2013480110B Business (Callaghan)60.4
2013480120B Business (Ourimbah)60.2
2013480130B Business/B Com (Callaghan)70.4
2013480135B Business/B Com (Ourimbah)72
2013480150B Commerce (Callaghan)60.3
2013480160B Commerce (Ourimbah)62.6
2013480175B Communication78.75
2013480180B Computer Science72.75
2013480200B Constr Mgt (Bldg)68.05
2013480201B Constr Mgt (Bldg) (DE)78.55
2013480215B Design (Arch)83.1
2013480230B Development Studies72.3
2013480250B Engineering (Chemical)75.75
2013480265B Engineering (Combined Deg)80.3
2013480300B Engineering (Civil)73.05
2013480350B Engineering (Computer)85.05
2013480400B Engineering (Electrical)70.35
2013480450B Engineering (Environmental)76.9
2013480470B Eng (Hons)(Surveying)70.45
2013480480B Engineering (Mechanical)74.05
2013480530B Engineering (Mechatronics)76.25
2013480540B Eng (Mining) Trans prog70.25
2013480550B Engineering (Software)85
2013480560B Engineering (Telecomm)86.5
2013480570B Env Sc & Mgt (Callaghan)68.85
2013480572B Env Sc & Mgt (Ourimbah)68
2013480575B Ex & Sport Science77.6
2013480590B Fine Art (Callaghan)N/A
2013480605B Food Sc&HumanNutri;(Ourimbah)65.2
2013480631B Industrial DesignN/A
2013480634B Info Tech (Callaghan)60.1
2013480635B Info Tech (Ourimbah)60.6
2013480637B Info Tech/B Bus (Callaghan)81.5
2013480640B Laws (Combined Degrees)90.35
2013480650B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2013480660B Mathematics85.8
2013480670B Mathematics/B Computer Sc92.55
2013480680B Mathematics/B Science87.15
2013480690B Med Rad Sc (Diag Rad)91.4
2013480700B Med Rad Sc (Nuclear Med)80.95
2013480710B Med Rad Sc (Rad Therapy)78.95
2013480720B Midwifery (Callaghan)95
2013480722B Midwifery (Port Macquarie)94.7
2013480730B MusicN/A
2013480740B Music/B ArtsN/A
2013480745B Natural History Illus84.65
2013480750B Nursing (Callaghan)68.1
2013480755B Nursing (Ourimbah)72.95
2013480756B Nursing (Port Macquarie)66.4
2013480758B Nutrition & Dietetics87.25
2013480763B Occupational Therapy86.3
2013480764B Oral Health (Ourimbah)85.3
2013480765B Physiotherapy (Callaghan)96.05
2013480767B Podiatry (Ourimbah)72.4
2013480768B Psychology (Callaghan)76.55
2013480769B Psychology (Ourimbah)77.35
2013480770B Science (Callaghan)66.2
2013480780B Science (Ourimbah)67.2
2013480870B Social Science (Callaghan)60.15
2013480880B Social Science(Ourimbah)60.45
2013480900B Social Work79.2
2013480910B Speech Pathology84
2013481040B Teach(Prim)/B Arts (Cal)62
2013481041B Teach (Prim)/B Arts (Ou)62.05
2013481042B Teach(Prim)/B Arts (Pt Macq)62.25
2013481045B Teach(Prim)/B EarChSt (Cal)62.05
2013481046B Teach(Prim)/B EarChSt (Ou)60.5
2013481050B Teach (Second)/B Arts (Cal)66.25
2013481051B Teach (Second)/B Arts (Ou)65.05
2013481053B Teach(Second) /B Tech65.1
2013481055B Teach(Second)/BFineArt(Cal)65.15
2013481060B Teach(Second)/B Hlth&PE;(Cal)64.35
2013481065B Teach(Second)/B Math(Cal)73.55
2013481070B Teach (Second)/B Sci (Cal)67.05
2013481100B Theology63.5
2013481150B Visual Comm Design72.8
2013489980Dip Languages (Callaghan)61
2013489990Dip Theology (Callaghan)60
2013780000B Medicine-Joint Medical ProgN/A
2012480015B Aboriginal Prof Practice61.8
2012480030B Arts (Callaghan)60
2012480040B Arts (Ourimbah)60.6
2012480090B Arts/B Science (Callaghan)74.55
2012480095B Arts/B Science (Ourimbah)73.35
2012480100B Biomedical Science84.6
2012480105B Biotechnology72.9
2012480110B Business (Callaghan)60
2012480120B Business (Ourimbah)60.1
2012480125B Business (ICMS)61.15
2012480130B Business/B Com (Callaghan)70.05
2012480135B Business/B Com (Ourimbah)70.8
2012480150B Commerce (Callaghan)60.25
2012480160B Commerce (Ourimbah)60.1
2012480175B Communication78.15
2012480180B Computer Science71.5
2012480200B Const Mgmt (Bldg)68
2012480201B Const Mgmt (Bldg) (Dist)76.25
2012480215B Design (Arch)84
2012480230B Development Studies74
2012480250B Engineering (Chemical)75.25
2012480265B Eng (Combined Deg)80.1
2012480300B Engineering (Civil)74.55
2012480350B Engineering (Computer)85.05
2012480400B Engineering (Electrical)70.3
2012480450B Engineering (Environmental)74.75
2012480480B Engineering (Mechanical)72.45
2012480530B Engineering (Mechatronics)72.3
2012480540B Eng (Mining) Trans prog70.15
2012480550B Engineering (Software)74.35
2012480560B Engineering (Telecom)72.25
2012480570B Env Sc & Mgmt (Callaghan)68.5
2012480572B Env Sc & Mgmt (Ourimbah)67.85
2012480575B Ex & Sport Science77.05
2012480590B Fine Art (Callaghan)61.2
2012480605B Food Sc&Human; Nutr(Ourimbah)64.45
2012480631B Industrial DesignN/A
2012480634B Inf Tech (Callaghan)60.1
2012480635B Inf Tech (Ourimbah)60.35
2012480637B Inf Tech/B Bus (Callaghan)82.6
2012480640B Laws (Combined Degrees)90.1
2012480650B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2012480660B Mathematics80
2012480670B Mathematics/B Computer Sc89.15
2012480680B Mathematics/B Science85.6
2012480690B Med Rad Sc (Diag Rad)91.35
2012480700B Med Rad Sc (Nuclear Med)80.5
2012480710B Med Rad Sc (Rad Therapy)78
2012480720B Midwifery (Callaghan)94.25
2012480722B Midwifery (Port Macquarie)91
2012480730B MusicN/A
2012480740B Music/B ArtsN/A
2012480745B Natural History Illus89.1
2012480750B Nursing (Callaghan)68
2012480755B Nursing (Ourimbah)72.9
2012480756B Nursing (Port Macquarie)64.7
2012480758B Nutrition & Dietetics85.15
2012480763B Occupational Therapy86.2
2012480764B Oral Health (Ourimbah)84.3
2012480765B Physiotherapy (Callaghan)96.05
2012480767B Podiatry (Ourimbah)75.7
2012480768B Psychology (Callaghan)78.05
2012480769B Psychology (Ourimbah)78.3
2012480770B Science (Callaghan)66.15
2012480780B Science (Ourimbah)67
2012480870B Soc Science (Callaghan)60.15
2012480880B Soc Sc (Ourimbah)60.65
2012480900B Social Work75.4
2012480910B Speech Pathology83
2012480920B Surveying71.55
2012481040B Teach(Prim)/B Arts (Cal)63.2
2012481041B Teach (Prim)/B Arts (Ou)66.3
2012481042B Teach(Prim)/B Arts (Pt Macq)60.6
2012481045B Teach(Prim)/B EarChSt (Cal)64.15
2012481046B Teach(Prim)/B EarChSt (Ou)60.45
2012481050B Teach (Second)/B Arts (Cal)66.2
2012481051B Teach (Second)/B Arts (Ou)64.65
2012481053B Teach(Second) /B Tech67.5
2012481055B Teach(Second)/BFineArt(Cal)64.75
2012481060B Teach(Second)/B Hlth&PE;(Cal)64.15
2012481065B Teach(Second)/B Math(Cal)73.55
2012481070B Teach (Second)/B Sci (Cal)67.15
2012481100B Theology62.05
2012481150B Visual Comm Design75.3
2012489980Dip Languages (Callaghan)61.4
2012489990Dip Theology (Callaghan)60
2012780000B Medicine-Joint Medical ProgN/A
2011480015B Aboriginal Prof Practice67.65
2011480030B Arts (Callaghan)60
2011480040B Arts (Ourimbah)60.7
2011480090B Arts/B Science (Callaghan)80.75
2011480095B Arts/B Science (Ourimbah)80
2011480100B Biomedical Science85.35
2011480105B Biotechnology75.8
2011480110B Business (Callaghan)60
2011480120B Business (Ourimbah)60.05
2011480130B Business/B Com (Callaghan)75.05
2011480135B Business/B Com (Ourimbah)77.65
2011480150B Commerce (Callaghan)60.05
2011480160B Commerce (Ourimbah)60.05
2011480175B Communication81.6
2011480180B Computer Science70.55
2011480200B Const Mgmt (Bldg)70.45
2011480201B Const Mgmt (Bldg) (Dist)70.95
2011480215B Design (Arch)85
2011480230B Development Studies75.5
2011480250B Engineering (Chemical)75.1
2011480265B Eng (Combined Deg)80.1
2011480300B Engineering (Civil)75.05
2011480350B Engineering (Computer)86.3
2011480400B Engineering (Electrical)70.2
2011480450B Engineering (Environmental)73.5
2011480480B Engineering (Mechanical)73.3
2011480530B Engineering (Mechatronics)70.7
2011480540B Eng (Mining) Trans prog70.9
2011480550B Engineering (Software)71.45
2011480560B Engineering (Telecom)71.25
2011480570B Env Sc & Mgmt (Callaghan)67
2011480572B Env Sc & Mgmt (Ourimbah)67
2011480575B Ex & Sport Science81.7
2011480590B Fine Art (Callaghan)62.25
2011480605B Food Sc&Human; Nutr(Ourimbah)70.65
2011480631B Industrial DesignN/A
2011480634B Inf Tech (Callaghan)65
2011480635B Inf Tech (Ourimbah)65.45
2011480637B Inf Tech/B Bus (Callaghan)81.2
2011480638B Inf Tech/B Bus (Ourimbah)80
2011480640B Laws (Combined Degrees)90
2011480650B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2011480660B Mathematics78.85
2011480670B Mathematics/B Computer Sc88.15
2011480680B Mathematics/B Science82
2011480690B Med Rad Sc (Diag Rad)93
2011480700B Med Rad Sc (Nuclear Med)82.25
2011480710B Med Rad Sc (Rad Therapy)81.85
2011480720B Midwifery (Callaghan)92.1
2011480730B MusicN/A
2011480740B Music/B ArtsN/A
2011480745B Natural History Illus90.3
2011480750B Nursing (Callaghan)68.5
2011480755B Nursing (Ourimbah)70
2011480756B Nursing (Port Macquarie)67.3
2011480758B Nutrition & Dietetics83.65
2011480763B Occupational Therapy89
2011480764B Oral Health (Ourimbah)84.25
2011480765B Physiotherapy (Callaghan)95.1
2011480767B Podiatry (Ourimbah)76.05
2011480768B Psychology (Callaghan)82.25
2011480769B Psychology (Ourimbah)81.2
2011480770B Science (Callaghan)70
2011480780B Science (Ourimbah)70
2011480870B Soc Science (Callaghan)60.2
2011480880B Soc Sc (Ourimbah)61.05
2011480900B Social Work74.75
2011480910B Speech Pathology84.45
2011480920B Surveying70.7
2011481040B Teach(Prim)/B Arts (Cal)65.05
2011481041B Teach (Prim)/B Arts (Ou)67
2011481042B Teach(Prim)/B Arts (Pt Macq)60.8
2011481045B Teach(Prim)/B EarChSt (Cal)65
2011481046B Teach(Prim)/B EarChSt (Ou)60.3
2011481050B Teach(Second)/B Arts (Cal)67.15
2011481051B Teach(Second)/B Arts (Ou)67.3
2011481055B Teach(Second)/BFineArt(Cal)65.3
2011481060B Teach(Second)/B Hlth&PE;(Cal)68.2
2011481065B Teach(Second)/B Math(Cal)73.85
2011481070B Teach(Second)/B Sci (Cal)68.95
2011481100B Theology61.2
2011481150B Visual Comm Design77
2011489980Dip Languages (Callaghan)62.55
2011489990Dip Theology (Callaghan)60
2011780000B Medicine-Joint Medical ProgN/A
2010480010B Aboriginal Stds65.8
2010480030B Arts (Callaghan)60.05
2010480040B Arts (Ourimbah)60.1
2010480090B Arts/B Science (Callaghan)80.9
2010480095B Arts/B Science (Ourimbah)80
2010480100B Biomedical Science85.25
2010480105B Biotechnology74.45
2010480110B Business (Callaghan)60
2010480120B Business (Ourimbah)60.9
2010480130B Business/B Com (Callaghan)80.25
2010480135B Business/B Com (Ourimbah)80.15
2010480150B Commerce (Callaghan)60.4
2010480160B Commerce (Ourimbah)63.3
2010480175B Communication81.6
2010480180B Computer Science70.05
2010480200B Const Mgmt (Bldg)70.55
2010480201B Const Mgmt (Bldg) (Dist)74.3
2010480215B Design (Arch)85.7
2010480230B Development Studies74.35
2010480250B Engineering (Chemical)75.05
2010480265B Eng (Combined Deg)80
2010480300B Engineering (Civil)75.2
2010480350B Engineering (Computer)80.15
2010480400B Engineering (Electrical)77.35
2010480450B Engineering (Environmental)77.15
2010480480B Engineering (Mechanical)73.95
2010480530B Engineering (Mechatronics)71.75
2010480540B Eng (Mining) Trans prog75.5
2010480550B Engineering (Software)72
2010480560B Engineering (Telecom)74.8
2010480570B Environmental Sc & Mgmt65.3
2010480575B Ex & Sport Science81.7
2010480590B Fine Art (Callaghan)60.3
2010480605B Food Sc&Human; Nutr(Ourimbah)69.9
2010480631B Industrial DesignN/A
2010480634B Info Tech (Callaghan)65.8
2010480635B Info Tech (Ourimbah)65.1
2010480640B Laws (Combined Degrees)92.05
2010480650B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2010480660B Mathematics75.1
2010480670B Mathematics/B Computer Sc82.35
2010480680B Mathematics/B Science87.6
2010480690B Med Rad Sc (Diag Rad)92.45
2010480700B Med Rad Sc (Nuclear Med)84.45
2010480710B Med Rad Sc (Rad Therapy)83.05
2010480730B MusicN/A
2010480740B Music/B ArtsN/A
2010480745B Natural History Illus86.15
2010480750B Nursing (Callaghan)68.15
2010480755B Nursing (Ourimbah)70.05
2010480756B Nursing (Port Macquarie)63.1
2010480758B Nutrition & Dietetics87.4
2010480763B Occupational Therapy88.7
2010480764B Oral Health (Ourimbah)85.25
2010480765B Physiotherapy (Callaghan)97.3
2010480767B Podiatry (Ourimbah)83.5
2010480768B Psychology (Callaghan)81.5
2010480769B Psychology (Ourimbah)80.1
2010480770B Science (Callaghan)68.05
2010480780B Science (Ourimbah)68.45
2010480870B Soc Science (Callaghan)60.05
2010480880B Soc Sc (Ourimbah)65.9
2010480900B Social Work80.95
2010480910B Speech Pathology83
2010480920B Surveying70.7
2010481040B Teach(Prim)/B Arts (Cal)66.05
2010481041B Teach (Prim)/B Arts (Ou)68.35
2010481042B Teach(Prim)/B Arts (Pt Macq)65.1
2010481045B Teach(Prim)/B EarChSt (Cal)66.1
2010481046B Teach(Prim)/B EarChSt (Ou)63.5
2010481050B Teach(Second)/B Arts (Cal)71.75
2010481051B Teach(Second)/B Arts (Ou)71.5
2010481055B Teach(Second)/BFineArts(Cal)62.2
2010481060B Teach(Second)/B Hlth&PE;(Cal)70
2010481065B Teach(Second)/B Math(Cal)77.3
2010481070B Teach(Second)/B Sci (Cal)68.35
2010481100B Theology61.75
2010481150B Visual Comm Design81.35
2010489980Dip Languages (Callaghan)60.5
2010489990Dip Theology (Callaghan)62.85
2010780000B Medicine-Joint Medical ProgN/A
2009480010B Aboriginal Studies63
2009480030B Arts (Callaghan)64
2009480040B Arts (Ourimbah)63
2009480090B Arts/B Science (Callaghan)87
2009480095B Arts/B Science (Ourimbah)89
2009480100B Biomedical Science86
2009480105B Biotechnology71
2009480110B Business (Callaghan)63
2009480120B Business (Ourimbah)67
2009480130B Business/B Com (Callaghan)81
2009480135B Business/B Com (Ourimbah)84
2009480150B Commerce (Callaghan)60
2009480160B Commerce (Ourimbah)62
2009480175B Communication80
2009480180B Computer Science76
2009480200B Const Mgmt (Bldg)71
2009480201B Const Mgmt (Bldg) (Dist)70
2009480215B Design (Arch)85
2009480230B Development Studies75
2009480235B Early Chld Teach(Ourim)61
2009480242B Education (Callaghan)N/A
2009480243B Education (Ourimbah)N/A
2009480245B Ed (Early Childhood)(Ourim)60
2009480250B Engineering (Chemical)74
2009480265B Eng (Combined)80
2009480300B Engineering (Civil)75
2009480350B Engineering (Computer)74
2009480400B Engineering (Electrical)75
2009480450B Engineering (Environmental)74
2009480480B Engineering (Mechanical)75
2009480530B Engineering (Mechatronics)75
2009480540B Eng (Mining) Trans prog74
2009480550B Engineering (Software)75
2009480560B Engineering (Telecom)70
2009480570B Environmental Sc & Mgmt69
2009480575B Ex & Sport Science80
2009480590B Fine Art (Callaghan)61
2009480605B Food Sc Human Nutr(Ourimbah)70
2009480631B Industrial DesignN/A
2009480634B Inf Tech (Callaghan)67
2009480635B Inf Tech (Ourimbah)68
2009480640Combined Law Degree Prog93
2009480650B Laws (Graduate entry)N/A
2009480660B Mathematics81
2009480670B Mathematics/B Computer Sc93
2009480680B Mathematics/B Science92
2009480690B Med Rad Sc (Diag Rad)92
2009480700B Med Rad Sc (Nuclear Med)82
2009480710B Med Rad Sc (Rad Therapy)79
2009480730B MusicN/A
2009480740B Music/B ArtsN/A
2009480745B Natural History Illus73
2009480750B Nursing (Callaghan)64
2009480755B Nursing (Ourimbah)69
2009480756B Nursing (Port Macquarie)62
2009480758B Nutrition & Dietetics89
2009480763B Occupational Therapy85
2009480764B Oral Health (Ourimbah)84
2009480765B Physiotherapy (Callaghan)98
2009480767B Podiatry (Ourimbah)77
2009480768B Psychology (Callaghan)79
2009480769B Psychology (Ourimbah)79
2009480770B Science (Callaghan)69
2009480780B Science (Ourimbah)66
2009480870B Soc Science (Callaghan)62
2009480880B Soc Science (Ourimbah)70
2009480900B Social Work81
2009480910B Speech Pathology80
2009480920B Surveying72
2009480950B Teach/B Arts(Callaghan)64
2009480955B Teach/B Arts(Port Macquarie)61
2009480960B Teach/B Arts(Ourimbah)62
2009480970B Teach/B Design & Tech65
2009480975B Teach/B Early Chld Stds61
2009480980B Teaching/B Fine Art64
2009480990B Teaching/B Health & PE68
2009481000B Teaching/B MusicN/A
2009481010B Teaching/B Science65
2009481100B Theology60
2009481150B Visual Comm Design79
2009780000B Medicine-Joint Medical ProgN/A
2008480010B Aboriginal Studies68
2008480030B Arts (Callaghan)60
2008480040B Arts (Ourimbah)60
2008480090B Arts/B Science88
2008480100B Biomedical Science80
2008480105B Biotechnology71
2008480110B Business (Callaghan)60
2008480120B Business (Ourimbah)60
2008480130B Business/B Commerce81
2008480150B Commerce (Callaghan)60
2008480160B Commerce (Ourimbah)61
2008480175B Communication78
2008480180B Computer Science70
2008480200B Const Mgmt (Bldg)64
2008480201B Const Mgmt (Bldg) (Dist)64
2008480215B Design (Arch)78
2008480230B Development Studies71
2008480235B Early Chld Teach(Ourim)61
2008480242B Education (Callaghan)N/A
2008480243B Education (Ourimbah)N/A
2008480245B Ed (Early Childhood)(Ourim)60
2008480250B Engineering (Chemical)73
2008480265B Eng (Combined)81
2008480300B Engineering (Civil)71
2008480350B Engineering (Computer)72
2008480400B Engineering (Electrical)70
2008480450B Engineering (Environmental)73
2008480480B Engineering (Mechanical)74
2008480530B Engineering (Mechatronics)72
2008480540B Eng (Mining) Trans Prog70
2008480550B Engineering (Software)71
2008480560B Engineering (Telecom)74
2008480570B Environmental Sc & Mgmt64
2008480575B Ex & Sport Science71
2008480590B Fine Art (Callaghan)61
2008480605B Food Sc Human Nutr(Ourimbah)64
2008480634B Inf Tech (Callaghan)64
2008480635B Inf Tech (Ourimbah)66
2008480640Combined Law Degree Prog91
2008480650B Laws (Graduate entry)N/A
2008480660B Mathematics82
2008480670B Mathematics/B Computer Sc80
2008480680B Mathematics/B Science87
2008480690B Med Rad Sc (Diag Rad)87
2008480700B Med Rad Sc (Nuclear Med)72
2008480710B Med Rad Sc (Rad Therapy)70
2008480730B MusicN/A
2008480740B Music/B ArtsN/A
2008480745B Natural History Illus80
2008480750B Nursing (Callaghan)60
2008480755B Nursing (Ourimbah)61
2008480756B Nursing (Port Macquarie)62
2008480758B Nutrition & Dietetics84
2008480763B Occupational Therapy80
2008480764B Oral Health (Ourimbah)73
2008480765B Physiotherapy (Callaghan)94
2008480767B Podiatry (Ourimbah)73
2008480768B Psychology (Callaghan)72
2008480769B Psychology (Ourimbah)75
2008480770B Science (Callaghan)64
2008480780B Science (Ourimbah)64
2008480870B Soc Science (Callaghan)60
2008480880B Soc Science (Ourimbah)60
2008480900B Social Work78
2008480910B Speech Pathology79
2008480920B Surveying68
2008480950B Teach/B Arts (Callaghan)60
2008480955B Teach/B Arts (Port Macquarie)62
2008480960B Teach/B Arts (Ourimbah)60
2008480970B Teach/B Design & Tech61
2008480975B Teach/B Early Chld Stds60
2008480980B Teaching/B Fine Art61
2008480990B Teaching/B Health & PE64
2008481000B Teaching/B MusicN/A
2008481010B Teaching/B Science66
2008481100B Theology83
2008481150B Visual Comm Design75
2008780000B Medicine-Joint Medical ProgN/A
2007480010B Aboriginal Studies64
2007480030B Arts (Callaghan)64
2007480040B Arts (Ourimbah)60
2007480090B Arts/B Science89
2007480100B Biomedical Science80
2007480105B Biotechnology72
2007480110B Business (Callaghan)64
2007480115B Business (Port Macquarie)66
2007480130B Business/B Commerce85
2007480140B Business/B Economics85
2007480150B Commerce64
2007480170B Commerce/B Economics86
2007480175B Communication78
2007480180B Computer Science70
2007480200B Const Mgmt (Bldg)70
2007480201B Const Mgmt (Bldg) (Dist)78
2007480215B Des (Arch)/B Arch80
2007480230B Development Studies77
2007480235B Early Chld Teach(Ourim)65
2007480240B Economics66
2007480242B Education (Callaghan)N/A
2007480243B Education (Ourimbah)N/A
2007480245B Ed (Early Childhood)64
2007480255B Engineering72
2007480265B Eng (Combined)85
2007480540B Eng (Mining) Trans prog70
2007480570B Environmental Sc & Mgmt68
2007480580B Finance65
2007480590B Fine Art (Callaghan)64
2007480605B Food Sc Human Nutr(Ourimbah)66
2007480634B Info Tech (Callaghan)68
2007480635B Info Tech (Ourimbah)66
2007480636B Info Tech (Port Macquarie)69
2007480640Combined Law Degree Prog91
2007480650B Laws (Graduate entry)N/A
2007480655B Management (Ourimbah)64
2007480660B Mathematics85
2007480670B Mathematics/B Computer Sc88
2007480680B Mathematics/B Science91
2007480690B Med Rad Sc (Diag Rad)85
2007480700B Med Rad Sc (Nuclear Med)77
2007480710B Med Rad Sc (Rad Therapy)71
2007480720B MedicineN/A
2007480730B MusicN/A
2007480740B Music/B ArtsN/A
2007480745B Natural History Illus71
2007480750B Nursing (Callaghan)60
2007480755B Nursing-Gosford Hospital60
2007480756B Nursing (Port Macquarie)60
2007480758B Nutrition & Dietetics88
2007480763B Occupational Therapy84
2007480764B Oral Health69
2007480765B Physiotherapy94
2007480767B Podiatry82
2007480768B Psychology76
2007480769B Psychology (Ourimbah)76
2007480770B Science (Callaghan)64
2007480780B Science (Ourimbah)64
2007480870B Soc Science (Callaghan)66
2007480880B Soc Science (Ourimbah)65
2007480900B Social Work81
2007480910B Speech Pathology79
2007480920B Surveying68
2007480950B Teach/B Arts(Callaghan)66
2007480955B Teach/B Arts(Port Macquarie)68
2007480960B Teach/B Arts(Ourimbah)61
2007480970B Teach/B Design & Tech69
2007480975B Teach/B Early Chld Stds68
2007480980B Teaching/B Fine Art68
2007480990B Teaching/B Health & PE70
2007481000B Teaching/B MusicN/A
2007481010B Teaching/B Science69
2007481150B Visual Comm Design78
2006480010B Aboriginal Studies71
2006480030B Arts (Callaghan)76
2006480040B Arts (Ourimbah)70
2006480090B Arts/B Science90
2006480100B Biomedical Science93
2006480105B Biotechnology75
2006480110B Business (Callaghan)76
2006480115B Business (Port Macquarie)70
2006480130B Business/B Commerce92
2006480140B Business/B Economics91
2006480150B Commerce70
2006480170B Commerce/B Economics90
2006480175B Communication88
2006480180B Computer Science76
2006480200B Const Mgmt (Bldg)77
2006480230B Development Studies75
2006480235B Early Chld Teach(Ourim)70
2006480240B Economics75
2006480242B Education (Callaghan)N/A
2006480243B Education (Ourimbah)N/A
2006480245B Ed (Early Childhood)70
2006480255B Engineering75
2006480265B Eng (Combined)90
2006480540B Eng (Mining) Trans prog70
2006480570B Environmental Sc & Mgmt70
2006480580B Finance73
2006480590B Fine Art (Callaghan)76
2006480605B Food Sc Human Nutr(Ourimbah)71
2006480634B Inf Tech (Callaghan)70
2006480635B Inf Tech (Ourimbah)70
2006480636B Inf Tech (Port Macquarie)70
2006480640Combined Law Degree Prog94
2006480650B Laws (Graduate entry)N/A
2006480655B Management (Ourimbah)70
2006480660B Mathematics85
2006480670B Mathematics/B Computer Sc90
2006480680B Mathematics/B Science93
2006480690B Med Rad Sc (Diag Rad)88
2006480710B Med Rad Sc (Rad Therapy)75
2006480720B MedicineN/A
2006480730B MusicN/A
2006480740B Music/B ArtsN/A
2006480745B Natural History Illus71
2006480750B Nursing (Callaghan)70
2006480755B Nursing-Gosford Hospital70
2006480756B Nursing (Port Macquarie)70
2006480758B Nutrition & Dietetics91
2006480760B Occ Health & Safety70
2006480763B Occupational Therapy91
2006480764B Oral Health79
2006480765B Physiotherapy97
2006480768B Psychology86
2006480770B Science (Callaghan)72
2006480780B Science (Ourimbah)70
2006480790B Des (Arch)/B Arch83
2006480870B Soc Science (Callaghan)71
2006480880B Soc Science (Ourimbah)70
2006480900B Social Work85
2006480910B Speech Pathology89
2006480920B Surveying73
2006480950B Teach/B Arts(Callaghan)80
2006480960B Teach/B Arts(Ourimbah)75
2006480970B Teach/B Design & Tech71
2006480975B Teach/B Early Chld Stds73
2006480980B Teaching/B Fine Art74
2006480990B Teaching/B Health & PE81
2006481000B Teaching/B MusicN/A
2006481010B Teaching/B Science74
2006481150B Visual Comm Design84
2005480010B Aboriginal Studies77
2005480020B Applied Inf Tech70
2005480022B Applied Inf Tech72
2005480030B Arts (Callaghan)79
2005480040B Arts (Ourimbah)75
2005480090B Arts/B Science91
2005480100B Biomedical Science93
2005480110B Business78
2005480130B Business/B Commerce90
2005480140B Business/B Economics91
2005480150B Commerce78
2005480170B Commerce/B Economics90
2005480175B Communication88
2005480180B Computer Science80
2005480200B Const Mgmt (Bldg)75
2005480220B Design (Industrial)81
2005480225B Design (Visual Comm)87
2005480230B Development Studies78
2005480235B Early Chld Teach(Ourim)70
2005480240B Economics83
2005480245B Ed (Early Childhood)76
2005480255B Engineering80
2005480265B Eng (Combined)90
2005480540B Eng (Mining)Trans prog74
2005480570B Environmental Sc & Mgmt73
2005480580B Finance83
2005480590B Fine Art (Callaghan)70
2005480600B Fine Art (Ourimbah)70
2005480623B Herbal Therapies(Ourim)70
2005480625B Human Nutrition (Ourimbah)75
2005480628B Illustration (Nat Hist)74
2005480630B Information Science70
2005480634B Information Technology75
2005480640Combined Law Degree Prog93
2005480650B Laws (Graduate entry)N/A
2005480655B Management (Ourimbah)70
2005480660B Mathematics84
2005480670B Mathematics/B Computer Sc90
2005480680B Maths/B Science92
2005480690B Med Rad Sc (Diag Rad)N/A
2005480700B Med Rad Sc (Nuclear Med)N/A
2005480710B Med Rad Sc(Rad Therapy)N/A
2005480720B MedicineN/A
2005480730B MusicN/A
2005480740B Music/B ArtsN/A
2005480750B Nursing (Callaghan)70
2005480756B Nursing (Port Macquarie)70
2005480758B Nutrition& Dietetics89
2005480760B Occ Health & Safety73
2005480763B Occupational Therapy92
2005480764B Oral HealthN/A
2005480765B Physiotherapy97
2005480768B Psychology89
2005480770B Science (Callaghan)73
2005480780B Science (Ourimbah)70
2005480790B Sc (Arch)/B Arch85
2005480810B Science (Biotechnology)84
2005480820B Sc (Food Technology)70
2005480830B Sc (Forensic)/B Laws92
2005480835B Science (Photonics)76
2005480870B Soc Science (Callaghan)78
2005480880B Soc Science (Ourimbah)75
2005480890B Soc Science (Rec&Tour;)77
2005480900B Social Work84
2005480910B Speech Pathology92
2005480920B Surveying80
2005480950B Teach/B Arts(Callaghan)81
2005480960B Teach/B Arts(Ourimbah)75
2005480970B Teach/B Design & Tech79
2005480975B Teach/B Early Chld Stds77
2005480980B Teaching/B Fine Art81
2005480990B Teaching/B Health & PE82
2005481000B Teaching/B MusicN/A
2005481010B Teaching/B Science79