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ATAR Cut-offs

Year Course No. Course Description ATAR Campus
2017751200 B Arts (Psychology)/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751201 B Arts/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751202 B Commerce/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751203 B Computer Science/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751204 B Creative Arts/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751206 B Mathematics/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751207 B Science/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751208 B Engineering Honours/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751210 B Communication and Media/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751211 B Journalism/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751212 B International Studies/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751213 B Information Technology/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751215 B Psychological Science/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751216 B Economics and Finance/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751217 B Politics, Philosophy and Economics/B Laws90Wollongong
2017751218 B Arts/B Laws90UOW South Western Sydney
2017751220 B Business/B Laws90UOW South Western Sydney
2017751221 B Commerce/B Laws90UOW South Western Sydney
2017751301 B Arts/B Commerce75Wollongong
2017751302 B Engineering Honours/B Arts80Wollongong
2017751305 B Arts (Psychology)/B Commerce75Wollongong
2017751306 B Arts/B Economics and Finance80Wollongong
2017751309 B Arts/B International Studies (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2017751310 B Arts/B International Studies72Wollongong
2017751311 B International Studies/B Commerce75Wollongong
2017751313 B International Studies/B Economics and Finance80Wollongong
2017751350 B Arts/B Communication and Media70Wollongong
2017751351 B Communication and Media/B Commerce75Wollongong
2017751353 B Communication and Media/B Science75Wollongong
2017751354 B Communication and Media/B International Studies72Wollongong
2017751355 B Communication and Media/B Economics and Finance80Wollongong
2017751360 B Arts/B Communication and Media (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2017751363 B Communication and Media/B International Studies (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2017751400 B Business/B Information TechnologyncWollongong
2017751402 B Computer Science/B Science75Wollongong
2017751501 B Creative Arts/B Arts75Wollongong
2017751502 B Creative Arts/B Commerce75Wollongong
2017751503 B Creative Arts/B Computer Science75Wollongong
2017751504 B Creative Arts/B Science75Wollongong
2017751505 B Creative Arts/B International Studies75Wollongong
2017751506 B Creative Arts/B Communication and Media75Wollongong
2017751507 B Creative Arts/B Journalism75Wollongong
2017751601 B Engineering Honours/B Commerce80Wollongong
2017751609 B Engineering Honours/B Computer Science80Wollongong
2017751610 B Engineering Honours/B Mathematics80Wollongong
2017751623 B Engineering Honours/B Science (Physics)80Wollongong
2017751624 B Engineering Honours/B Science80Wollongong
2017751625 B Engineering Honours (Mechanical or Mechatronic)/B Exercise Science80Wollongong
2017751660 B Journalism/B Arts72Wollongong
2017751661 B Journalism/B Commerce75Wollongong
2017751663 B Journalism/B Science75Wollongong
2017751664 B Journalism/B Communication and Media72Wollongong
2017751665 B Journalism/B Engineering Honours80Wollongong
2017751666 B Journalism/B International Studies72Wollongong
2017751701 B Mathematics/B Computer Science75Wollongong
2017751750 B Psychological Science/B Commerce75Wollongong
2017751751 B Psychology (Honours)/B Commerce89Wollongong
2017751760 B Psychological Science/B Social Science (Criminology)ncWollongong
2017751761 B Psychological Science/B Social SciencencWollongong
2017751801 B Science/B Arts75Wollongong
2017751802 B Science/B Commerce75Wollongong
2017751803 B Science (Physics)/B Arts80Wollongong
2017751805 B Science (Physics)/B Mathematics80Wollongong
2017753101 B Arts70Wollongong
2017753102 B Arts70UOW Shoalhaven
2017753105 B Arts (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2017753106 B Arts70UOW Batemans Bay
2017753107 B Arts70UOW Bega
2017753108 B Arts70UOW Southern Highlands
2017753109 B Arts70UOW South Western Sydney
2017753110 B Communication and Media70Wollongong
2017753111 B Communication and Media (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2017753115 B Politics, Philosophy and Economics75Wollongong
2017753116 B Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2017753121 B International Studies72Wollongong
2017753131 B International Studies (Dean?s Scholar)93Wollongong
2017753140 Dip Languages70Wollongong
2017753200 B Arts (Psychology)75Wollongong
2017753220 B Psychological Science75Wollongong
2017753230 B Psychology (Honours)89Wollongong
2017753602 B Commerce75Wollongong
2017753603 B Commerce72UOW Shoalhaven
2017753604 B Commerce72UOW Batemans Bay
2017753605 B Commerce72UOW Bega
2017753606 B Commerce72UOW Southern Highlands
2017753607 B Commerce75UOW Southern Sydney
2017753608 B Commerce75UOW South Western Sydney
2017753610 B Commerce (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2017753611 B Commerce (Dean’s Scholar)93UOW Shoalhaven
2017753612 B Commerce (Dean’s Scholar)93UOW Batemans Bay
2017753613 B Commerce (Dean’s Scholar)93UOW Bega
2017753614 B Commerce (Dean’s Scholar)93UOW Southern Highlands
2017753615 B Commerce (Dean’s Scholar)93UOW Southern Sydney
2017753620 B Commerce Global (Honours)A+CWollongong
2017753630 B Commerce – TAFE Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management72Wollongong
2017753640 B Commerce – TAFE Advanced Diploma of Events Management72Wollongong
2017753641 B Commerce – TAFE Advanced Diploma of Events Management72UOW Southern Sydney
2017753650 B Commerce – TAFE Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management72Wollongong
2017753660 B Business70Wollongong
2017753661 B Business70UOW Shoalhaven
2017753662 B Business70UOW Batemans Bay
2017753663 B Business70UOW Bega
2017753664 B Business70UOW Southern Highlands
2017753665 B Business70UOW Southern Sydney
2017753666 B Business70UOW South Western Sydney
2017753670 B Economics and Finance80Wollongong
2017753671 B Economics and Finance80UOW Shoalhaven
2017753672 B Economics and Finance80UOW Batemans Bay
2017753673 B Economics and Finance80UOW Bega
2017753674 B Economics and Finance80UOW Southern Highlands
2017753675 B Economics and Finance80UOW Southern Sydney
2017754100 B Computer Science75Wollongong
2017754110 B Computer Science (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2017754120 B Computer Science75UOW South Western Sydney
2017754130 B Computer Science Global (Honours)ncWollongong
2017754300 B Information Technology75Wollongong
2017754305 B Information Technology75UOW South Western Sydney
2017754310 B Information Technology (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2017754320 B Information Technology International85Wollongong
2017754500 B Business Information Systems75Wollongong
2017754505 B Business Information Systems75UOW South Western Sydney
2017754510 B Business Information Systems (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2017754601 B Creative Arts (Creative Writing)75Wollongong
2017754603 B Creative Arts (Music)75Wollongong
2017754605 B Creative Arts (Visual Arts)75Wollongong
2017754607 B Creative Arts (Visual Arts and Design)75Wollongong
2017754609 B Creative Arts (Theatre)75Wollongong
2017754610 B Creative Arts (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2017754700 B Journalism70Wollongong
2017754800 B PerformanceA+CWollongong
2017754810 B Performance (Dean’s Scholar)A+CWollongong
2017755101 B Health and Physical Education75Wollongong
2017755102 B Mathematics Education73Wollongong
2017755103 B Science Education73Wollongong
2017755111 B Education – The Early Years (Flexible)70Wollongong
2017755112 B Primary Education75Wollongong
2017755113 B Education – The Early Years (On Campus)70Wollongong
2017755201 B Health and Physical Education (Dean’s Scholar)90Wollongong
2017755202 B Mathematics Education (Dean’s Scholar)90Wollongong
2017755203 B Science Education (Dean’s Scholar)90Wollongong
2017755211 B Education – The Early Years (Dean’s Scholar) (On Campus)90Wollongong
2017755212 B Primary Education (Dean’s Scholar)90Wollongong
2017755250 B Geography75Wollongong
2017755255 B Sustainable CommunitiesncWollongong
2017755300 B Social Science70Wollongong
2017755301 B Social Science70UOW Shoalhaven
2017755320 B Social Science (Dean’s Scholar)90Wollongong
2017755340 B Social Work80Wollongong
2017755341 B Social Work80UOW Shoalhaven
2017755601 B Engineering Scholar Honours95Wollongong
2017755610 B Engineering Honours (Biomedical)80Wollongong
2017755611 B Engineering Honours (Civil)80Wollongong
2017755612 B Engineering Honours (Environmental)80Wollongong
2017755613 B Engineering Honours (Materials)80Wollongong
2017755614 B Engineering Honours (Mechanical)80Wollongong
2017755615 B Engineering Honours (Mining)80Wollongong
2017755616 B Engineering Honours (Mechatronic)80Wollongong
2017755621 B Engineering Honours (Computer)80Wollongong
2017755622 B Engineering Honours (Electrical)80Wollongong
2017755623 B Engineering Honours (Telecommunications)80Wollongong
2017755624 B Engineering Honours (Flexible First Year)80Wollongong
2017756100 B Laws (Direct Entry)90Wollongong
2017756101 B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/AWollongong
2017756503 B Mathematics and Finance (Honours)85Wollongong
2017756511 B Mathematics75Wollongong
2017756512 B Mathematics Advanced95Wollongong
2017756520 B Mathematics and Finance (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2017756530 B Medical Mathematics85Wollongong
2017756535 B Medical Mathematics (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2017756632 B Health Science (Indigenous Health)70Wollongong
2017757101 B Nursing70Wollongong
2017757102 B Nursing70UOW Bega
2017757103 B Nursing70UOW Shoalhaven
2017757104 B Nursing70UOW Southern Sydney
2017757105 B Nursing70UOW Batemans Bay
2017757500 B Pre-Medicine, Science and Health95Wollongong
2017757601 B Science (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2017757602 B Science Advanced Honours (Physics)95Wollongong
2017757603 B Medical and Radiation Physics Advanced Honours95Wollongong
2017757604 B Bionanotechnology (Honours)85Wollongong
2017757605 B Bionanotechnology (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2017757608 B Science Advanced Honours (Atmospheric Science)ncWollongong
2017757609 B Science Advanced Honours (Biomolecular Physics)ncWollongong
2017757611 B Medical Biotechnology (Honours)85Wollongong
2017757612 B Environmental Science (Honours)85Wollongong
2017757613 B Medicinal Chemistry (Honours)85Wollongong
2017757616 B Medical and Radiation Physics80Wollongong
2017757617 B Medical Biotechnology (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2017757618 B Environmental Science (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2017757619 B Medicinal Chemistry (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2017757621 B Science75Wollongong
2017757622 B Marine Science85Wollongong
2017757623 B Marine Science (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2017757624 B Marine Science (Honours)85Wollongong
2017757627 B Conservation Biology (Honours)85Wollongong
2017757628 B Conservation Biology (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2017757630 B Medical and Health Sciences82Wollongong
2017757631 B Medical and Health Sciences (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2017757636 B Science (Materials)78Wollongong
2017757637 B Science (Physics)78Wollongong
2017757638 B Science (Nuclear Science and Technology)78Wollongong
2017757642 B Exercise Science78Wollongong
2017757643 B Exercise Science and Rehabilitation94Wollongong
2017757645 B Nutrition Science78Wollongong
2017757647 B Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours)93Wollongong
2017757650 B Public Health73Wollongong
2017757653 B Public Health (Dean’s Scholar)90Wollongong
2017757700 B Science (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar) (Human Geography or Land and Heritage Management)90Wollongong
2017757710 B Science (Human Geography or Land and Heritage Management)75Wollongong
2017759000 University Entrance Certificate55Wollongong
2017759005 University Access Program55UOW South Western Sydney
2017759006 University Access Program55.00*UOW Shoalhaven
2017759007 University Access Program55.00*UOW Batemans Bay
2017759010 Dip Information Technology65Wollongong
2017759015 Dip Information Technology65UOW South Western Sydney
2017759030 Dip Business60Wollongong
2017759035 Dip Business60UOW South Western Sydney
2017759045 Dip Social Science55Wollongong
2016751200 B Arts (Psychology)/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751201 B Arts/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751202 B Commerce/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751203 B Computer Science/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751204 B Creative Arts/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751206 B Mathematics/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751207 B Science/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751208 B Engineering Honours/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751210 B Communication and Media Studies/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751211 B Journalism/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751212 B International Studies/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751213 B Information Technology/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751215 B Psychological Science/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751216 B Economics and Finance/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751217 B Politics, Philosophy and Economics/B Laws90Wollongong
2016751301 B Arts/B Commerce75Wollongong
2016751302 B Engineering Honours/B Arts80Wollongong
2016751305 B Arts (Psychology)/B Commerce75Wollongong
2016751306 B Arts/B Economics and Finance80Wollongong
2016751309 B Arts/B International Studies (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2016751310 B Arts/B International Studies75Wollongong
2016751311 B International Studies/B Commerce75Wollongong
2016751313 B International Studies/B Economics and Finance80Wollongong
2016751350 B Arts/B Communication and Media Studies70Wollongong
2016751351 B Communication and Media Studies/B Commerce75Wollongong
2016751353 B Communication and Media Studies/B Science75Wollongong
2016751354 B Communication and Media Studies/B International Studies75Wollongong
2016751355 B Communication and Media Studies/B Economics and Finance80Wollongong
2016751360 B Arts/B Communication and Media Studies (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2016751363 B Communication and Media Studies/B International Studies (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2016751402 B Computer Science/B Science75Wollongong
2016751501 B Creative Arts/B Arts75Wollongong
2016751502 B Creative Arts/B Commerce75Wollongong
2016751503 B Creative Arts/B Computer Science75Wollongong
2016751504 B Creative Arts/B Science75Wollongong
2016751505 B Creative Arts/B International Studies75Wollongong
2016751506 B Creative Arts/B Communication and Media Studies75Wollongong
2016751507 B Creative Arts/B Journalism75Wollongong
2016751601 B Engineering Honours/B Commerce80Wollongong
2016751609 B Engineering Honours/B Computer Science80Wollongong
2016751610 B Engineering Honours/B Mathematics80Wollongong
2016751623 B Engineering Honours/B Science (Physics)80Wollongong
2016751624 B Engineering Honours/B Science80Wollongong
2016751625 B Engineering Honours (Mechanical or Mechatronic)/B Exercise Science80Wollongong
2016751660 B Journalism/B Arts75Wollongong
2016751661 B Journalism/B Commerce75Wollongong
2016751663 B Journalism/B Science75Wollongong
2016751664 B Journalism/B Communication and Media Studies75Wollongong
2016751665 B Journalism/B Engineering Honours80Wollongong
2016751666 B Journalism/B International Studies75Wollongong
2016751701 B Mathematics/B Computer Science75Wollongong
2016751750 B Psychological Science/B Commerce75Wollongong
2016751751 B Psychology (Honours)/B Commerce89Wollongong
2016751801 B Science/B Arts75Wollongong
2016751802 B Science/B Commerce75Wollongong
2016751803 B Science (Physics)/B Arts80Wollongong
2016751805 B Science (Physics)/B Mathematics80Wollongong
2016753101 B Arts70Wollongong
2016753102 B Arts70UOW Shoalhaven
2016753105 B Arts (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2016753106 B Arts70UOW Batemans Bay
2016753107 B Arts70UOW Bega
2016753108 B Arts70UOW Southern Highlands
2016753109 B ArtsncUOW South Western Sydney
2016753110 B Communication and Media Studies70Wollongong
2016753111 B Communication and Media Studies (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2016753115 B Politics, Philosophy and Economics80Wollongong
2016753116 B Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2016753121 B International Studies75Wollongong
2016753131 B International Studies (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2016753140 Dip LanguagesncWollongong
2016753200 B Arts (Psychology)75Wollongong
2016753210 B Social Science (Psychology)75Wollongong
2016753220 B Psychological Science75Wollongong
2016753230 B Psychology (Honours)89Wollongong
2016753602 B Commerce75Wollongong
2016753603 B Commerce72UOW Shoalhaven
2016753604 B Commerce72UOW Batemans Bay
2016753605 B Commerce72UOW Bega
2016753606 B Commerce72UOW Southern Highlands
2016753607 B Commerce75UOW Southern Sydney
2016753610 B Commerce (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2016753611 B Commerce (Dean’s Scholar)93UOW Shoalhaven
2016753612 B Commerce (Dean’s Scholar)93UOW Batemans Bay
2016753613 B Commerce (Dean’s Scholar)93UOW Bega
2016753614 B Commerce (Dean’s Scholar)93UOW Southern Highlands
2016753615 B Commerce (Dean’s Scholar)93UOW Southern Sydney
2016753630 B Commerce – TAFE Advanced Diploma of Hospitality72Wollongong
2016753640 B Commerce – TAFE Advanced Diploma of Events72Wollongong
2016753641 B Commerce – TAFE Advanced Diploma of Events72UOW Southern Sydney
2016753650 B Commerce – TAFE Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism72Wollongong
2016753660 B Business70Wollongong
2016753661 B Business70UOW Shoalhaven
2016753662 B Business70UOW Batemans Bay
2016753663 B Business70UOW Bega
2016753664 B Business70UOW Southern Highlands
2016753665 B Business70UOW Southern Sydney
2016753666 B BusinessncUOW South Western Sydney
2016753670 B Economics and Finance80Wollongong
2016753671 B Economics and Finance80UOW Shoalhaven
2016753672 B Economics and Finance80UOW Batemans Bay
2016753673 B Economics and Finance80UOW Bega
2016753674 B Economics and Finance80UOW Southern Highlands
2016753675 B Economics and Finance80UOW Southern Sydney
2016754100 B Computer Science75Wollongong
2016754110 B Computer Science (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2016754120 B Computer SciencencUOW South Western Sydney
2016754300 B Information Technology75Wollongong
2016754305 B Information TechnologyncUOW South Western Sydney
2016754310 B Information Technology (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2016754320 B Information Technology InternationalncWollongong
2016754500 B Business Information Systems75Wollongong
2016754505 B Business Information SystemsncUOW South Western Sydney
2016754510 B Business Information Systems (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2016754601 B Creative Arts (Creative Writing)75Wollongong
2016754602 B Creative Arts (Graphic Design)75Wollongong
2016754603 B Creative Arts (Music)75Wollongong
2016754605 B Creative Arts (Visual Arts)75Wollongong
2016754607 B Creative Arts (Visual Arts and Design)75Wollongong
2016754609 B Creative Arts (Theatre)75Wollongong
2016754610 B Creative Arts (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2016754650 B Digital Media75Wollongong
2016754700 B Journalism75Wollongong
2016754800 B PerformanceA+CWollongong
2016754810 B Performance (Dean’s Scholar)A+CWollongong
2016755101 B Health and Physical Education75Wollongong
2016755102 B Mathematics Education73Wollongong
2016755103 B Science Education73Wollongong
2016755108 B Education – The Early Years (Flexible)70UOW Batemans Bay
2016755109 B Education – The Early Years (Flexible)70UOW Bega
2016755110 B Education – The Early Years (Flexible)70UOW Shoalhaven
2016755111 B Education – The Early Years (Flexible)70Wollongong
2016755112 B Primary Education75Wollongong
2016755113 B Education – The Early Years (On Campus)70Wollongong
2016755201 B Health and Physical Education (Dean’s Scholar)90Wollongong
2016755202 B Mathematics Education (Dean’s Scholar)90Wollongong
2016755203 B Science Education (Dean’s Scholar)90Wollongong
2016755208 B Education – The Early Years (Dean’s Scholar) (Flexible)90UOW Batemans Bay
2016755209 B Education – The Early Years (Dean’s Scholar) (Flexible)90UOW Bega
2016755210 B Education – The Early Years (Dean’s Scholar) (Flexible)90UOW Shoalhaven
2016755211 B Education – The Early Years (Dean’s Scholar) (On Campus)90Wollongong
2016755212 B Primary Education (Dean’s Scholar)90Wollongong
2016755250 B GeographyncWollongong
2016755300 B Social Science70Wollongong
2016755301 B Social Science70UOW Shoalhaven
2016755302 B Social Science70UOW Batemans Bay
2016755303 B Social Science70UOW Bega
2016755320 B Social Science (Dean’s Scholar)90Wollongong
2016755321 B Social Science (Dean’s Scholar)90UOW Shoalhaven
2016755322 B Social Science (Dean’s Scholar)90UOW Batemans Bay
2016755323 B Social Science (Dean’s Scholar)90UOW Bega
2016755340 B Social Work80Wollongong
2016755341 B Social Work80UOW Shoalhaven
2016755601 B Engineering Scholar Honours95Wollongong
2016755610 B Engineering Honours (Biomedical)80Wollongong
2016755611 B Engineering Honours (Civil)80Wollongong
2016755612 B Engineering Honours (Environmental)80Wollongong
2016755613 B Engineering Honours (Materials)80Wollongong
2016755614 B Engineering Honours (Mechanical)80Wollongong
2016755615 B Engineering Honours (Mining)80Wollongong
2016755616 B Engineering Honours (Mechatronic)80Wollongong
2016755621 B Engineering Honours (Computer)80Wollongong
2016755622 B Engineering Honours (Electrical)80Wollongong
2016755623 B Engineering Honours (Telecommunications)80Wollongong
2016755624 B Engineering Honours (Flexible First Year)80Wollongong
2016756100 B Laws (Direct Entry)90Wollongong
2016756101 B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/AWollongong
2016756503 B Mathematics and Finance (Honours)85Wollongong
2016756511 B Mathematics75Wollongong
2016756512 B Mathematics Advanced95Wollongong
2016756520 B Mathematics and Finance (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2016756530 B Medical Mathematics85Wollongong
2016756535 B Medical Mathematics (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2016756632 B Health Science (Indigenous Health)70Wollongong
2016757101 B Nursing70Wollongong
2016757102 B Nursing70UOW Bega
2016757103 B Nursing70UOW Shoalhaven
2016757104 B Nursing70UOW Southern Sydney
2016757105 B Nursing70UOW Batemans Bay
2016757110 B Nursing Advanced80Wollongong
2016757111 B Nursing Advanced80UOW Bega
2016757112 B Nursing Advanced80UOW Shoalhaven
2016757113 B Nursing Advanced80UOW Southern Sydney
2016757114 B Nursing Advanced80UOW Batemans Bay
2016757500 B Pre-Medicine, Science and Health95Wollongong
2016757590 International B Science (Honours)A+CWollongong
2016757600 International B ScienceA+CWollongong
2016757601 B Science (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2016757602 B Science Advanced Honours (Physics)95Wollongong
2016757603 B Medical and Radiation Physics Advanced Honours95Wollongong
2016757604 B Bionanotechnology (Honours)ncWollongong
2016757605 B Bionanotechnology (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)ncWollongong
2016757611 B Medical Biotechnology (Honours)85Wollongong
2016757612 B Environmental Science (Honours)85Wollongong
2016757613 B Medicinal Chemistry (Honours)85Wollongong
2016757616 B Medical and Radiation Physics80Wollongong
2016757617 B Medical Biotechnology (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2016757618 B Environmental Science (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)ncWollongong
2016757619 B Medicinal Chemistry (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2016757621 B Science75Wollongong
2016757622 B Marine Science85Wollongong
2016757623 B Marine Science (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2016757624 B Marine Science (Honours)85Wollongong
2016757627 B Conservation Biology (Honours)85Wollongong
2016757628 B Conservation Biology (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)95Wollongong
2016757630 B Medical and Health Sciences82Wollongong
2016757631 B Medical and Health Sciences (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)93Wollongong
2016757636 B Science (Materials)78Wollongong
2016757637 B Science (Physics)78Wollongong
2016757638 B Science (Nuclear Science and Technology)78Wollongong
2016757642 B Exercise Science78Wollongong
2016757643 B Exercise Science and Rehabilitation94Wollongong
2016757645 B Nutrition Science78Wollongong
2016757647 B Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours)93Wollongong
2016757650 B Public Health73Wollongong
2016757653 B Public Health (Dean’s Scholar)90Wollongong
2016757655 B Public Health Nutrition75Wollongong
2016757700 B Science (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar) (Human Geography or Land and Heritage Management)90Wollongong
2016757710 B Science (Human Geography or Land and Heritage Management)75Wollongong
2016759000 University Entrance Certificate55Wollongong
2016759005 University Access ProgramncUOW South Western Sydney
2016759006 University Access ProgramncUOW Shoalhaven
2016759010 Dip Information TechnologyncWollongong
2016759015 Dip Information TechnologyncUOW South Western Sydney
2016759030 Dip Business60Wollongong
2016759035 Dip BusinessncUOW South Western Sydney
2016759045 Dip Social SciencencWollongong
2015751200B Arts (Psych)/B Laws92
2015751201B Arts/B Laws92
2015751202B Commerce/B Laws92
2015751203B Computer Science/B Laws92
2015751204B Creative Arts/B Laws92
2015751206B Mathematics/B Laws92
2015751207B Science/B Laws92
2015751208B Engineering Hons/B Laws92
2015751210B Comm & Media Stds/B Laws92
2015751211B Journalism/B Laws92
2015751212B International Studies/B Laws92
2015751213B Info Tech/B Laws92
2015751215B Science (Psych)/B Laws92
2015751216B Econ & Fin/B Laws92
2015751301B Arts/B Commerce75
2015751302B Engineering Hons/B Arts80
2015751305B Arts (Psych) /B Com75
2015751306B Arts/B Econ & Fin80
2015751309B Arts/B Int Stds(Dean Schlr)93
2015751310B Arts/B International Studies75
2015751311B Inter Studies/B Commerce75
2015751313B Int Stds/B Econ & Fin80
2015751350B Arts/B Comm & Media Stds75
2015751351B Comm & Media Stds/B Com75
2015751353B Comm & Media Stds/B Sc75
2015751354B Comm & Media Stds/B Int Stds75
2015751355B Comm & Media Stds/B Ec & Fin80
2015751360BA/B Comm&Media; Stds(Dean’s)93
2015751363BComm&Med; Stds/BIntStds(Deans)93
2015751402B Computer Science/B Science75
2015751501B Creative Arts/B Arts75
2015751502B Creative Arts/B Commerce75
2015751503B Creative Arts/B Computer Sc75
2015751504B Creative Arts/B Science75
2015751505B Creative Arts/B Int Studies75
2015751506BCreativeArt/ BComm&Media; Stds75
2015751507B Creative Arts/B Journalism75
2015751601B Eng Hons/B Commerce80
2015751609B Eng Hons/B Computer Sc80
2015751610B Eng Hons/B Mathematics80
2015751624B Eng Hons/B Science80
2015751625B Engineering Hons/B Exer Sc80
2015751660B Journalism/B Arts75
2015751661B Journalism/B Commerce75
2015751663B Journalism/B Science75
2015751664B Jlsm/B Comm & Media Stds75
2015751665B Journalism/B Eng Hons80
2015751666B Journalism/B Int Studies75
2015751701B Maths/B Computer Science75
2015751751B Psychology/B Commerce89
2015751801B Science/B Arts75
2015751802B Science/B Commerce75
2015751803B Science (Physics)/B Arts80
2015751805B Science (Physics)/B Maths80
2015751814B Science (Psych)/B Commerce75
2015753101B Arts (Wollongong)75
2015753102B Arts (Shoalhaven)70
2015753105B Arts (Dean’s Scholar)93
2015753106B Arts (Batemans Bay)70
2015753107B Arts (Bega)70
2015753108B Arts (Sthn H’lands)70
2015753110B Communication & Media Stds75
2015753111B Comm & Media Studies(Dean’s)93
2015753115B Polit Phil & Econ80
2015753116B Polit Phil & Econ (Scholar)93
2015753121B International Studies75
2015753122B Arts (Psychology)75
2015753131B Int Studies(Dean’s Scholar)93
2015753602B Commerce (Wollongong)75
2015753603B Commerce (Shoalhaven)72
2015753604B Commerce (Batemans Bay)72
2015753605B Commerce (Bega)72
2015753606B Commerce (Sthn H’lands)72
2015753607B Commerce (S Syd)75
2015753610B Com (Dean’s Scholar)93
2015753611B Com (Dean’s Scholar)(Shoal)93
2015753612B Com (Dean’s) Batemans Bay93
2015753613B Com (Dean’s Scholar)(Bega)93
2015753614B Com (Dean’s) (Sthn H’lands)93
2015753615B Com (Dean’s Scholar)(S Syd)93
2015753630B Com/Adv Dip Hosp72
2015753640B Com/Adv Dip Event72
2015753641B Com/Adv Dip Event (S Syd)72
2015753642B Com/Adv Dip Event (Shoal)70
2015753650B Com/Adv Dip Tourism72
2015753660B Business (Wollongong)70
2015753661B Business (Shoalhaven)70
2015753662B Business (Batemans Bay)70
2015753663B Business (Bega)70
2015753664B Business (Sthn H’lands)70
2015753665B Business (S Syd)70
2015753670B Economics & Fin (Wollongong)80
2015753671B Economics & Fin (Shoalhaven)80
2015753672B Econ & Fin (Batemans Bay)80
2015753673B Economics & Finance (Bega)80
2015753674B Econ & Finance(Sthn H’lands)80
2015753675B Econ & Finance (S Syd)80
2015753680B Account & Financial Services80
2015753690B Bank & Financial Services80
2015754101B Computer Science (Comp Sc)75
2015754104B Comp Sc (Mltmdia & GameDvlt)75
2015754105B Comp Sc(Dig Sys Security)75
2015754107B Computer Science (Soft Eng)75
2015754108B Computer Sc (Entp Sys Dev)75
2015754109B Comp Sc (Mobile Computing)75
2015754110B Comp Science(Dean’s Scholar)95
2015754300B Information Tech (eBusiness)75
2015754301B InfoTech(Net Dsgn & Mgt)75
2015754303B Info Tech (Web Dsgn&Dvlt;)75
2015754310B Info Tech (Dean’s Scholar)95
2015754500B Business Information Systems75
2015754510B Bus Info Sys(Dean’s Scholar)95
2015754601B Creative Arts(Creative Writ)75
2015754602B Creative Arts(Graphic Dsgn)75
2015754603B Creative Arts (Music)75
2015754604B Creative Arts (Photography)75
2015754605B Creative Arts(Visual Arts)75
2015754607B Creative Arts(Vis Arts&Dsgn;)75
2015754609B Creative Arts (Theatre)75
2015754610B CreativeArts(Dean’s Scholar)93
2015754650B Digital Media75
2015754700B Journalism75
2015754800B PerformanceN/A
2015754810B Performance (Scholar)N/A
2015755101B Physical & Health Education75
2015755102B Mathematics Education73
2015755103B Science Education73
2015755108B Ed-TheEarlyYears(B’mans Bay)70
2015755109B Ed-The Early Years (Bega)70
2015755110B Ed-TheEarlyYears(Shoal)70
2015755111B Education -The Early Years70
2015755112B Primary Education75
2015755201B Phy&Hlth; Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2015755208B Ed-Early Yrs(Scholar)(B’Bay)N/A
2015755209B Ed Early Yrs(Scholar)(Bega)N/A
2015755210B Ed-Early Yrs(Scholar)(Shoal)N/A
2015755211B Ed Early Yrs(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2015755212B Primary Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2015755301B Social Sc (Shoalhaven)70
2015755302B Social Sc (B’ Bay)70
2015755303B Social Sc (Bega)70
2015755320B Social Sc (Scholar)N/A
2015755321B Soc Sc(Scholar)(Shoalhaven)N/A
2015755322B Soc Sc (Scholar)(B’ Bay)N/A
2015755323B Soc Sc (Scholar)(Bega)N/A
2015755330B Soc Sc (Psych)75
2015755340B Social Work80
2015755341B Social Work (Shoalhaven)80
2015755601B Engineering Scholar Hons95
2015755611B Engineering Hons (Civil)80
2015755612B Engineering Hons (Env)80
2015755613B Engineering Hons (Materials)80
2015755614B Engineering Hons(Mechanical)80
2015755615B Engineering Hons (Mining)80
2015755616B EngineeringHons(Mechatronic)80
2015755621B Engineering Hons (Computer)80
2015755622B Engineering Hons(Electrical)80
2015755623B Eng Hons(Telecommunications)80
2015755624B Eng Hons (Flexible 1st Yr)80
2015756100B Laws (Direct Entry)92
2015756503B Mathematics & Finance85
2015756511B Mathematics75
2015756512B Mathematics Advanced95
2015756520B Maths & Finance(Dean’s Schol)95
2015756530B Medical Mathematics85
2015756535B Med Maths (Dean’s Scholar)95
2015756632B Health Sc (Indigenous Hlth)70
2015757101B Nursing70
2015757102B Nursing (Bega)70
2015757103B Nursing (Shoalhaven)70
2015757104B Nursing (S Syd)70
2015757105B Nursing (Batemans Bay)70
2015757110B Nursing Advanced80
2015757111B Nursing Advanced (Bega)80
2015757112B Nursing Advanced Shoalhaven80
2015757113B Nursing Advanced (S Syd)80
2015757114B Nursing Advanced (B Bay)80
2015757590International B Sc HonsN/A
2015757600International B ScienceN/A
2015757601B Science Advanced Hons95
2015757602B Science Adv Hons (Physics)95
2015757603B Med & Rad Phys Adv Hons95
2015757611B Medical Biotechnology Hons85
2015757612B Environmental Science Hons85
2015757613B Medicinal Chemistry Hons85
2015757616B Medical & Radiation Physics80
2015757617B Med Biotech H (Dean’s Schlr)95
2015757619B Med Chem H (Dean’s Schlr)95
2015757622B Marine Science85
2015757623B Marine Sc H (Dean’s Schlr)95
2015757624B Marine Science Hons85
2015757625B Nanotechnology Hons85
2015757626B Nanotech H (Dean’s Schlr)95
2015757627B Conservation Biology Hons85
2015757628B Cons Bio H (Dean’s Schlr)95
2015757630B Medical and Health Sciences82
2015757631B Medical & Health Sc Adv Hons93
2015757632B Med & Hlth Sc/Dip LabTech82
2015757636B Science (Materials)78
2015757637B Science (Physics)78
2015757638B Science (Nuclear Sc & Tech)78
2015757642B Exercise Science78
2015757643B Exercise Science & Rehab94
2015757645B Nutrition Science78
2015757647B Nutrition and Dietetics Hons93
2015757650B Public Health73
2015757651B Science (Psychology)75
2015757652B Psychology89
2015757655B Public Health Nutrition75
2015757700B Sc Adv (Human Geog LHM)90
2015757710B Sc (Human Geog LHM)75
2014751200B Arts (Psych)/B Laws92
2014751201B Arts/B Laws92
2014751202B Commerce/B Laws92
2014751203B Computer Science/B Laws92
2014751204B Creative Arts/B Laws92
2014751206B Mathematics/B Laws92
2014751207B Science/B Laws92
2014751208B Engineering/B Laws92
2014751210B Comm & Media Stds/B Laws92
2014751211B Journalism/B Laws92
2014751212B International Studies/B Laws92
2014751213B Info Tech/B Laws92
2014751214B Bus Info Systems/B Laws92
2014751215B Science (Psych)/B Laws92
2014751216B Econ & Fin/B Laws92
2014751301B Arts/B Commerce75
2014751302B Engineering/B Arts80
2014751303B Engineering/B Arts80
2014751305B Arts (Psych) / B Com75
2014751306B Arts/B Econ & Fin80
2014751309B Arts/B Int Stds (Dean’s Sch)N/A
2014751310B Arts/B International Studies75
2014751311B Inter Studies/B Commerce75
2014751313B Int Stds/B Econ & Fin80
2014751350B Arts/B Comm & Media Stds75
2014751351B Comm & Media Stds/B Com75
2014751353B Comm & Media Stds/B Sc75
2014751354B Comm & Media Stds/B Int Stds75
2014751355B Comm & Media Stds/B Ec & Fin80
2014751360BA/B Comm&Media; Stds(Dean’s)N/A
2014751363BComm&Med; Stds/BIntStds(Deans)N/A
2014751402B Computer Science/B Science75
2014751501B Creative Arts/B Arts75
2014751502B Creative Arts/B Commerce75
2014751503B Creative Arts/B Computer Sc75
2014751504B Creative Arts/B Science75
2014751505B Creative Arts/B Int Studies75
2014751506BCreativeArt/ BComm&Media; Stds75
2014751507B Creative Arts/B Journalism75
2014751601B Engineering/B Commerce80
2014751602B Engineering/B Commerce80
2014751609B Engineering/B Computer Sc80
2014751610B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2014751611B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2014751621B Engineering/B Science80
2014751624B Engineering/B Science80
2014751625B Engineering/B Science80
2014751660B Journalism/B Arts75
2014751661B Journalism/B Commerce75
2014751663B Journalism/B Science75
2014751664B Jlsm/B Comm & Media Stds75
2014751665B Journalism/B Engineering80
2014751666B Journalism/B Int Studies75
2014751701B Computer Science/B Maths75
2014751751B Psychology/B Commerce89
2014751801B Science/B Arts75
2014751802B Science/B Commerce75
2014751803B Science (Physics)/B Arts80
2014751805B Science (Physics)/B Maths80
2014751814B Science (Psych)/B Commerce75
2014753101B Arts (Wollongong)75
2014753102B Arts (Shoalhaven)70
2014753105B Arts (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2014753106B Arts (Batemans Bay)70
2014753107B Arts (Bega)70
2014753108B Arts (Moss Vale)70
2014753110B Communication & Media Stds75
2014753111B Comm & Media Studies(Dean’s)N/A
2014753121B International Studies75
2014753122B Arts (Psychology)75
2014753131B Int Studies(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2014753602B Commerce (Wollongong)75
2014753603B Commerce (Shoalhaven)72
2014753604B Commerce (Batemans Bay)72
2014753605B Commerce (Bega)72
2014753606B Commerce (Moss Vale)72
2014753607B Commerce (Southern Syd)75
2014753610B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2014753611B Com (Dean’s Scholar) SlhavenN/A
2014753612B Com (Dean’s Scholar) B BayN/A
2014753613B Com (Dean’s Scholar) BegaN/A
2014753614B Com (Dean’s Scholar) M ValeN/A
2014753615B Com (Dean’s Scholar) S SydN/A
2014753630B Commerce (Hsplty Mgt)72
2014753640B Commerce (Event Mgt)72
2014753641B Commerce (Event Mgt) (S Syd)72
2014753642B Commerce (Event Mgt) (Shoal)70
2014753650B Commerce (Tourism Mgt)72
2014753660B Business (Wollongong)70
2014753661B Business (Shoalhaven)70
2014753662B Business (Batemans Bay)70
2014753663B Business (Bega)70
2014753664B Business (Moss Vale)70
2014753665B Business (Southern Syd)70
2014753670B Economics & Fin (Wollongong)80
2014753671B Economics & Fin (Shoalhaven)80
2014753672B Econ & Fin (Batemans Bay)80
2014753673B Economics & Finance (Bega)80
2014753674B Econ & Finance (Moss Vale)80
2014753675B Econ & Finance(Southern Syd)80
2014753680B Account & Financial Services80
2014753690B Bank & Financial Services80
2014754101B Computer Science (Comp Sc)75
2014754104B Comp Sc (Mltmdia & GameDvlt)75
2014754105B Comp Sc(Dig Sys Security)75
2014754107B Computer Science (Soft Eng)75
2014754108B Computer Sc (Enterprise Sys)75
2014754109B Comp Sc (Mobile Computing)75
2014754110B Comp Science(Dean’s Scholar)95
2014754300B Information Tech (eBusiness)75
2014754301B InfoTech(Net Dsgn & Mgt)75
2014754302B Info Tech(Social Policy)75
2014754303B Info Tech (Web Dsgn&Dvlt;)75
2014754310B Info Tech (Dean’s Scholar)95
2014754500B Business Information Systems75
2014754510B Bus Info Sys(Dean’s Scholar)95
2014754601B Creative Arts(Creative Writ)75
2014754602B Creative Arts(Graphic Dsgn)75
2014754603B Creative Arts (Music)75
2014754604B Creative Arts (Photography)75
2014754605B Creative Arts(Visual Arts)75
2014754607B Creative Arts(Vis Arts&Dsgn;)75
2014754609B Creative Arts (Theatre)75
2014754610B CreativeArts(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2014754650B Digital Media75
2014754700B Journalism75
2014754800B PerformanceN/A
2014755101B Physical & Health Education75
2014755102B Mathematics Education73
2014755103B Science Education73
2014755111B Education: The Early Years70
2014755112B Primary Education75
2014755201B Phy&Hlth; Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2014755202B Maths Ed(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2014755203B Science Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2014755211B Ed Early Yrs(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2014755212B Primary Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2014755601B Engineering(Scholar Program)95
2014755611B Engineering (Civil)80
2014755612B Engineering (Environmental)80
2014755613B Engineering (Materials)80
2014755614B Engineering (Mechanical)80
2014755615B Engineering (Mining)80
2014755616B Engineering (Mechatronic)80
2014755617B Engineering (Flexible Entry)80
2014755621B Engineering (Computer)80
2014755622B Engineering (Electrical)80
2014755623B Eng (Telecommunications)80
2014755624B Engineering(Flexible 1st Yr)80
2014755630BEng (Comp Elec Tel) (D Schol)95
2014756100B Laws (Direct Entry)92
2014756101B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2014756503B Mathematics & Finance82
2014756511B Mathematics75
2014756512B Mathematics Advanced95
2014756520B Maths &Finance;(Dean’s Schol)95
2014756530B Medical Mathematics85
2014756535B Med Maths (Dean’s Scholar)95
2014756632B Health Sc in Indigenous Hlth70
2014757101B Nursing70
2014757102B Nursing (Bega)70
2014757103B Nursing (Shoalhaven)70
2014757104B Nursing (Southern Sydney)70
2014757105B Nursing (Batmans Bay)70
2014757110B Nursing Advanced80
2014757111B Nursing Advanced (Bega)80
2014757112B Nursing Advanced Shoalhaven80
2014757113B Nursing Advanced S Sydney80
2014757114B Nursing Advanced B Bay80
2014757600International B ScienceN/A
2014757601B Science Advanced95
2014757602B Science Adv(Physics)95
2014757603B Med & Rad Phys Advanced95
2014757611B Medical Biotechnology85
2014757612B Environmental Science85
2014757613B Medicinal Chemistry85
2014757616B Medical & Radiation Physics80
2014757617B Med Biotech Adv95
2014757618B Environmental Sci Advanced95
2014757619B Medicinal Chem Advanced95
2014757621B Science75
2014757622B Marine Science85
2014757623B Marine Science Advanced95
2014757625B Nanotechnology85
2014757626B Nanotechnology Adv95
2014757627B Conservation Biology85
2014757628B Cons Biology Adv95
2014757630B Medical and Health Sciences82
2014757631B Medical and Health Sc AdvN/A
2014757632B Med & Hlth Sc/Dip LabTech82
2014757636B Science (Materials)78
2014757637B Science (Physics)78
2014757638B Science (Nuclear Sc & Tech)78
2014757642B Science (Exercise Science)78
2014757643B Exercise Science & Rehab94
2014757645B Science (Nutrition)78
2014757647B Nutrition and Dietetics93
2014757650B Public Health73
2014757651B Science (Psychology)75
2014757652B Psychology89
2014757655B Public Health Nutrition75
2013751200B Arts (Psych)/B Laws90
2013751201B Arts/B Laws90
2013751202B Commerce/B Laws90
2013751203B Computer Science/B Laws90
2013751204B Creative Arts/B Laws90
2013751206B Mathematics/B Laws90
2013751207B Science/B Laws90
2013751208B Engineering/B Laws90
2013751210B Comm & Media Stds/B Laws90
2013751211B Journalism/B Laws90
2013751212B International Studies/B Laws90
2013751213B Info Tech/B Laws90
2013751214B Bus Info Systems/B Laws90
2013751215B Science (Psych)/B Laws90
2013751216B Econ & Fin/B Laws90
2013751301B Arts/B Commerce75
2013751302B Engineering/B Arts80
2013751303B Engineering/B Arts78
2013751305B Arts (Psych) / B Com75
2013751306B Arts/B Econ & Fin80
2013751309B Arts/B Int Stds (Dean’s Sch)N/A
2013751310B Arts/B International Studies75
2013751311B Inter Studies/B Commerce75
2013751313B Int Stds/B Econ & Fin80
2013751350B Arts/B Comm & Media Stds75
2013751351B Comm & Media Stds/B Com75
2013751353B Comm & Media Stds/B Sc75
2013751354B Comm & Media Stds/B Int Stds75
2013751355B Comm & Media Stds/B Ec & Fin80
2013751360BA/B Comm&Media; Stds(Dean’s)N/A
2013751363BComm&Med; Stds/BIntStds(Deans)N/A
2013751402B Computer Science/B Science75
2013751501B Creative Arts/B Arts75
2013751502B Creative Arts/B Commerce75
2013751503B Creative Arts/B Computer Sc75
2013751504B Creative Arts/B Science75
2013751505B Creative Arts/B Int Studies75
2013751506BCreativeArt/B Comm&Media; Stds75
2013751507B Creative Arts/B Journalism75
2013751601B Engineering/B Commerce80
2013751602B Engineering/B Commerce78
2013751609B Engineering/B Computer Sc80
2013751610B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2013751611B Engineering/B Mathematics78
2013751621B Engineering/B Science78
2013751624B Engineering/B Science80
2013751625B Engineering/B Science80
2013751660B Journalism/B Arts75
2013751661B Journalism/B Commerce75
2013751663B Journalism/B Science75
2013751664B Jlsm/B Comm & Media Stds75
2013751665B Journalism/B Engineering80
2013751666B Journalism/B Int Studies75
2013751701B Computer Science/B Maths75
2013751751B Psychology/B Commerce92
2013751801B Science/B Arts75
2013751802B Science/B Commerce75
2013751803B Science (Physics)/B Arts80
2013751805B Science (Physics)/B Maths80
2013751814B Science (Psych)/B Commerce75
2013753101B Arts (Wollongong)75
2013753102B Arts (Shoalhaven)70
2013753105B Arts (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2013753106B Arts (Batemans Bay)70
2013753107B Arts (Bega)70
2013753108B Arts (Moss Vale)70
2013753110B Communication & Media Stds75
2013753111B Comm & Media Studies(Dean’s)N/A
2013753121B International Studies75
2013753122B Arts (Psychology)75
2013753131B Int Studies(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2013753602B Commerce (Wollongong)75
2013753603B Commerce (Shoalhaven)72
2013753604B Commerce (Batemans Bay)72
2013753605B Commerce (Bega)72
2013753606B Commerce (Moss Vale)72
2013753607B Commerce (Southern Syd)75
2013753610B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2013753611B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2013753612B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2013753613B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2013753614B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2013753615B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2013753630B Commerce (Hsplty Mgt)72
2013753631B Commerce(Hsplty Mgt)(S Syd)72
2013753640B Commerce (Event Mgt)72
2013753641B Commerce (Event Mgt) (S Syd)72
2013753642B Commerce (Event Mgt) (Shoal)70
2013753650B Commerce (Tourism Mgt)72
2013753660B Business (Wollongong)70
2013753661B Business (Shoalhaven)70
2013753662B Business (Batemans Bay)70
2013753663B Business (Bega)70
2013753664B Business (Moss Vale)70
2013753665B Business (Southern Syd)70
2013753670B Economics & Fin (Wollongong)80
2013753671B Economics & Fin (Shoalhaven)80
2013753672B Econ & Fin (Batemans Bay)80
2013753673B Economics & Fin (Bega)80
2013753674B Economics & Fin (Moss Vale)80
2013753675B Econ & Fin (Southern Syd)80
2013754101B Computer Science (Comp Sc)75
2013754104B Comp Sc (Mltmdia & GameDvlt)75
2013754105B Comp Sc(Dgtal Sys Security)75
2013754107B Computer Science (Soft Eng)75
2013754108B Computer Sc (Enterprise Sys)75
2013754109B Comp Sc (Mobile Computing)75
2013754110B Comp Science(Dean’s Scholar)93
2013754300B Information Tech (eBusiness)75
2013754301B InfoTech(Net Dsgn & Mgt)75
2013754302B Info Tech(Social Policy)75
2013754303B Info Tech (Web Dsgn&Dvlt;)75
2013754310B Info Tech (Dean’s Scholar)93
2013754500B Business Information Systems75
2013754510B Bus Info Sys(Dean’s Scholar)93
2013754601B Creative Arts(Creative Writ)75
2013754602B Creative Arts(Graphic Dsgn)75
2013754605B Creative Arts(Visual Arts)75
2013754607B Creative Arts(Vis Arts&Dsgn;)75
2013754609B Creative Arts (Theatre)75
2013754610B CreativeArts(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2013754650B Digital Media75
2013754700B Journalism75
2013754800B Perf (Acting & Perf-making)N/A
2013754810B Performance(Tech Theatre)N/A
2013755101B Physical & Health Education75
2013755102B Mathematics Education73
2013755103B Science Education73
2013755111B Education: The Early Years70
2013755112B Primary Education75
2013755201B Phy&Hlth; Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2013755202B Maths Ed(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2013755203B Science Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2013755211B Ed Early Yrs(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2013755212B Primary Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2013755601B Engineering(Scholar Program)95
2013755611B Engineering (Civil)80
2013755612B Engineering (Environmental)80
2013755613B Engineering (Materials)80
2013755614B Engineering (Mechanical)80
2013755615B Engineering (Mining)80
2013755616B Engineering (Mechatronic)80
2013755617B Engineering (Flexible Entry)80
2013755621B Engineering (Computer)78
2013755622B Engineering (Electrical)78
2013755623B Eng (Telecommunications)78
2013755624B Engineering(Flexible 1st Yr)78
2013755630BEng (Comp Elec Tel) (D Schol)93
2013756100B Laws (Direct Entry)90
2013756101B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2013756503B Mathematics & Finance82
2013756511B Mathematics75
2013756512B Mathematics Advanced90
2013756520B Maths &Finance;(Dean’s Schol)93
2013756530B Medical Mathematics85
2013756535B Med Maths (Dean’s Scholar)93
2013756632B Health Sc in Indigenous Hlth70
2013757101B Nursing70
2013757102B Nursing (Bega)70
2013757103B Nursing (Shoalhaven)70
2013757104B Nursing (Southern Sydney)70
2013757110B Nursing Advanced80
2013757111B Nursing Advanced80
2013757112B Nursing Advanced80
2013757113B Nursing Advanced80
2013757600International B ScienceN/A
2013757601B Science Advanced95
2013757602B Science Adv(Physics)95
2013757603B Med & Rad Phys Advance95
2013757611B Medical Biotechnology85
2013757612B Environmental Science85
2013757613B Medicinal Chemistry85
2013757616B Medical & Radiation Physics80
2013757617B Med Biotech Adv95
2013757618B Environmental Sci Advanced95
2013757619B Medicinal Chem Advanced95
2013757621B Science75
2013757622B Marine Science85
2013757623B Marine Science Advanced95
2013757625B Nanotechnology85
2013757626B Nanotechnology Adv95
2013757627B Conservation Biology85
2013757628B Cons Biology Adv95
2013757630B Medical and Health Sciences82
2013757631B Medical and Health Sc AdvN/A
2013757636B Science (Materials)78
2013757637B Science (Physics)78
2013757638B Science (Nuclear Sc & Tech)78
2013757642B Science (Exercise Science)78
2013757643B Exercise Science & Rehab94
2013757645B Science (Nutrition)78
2013757647B Nutrition and Dietetics93
2013757650B Public Health75
2013757651B Science (Psychology)75
2013757652B Psychology92
2013757655B Public Health Nutrition75
2012751200B Arts (Psyc)/B Laws90
2012751201B Arts/B Laws90
2012751202B Commerce/B Laws90
2012751203B Computer Science/B Laws90
2012751204B Creative Arts/B Laws90
2012751206B Mathematics/B Laws90
2012751207B Science/B Laws90
2012751208B Engineering/B Laws90
2012751210B Comm & Media Stds/B Laws90
2012751211B Journalism/B Laws90
2012751212B International Studies/B Laws90
2012751213B Info Tech/B Laws90
2012751214B Bus Info Systems/B Laws90
2012751215B Sc (Psyc)/B Laws90
2012751301B Arts/B Commerce75
2012751302B Engineering/B Arts80
2012751303B Engineering/B Arts80
2012751305B Arts (Psyc) / B Com75
2012751310B Arts/B International Studies75
2012751311B Interl Studies/B Commerce75
2012751350B Comm & Media Stds/B Arts75
2012751351B Comm & Media Stds/B Com75
2012751352B Comm&Media; Stds/BCreativeArt75
2012751353B Comm & Media Stds/B Sc80
2012751354B Comm & Media Stds/B Int Stds75
2012751402B Computer Science/B Science80
2012751501B Creative Arts/B Arts75
2012751502B Creative Arts/B Commerce75
2012751503B Creative Arts/B Computer Sc80
2012751504B Creative Arts/B Science80
2012751505B Creative Arts/B Int Stud75
2012751601B Engineering/B Commerce80
2012751602B Engineering/B Commerce80
2012751609B Engineering/B Computer Sc80
2012751610B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2012751611B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2012751621B Engineering/B Science80
2012751624B Engineering/B Science80
2012751625B Engineering/B Science80
2012751660B Journalism/B Arts75
2012751661B Journalism/B Commerce75
2012751662B Journalism/B Creative Arts75
2012751663B Journalism/B Science80
2012751664B Jour/B Comm & Media Stds75
2012751665B Journalism/B Engineering80
2012751666B Journalism/B Int Stud75
2012751701B Maths/B Computer Science80
2012751751B Psychology/B Commerce92
2012751801B Science/B Arts80
2012751802B Science/B Commerce80
2012751803B Science (Physics)/B Arts80
2012751805B Science (Physics)/B Maths80
2012751814B Science (Psych)/B Commerce80
2012753101B Arts (Wollongong)75
2012753102B Arts (Shoalhaven)70
2012753105B Arts (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012753106B Arts (Batemans Bay)70
2012753107B Arts (Bega)70
2012753108B Arts (Moss Vale)70
2012753110B Communication & Media Stds75
2012753111B Comm & Media Stds(Dean’s)N/A
2012753121B International Studies75
2012753122B Arts (Psychology)75
2012753131B Int Stds (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012753602B Commerce (Wollongong)75
2012753603B Commerce (Shoalhaven)72
2012753604B Commerce (Batemans Bay)72
2012753605B Commerce (Bega)72
2012753606B Commerce (Moss Vale)72
2012753607B Commerce (Southern Syd)75
2012753610B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012753611B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012753612B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012753613B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012753614B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012753615B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012753630B Commerce (Hosp Mgmt)72
2012753631B Commerce(Hosp Mgmt)(S Syd)72
2012753640B Commerce (Evnt Mgmt)72
2012753641B Commerce (Evnt Mgmt) (S Syd)72
2012753642B Commerce (Evnt Mgmt) (Shoal)70
2012753650B Commerce (Tourism Mgmt)72
2012753660B Business (Wollongong)70
2012753661B Business (Shoalhaven)70
2012753662B Business (Batemans Bay)70
2012753663B Business (Bega)70
2012753664B Business (Moss Vale)70
2012753665B Business (Southern Syd)70
2012753670B Econ & Fin (Wollongong)80
2012753671B Econ & Fin (Shoalhaven)80
2012753672B Econ & Fin (Batemans Bay)80
2012753673B Econ & Fin (Bega)80
2012753674B Econ & Fin (Moss Vale)80
2012753675B Econ & Fin (Southern Syd)80
2012754101B Computer Science (Comp Sc)75
2012754104B Comp Sc (Mltmdia & Game Dev)75
2012754105B Comp Sc(Dgtal Sys Security)75
2012754107B Computer Sc (Soft Eng)75
2012754108B Computer Sc (Enterprise Sys)75
2012754110B Comp Sc (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012754300B Information Tech (eBusiness)75
2012754301B Inf Tech (Net Dsgn&Mgmt;)75
2012754302B Info Tech (Social Policy)75
2012754303B Info Tech (Web Dsgn&Dvlt;)75
2012754310B Info Tech (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012754500B Business Information Systems75
2012754510B Bus Info Sys(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012754601B Creative Arts(Creative Writ)75
2012754602B Creative Arts(Graphic Dsgn)75
2012754605B Creative Arts(Visual Arts)75
2012754607B Creative Arts(Vis Arts&Dsgn;)75
2012754609B Creative Arts (Theatre)75
2012754610B Creative Arts(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012754650B Digital Media75
2012754700B Journalism75
2012754800B Perf (Acting & Perf-making)N/A
2012754810B Perf (Tech Theatre)75
2012755101B Physical & Health Ed77
2012755102B Mathematics Ed75
2012755103B Science Education75
2012755111B Education: The Early Years72
2012755112B Primary Education78
2012755201B Phy&Hlth; Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012755202B Maths Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012755203B Sc Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012755211B Ed Early Yrs(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012755212B Primary Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2012755601B Eng (Scholar Program)95
2012755611B Engineering (Civil)78
2012755612B Engineering (Environmental)78
2012755613B Engineering (Materials)78
2012755614B Engineering (Mechanical)78
2012755615B Engineering (Mining)78
2012755616B Engineering (Mechatronic)78
2012755617B Engineering (Flexible Entry)78
2012755621B Engineering (Computer)78
2012755622B Engineering (Electrical)78
2012755623B Eng (Telecommunications)78
2012755624B Engineering(Flexible 1st Yr)78
2012755630B Eng (Comp Elec Tel) (D Schol)N/A
2012756100B Laws (Direct Entry)90
2012756101B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2012756503B Mathematics & Finance82
2012756511B Mathematics75
2012756512B Mathematics Advanced90
2012756520B Math & Finance(Dean’s Schol)N/A
2012756530B Medical Mathematics85
2012756632B Health Sc in Indigenous Hlth70
2012757101B Nursing70
2012757102B Nursing (Bega)70
2012757103B Nursing (Shoalhaven)70
2012757104B Nursing (Southern Sydney)70
2012757110B Nursing Advanced80
2012757600International B ScienceN/A
2012757601B Science Advanced95
2012757602B Science Adv – Physics95
2012757603B Med & Rad Phys Advance95
2012757611B Medical Biotechnology85
2012757612B Environmental Science85
2012757613B Medicinal Chemistry85
2012757616B Medical & Radiation Physics80
2012757617B Med Biotech Adv95
2012757618B Environmental Sci Advanced95
2012757619B Medicinal Chem Advanced95
2012757621B Science75
2012757622B Marine Science85
2012757623B Marine Science Advanced95
2012757625B Nanotechnology85
2012757626B Nanotechnology Adv95
2012757627B Conservation Biology85
2012757628B Cons Biology Adv95
2012757630B Medical and Health Sciences82
2012757631B Medical and Health Sci AdvN/A
2012757636B Science (Materials)75
2012757637B Science (Physics)75
2012757638B Science (Nuclear Sc & Tech)75
2012757642B Science (Exercise Science)78
2012757643B Exercise Science & Rehab94
2012757645B Science (Nutrition)78
2012757647B Nutrition and Dietetics93
2012757650B Public Health75
2012757651B Science (Psychology)75
2012757652B Psychology92
2012757655B Public Health Nutrition75
2011751201B Arts/B Laws90
2011751202B Commerce/B Laws90
2011751203B Computer Science/B Laws90
2011751204B Creative Arts/B LawsN/A
2011751206B Mathematics/B Laws90
2011751207B Science/B Laws90
2011751208B Engineering/B Laws90
2011751210B Comm & Media Stds/B Laws90
2011751211B Journalism/B LawsN/A
2011751212B International Studies/B Laws90
2011751213B Info Tech/B Laws90
2011751214B Bus Info Systems/B Laws90
2011751301B Arts/B Commerce80
2011751302B Engineering/B Arts80
2011751303B Engineering/B Arts80
2011751310B Arts/B International Studies80
2011751311B Interl Studies/B Commerce80
2011751350B Comm & Media Stds/ B Arts80
2011751351B Comm & Media Stds/B Commerce80
2011751352B Comm&Media; Stds/B CretiveArtN/A
2011751353B Comm & Media Stds/B Science80
2011751354B Comm & Media Stds/B Int Stud80
2011751402B Computer Science/B Science80
2011751501B Creative Arts/B ArtsN/A
2011751502B Creative Arts/B CommerceN/A
2011751503B Creative Arts/B Computer ScN/A
2011751504B Creative Arts/B ScienceN/A
2011751505B Creative Arts/B Int StudN/A
2011751601B Engineering/B Commerce80
2011751602B Engineering/B Commerce80
2011751609B Engineering/B Computer Sc80
2011751610B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2011751611B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2011751621B Engineering/B Science80
2011751624B Engineering/B Science80
2011751625B Engineering/B Science80
2011751660B Journalism/B ArtsN/A
2011751661B Journalism/B CommerceN/A
2011751662B Journalism/B Creative ArtsN/A
2011751663B Journalism/B ScienceN/A
2011751664B Jour/B Comm & Media StdsN/A
2011751665B Journalism/B EngineeringN/A
2011751666B Journalism/B Int StudN/A
2011751701B Maths/B Computer Science80
2011751751B Psychology/B Commerce92
2011751801B Science/B Arts80
2011751802B Science/B Commerce80
2011751803B Science (Physics)/B Arts80
2011751805B Science (Physics)/B Maths80
2011751814B Science (Psych)/B Commerce80
2011753101B Arts (Wollongong)75
2011753102B Arts (Shoalhaven)70
2011753105B Arts (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2011753106B Arts (Batemans Bay)70
2011753107B Arts (Bega)70
2011753108B Arts (Moss Vale)70
2011753110B Communication & Media Stds75
2011753121B International Studies75
2011753122B Arts (Psychology)75
2011753602B Commerce (Wollongong)75
2011753603B Commerce (Shoalhaven Campus)73
2011753604B Commerce (Batemans Bay)73
2011753605B Commerce (Bega)73
2011753606B Commerce (Moss Vale)73
2011753607B Commerce (Southern Syd)75
2011753610B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2011753611B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2011753630B Commerce – Hosp Mgmt72
2011753631B Commerce-Hosp Mgmt (S Syd)72
2011753640B Commerce (Evnt Mgmt)72
2011753641B Commerce (Evnt Mgmt) (S Syd)72
2011753642B Commerce (Evnt Mgmt) (Shoal)70
2011753650B Commerce (Tourism Mgmt)72
2011754101B Computer Science (Comp Sc)75
2011754104B Comp Sc (Mltmdia & Game Dev)75
2011754105B Computer Sc (Sys Security)75
2011754107B Computer Sc (Soft Eng)75
2011754108B Computer Sc (Enterprise Sys)75
2011754110B Computer Sc (Dean’s Schol)N/A
2011754300B Information Tech (eBusiness)75
2011754301B Inf Tech (Net Dsgn&Mgmt;)75
2011754302B Inf Tech (Social Policy)75
2011754303B Inf Tech (Web Design)75
2011754310B Inf Tech (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2011754500B Business Information Systems75
2011754510B Bus Info Sys(Dean’s Schol)N/A
2011754601B Creative Arts(Creative Writ)N/A
2011754602B Creative Arts(Graphic Des)N/A
2011754605B Creative Arts(Visual Arts)N/A
2011754609B Creative Arts (Theatre)N/A
2011754610B Creative Arts(Deans Scholar)N/A
2011754650B Digital MediaN/A
2011754700B JournalismN/A
2011754800B Performance (Acting)N/A
2011754810B Performance (Production)N/A
2011755101B Physical & Health Ed77
2011755102B Mathematics Ed75
2011755103B Science Education75
2011755111B Education: The Early Years72
2011755112B Primary Education78
2011755201B Phy&Hlth; Ed (Dean’s Schl)N/A
2011755202B Maths Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2011755203B Sc Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2011755211B Ed Early Yrs(Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2011755212B Primary Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2011755601B Eng (Scholar Program)95
2011755611B Engineering (Civil)78
2011755612B Engineering (Environmental)78
2011755613B Engineering (Materials)78
2011755614B Engineering (Mechanical)78
2011755615B Engineering (Mining)78
2011755616B Engineering (Mechatronic)78
2011755617B Engineering (Flexible Entry)78
2011755621B Engineering (Computer)78
2011755622B Engineering (Electrical)78
2011755623B Eng (Telecommunications)78
2011755624B Engineering(Flexible 1st Yr)78
2011755630BEng (Comp Elec Tel) (D Schol)N/A
2011756100B Laws (Direct Entry)90
2011756101B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2011756503B Mathematics & Finance82
2011756511B Mathematics75
2011756512B Mathematics Advanced90
2011756520B Math & Finance(Dean’s Schol)N/A
2011756530B Medical Mathematics85
2011756632B Health Sc in Indigenous Hlth70
2011757101B Nursing70
2011757102B Nursing (Bega)70
2011757103B Nursing (Shoalhaven)70
2011757104B Nursing (Southern Sydney)70
2011757110B Nursing Advanced80
2011757600International B ScienceN/A
2011757601B Science Advanced95
2011757602B Science Adv – Physics95
2011757603B Med & Rad Phys Advance95
2011757611B Medical Biotechnology85
2011757612B Environmental Science85
2011757613B Medicinal Chemistry85
2011757616B Medical & Radiation Physics80
2011757617B Med Biotech Adv95
2011757618B Environmental Sci Advanced95
2011757619B Medicinal Chem Advanced95
2011757621B Science75
2011757622B Marine Science85
2011757623B Marine Science Advanced95
2011757625B Nanotechnology85
2011757626B Nanotechnology Adv95
2011757630B Medical and Health Sciences82
2011757631B Medical and Health Sci AdvN/A
2011757636B Science (Materials)75
2011757637B Science (Physics)75
2011757638B Science (Nuclear Sc Tech)75
2011757642B Science (Exercise Science)78
2011757643B Exercise Science & Rehab94
2011757645B Science (Nutrition)78
2011757647B Nutrition and Dietetics93
2011757650B Public Health75
2011757651B Science (Psychology)78
2011757652B Psychology92
2011757655B Public Health Nutrition75
2010751201B Arts/B Laws90
2010751202B Commerce/B Laws90
2010751203B Computer Science/B Laws90
2010751204B Creative Arts/B LawsN/A
2010751206B Mathematics/B Laws90
2010751207B Science/B Laws90
2010751208B Engineering/B Laws90
2010751210B Comm & Media Stds/B Laws90
2010751211B Journalism/B LawsN/A
2010751212B International Studies/B Laws90
2010751213B Info Tech/B Laws90
2010751301B Arts/B Commerce80
2010751302B Engineering/B Arts80
2010751303B Engineering/B Arts80
2010751310B Arts/B International Studies80
2010751311B Interl Studies/B Commerce80
2010751350B Comm & Media Stds/ B Arts80
2010751351B Comm & Media Stds/B Commerce80
2010751352B Comm &Media; Stds/B CreativeArtN/A
2010751353B Comm & Media Stds/B Science80
2010751354B Comm & Media Stds/B Int Stud80
2010751402B Computer Science/B Science80
2010751501B Creative Arts/B ArtsN/A
2010751502B Creative Arts/B CommerceN/A
2010751503B Creative Arts/B Computer ScN/A
2010751504B Creative Arts/B ScienceN/A
2010751505B Creative Arts/B Int StudN/A
2010751601B Engineering/B Commerce80
2010751602B Engineering/B Commerce80
2010751609B Engineering/B Computer Sc80
2010751610B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2010751611B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2010751621B Engineering/B Science80
2010751624B Engineering/B Science80
2010751625B Engineering/B Science80
2010751660B Journalism/B ArtsN/A
2010751661B Journalism/B CommerceN/A
2010751662B Journalism/B Creative ArtsN/A
2010751663B Journalism/B ScienceN/A
2010751664B Jour/B Comm & Media StdsN/A
2010751665B Journalism/B EngineeringN/A
2010751666B Journalism/B Int StudN/A
2010751701B Maths/B Computer Science80
2010751751B Psychology/B Commerce92
2010751801B Science/B Arts80
2010751802B Science/B Commerce80
2010751803B Science (Physics)/B Arts80
2010751805B Science (Physics)/B Maths80
2010751814B Science (Psych)/B Commerce80
2010753101B Arts (Wollongong)75
2010753102B Arts (Shoalhaven)70
2010753105B Arts (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2010753106B Arts (Batemans Bay)70
2010753107B Arts (Bega)70
2010753108B Arts (Moss Vale)70
2010753109B Comm & Media Stds (Jlsm)75
2010753110B Communication & Media Stds75
2010753111B Comm & Media Stds (Advt&Mktg;)75
2010753113B Comm & Media Stds (Dig Comm)75
2010753121B International Studies75
2010753122B Arts (Psychology)75
2010753602B Commerce (Wollongong)75
2010753603B Commerce (Shoalhaven Campus)73
2010753604B Commerce (Batemans Bay)73
2010753605B Commerce (Bega)73
2010753606B Commerce (Moss Vale)73
2010753607B Commerce (Loftus)75
2010753610B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2010753611B Com (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2010753630B Commerce – Hosp Mgmt72
2010753631B Commerce-Hosp Mgmt (Loftus)72
2010753640B Commerce -Evnt Mgmt72
2010753641B Commerce-Evnt Mgmt (Loftus)72
2010753642B Commerce – Evnt Mgmt (Shoal)70
2010753650B Commerce (Tourism Mgmt)72
2010754101B Computer Science (Comp Sc)75
2010754104B Comp Sc (Mltmdia & Game Dev)75
2010754105B Computer Sc (Sys Security)75
2010754107B Computer Sc (Soft Eng)75
2010754108B Computer Sc (Enterprise Sys)75
2010754110B Computer Sc (Dean’s Schol)N/A
2010754300B Information Tech (eBusiness)75
2010754301B Info Tech (Net Dsgn&Mgmt;)75
2010754302B Info Tech (Social Policy)75
2010754303B Info Tech (Web Design)75
2010754310B Info Tech (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2010754500B Business Information Systems75
2010754510B Bus Info Sys (Dean’s Schol)N/A
2010754601B Creative Arts (Creative Writ)N/A
2010754602B Creative Arts (Graphic Des)N/A
2010754603B Creative Arts (Performance)N/A
2010754605B Creative Arts (Visual Arts)N/A
2010754606B Creative Arts (Sound)N/A
2010754607B Creative ArtsN/A
2010754608B Creative Arts (Media Arts)N/A
2010754610B Creative Arts (Deans Scholar)N/A
2010754650B Digital MediaN/A
2010754700B JournalismN/A
2010755101B Physical & Health Ed77
2010755102B Mathematics Ed75
2010755103B Science Education75
2010755111B Education The Early Years72
2010755112B Primary Education78
2010755201B Phy&Hlth; Ed (Dean’s Schl)N/A
2010755202B Maths Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2010755203B Sc Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2010755211B Ed Early Yrs (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2010755212B Primary Ed (Dean’s Scholar)N/A
2010755601B Eng (Scholar Program)93
2010755611B Engineering (Civil)78
2010755612B Engineering (Environmental)78
2010755613B Engineering (Materials)78
2010755614B Engineering (Mechanical)78
2010755615B Engineering (Mining)78
2010755616B Engineering (Mechatronic)78
2010755617B Engineering (Flexible Entry)78
2010755621B Engineering (Computer)78
2010755622B Engineering (Electrical)78
2010755623B Eng (Telecommunications)78
2010755630BEng (Comp Elec Tel) (D Schol)N/A
2010756100B Laws (4 Year)90
2010756101B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2010756503B Mathematics & Finance82
2010756511B Mathematics75
2010756512B Mathematics Advanced90
2010756520B Math & Finance (Dean’s Schol)N/A
2010756632B Health Sc in Indigenous Hlth70
2010757101B Nursing70
2010757102B Nursing (Bega)70
2010757103B Nursing (Shoalhaven)70
2010757577B Science (Photonics)75
2010757600International B ScienceN/A
2010757601B Science Advanced90
2010757602B Science Adv – Physics93
2010757603B Med & Rad Phys Advance93
2010757611B Medical Biotechnology85
2010757612B Environmental Science85
2010757613B Medicinal Chemistry85
2010757616B Medical & Radiation Physics80
2010757617B Med Biotech Adv90
2010757618B Environmental Sci Advanced90
2010757619B Medicinal Chem Advanced90
2010757620B Science75
2010757621B Sci (Biol- Chem- Geo)75
2010757622B Marine Science85
2010757623B Marine Science Advanced90
2010757625B Nanotechnology85
2010757626B Nanotechnology Adv90
2010757630B Medical and Health Sciences82
2010757631B Medical and Health Sci AdvN/A
2010757636B Science (Materials)75
2010757637B Science (Physics)75
2010757638B Science (Nuclear Sc Tech)75
2010757642B Science (Exercise Science)78
2010757643B Exercise Science & Rehab94
2010757645B Science (Nutrition)78
2010757647B Nutrition and Dietetics93
2010757650B Public Health75
2010757651B Science (Psychology)78
2010757652B Psychology92
2009751201B Arts/B Laws90
2009751202B Commerce/B Laws90
2009751203B Computer Science/B Laws90
2009751204B Creative Arts/B LawsN/A
2009751206B Mathematics/B Laws90
2009751207B Science/B Laws90
2009751208B Engineering/B Laws90
2009751209B Medical Science/B Laws90
2009751210B Comm & Media Stds/B Laws90
2009751211B Journalism/B LawsN/A
2009751301B Arts/B Commerce80
2009751302B Engineering/B Arts80
2009751303B Engineering/B Arts80
2009751350B Comm & Media Stds/ B Arts80
2009751351B Comm & Media Stds/B Commerce80
2009751352B Comm&Media; Stds/B CretiveArtN/A
2009751353B Comm & Media Stds/B Science80
2009751402B Computer Science/B Science80
2009751501B Creative Arts/B ArtsN/A
2009751502B Creative Arts/B CommerceN/A
2009751503B Creative Arts/B Computer ScN/A
2009751504B Creative Arts/B ScienceN/A
2009751601B Engineering/B Commerce80
2009751602B Engineering/B Commerce80
2009751609B Engineering/B Computer Sc80
2009751610B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2009751611B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2009751621B Engineering/B Science80
2009751624B Engineering/B Science80
2009751625B Engineering/B Science83
2009751660B Journalism/B ArtsN/A
2009751661B Journalism/B CommerceN/A
2009751662B Journalism/B Creative ArtsN/A
2009751663B Journalism/B ScienceN/A
2009751664B Jour/B Comm & Media StdsN/A
2009751665B Journalism/B EngineeringN/A
2009751701B Maths/B Computer Science80
2009751751B Psychology/B Commerce92
2009751801B Science/B Arts80
2009751802B Science/B Commerce80
2009751803B Science (Physics)/B Arts80
2009751805B Science (Physics)/B Maths80
2009751811B Medical Science/B Commerce81
2009751812B Science (Exer Sc)/B Commerce82
2009751813B Science (Nutr)/B Commerce82
2009751814B Science (Psych)/B Commerce80
2009753101B Arts (Wollongong)75
2009753102B Arts (Shoalhaven)70
2009753105B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2009753106B Arts (Batemans Bay)70
2009753107B Arts (Bega)70
2009753108B Arts (Moss Vale)70
2009753109B Comm & Media Stds (Jlsm)75
2009753110B Communication & Media Stds75
2009753111B Comm & Media Stds (Advt&Mktg;)75
2009753113B Comm & Media Stds (Dig.Comm)75
2009753120Intl B Comm & Media Stds(Hons)93
2009753121B International Studies75
2009753122B Arts (Psychology)75
2009753602B Commerce (Wollongong)75
2009753603B Commerce (Shoalhaven Campus)73
2009753604B Commerce (Batemans Bay)73
2009753605B Commerce (Bega)73
2009753606B Commerce (Moss Vale)73
2009753607B Commerce (Loftus)75
2009753610B Com (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2009753611B Com(Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2009753899B Business Admin72
2009753900B Business Admin (Shoalhaven)70
2009753901B Business Admin (Batemans Bay)70
2009753902B Business Admin (Bega)70
2009753903B Business Admin (Moss Vale)70
2009753904B Business Admin (Loftus)72
2009753910B Business Admin (Hosp)72
2009753912B Bus Admin (Hosp) (Loftus)72
2009753913B Bus Admin (Evnt) (Loftus)72
2009753914B Bus Admin (Evnt) (Shoal)70
2009753915B Business Admin (Evnt)72
2009753918B Business Admin (Tourism)72
2009753920B Bus Admin (Dean Scholars)N/A
2009753921B Bus Admin (Dean Scholars)N/A
2009754101B Computer Science (Comp Sc)75
2009754104B Comp Sc (Mltmdia & Game Dev)75
2009754105B Computer Sc (Sys Security)75
2009754107B Computer Sc (Soft Eng)75
2009754108B Computer Sc (Enterprise Sys)75
2009754110B Computer Sc (Dean’s Schol)93
2009754200B Internet Science & Tech75
2009754210B Int Sc & Tech (Dean’s Schol)93
2009754300B Information Tech (eBusiness)75
2009754301B Inf Tech (Net Dsgn&Mgmt;)75
2009754302B Inf Tech (Social Policy)75
2009754310B Inf Tech (Dean’s Scholars)93
2009754500B Information Systems75
2009754510B Inf Systems (Dean’s Schol)93
2009754601B Creative Arts (Creative Writ)N/A
2009754602B Creative Arts (Graphic Des)N/A
2009754603B Creative Arts (Performance)N/A
2009754605B Creative Arts( Visual Arts)N/A
2009754606B Creative Arts (Sound)N/A
2009754607B Creative ArtsN/A
2009754608B Creative Arts (Media Arts)N/A
2009754610B Creative Arts (Deans Scholar)N/A
2009754700B JournalismN/A
2009755101B Physical & Health Ed78
2009755102B Mathematics Ed (Loftus)75
2009755103B Science Education (Loftus)75
2009755111B Education:The Early Years72
2009755112B Primary Education78
2009755601B Eng (Scholars Program)93
2009755611B Engineering (Civil)78
2009755612B Engineering (Environmental)78
2009755613B Engineering (Materials)78
2009755614B Engineering (Mechanical)78
2009755615B Engineering (Mining)78
2009755616B Engineering (Mechatronic)78
2009755621B Engineering (Computer)78
2009755622B Engineering (Electrical)78
2009755623B Eng (Telecommunications)78
2009755630B Eng (Comp Elec Tel) (D Schol)93
2009756100B Laws (4 Year)90
2009756101B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2009756503B Mathematics & Finance82
2009756511B Mathematics75
2009756512B Mathematics (Advanced)90
2009756520B Math & Finance (Dean’s Schol)93
2009756632B Health Sc in Indigenous Hlth70
2009757101B Nursing70
2009757102B Nursing (Bega)70
2009757103B Nursing (Shoalhaven)70
2009757577B Science (Photonics)74
2009757600International B Science (Hons)N/A
2009757601B Science (Hons) (Adv Prog)90
2009757602B Science (Phys)(Hons)(AdvProg)90
2009757603B Med & Rad Phys Adv (Hon)90
2009757611B Biotechnology85
2009757612B Environmental Science85
2009757613B Medicinal Chemistry85
2009757616B Medical & Radiation Physics80
2009757617B Biotechnology (Advanced)90
2009757618B Environmental Sc (Advanced)90
2009757619B Medicinal Chem (Advanced)90
2009757620B Science75
2009757621B Sci (Biol- Chem- Geo)75
2009757622B Marine Science85
2009757623B Marine Science (Advanced)90
2009757625B Nanotechnology85
2009757626B Nanotechnology-Adv90
2009757636B Science (Materials)74
2009757637B Science (Physics)74
2009757638B Science (Nuclear Sc Tech)74
2009757639B Health SciencesN/A
2009757641B Medical Science81
2009757642B Science (Exercise Science)78
2009757643B Exercise Science & Rehab94
2009757645B Science (Nutrition)78
2009757646B Science (Exer Sc & Nutrition)90
2009757647B Nutrition and Dietetics93
2009757648B Science (Population Health)78
2009757649B Arts (Population Health)75
2009757651B Science (Psychology)78
2009757652B Psychology92
2008751201B Arts/B Laws90
2008751202B Commerce/B Laws90
2008751203B Computer Science/B Laws90
2008751204B Creative Arts/B LawsN/A
2008751206B Mathematics/B Laws90
2008751207B Science/B Laws90
2008751208B Engineering/B Laws90
2008751209B Medical Science/B Laws90
2008751210B Comm & Media Stds/B Laws90
2008751211B Journalism/B LawsN/A
2008751301B Arts/B Commerce80
2008751302B Engineering/B Arts78
2008751303B Engineering/B Arts78
2008751350B Comm & Media Stds/ B Arts78
2008751351B Comm & Media Stds/B Commerce80
2008751352B Comm&Media; Stds/B CretiveArtN/A
2008751353B Comm & Media Stds/B Science78
2008751402B Computer Science/B Science80
2008751501B Creative Arts/B ArtsN/A
2008751502B Creative Arts/B CommerceN/A
2008751503B Creative Arts/B Computer ScN/A
2008751504B Creative Arts/B ScienceN/A
2008751601B Engineering/B Commerce80
2008751602B Engineering/B Commerce80
2008751609B Engineering/B Computer Sc80
2008751610B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2008751611B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2008751621B Engineering/B Science80
2008751624B Engineering/B Science80
2008751625B Engineering/B Science83
2008751660B Journalism/B ArtsN/A
2008751661B Journalism/B CommerceN/A
2008751662B Journalism/B Creative ArtsN/A
2008751663B Journalism/B ScienceN/A
2008751664B Jour/B Comm & Media StdsN/A
2008751665B Journalism/B EngineeringN/A
2008751701B Maths/B Computer Science80
2008751751B Psychology/B Commerce90
2008751801B Science/B Arts78
2008751802B Science/B Commerce80
2008751803B Science (Physics)/B Arts78
2008751805B Science (Physics)/B Maths80
2008751811B Medical Science/B Commerce82
2008751812B Science(Exer Sc)/B Commerce86
2008751813B Science(Nutr)/B Commerce85
2008751814B Science (Psych)/B Commerce80
2008753101B Arts (Wollongong)75
2008753102B Arts (Shoalhaven)70
2008753105B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2008753106B Arts (Batemans Bay)70
2008753107B Arts (Bega)70
2008753108B Arts (Moss Vale)70
2008753109B Comm & Media Stds (Jlsm)78
2008753110B Communication & Media Stds78
2008753111B Comm & Media Stds (Advt&Mktg;)78
2008753113B Comm & Media Stds (Dig.Comm)78
2008753120B Comm & Media Stds Intl(Hons)93
2008753122B Arts (Psychology)80
2008753602B Commerce (Wollongong)78
2008753603B Commerce (Shoalhaven Campus)73
2008753604B Commerce (Batemans Bay)73
2008753605B Commerce (Bega)73
2008753606B Commerce (Moss Vale)73
2008753610B Com (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2008753611B Com (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2008753899B Business Admin72
2008753900B Business Admin (Shoalhaven)70
2008753901B Business Admin (Batemans Bay)70
2008753902B Business Admin (Bega)70
2008753903B Business Admin (Moss Vale)70
2008753904B Business Admin (Loftus)72
2008753910B Business Admin (Hosp)72
2008753912B Bus Admin (Hosp) (Loftus)72
2008753913B Bus Admin (Evnt) (Loftus)72
2008753914B Bus Admin (Evnt) (Shoal)70
2008753915B Business Admin (Evnt)72
2008753918B Business Admin (Tourism)72
2008753920B Bus Admin (Dean Scholars)N/A
2008753921B Bus Admin (Dean Scholars)N/A
2008754101B Computer Science (Comp Sc)75
2008754104B Computer Sc (Game Dev)75
2008754105B Computer Sc (Sys Security)75
2008754106B Computer Sc (Dist Sys)75
2008754107B Computer Sc (Soft Dev)75
2008754108B Computer Sc (Database Sys)75
2008754110B Computer Sc (Dean’s Schol)N/A
2008754200B Internet Science & Tech75
2008754210B Int Sc & Tech (Dean’s Schol)N/A
2008754300B Information Tech (eBusiness)75
2008754301B Inf Tech (Net Dsgn&Mgmt;)75
2008754302B Inf Tech (Social Policy)75
2008754310B Inf Tech (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2008754500B Information Systems75
2008754510B Inf Systems (Dean’s Schol)N/A
2008754601B Creative Arts(Creative Writ)N/A
2008754602B Creative Arts(Graphic Des)N/A
2008754603B Creative Arts (Performance)N/A
2008754605B Creative Arts(Visual Arts)N/A
2008754606B Creative Arts (Sound)N/A
2008754607B Creative ArtsN/A
2008754608B Creative Arts (Media Arts)N/A
2008754610B Creative Arts(Deans Scholar)N/A
2008754700B JournalismN/A
2008755101B Physical & Health Ed78
2008755102B Mathematics Ed (Loftus)75
2008755103B Science Education (Loftus)75
2008755111B Early Childhood EDucation78
2008755112B Primary Education78
2008755601B Eng (Scholars Program)93
2008755611B Engineering (Civil)78
2008755612B Engineering (Environmental)78
2008755613B Engineering (Materials)78
2008755614B Engineering (Mechanical)78
2008755615B Engineering (Mining)78
2008755616B Engineering (Mechatronic)78
2008755621B Engineering (Computer)78
2008755622B Engineering (Electrical)78
2008755623B Eng (Telecommunications)78
2008755630B Eng (Comp Elec Tel) (D Schol)N/A
2008756100B Laws (4 Year)90
2008756101B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2008756502B Mathematics & Economics82
2008756503B Mathematics & Finance82
2008756510B Math & Econ (Dean’s Schol)N/A
2008756511B Mathematics75
2008756512B Mathematics (Advanced)90
2008756520B Math & Finance(Dean’s Schol)N/A
2008756632B Health Sc in Indigenous Hlth72
2008757101B Nursing72
2008757102B Nursing (Bega)72
2008757103B Nursing (Shoalhaven)72
2008757577B Science (Photonics)74
2008757600B International Science (Hons)N/A
2008757601B Science (Hons) (Adv Prog)90
2008757602B Science(Phys)(Hons)(AdvProg)90
2008757603B Med & Rad Phys Adv (Hon)90
2008757611B Biotechnology85
2008757612B Environmental Science85
2008757613B Medicinal Chemistry85
2008757616B Medical & Radiation Physics80
2008757617B Biotechnology(Advanced)90
2008757618B Environmental Sc (Advanced)90
2008757619B Medicinal Chem (Advanced)90
2008757620B Science75
2008757621B Science75
2008757622B Marine Science85
2008757623B Marine Science (Advanced)90
2008757625B Nanotechnology85
2008757626B Nanotechnology-Adv90
2008757636B Science (Materials)74
2008757637B Science (Physics)74
2008757638B Science (Nuclear Sc Tech)74
2008757639B Health SciencesN/A
2008757641B Medical Science82
2008757642B Science (Exercise Science)85
2008757643B Exercise Science & Rehab94
2008757645B Science (Nutrition)83
2008757646B Science (Exer Sc & Nutrition)91
2008757647B Nutrition and Dietetics95
2008757648B Science (Population Health)79
2008757649B Arts (Population Health)77
2008757651B Science (Psychology)80
2008757652B Psychology90
2007751201B Arts/B Laws90
2007751202B Commerce/B Laws90
2007751203B Computer Science/B Laws90
2007751204B Creative Arts/B LawsN/A
2007751205B Info & Comm Tech/B Laws90
2007751206B Mathematics/B Laws90
2007751207B Science/B Laws90
2007751208B Engineering/B Laws90
2007751209B Medical Science/B Laws90
2007751210B Comm & Media Stds/B Laws90
2007751211B Journalism/B LawsN/A
2007751301B Arts/B Commerce80
2007751302B Engineering/B Arts78
2007751303B Engineering/B Arts80
2007751350B Comm & Media Stds/ B Arts83
2007751351B Comm & Media Stds/B Commerce83
2007751352B Comm & Media Stds/B CretiveArtN/A
2007751353B Comm & Media Stds/B Science83
2007751402B Computer Science/B Science80
2007751501B Creative Arts/B ArtsN/A
2007751502B Creative Arts/B CommerceN/A
2007751503B Creative Arts/B Computer ScN/A
2007751504B Creative Arts/B ScienceN/A
2007751601B Engineering/B Commerce80
2007751602B Engineering/B Commerce80
2007751609B Engineering/B Computer Sc80
2007751610B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2007751611B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2007751621B Engineering/B Science80
2007751624B Engineering/B Science80
2007751625B Engineering/B Science85
2007751660B Journalism/B ArtsN/A
2007751661B Journalism/B CommerceN/A
2007751662B Journalism/B Creative ArtsN/A
2007751663B Journalism/B ScienceN/A
2007751664B Jour/B Comm & Media StdsN/A
2007751665B Journalism/B EngineeringN/A
2007751701B Maths/B Computer Science80
2007751751B Psychology/B Commerce90
2007751801B Science/B Arts78
2007751802B Science/B Commerce80
2007751803B Science (Physics)/B Arts78
2007751805B Science (Physics)/B Maths80
2007751806B Science/B Mathematics80
2007751811B Medical Science/B Commerce82
2007751812B Science(Exer Sc)/B Commerce86
2007751813B Science(Nutr)/B Commerce85
2007751814B Science (Psych)/B Commerce82
2007753101B Arts (Wollongong)78
2007753102B Arts (Shoalhaven)75
2007753105B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2007753106B Arts (Batemans Bay)75
2007753107B Arts (Bega)75
2007753108B Arts (Moss Vale)75
2007753109B Comm & Media Stds (Jlsm)83
2007753110B Communication & Media Stds83
2007753111B Comm & Media Stds (Advt&Mktg;)83
2007753122B Arts (Psychology)83
2007753602B Commerce (Wollongong)80
2007753603B Commerce (Shoalhaven Campus)75
2007753604B Commerce (Batemans Bay)75
2007753605B Commerce (Bega)75
2007753606B Commerce (Moss Vale)75
2007753610B Com (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2007753611B Com (Dean’s Scholars) (Shoal)N/A
2007753612B Com (Dean’s Scholars) (BBay)N/A
2007753613B Com (Dean’s Scholars) (Bega)N/A
2007753614B Com (Dean’s Scholars) (M Vale)N/A
2007753899B Business Admin78
2007753900B Business Admin (Shoalhaven)75
2007753901B Business Admin(Batemans Bay)75
2007753902B Business Admin (Bega)75
2007753903B Business Admin (Moss Vale)75
2007753904B Business Admin (Loftus)78
2007753910B Business Admin (Hosp)78
2007753912B Bus Admin (Hosp) (Loftus)78
2007753913B Bus Admin (Evnt) (Loftus)78
2007753914B Bus Admin (Evnt) (Shoal)75
2007753915B Business Admin (Evnt)78
2007753918B Business Admin (Tourism)78
2007753920B Bus Admin (Dean Scholars)N/A
2007753921B Bus Admin (Dean Scholars)N/A
2007753922B Bus Admin (Dean Scholars)N/A
2007753923B Bus Admin (Dean Scholars)N/A
2007753924B Bus Admin (Dean Scholars)N/A
2007753925B Bus Admin (Dean Scholars)N/A
2007754101B Computer Science (Comp Sc)75
2007754102B Computer Bioinformatics77
2007754103B Computer Geoinformatics77
2007754104B Computer Sc (Game Dev)75
2007754105B Computer Sc (Sys Security)75
2007754106B Computer Sc (Dist Sys)75
2007754107B Computer Sc (Soft Dev)75
2007754108B Computer Sc (Database Sys)75
2007754111B Information & Comm Tech77
2007754112B Information & Comm Tech77
2007754114B Internet Science & Tech75
2007754115B Information & Comm Tech77
2007754116B Information Technology (BIS)75
2007754117B Information Tech (Comp Sc)75
2007754121B Information & Comm Tech77
2007754122B Information & Comm Tech77
2007754601B Creative Arts(Creative Writ)N/A
2007754602B Creative Arts(Graphic Des)N/A
2007754603B Creative Arts (Performance)N/A
2007754605B Creative Arts(Visual Arts)N/A
2007754606B Creative Arts (Sound)N/A
2007754607B Creative ArtsN/A
2007754608B Creative Arts (Media Arts)N/A
2007754610B Creative Arts(Deans Scholar)N/A
2007754700B JournalismN/A
2007755101B Ed (Physical & Health Ed)78
2007755102B Mathematics Ed (Loftus)75
2007755103B Science Education (Loftus)75
2007755111B Teach /B Ed(Early Childhood)78
2007755112B Teaching/B Education (Prim)78
2007755601B Eng (Scholars Program)90
2007755611B Engineering (Civil)78
2007755612B Engineering (Environmental)78
2007755613B Engineering (Materials)78
2007755614B Engineering (Mechanical)78
2007755615B Engineering (Mining)78
2007755616B Engineering (Mechatronics)78
2007755621B Engineering (Computer)78
2007755622B Engineering (Electrical)78
2007755623B Eng (Telecommunications)78
2007756100B Laws (4 Year)90
2007756101B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2007756502B Mathematics & Economics82
2007756503B Mathematics & Finance82
2007756511B Mathematics75
2007756512B Mathematics (Advanced)90
2007756632B Health Sc in Indigenous Hlth72
2007757101B Nursing72
2007757102B Nursing (Bega)72
2007757577B Science (Photonics)74
2007757600B International Science (Hons)N/A
2007757601B Science (Hons) (Adv Prog)90
2007757602B Science (Phys)(Hons)(AdvProg)90
2007757603B Med & Rad Phys Adv (Hon)90
2007757611B Biotechnology85
2007757612B Environmental Science85
2007757613B Medicinal Chemistry85
2007757616B Medical & Radiation Physics80
2007757617B Biotechnology (Advanced)90
2007757618B Environmental Sc (Advanced)90
2007757619B Medicinal Chem (Advanced)90
2007757621B Science75
2007757622B Marine Science85
2007757623B Marine Science (Advanced)90
2007757624B Science (Med Chemistry)75
2007757625B Nanotechnology85
2007757626B Nanotechnology-Adv90
2007757627B Science (Nanotechnology)75
2007757631B Science (Biotechnology)75
2007757633B Science (Environment)75
2007757636B Science (Materials)74
2007757637B Science (Physics)74
2007757639B Health SciencesN/A
2007757640B Health Sciences (Hons)N/A
2007757641B Medical Science82
2007757642B Science (Exercise Science)85
2007757643B Exercise Science & Rehab94
2007757645B Science (Nutrition)83
2007757646B Science (Exer Sc & Nutrition)91
2007757647B Nutrition and Dietetics95
2007757648B Science (Population Health)79
2007757649B Arts (Population Health)77
2007757651B Science (Psychology)82
2007757652B Psychology90
2006751201B Arts/B Laws91
2006751202B Commerce/B Laws91
2006751203B Computer Science/B Laws91
2006751204B Creative Arts/B LawsN/A
2006751205B Inf & Comm Tech/B Laws91
2006751206B Mathematics/B Laws91
2006751207B Science/B Laws91
2006751208B Engineering/B Laws91
2006751209B Medical Science/B Laws91
2006751210B Comm & Media Stds/B Laws91
2006751301B Arts/B Commerce80
2006751302B Engineering/B Arts80
2006751303B Engineering/B Arts85
2006751350B Comm & Media Stds/ B Arts90
2006751351B Comm & Media Stds/B Commerce90
2006751352B Comm&Media; Stds/B Cratve ArtN/A
2006751353B Comm & Media Stds/B Science90
2006751402B Computer Science/B Science85
2006751501B Creative Arts/B ArtsN/A
2006751502B Creative Arts/B CommerceN/A
2006751503B Creative Arts/B Computer ScN/A
2006751504B Creative Arts/B ScienceN/A
2006751601B Engineering/B Commerce80
2006751602B Engineering/B Commerce85
2006751609B Engineering/B Computer Sc80
2006751610B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2006751611B Engineering/B Mathematics85
2006751621B Engineering/B Science85
2006751624B Engineering/B Science80
2006751625B Engineering/B Science85
2006751701B Maths/B Computer Science85
2006751751B Psychology/B Commerce92
2006751801B Science/B Arts80
2006751802B Science/B Commerce80
2006751805B Science (Physics)/B Maths80
2006751806B Science/B Mathematics85
2006751811B Medical Science/B Commerce84
2006751812B Science(Exer Sc)/B Commerce86
2006751813B Science(Nutr)/B Commerce85
2006751814B Science (Psych)/B Commerce84
2006753101B Arts (Wollongong)80
2006753102B Arts (Shoalhaven)75
2006753105B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2006753106B Arts (Batemans Bay)75
2006753107B Arts (Bega)75
2006753108B Arts (Moss Vale)75
2006753109B Comm & Media Stds (Jlsm)90
2006753110B Communication & Media Stds90
2006753111B Comm & Media Stds (Advt&Mktg;)90
2006753122B Arts (Psychology)83
2006753602B Commerce (Wollongong)80
2006753603B Commerce (Shoalhaven Campus)75
2006753604B Commerce (Batemans Bay)75
2006753605B Commerce (Bega)75
2006753606B Commerce (Moss Vale)75
2006753610B Com (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2006753611B Com (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2006753612B Com (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2006753613B Com (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2006753614B Com (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2006753899B Business Admin (Wollongong)80
2006753900B Business Admin (Shoalhaven)75
2006753901B Business Admin(Batemans Bay)75
2006753902B Business Admin (Bega)75
2006753903B Business Admin (Moss Vale)75
2006753904B Business Admin (Loftus)80
2006753910B Business Admin (Hosp)-Woll80
2006753911B Business Admin (Hosp)-Shoal75
2006753912B Business Admin (Hosp)-Loftus80
2006753913B Business Admin (Evnt)-Loftus80
2006753920B Bus Admin(Dean Scholars)N/A
2006753921B Bus Admin(Dean Scholars)N/A
2006753922B Bus Admin(Dean Scholars)N/A
2006753923B Bus Admin(Dean Scholars)N/A
2006753924B Bus Admin(Dean Scholars)N/A
2006753925B Bus Admin(Dean Scholars)N/A
2006754101B Computer Science77
2006754102B Computer Bioinformatics77
2006754103B Computer Geoinformatics77
2006754111B Information & Comm Tech80
2006754112B Information & Comm Tech80
2006754114B Internet Science & Tech75
2006754115B Information & Comm Tech80
2006754121B Information & Comm Tech80
2006754122B Information & Comm Tech80
2006754601B Creative Arts(Creative Writ)N/A
2006754602B Creative Arts(Graphic Des)N/A
2006754603B Creative Arts (Performance)N/A
2006754605B Creative Arts(Visual Arts)N/A
2006754606B Creative Arts (Sound)N/A
2006754607B Creative ArtsN/A
2006754610B Creative Arts(Deans Scholar)N/A
2006755101B Ed (Physical & Health Ed)78
2006755102B Mathematics Education75
2006755103B Science Education74
2006755111B Teach /B Ed(Early Childhood)78
2006755112B Teaching/B Education (Prim)78
2006755601B Eng (Scholars Program)93
2006755611B Engineering (Civil)78
2006755612B Engineering (Environmental)78
2006755613B Engineering (Materials)78
2006755614B Engineering (Mechanical)78
2006755615B Engineering (Mining)78
2006755616B Engineering (Mechatronics)78
2006755621B Engineering (Computer)80
2006755622B Engineering (Electrical)80
2006755623B Eng (Telecommunications)80
2006756100B Laws (4 Year)91
2006756101B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2006756502B Mathematics & Economics82
2006756503B Mathematics & Finance82
2006756511B Mathematics75
2006756512B Mathematics (Advanced)92
2006756632B Health Sc in Indigenous Hlth72
2006757101B Nursing (Wollongong)72
2006757102B Nursing (Bega)72
2006757577B Science (Photonics)74
2006757601B Science (Hons) (Adv Prog)90
2006757602B Science(Phys)(Hons)(AdvProg)93
2006757603B Med & Rad Phys Adv (Hon)93
2006757611B Biotechnology85
2006757612B Environmental Science85
2006757613B Medicinal Chemistry85
2006757616B Medical & Radiation Physics80
2006757617B Biotechnology (Advanced)90
2006757618B Environmental Sc (Advanced)90
2006757619B Medicinal Chem (Advanced)90
2006757621B Science74
2006757622B Marine Science85
2006757623B Marine Science (Advanced)90
2006757624B Science (Med Chemistry)80
2006757625B Nanotechnology85
2006757626B Nanotechnology-Adv90
2006757627B Science (Nanotechnology)80
2006757631B Science (Biotechnology)80
2006757633B Science (Environment)80
2006757636B Science (Materials)74
2006757637B Science (Physics)74
2006757641B Medical Science84
2006757642B Science (Exercise Science)85
2006757643B Exercise Science & Rehab94
2006757645B Science (Nutrition)83
2006757646B Science (Exer Sc & Nutrition)91
2006757647B Nutrition and Dietetics95
2006757648B Science (Population Health)79
2006757649B Arts (Population Health)77
2006757651B Science (Psychology)84
2006757652B Psychology92
2005751201B Arts/B Laws91
2005751202B Commerce/B Laws91
2005751203B Computer Science/B Laws91
2005751204B Creative Arts/B LawsN/A
2005751205B Inf & Comm Tech/B Laws91
2005751206B Mathematics/B Laws91
2005751207B Science/B Laws91
2005751208B Engineering/B Laws91
2005751209B Medical Science/B Laws91
2005751210B Comm & Media Stds/B Laws91
2005751301B Arts/B Commerce81
2005751302B Engineering/B Arts81
2005751303B Engineering/B Arts90
2005751350B Comm & Media Stds/ B Arts90
2005751351B Comm & Media Stds/B Commerce90
2005751352B Comm&Media; Stds/B Cratve ArtN/A
2005751353B Comm & Media Stds/B Science90
2005751402B Computer Science/B Science90
2005751501B Creative Arts/B ArtsN/A
2005751502B Creative Arts/B CommerceN/A
2005751503B Creative Arts/B Computer ScN/A
2005751504B Creative Arts/B ScienceN/A
2005751601B Engineering/B Commerce81
2005751602B Engineering/B Commerce90
2005751609B Engineering/B Computer Sc80
2005751610B Engineering/B Mathematics80
2005751611B Engineering/B Mathematics90
2005751621B Engineering/B Science90
2005751624B Engineering/B Science80
2005751625B Engineering/B Science85
2005751701B Maths/B Computer Science90
2005751751B Psychology/B Commerce95
2005751801B Science/B Arts81
2005751802B Science/B Commerce81
2005751805B Science (Physics)/B Maths80
2005751811B Medical Science/B Commerce84
2005751812B Science(Exer Sc)/B Commerce86
2005751813B Science(Nutr)/B Commerce85
2005751814B Science (Psych)/B Commerce84
2005753101B Arts (Wollongong)81
2005753102B Arts (Shoalhaven)75
2005753105B Arts(Deans Scholars)N/A
2005753106B Arts (Batemans Bay)75
2005753107B Arts (Bega)75
2005753108B Arts (Moss Vale)75
2005753109B Comm & Media Stds (Jlsm)90
2005753110B Communication & Media Stds90
2005753111BComm & Media Stds (Advt&Mktg;)90
2005753122B Arts (Psychology)84
2005753602B Commerce (Wollongong)81
2005753603B Commerce (Shoalhaven Campus)75
2005753604B Commerce (Batemans Bay)75
2005753605B Commerce (Bega)75
2005753606B Commerce (Moss Vale)75
2005753610B Com (Dean’s Scholars)N/A
2005753899B Business Admin (Wollongong)81
2005753900B Business Admin (Shoalhaven)75
2005753901B Business Admin(Batemans Bay)75
2005753902B Business Admin (Bega)75
2005753903B Business Admin (Moss Vale)75
2005753904B Business Admin (Loftus)81
2005753910B Business Admin (Hosp)-Woll81
2005753911B Business Admin (Hosp)-Shoal75
2005753912B Business Admin (Hosp)-Loftus81
2005753920B Bus Admin(Dean Scholars)N/A
2005754101B Computer Science77
2005754102B Computer Bioinformatics77
2005754103B Computer Geoinformatics77
2005754111B Information & Comm Tech80
2005754112B Information & Comm Tech80
2005754114B Internet Science & Tech75
2005754115B Information & Comm Tech80
2005754121B Information & Comm Tech80
2005754122B Information & Comm Tech80
2005754601B Creative Arts(Creative Writ)N/A
2005754602B Creative Arts(Graphic Des)N/A
2005754603B Creative ArtsN/A
2005754605B Creative Arts(Visual Arts)N/A
2005754606B Creative Arts (Sound)N/A
2005754607B Creative ArtsN/A
2005754610B Creative Arts(Deans Scholar)N/A
2005755101B Ed (Physical & Health Ed)78
2005755102B Mathematics Education79
2005755103B Science Education79
2005755111B Teach /B Ed(Early Childhood)79
2005755112B Teaching/B Education (Prim)78
2005755601B Eng (Scholars Program)93
2005755611B Engineering (Civil)78
2005755612B Engineering (Environmental)78
2005755613B Engineering (Materials)78
2005755614B Engineering (Mechanical)78
2005755615B Engineering (Mining)78
2005755616B Engineering (Mechatronics)78
2005755621B Engineering (Computer)80
2005755622B Engineering (Electrical)80
2005755623B Eng (Telecommunications)80
2005756101B Laws (Graduates Only)N/A
2005756502B Mathematics & Economics82
2005756503B Mathematics & Finance82
2005756511B Mathematics75
2005756512B Mathematics (Advanced)92
2005756632B Health Sc in Indigenous Hlth72
2005757101B Nursing (Wollongong)73
2005757102B Nursing (Bega)73
2005757577B Science (Photonics)74
2005757601B Science (Hons) (Adv Prog)90
2005757602B Science(Phys)(Hons)(AdvProg)93
2005757611B Biotechnology85
2005757612B Environmental Science85
2005757613B Medicinal Chemistry85
2005757616B Medical Radiation Physics80
2005757617B Biotechnology(Advanced)90
2005757618B Environmental Sc(Advanced)90
2005757619B Medicinal Chem(Advanced)90
2005757621B Science78
2005757622B Marine Science85
2005757623B Marine Science (Advanced)90
2005757624B Science (Med Chemistry)80
2005757625B Nanotechnology85
2005757626B Nanotechnology-Adv90
2005757627B Science (Nanotechnology)80
2005757631B Science (Biotechnology)80
2005757633B Science (Environment)80
2005757636B Science (Materials)74
2005757637B Science (Physics)74
2005757641B Medical Science84
2005757642B Science (Exercise Science)85
2005757643B Exercise Science & Rehab92
2005757645B Science (Nutrition)84
2005757646B Science(Exer Sc & Nutrition)91
2005757647B Nutrition and Dietetics95
2005757648B Science (Population Health)79
2005757649B Arts (Population Health)78
2005757651B Science (Psychology)84
2005757652B Psychology92