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ATAR Cut-offs

Year Course No. Course Description ATAR Campus
2017720100 B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90Bankstown
2017720102 B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90Parramatta
2017720104 B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90Penrith
2017720106 B Arts (Interpreting and Translation) (Dean’s Scholars)90Parramatta City
2017720108 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary) Dean’s Scholars/M Teaching (Primary)90Bankstown
2017720109 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary) Dean’s Scholars/M Teaching (Primary)90Parramatta
2017720110 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary) Dean’s Scholars/M Teaching (Primary)90Penrith
2017720114 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary) Dean’s Scholars/M Teaching (Secondary)90Bankstown
2017720115 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary) Dean’s Scholars/M Teaching (Secondary)90Parramatta
2017720116 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary) Dean’s Scholars/M Teaching (Secondary)90Penrith
2017720120 B Communication (Dean’s Scholars)90Parramatta
2017720122 B Communication (Dean’s Scholars)90Penrith
2017720124 B Design – Visual Communication (Dean’s Scholars)90Parramatta
2017720126 B Music (Dean’s Scholars)N/APenrith
2017720130 B Business (Advanced Business Leadership)90.45Parramatta City
2017720132 B Business (Advanced Business Leadership)ncDistance
2017720135 B Business (Advanced Business Leadership)/B Laws95Parramatta
2017720139 B Engineering Advanced (Honours)90Parramatta
2017720140 B Engineering Advanced (Honours)92Penrith
2017720142 B Computer Science (Advanced)92Penrith
2017720144 B Information and Communications Technology (Advanced)92Campbelltown
2017720146 B Information and Communications Technology (Advanced)92Parramatta
2017720148 B Information and Communications Technology (Advanced)92Penrith
2017720150 B Information Systems (Advanced)92Parramatta
2017720151 B Information Systems (Advanced)/B Business90Campbelltown
2017720152 B Information Systems (Advanced)/B Business90Parramatta
2017720155 B Information Systems (Advanced)/B Laws90Campbelltown
2017720156 B Information Systems (Advanced)/B Laws90Parramatta
2017720160 B International Studies (Dean’s Scholars)90Bankstown
2017720162 B International Studies (Dean’s Scholars)90Parramatta
2017720168 B Nursing (Advanced)ncLiverpool
2017720170 B Nursing (Advanced)90Campbelltown
2017720172 B Nursing (Advanced)90Hawkesbury
2017720174 B Nursing (Advanced)90Parramatta
2017720176 B Medical Science (Advanced)90Campbelltown
2017720178 B Medical Science (Advanced)90Hawkesbury
2017720179 B Medical Science (Advanced)90Parramatta
2017720180 B Natural Science (Advanced)90Hawkesbury
2017720182 B Science (Advanced Science)90Campbelltown
2017720184 B Science (Advanced Science)90Hawkesbury
2017720186 B Science (Advanced Science)90Parramatta
2017720191 B Policing (Leadership Program)92Liverpool
2017720192 B Policing (Leadership Program)92Penrith
2017720194 B Social Science (Advanced)90Liverpool
2017720196 B Social Science (Advanced)90Parramatta
2017720198 B Social Science (Advanced)90Penrith
2017720510 B Arts71.55Bankstown
2017720515 B Arts70.45Parramatta
2017720518 B Arts70.05Penrith
2017720521 B Arts (Interpreting and Translation)73.8Parramatta City
2017720527 B Languages and Linguistics79.3Bankstown
2017720600 B Arts/B Business74.55Bankstown
2017720605 B Arts/B Business70Parramatta
2017720610 B Arts/B Social Science70Bankstown
2017720612 B Arts/B Social Science71.6Parramatta
2017720614 B Arts/B Social Science70Penrith
2017720700 B Communication71.15Parramatta
2017720705 B Communication76.3Penrith
2017720708 B Communication72.4Sydney City
2017720715 B Design (Visual Communication)65.1Parramatta
2017720718 B Screen Media (Arts and Production)76Parramatta
2017720720 B MusicN/APenrith
2017720728 B Creative Industries (Music)N/AParramatta
2017720730 B Creative Industries71.65Parramatta
2017720731 B Arts/B Creative Industries74.5Parramatta
2017720732 B Communication/B Creative Industries77Parramatta
2017720733 B Design/B Creative Industries78.7Parramatta
2017720734 B Music/B Creative IndustriesN/APenrith
2017721005 B Business72.6Bankstown
2017721006 B Business75.75Campbelltown
2017721007 B Business70.2Parramatta City
2017721008 B Business70.1Sydney City
2017721010 B Business (Accounting)70Bankstown
2017721011 B Business (Accounting)70Campbelltown
2017721012 B Business (Accounting)70.5Parramatta City
2017721013 B Business (Accounting)ncSydney City
2017721016 B Business (Applied Finance)71Parramatta City
2017721017 B Business (Applied Finance)ncSydney City
2017721018 B Business (Economics)71.45Parramatta City
2017721020 B Business (Hospitality Management)76.75Parramatta City
2017721021 B Business (Hospitality Management)ncSydney City
2017721024 B Business (Human Resource Management)74.05Bankstown
2017721025 B Business (Human Resource Management)71.7Campbelltown
2017721026 B Business (Human Resource Management)70.2Parramatta City
2017721028 B Business (International Business)71.25Parramatta City
2017721029 B Business (International Business)ncSydney City
2017721035 B Business (Management)77Bankstown
2017721036 B Business (Management)70Campbelltown
2017721037 B Business (Management)71.2Parramatta City
2017721038 B Business (Management)ncSydney City
2017721039 B Business (Marketing)ncSydney City
2017721040 B Business (Marketing)73.4Bankstown
2017721041 B Business (Marketing)73.6Campbelltown
2017721042 B Business (Marketing)70.9Parramatta City
2017721043 B Communication/B Business70.45Parramatta City
2017721045 B Business (Property)71.55Parramatta City
2017721050 B Business (Sport Management)70Campbelltown
2017721052 B Business (Sport Management)70.35Parramatta City
2017721070 B Accounting78.9Bankstown
2017721072 B Accounting75Campbelltown
2017721074 B Accounting75.5Parramatta City
2017721077 B Accounting75.2Sydney City
2017722470 B Entrepreneurship (Games Design and Simulation)70.3Parramatta
2017722472 B Entrepreneurship (Games Design and Simulation)72Penrith
2017722494 B Engineering (Honours)/B Business83.35Bankstown
2017722495 B Engineering (Honours)/B Business78.6Campbelltown
2017722496 B Engineering (Honours)/B Business80.8Parramatta
2017722497 B Engineering (Honours)/B Business80.15Penrith
2017722498 B Engineering (Honours)85.1Sydney City
2017722501 B Engineering (Honours)80Penrith
2017722503 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil)80.45Penrith
2017722504 B Engineering (Honours) (Construction)83.75Penrith
2017722505 B Engineering (Honours) (Electrical)84.2Penrith
2017722507 B Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical)80.5Penrith
2017722509 B Engineering (Honours) (Robotics and Mechatronics)82.7Penrith
2017722510 B Engineering Science75Penrith
2017722513 B Engineering Science76.8Sydney City
2017722514 B Building Design Management70Penrith
2017722515 B Construction Management80.05Penrith
2017722516 B Building Design Management72.25Parramatta
2017722517 B Construction Management81.3Parramatta
2017722519 B Construction Technology66.2Penrith
2017722520 B Design and Technology60Parramatta
2017722530 B Industrial Design60Parramatta
2017722535 B Industrial Design (Honours)60Parramatta
2017722547 B Architectural DesignncParramatta
2017722550 B Engineering Science75Parramatta
2017722555 B Engineering (Honours)80.55Parramatta
2017722556 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil)ncParramatta
2017722557 B Engineering (Honours) (Construction)ncParramatta
2017722558 B Engineering (Honours) (Electrical)ncParramatta
2017722559 B Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical)ncParramatta
2017722560 B Engineering (Honours) (Robotics and Mechatronics)ncParramatta
2017723500 B Health Science (Health Promotion, Health Services Management, Therapeutic Recreation or Public Health)65.45Campbelltown
2017723502 B Health Science (Paramedicine)83.75Campbelltown
2017723504 B Health Science (Health and Physical Education)70.9Penrith
2017723506 B Health Science (Sport and Exercise Science)83.4Campbelltown
2017723514 B Health Science (Health Promotion, Health Services Management, Therapeutic Recreation or Public Health)65.55Sydney City
2017723555 B Occupational Therapy84.55Campbelltown
2017723560 B Physiotherapy96.65Campbelltown
2017723565 B Podiatric Medicine88.2Campbelltown
2017723567 B Sport DevelopmentncParramatta
2017723570 B Traditional Chinese Medicine80Campbelltown
2017724000 B Computer Science87.5Penrith
2017724008 B Information Systems65.25Sydney City
2017724009 B Information Systems65.6Parramatta
2017724012 B Information and Communications Technology65.55Campbelltown
2017724016 B Information and Communications Technology65.05Parramatta
2017724020 B Information and Communications Technology73.85Penrith
2017724022 B Information and Communications Technology65.35Sydney City
2017724025 B Information and Communications Technology (Health Information Management)65Campbelltown
2017724026 B Information and Communications Technology (Health Information Management)71.6Parramatta
2017724027 B Information and Communications Technology (Health Information Management)65Penrith
2017724100 B Information and Communications Technology/B Arts69.25Parramatta
2017724105 B Information and Communications Technology/B Business70.8Bankstown
2017724110 B Information and Communications Technology/B Business68.9Campbelltown
2017724115 B Information and Communications Technology/B Business68.35Parramatta
2017724120 B Information and Communications Technology/B Business (Accounting)78.45Campbelltown
2017724130 B Information and Communications Technology/B Business (Accounting)72.3Parramatta
2017724138 B Information Systems/B Business75Campbelltown
2017724139 B Information Systems/B Business75Parramatta
2017724505 B International Studies70.05Bankstown
2017724510 B International Studies73Parramatta
2017724518 B International Studies/B Business70Bankstown
2017724520 B International Studies/B Business70.1Parramatta
2017724522 B International Studies/B Social Science70Bankstown
2017724523 B International Studies/B Social Science70Parramatta
2017724525 B Communication/B International Studies74Parramatta
2017725000 B Laws (Graduate entry)N/ACampbelltown
2017725001 B Laws (Graduate entry)N/AParramatta
2017725005 B Laws (Non-graduate entry)N/ACampbelltown
2017725007 B Laws (Non-graduate entry)N/AParramatta
2017725011 B Arts/B Laws98.3Campbelltown
2017725013 B Arts/B Laws97.85Parramatta
2017725015 B Business/B Laws97.4Campbelltown
2017725016 B Business/B Laws96.25Parramatta
2017725020 B Communication/B Laws96.65Parramatta
2017725022 B Construction Management Studies/B Laws95Campbelltown
2017725024 B Construction Management Studies/B Laws95Parramatta
2017725029 B Criminal and Community Justice/B Laws95Campbelltown
2017725031 B Criminal and Community Justice/B Laws95Parramatta
2017725034 B Criminology/B Laws95Campbelltown
2017725036 B Criminology/B Laws95Parramatta
2017725041 B Information and Communications Technology/B Laws95Campbelltown
2017725043 B Information and Communications Technology/B Laws95Parramatta
2017725045 B International Studies/B Laws96.4Parramatta
2017725046 B Information Systems/B Laws95Campbelltown
2017725047 B Information Systems/B Laws95Parramatta
2017725048 B Accounting/B Laws96.1Campbelltown
2017725050 B Accounting/B Laws95Parramatta
2017725060 B Science/B Laws95Campbelltown
2017725065 B Science/B Laws95Parramatta
2017725070 B Social Science/B Laws95Campbelltown
2017725075 B Social Science/B Laws95.3Parramatta
2017725500 B Medicine/B SurgeryN/ACampbelltown
2017726550 B Nursing74.05Campbelltown
2017726555 B Nursing67.25Hawkesbury
2017726560 B Nursing77Parramatta
2017726565 B Nursing60.3Lithgow
2017726568 B NursingncLiverpool
2017726570 B MidwiferyA+CParramatta
2017727030 B Criminology68.3Liverpool
2017727033 B Criminology68.05Penrith
2017727040 B Criminal and Community Justice75.25Liverpool
2017727045 B Criminal and Community Justice72.15Penrith
2017727047 B Criminal and Community Justice/B Social Work85.9Liverpool
2017727052 B Cyber Security and Behaviour79Parramatta
2017727060 B Policing68.3Liverpool
2017727065 B Policing71.2Penrith
2017727501 B Psychology (Honours)89.3Bankstown
2017727502 B Psychology (Honours)85.15Parramatta
2017727506 B Psychology (Honours)87.05Penrith
2017727600 B Social Science (Psychology)76.15Bankstown
2017727601 B Social Science (Psychology)75.6Parramatta
2017727604 B Anthropology75.25Penrith
2017727605 B Social Science (Psychology)77.25Penrith
2017727607 B Anthropology74Liverpool
2017727608 B Humanitarian and Development Studies82Parramatta
2017727610 B Social Science73.3Liverpool
2017727615 B Social Science68.25Parramatta
2017727620 B Social Science71.85Penrith
2017727621 B Social Science68.05Sydney City
2017727626 B Humanitarian and Development Studies82Penrith
2017727628 B Planning/M Urban Management and Planning82.8Parramatta
2017727630 B Planning/M Urban Management and Planning82Penrith
2017727700 B Social Work84.8Liverpool
2017727705 B Social Work84.8Parramatta
2017727715 B Community Welfare73Liverpool
2017727720 B Community Welfare73.65Parramatta
2017727750 B Tourism Management72.4Parramatta
2017728005 B Medical Science72.3Campbelltown
2017728006 B Medical Science74.15Hawkesbury
2017728007 B Medical Science72Parramatta
2017728011 B Medical Science (Forensic Mortuary Practice)72.8Campbelltown
2017728012 B Medical Science (Forensic Mortuary Practice)72.15Hawkesbury
2017728020 B Natural Science (Animal Science)71Hawkesbury
2017728025 B Natural Science (Environmental Management)72.8Hawkesbury
2017728028 B Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security70Hawkesbury
2017728035 B Science (Nutrition and Food Sciences)70.95Hawkesbury
2017728040 B Science (Zoology)81.5Hawkesbury
2017728044 B Science (Zoology)/B Natural Science (Animal Science)76.2Hawkesbury
2017728055 B Science77.95Campbelltown
2017728056 B Science73.6Hawkesbury
2017728057 B Science76.75Parramatta
2017728062 B Science (Biological Sciences)73.7Campbelltown
2017728064 B Science (Biological Sciences)81.7Hawkesbury
2017728067 B Science (Biological Sciences)78.1Parramatta
2017728075 B Science (Chemistry)73Campbelltown
2017728076 B Science (Chemistry)75Parramatta
2017728080 B Science (Environmental Science)73Hawkesbury
2017728085 B Science (Forensic Science)75.1Hawkesbury
2017728090 B Science (Mathematical Science)73Campbelltown
2017728091 B Science (Mathematical Science)78.3Parramatta
2017728100 B Science/B Arts77.45Parramatta
2017728110 B Science/B Business78.15Campbelltown
2017728111 B Science/B Business76.95Parramatta
2017728115 B Science/B International Studies75.55Parramatta
2017729000 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary)/M Teaching (Primary)70.85Bankstown
2017729004 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary)/M Teaching (Primary)70.05Parramatta
2017729005 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary)/M Teaching (Primary)77.45Penrith
2017729011 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)71.4Bankstown
2017729014 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)70.7Parramatta
2017729016 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)70Penrith
2017729017 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5 – Birth-12)/M Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years)70.1Bankstown
2017729018 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5 – Birth-12)/M Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years)77.05Parramatta
2017729019 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5 – Birth-12)/M Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years)74.95Penrith
2017729022 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5 – Birth-12)/M Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years) Diploma pathwayN/ABankstown
2017729023 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5 – Birth-12)/M Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years) Diploma pathwayN/AParramatta
2017729024 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5 – Birth-12)/M Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years) Diploma pathwayN/APenrith
2017729026 B Graphic Design (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)70Parramatta
2017729032 B Education (Primary) – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander EducationN/ABankstown
2017729033 B Health Science (Health and Physical Education) Pathway to Teaching (Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)76Penrith
2017729036 B Science – Pathway to Teaching (Primary/Secondary)/M Teaching (Primary) or M Teaching (Secondary)74Campbelltown
2017729041 B Science – Pathway to Teaching (Primary/Secondary)/M Teaching (Primary) or M Teaching (Secondary)81.45Hawkesbury
2017729046 B Science – Pathway to Teaching (Primary/Secondary)/M Teaching (Primary) or M Teaching (Secondary)75.1Parramatta
2017729050 B Business (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)70Bankstown
2017729051 B Business (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)70Campbelltown
2017729052 B Business (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)78.5Parramatta
2017729200 B Business (Property)73.35Distance
2017729205 B Natural Science (Environment and Health)70Distance
2017729210 B Communication70Online
2017729212 B Health Science (Public Health)65.1Online
2017729215 B Science Criminology and Psychological Studies76.75Online
2017729392 Dip Arts/B ArtsncBankstown
2017729393 Dip Arts/B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary)ncBankstown
2017729394 Dip Arts/B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)ncBankstown
2017729395 Dip Arts/B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5Yr/Birth-12Yr)ncBankstown
2017729400 Dip Arts/B ArtsncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729401 Dip Arts/B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary)ncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729402 Dip Arts/B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)ncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729403 Dip Arts/B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5/Birth-12)ncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729412 Dip Building Design Management/B Building Design ManagementncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729416 Dip Business/B BusinessncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729417 Dip Business/B BusinessncBankstown
2017729426 Dip Communication/B CommunicationncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729427 Dip Communication/B Creative IndustriesncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729428 Dip Communication/B Screen Media (Arts and Production)ncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729435 Dip Construction Management/B Construction TechnologyncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729439 Dip Criminal and Community Justice/B Criminal and Community JusticencBankstown
2017729443 Dip Design/B Design (Visual Communication)ncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729444 Dip Design/B Graphic Design (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)ncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729449 Dip Engineering/B Engineering StudiesncPenrith
2017729453 Dip Health Science/B Health Science (Health Promotion, Health Services Management, Therapeutic Recreation or Public Health)ncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729454 Dip Health Science/B Health Science (Health and Physical Education)ncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729458 Dip ICT/B Information and Communications TechnologyncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729460 Dip ICT/B Information SystemsncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729461 Dip ICT/B Information and Communications Technology (Health Information Management)ncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729468 Dip Science/B SciencencNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729469 Dip Science/B Medical SciencencNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729470 Dip Science/B Natural SciencencNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729475 Dip Social Science/B Social SciencencBankstown
2017729476 Dip Social Science/B Humanitarian and Development StudiesncBankstown
2017729477 Dip Social Science/B Social SciencencNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729478 Dip Social Science/B Humanitarian and Development StudiesncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729479 Dip Social Science (Policing)/B PolicingncNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729480 Dip Social Science (Policing)/B PolicingncBankstown
2017729500 Dip Business (Standard) – 3 terms55Nirimba (Blacktown)
2017729507 Dip Business (Standard) – 3 terms55Bankstown
2017729598 Dip Arts (Extended) – Arts – 4 termsU/CBankstown
2017729599 Dip Arts (Extended) – Arts – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729600 Dip Arts (Extended) – Pathway to Teaching Primary – 4 termsU/CBankstown
2017729601 Dip Arts (Extended) – Pathway to Teaching Primary – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729602 Dip Arts (Extended) – Pathway to Teaching Secondary – 4 termsU/CBankstown
2017729603 Dip Arts (Extended) – Pathway to Teaching Secondary – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729604 Dip Arts (Extended) – Pathway to Teaching Birth-5/Birth-12 – 4 termsU/CBankstown
2017729605 Dip Arts (Extended) – Pathway to Teaching Birth-5/Birth-12 – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729615 Dip Building Design Management (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729618 Dip Business (Extended) – 4 termsU/CBankstown
2017729620 Dip Business (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729622 Dip Communication (Extended) – Communication – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729623 Dip Communication (Extended) – Creative Industries – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729624 Dip Communication (Extended) – Screen Media (Arts and Production) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729628 Dip Construction Management (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729632 Dip Criminal and Community Justice (Extended) – 4 termsU/CBankstown
2017729638 Dip Design (Extended) – Design (Visual Communication) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729639 Dip Design (Extended) – Graphic Design (Pathway to Teaching Secondary) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729645 Dip Engineering (Extended) – 4 termsU/CPenrith
2017729651 Dip Health Science (Health Promotion, Health Services Management, Therapeutic Recreation or Public Health) (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729660 Dip Health Science (Health and Physical Education) (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729665 Dip Information and Communications Technology (Extended) – ICT – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729666 Dip Information and Communications Technology (Extended) – Information Systems – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729668 Dip Information and Communications Technology (Health Information Management) (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729681 Dip Science (Extended) – Science – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729682 Dip Science (Extended) – Medical Science – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729683 Dip Science (Extended) – Natural Science – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729687 Dip Social Science (Extended) – Social Science – 4 termsU/CBankstown
2017729688 Dip Social Science (Extended) – Social Science – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729689 Dip Social Science (Extended) – Humanitarian and Development Studies – 4 termsU/CBankstown
2017729690 Dip Social Science (Extended) – Humanitarian and Development Studies – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2017729694 Dip Social Science (Policing) (Extended) – 4 termsU/CBankstown
2017729695 Dip Social Science (Policing) (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2016720100 B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90Bankstown
2016720102 B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90Parramatta
2016720104 B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90Penrith
2016720106 B Arts (Interpreting and Translation) (Dean’s Scholars)90Bankstown
2016720108 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary) Dean’s Scholars/M Teaching (Primary)ncBankstown
2016720109 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary) Dean’s Scholars/M Teaching (Primary)ncParramatta
2016720110 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary) Dean’s Scholars/M Teaching (Primary)ncPenrith
2016720114 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary) Dean’s Scholars/M Teaching (Secondary)ncBankstown
2016720115 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary) Dean’s Scholars/M Teaching (Secondary)ncParramatta
2016720116 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary) Dean’s Scholars/M Teaching (Secondary)ncPenrith
2016720120 B Communication (Dean’s Scholars)90Parramatta
2016720122 B Communication (Dean’s Scholars)90Penrith
2016720124 B Design – Visual Communication (Dean’s Scholars)90Parramatta
2016720126 B Music (Dean’s Scholars)N/APenrith
2016720130 B Business (Advanced Business Leadership)90Parramatta City
2016720135 B Business (Advanced Business Leadership)/B Laws95Parramatta
2016720139 B Engineering Advanced (Honours)ncParramatta
2016720140 B Engineering Advanced (Honours)92Penrith
2016720142 B Computer Science (Advanced)92Penrith
2016720144 B Information and Communications Technology (Advanced)92Campbelltown
2016720146 B Information and Communications Technology (Advanced)92Parramatta
2016720148 B Information and Communications Technology (Advanced)92Penrith
2016720150 B Information Systems (Advanced)92Parramatta
2016720151 B Information Systems Advanced/B BusinessncCampbelltown
2016720152 B Information Systems Advanced/B BusinessncParramatta
2016720155 B Information Systems (Advanced)/B LawsncCampbelltown
2016720156 B Information Systems (Advanced)/B LawsncParramatta
2016720160 B International Studies (Dean’s Scholars)90Bankstown
2016720162 B International Studies (Dean’s Scholars)90Parramatta
2016720170 B Nursing (Advanced)90Campbelltown
2016720172 B Nursing (Advanced)90Hawkesbury
2016720174 B Nursing (Advanced)90Parramatta
2016720176 B Medical Science (Advanced)90Campbelltown
2016720178 B Medical Science (Advanced)90Hawkesbury
2016720179 B Medical Science (Advanced)90Parramatta
2016720180 B Natural Science (Advanced)90Hawkesbury
2016720182 B Science (Advanced Science)90Campbelltown
2016720184 B Science (Advanced Science)90Hawkesbury
2016720186 B Science (Advanced Science)90Parramatta
2016720191 B Policing (Leadership Program)92Bankstown
2016720192 B Policing (Leadership Program)92Penrith
2016720194 B Social Science (Advanced)90Bankstown
2016720196 B Social Science (Advanced)90Parramatta
2016720198 B Social Science (Advanced)90Penrith
2016720510 B Arts70Bankstown
2016720515 B Arts72.85Parramatta
2016720518 B Arts70Penrith
2016720519 B ArtsncSydney City
2016720521 B Arts (Interpreting and Translation)70Bankstown
2016720527 B Languages and Linguistics70Bankstown
2016720600 B Arts/B Business70Bankstown
2016720605 B Arts/B Business70Parramatta
2016720610 B Arts/B Social Science70Bankstown
2016720612 B Arts/B Social Science70Parramatta
2016720614 B Arts/B Social Science70Penrith
2016720700 B Communication71.45Parramatta
2016720705 B Communication71.45Penrith
2016720708 B CommunicationncSydney City
2016720715 B Design (Visual Communication)65Parramatta
2016720718 B Screen Media (Arts and Production)75Parramatta
2016720719 B Screen Media (Arts and Production)75Penrith
2016720720 B MusicN/APenrith
2016720728 B Creative Industries (Music)ncParramatta
2016720730 B Creative IndustriesncParramatta
2016720731 B Arts/B Creative IndustriesncParramatta
2016720732 B Communication/B Creative IndustriesncParramatta
2016720733 B Design (Visual Communication)/B Creative IndustriesncParramatta
2016720734 B Music/B Creative IndustriesncParramatta
2016721005 B Business70Bankstown
2016721006 B Business70Campbelltown
2016721007 B Business70Parramatta City
2016721008 B BusinessncSydney City
2016721010 B Business (Accounting)70Bankstown
2016721011 B Business (Accounting)70Campbelltown
2016721012 B Business (Accounting)70Parramatta City
2016721016 B Business (Applied Finance)70Parramatta City
2016721018 B Business (Economics)70Parramatta City
2016721020 B Business (Hospitality Management)70Parramatta City
2016721024 B Business (Human Resource Management)70Bankstown
2016721025 B Business (Human Resource Management)70Campbelltown
2016721026 B Business (Human Resource Management)70Parramatta City
2016721028 B Business (International Business)70Parramatta City
2016721035 B Business (Management)70Bankstown
2016721036 B Business (Management)70Campbelltown
2016721037 B Business (Management)70Parramatta City
2016721040 B Business (Marketing)70Bankstown
2016721041 B Business (Marketing)70Campbelltown
2016721042 B Business (Marketing)70Parramatta City
2016721043 B Communication/B Business70Parramatta City
2016721045 B Business (Property)70Parramatta City
2016721046 B Business70Distance
2016721050 B Business (Sport Management)70Campbelltown
2016721052 B Business (Sport Management)70Parramatta City
2016721070 B Accounting75Bankstown
2016721072 B Accounting75Campbelltown
2016721074 B Accounting75Parramatta City
2016721077 B AccountingncSydney City
2016722470 B Entrepreneurship (Games Design and Simulation)ncParramatta
2016722472 B Entrepreneurship (Games Design and Simulation)ncPenrith
2016722494 B Engineering (Honours)/B Business85Bankstown
2016722495 B Engineering (Honours)/B Business85Campbelltown
2016722496 B Engineering (Honours)/B Business85Parramatta
2016722497 B Engineering (Honours)/B Business85Penrith
2016722498 B Engineering (Honours)ncSydney City
2016722501 B Engineering (Honours)83.2Penrith
2016722503 B Engineering (Honours) (Civil)83.2Penrith
2016722504 B Engineering (Honours) (Construction)83.2Penrith
2016722505 B Engineering (Honours) (Electrical)83.2Penrith
2016722507 B Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical)83.2Penrith
2016722509 B Engineering (Honours) (Robotics and Mechatronics)83.2Penrith
2016722510 B Engineering Science75Penrith
2016722513 B Engineering SciencencSydney City
2016722514 B Building Design Management70Penrith
2016722515 B Construction Management85Penrith
2016722516 B Building Design ManagementncParramatta
2016722517 B Construction ManagementncParramatta
2016722519 B Construction Technology65Penrith
2016722520 B Design and TechnologyN/APenrith
2016722530 B Industrial DesignN/APenrith
2016722535 B Industrial Design (Honours)N/APenrith
2016722550 B Engineering SciencencParramatta
2016722555 B Engineering (Honours)ncParramatta
2016723500 B Health Science (Health Promotion, Health Services Management, Therapeutic Recreation or Public Health)65Campbelltown
2016723502 B Health Science (Paramedicine)92Campbelltown
2016723504 B Health Science (Health and Physical Education)75Penrith
2016723506 B Health Science (Sport and Exercise Science)82.8Campbelltown
2016723514 B Health Science (Health Promotion, Health Services Management, Therapeutic Recreation or Public Health)ncSydney City
2016723555 B Occupational Therapy83Campbelltown
2016723560 B Physiotherapy99.7Campbelltown
2016723565 B Podiatric Medicine87Campbelltown
2016723570 B Traditional Chinese Medicine80Campbelltown
2016724000 B Computer Science80Penrith
2016724008 B Information SystemsncSydney City
2016724009 B Information Systems75Parramatta
2016724012 B Information and Communications Technology75Campbelltown
2016724016 B Information and Communications Technology75Parramatta
2016724020 B Information and Communications Technology75Penrith
2016724022 B Information and Communications TechnologyncSydney City
2016724025 B Information and Communications Technology (Health Information Management)75Campbelltown
2016724026 B Information and Communications Technology (Health Information Management)75Parramatta
2016724027 B Information and Communications Technology (Health Information Management)75Penrith
2016724100 B Information and Communications Technology/B Arts75Parramatta
2016724105 B Information and Communications Technology/B Business75Bankstown
2016724110 B Information and Communications Technology/B Business75Campbelltown
2016724115 B Information and Communications Technology/B Business75Parramatta
2016724120 B Information and Communications Technology/B Business (Accounting)75Campbelltown
2016724130 B Information and Communications Technology/B Business (Accounting)75Parramatta
2016724138 B Information Systems/B BusinessncCampbelltown
2016724139 B Information Systems/B BusinessncParramatta
2016724505 B International Studies70Bankstown
2016724510 B International Studies70Parramatta
2016724518 B International Studies/B Business70Bankstown
2016724520 B International Studies/B Business70Parramatta
2016724522 B International Studies/B Social Science70Bankstown
2016724523 B International Studies/B Social Science70Parramatta
2016724525 B Communication/B International Studies70Parramatta
2016725000 B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/ACampbelltown
2016725001 B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/AParramatta
2016725005 B Laws (Non-graduate entry)N/ACampbelltown
2016725007 B Laws (Non-graduate entry)N/AParramatta
2016725011 B Arts/B Laws95Campbelltown
2016725013 B Arts/B Laws95Parramatta
2016725015 B Business/B Laws95Campbelltown
2016725016 B Business/B Laws95Parramatta
2016725020 B Communication/B Laws95Parramatta
2016725022 B Construction Management Studies/B Laws95Campbelltown
2016725024 B Construction Management Studies/B Laws95Parramatta
2016725029 B Criminal and Community Justice/B Laws95Campbelltown
2016725031 B Criminal and Community Justice/B Laws95Parramatta
2016725034 B Criminology/B Laws95Campbelltown
2016725036 B Criminology/B Laws95Parramatta
2016725041 B Information and Communications Technology/B Laws95Campbelltown
2016725043 B Information and Communications Technology/B Laws95Parramatta
2016725045 B International Studies/B Laws95Parramatta
2016725046 B Information Systems/B LawsncCampbelltown
2016725047 B Information Systems/B LawsncParramatta
2016725048 B Accounting/B Laws95Campbelltown
2016725050 B Accounting/B Laws95Parramatta
2016725060 B Science/B Laws95Campbelltown
2016725065 B Science/B Laws95Parramatta
2016725070 B Social Science/B Laws95Campbelltown
2016725075 B Social Science/B Laws95Parramatta
2016725500 B Medicine/B SurgeryN/ACampbelltown
2016726550 B Nursing76.95Campbelltown
2016726555 B Nursing69.9Hawkesbury
2016726560 B Nursing79.05Parramatta
2016726565 B Nursing60.25Lithgow
2016726570 B MidwiferyA+CParramatta
2016727030 B Criminology77.35Bankstown
2016727033 B Criminology77.35Penrith
2016727040 B Criminal and Community Justice75Bankstown
2016727045 B Criminal and Community Justice75Penrith
2016727047 B Criminal and Community Justice/B Social Work84.8Bankstown
2016727052 B Cyber Security and BehaviourncParramatta
2016727060 B Policing75Bankstown
2016727065 B Policing75Penrith
2016727501 B Psychology85Bankstown
2016727502 B Psychology85Parramatta
2016727506 B Psychology85Penrith
2016727600 B Social Science (Psychology)75Bankstown
2016727601 B Social Science (Psychology)75Parramatta
2016727604 B Anthropology74Penrith
2016727605 B Social Science (Psychology)75Penrith
2016727607 B Anthropology74Bankstown
2016727608 B Humanitarian and Development Studies82Parramatta
2016727610 B Social Science68Bankstown
2016727615 B Social Science68Parramatta
2016727620 B Social Science68Penrith
2016727621 B Social SciencencSydney City
2016727626 B Humanitarian and Development Studies82Penrith
2016727628 B Planning/M Urban Management and Planning82Parramatta
2016727630 B Planning/M Urban Management and Planning82Penrith
2016727700 B Social Work84.8Bankstown
2016727705 B Social Work84.8Parramatta
2016727715 B Community Welfare73Bankstown
2016727720 B Community Welfare73Parramatta
2016727725 B Community and Social DevelopmentN/APenrith
2016727730 Dip Community and Social DevelopmentN/APenrith
2016727750 B Tourism Management72.15Parramatta
2016728005 B Medical Science75.55Campbelltown
2016728006 B Medical Science75.55Hawkesbury
2016728007 B Medical Science75.55Parramatta
2016728011 B Medical Science (Forensic Mortuary Practice)ncCampbelltown
2016728012 B Medical Science (Forensic Mortuary Practice)ncHawkesbury
2016728020 B Natural Science (Animal Science)70Hawkesbury
2016728025 B Natural Science (Environmental Management)70Hawkesbury
2016728028 B Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security70Hawkesbury
2016728035 B Science (Nutrition and Food Sciences)73Hawkesbury
2016728040 B Science (Zoology)74.65Hawkesbury
2016728044 B Science (Zoology)/B Natural Science (Animal Science)75.8Hawkesbury
2016728055 B Science76.3Campbelltown
2016728056 B Science73Hawkesbury
2016728057 B Science75.55Parramatta
2016728062 B Science (Biological Sciences)73Campbelltown
2016728064 B Science (Biological Sciences)73Hawkesbury
2016728067 B Science (Biological Sciences)75.55Parramatta
2016728075 B Science (Chemistry)73Campbelltown
2016728076 B Science (Chemistry)75.55Parramatta
2016728080 B Science (Environmental Science)73Hawkesbury
2016728085 B Science (Forensic Science)80Hawkesbury
2016728090 B Science (Mathematical Science)73Campbelltown
2016728091 B Science (Mathematical Science)75.55Parramatta
2016728100 B Science/B Arts75.55Parramatta
2016728110 B Science/B Business73Campbelltown
2016728111 B Science/B Business75.55Parramatta
2016728115 B Science/B International Studies75.55Parramatta
2016729000 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary)/M Teaching (Primary)70Bankstown
2016729004 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary)/M Teaching (Primary)70Parramatta
2016729005 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary)/M Teaching (Primary)70Penrith
2016729011 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)70Bankstown
2016729014 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)73.1Parramatta
2016729016 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)70Penrith
2016729017 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5/Birth-12)/M Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years)70Bankstown
2016729018 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5/Birth-12)/M Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years)70Parramatta
2016729019 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5/Birth-12)/M Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years)70Penrith
2016729022 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5/Birth-12)/M Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years) Diploma pathwayN/ABankstown
2016729023 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5/Birth-12)/M Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years) Diploma pathwayN/AParramatta
2016729024 B Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5/Birth-12)/M Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years) Diploma pathwayN/APenrith
2016729026 B Graphic Design (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)ncParramatta
2016729032 B Education (Primary) – ATSIEN/ABankstown
2016729033 B Health Science (Health and Physical Education) Pathway to Teaching (Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)76Penrith
2016729035 B Science (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)74Campbelltown
2016729036 B Science – Pathway to Teaching (Primary/Secondary)ncCampbelltown
2016729040 B Science (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)74Hawkesbury
2016729041 B Science – Pathway to Teaching (Primary/Secondary)ncHawkesbury
2016729045 B Science (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/M Teaching (Secondary)76Parramatta
2016729046 B Science – Pathway to Teaching (Primary/Secondary)ncParramatta
2016729050 B Business (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)ncBankstown
2016729051 B Business (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)ncCampbelltown
2016729052 B Business (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)ncParramatta
2016729200 B Business (Property)70Distance
2016729205 B Natural Science (Environment and Health)70Distance
2016729210 B Communication71.45Online
2016729212 B Health Science (Public Health)ncOnline
2016729215 B Science Criminology and Psychological Studies75Online
2016729486 Dip Arts (Standard) – 3 terms55Nirimba (Blacktown)
2016729496 Dip Building Design Management (Standard) – 3 termsncNirimba (Blacktown)
2016729500 Dip Business (Standard) – 3 terms55Nirimba (Blacktown)
2016729507 Dip Business (Standard) – 3 terms55Bankstown
2016729517 Dip Communication (Standard) – 3 terms55Penrith
2016729520 Dip Construction Management (Standard) – 3 terms55Nirimba (Blacktown)
2016729524 Dip Design (Standard) – 3 terms55Penrith
2016729528 Dip Engineering (Standard) – 3 terms55Penrith
2016729530 Dip Health Science (Health Promotion, Health Services Management or Therapeutic Recreation) (Standard) – 3 terms55Nirimba (Blacktown)
2016729543 Dip Health Science (Health and Physical Education) (Standard) – 3 terms55Nirimba (Blacktown)
2016729550 Dip Information and Communications Technology (Standard) – 3 terms55Nirimba (Blacktown)
2016729552 Dip Information and Communications Technology (Health Information Management) (Standard) – 3 termsncNirimba (Blacktown)
2016729560 Dip Science (Standard) – 3 terms55Nirimba (Blacktown)
2016729570 Dip Social Science (Standard) – 3 terms55Nirimba (Blacktown)
2016729577 Dip Social Science (Standard) – 3 terms55Bankstown
2016729580 Dip Social Science (Policing) (Standard) – 3 terms55Nirimba (Blacktown)
2016729582 Dip Social Science (Policing) (Standard) – 3 terms55Bankstown
2016729590 Dip Criminal and Community Justice (Standard) – 3 terms55Bankstown
2016729610 Dip Arts (Extended) – 4 termsU/CBankstown
2016729612 Dip Arts (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2016729615 Dip Building Design Management (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2016729618 Dip Business (Extended) – 4 termsU/CBankstown
2016729620 Dip Business (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2016729626 Dip Communication (Extended) – 4 termsU/CPenrith
2016729628 Dip Construction Management (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2016729632 Dip Criminal and Community Justice (Extended) – 4 termsU/CBankstown
2016729640 Dip Design (Extended) – 4 termsU/CPenrith
2016729645 Dip Engineering (Extended) – 4 termsU/CPenrith
2016729650 Dip Health Science (Health Promotion, Health Services Management or Therapeutic Recreation) (Extended) – 4 termsU/CLithgow
2016729651 Dip Health Science (Health Promotion, Health Services Management or Therapeutic Recreation) (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2016729659 Dip Health Science (Health and Physical Education) (Extended) – 4 termsU/CLithgow
2016729660 Dip Health Science (Health and Physical Education) (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2016729662 Dip Information and Communications Technology (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2016729663 Dip Information and Communications Technology (Health Information Management) (Extended) – 4 termsncNirimba (Blacktown)
2016729667 Dip Science (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2016729669 Dip Social Science (Extended) – 4 termsU/CBankstown
2016729671 Dip Social Science (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2016729674 Dip Social Science (Policing) (Extended) – 4 termsU/CBankstown
2016729676 Dip Social Science (Policing) (Extended) – 4 termsU/CNirimba (Blacktown)
2015720100B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90.25
2015720106BA (Interp&Trans;)(Dean’s Sch)90
2015720120B Comm (Dean’s Sch)90
2015720124B Design-V Comm(Dean’s Sch)90
2015720126B Music (Dean’s Scholars)90
2015720130B Bus and Com (Adv Bus Ldrshp)92
2015720135B Bus&Com;(AdvBusLdrshp)/B Laws90
2015720140B Eng Advanced (Hons)90
2015720142B Computer Science (Advanced)90
2015720144B Info & Comm Tech (Adv)90
2015720150B Info Sys (Adv)90
2015720160B Inter Stds(Dean’s Sch)90
2015720170B Nursing (Advanced)90
2015720176B Medical Science (Adv)90
2015720180B Natural Science (Adv)90
2015720182B Science (Advanced Science)90
2015720191B Policing (Ldrship Prog)90
2015720192B Policing(Ldrship Prog)90
2015720193B Pol/B App Ldrship&Crit; Think80
2015720194B Soc Sc (Adv)90
2015720521B Arts (Interpret & Trans)65
2015720525BA/B App Leadership&CritThink;80
2015720600B Arts/B Business & Commerce70
2015720610B Arts/B Social Sc65
2015720700B Communication65
2015720710B Comm/B AppLdrship&CritThink;80
2015720715B Design (Visual Comm)65
2015720717B Dsgn/B App Ldrship&CritThink;80
2015721005B Business and Commerce65.8
2015721006B Business and Commerce65
2015721007B Business and Commerce65.65
2015721010B Bus and Commerce (Acc)69.95
2015721011B Bus and Commerce (Acc)65
2015721012B Bus and Commerce (Acc)66.1
2015721016B Bus and Commerce (App Fin)65
2015721018B Bus and Commerce (Eco)68.95
2015721020B Bus and Commerce(Hsplty Mgt)66.45
2015721024B Bus and Commerce(HRM)65
2015721026B Bus and Commerce(HRM)65.3
2015721035B Bus and Commerce (Mgt)65
2015721036B Bus and Commerce (Mgt)65.15
2015721037B Bus and Commerce (Mgt)68.95
2015721040B Bus and Commerce (Marketing)65
2015721041B Bus and Commerce (Marketing)65.2
2015721042B Bus and Commerce (Marketing)65.05
2015721043B Comm/B Bus & Com65
2015721045B Bus and Commerce (Prop)65
2015721050B Bus and Com (Sport Mgt)65.25
2015721052B Bus and Com (Sport Mgt)65.3
2015721060B Bus & Com/BALCT85
2015722501B Engineering70
2015722503B Eng (Civil)70
2015722504B Eng (Construction)70
2015722505B Eng (Elec)70
2015722507B Eng (Mech)70
2015722509B Eng (Robot&Mech;)70
2015722510B Engineering Science65
2015722511B Eng/B App Ldrship&CritThink;80
2015722515B Construction Mgt68.25
2015722519B Construct Technology65
2015722520B Design and TechnologyN/A
2015723500B Hlth Science (Hlth Prom)65
2015723502B Hlth Science (Paramedicine)93.8
2015723503B Hlth Science (PD H & PE)65
2015723506B Hlth Science (Spt & Exer Sc)82.8
2015723555B Occ Therapy80
2015723560B Physiotherapy99.95
2015723565B Podiatric Med80
2015723570B Trad Chinese Med75
2015724000B Computer Science70
2015724001B CompSc/B AppLdr&CritThink;80
2015724003B Info&CommTech;/B AppL&CT;80
2015724009B Info Sys65
2015724010B InfoSys/B App Ldrship&CT;80
2015724012B Info & Comm Tech65
2015724025B InfoCommTech (HthInfoMgt)65
2015724100B Info & Comm Tech/BA65
2015724105B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;65
2015724502B Inter Stds/B App L&CT;80
2015724505B International Studies70
2015724518B Inter Studies/B Bus & Comm65
2015724520B Inter Studies/B Bus & Comm70
2015724522B Inter Stds/B Soc Sc65
2015724525B Comm/B Inter Stds65
2015725005B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)N/A
2015725009B Laws/B App Ldrship&CritThink;N/A
2015725011B Arts/B Laws90
2015725015B Bus & Com/B Laws90
2015725020B Comm/B Laws90
2015725022B Constr Mgt Stds/B Laws90
2015725029B Crim&Comty; Just/B Laws90
2015725034B Criminology/B Laws90
2015725041B Info&Comm; Tech/B Laws90
2015725045B Inter Stds/B Laws90
2015725060B Science/B Laws90
2015725070B Soc Sc/B Laws90
2015725500B Medicine/B SurgeryN/A
2015725510B Medicine/B Surgery/B ArtsN/A
2015726550B Nursing77.05
2015726555B Nursing69.9
2015726560B Nursing80.25
2015726565B Nursing60
2015726570B Midwifery94.1
2015727030B Criminology65
2015727040B Criminal & Comty Just74
2015727047B Crim&Comty; Just/B Soc Work79
2015727060B Policing75
2015727515B Psych/B App Ldrship&CT;80
2015727600B Social Science (Psych)78
2015727610B Social Science65
2015727625B Soc Sc/B App Ldrship&CT;80
2015727628B Plan/M Urban Mgt&Planning;80
2015727630B Plan/M Urban Mgt&Planning;82
2015727700B Social Work79
2015727715B Community Welfare73
2015727725B Comty & Soc DvltN/A
2015727730Dip Comty & Soc DvltN/A
2015727750B Tourism Mgt65
2015728005B Medical Science70
2015728020B Natural Sc (Animal Sc)70
2015728022B Natural Sc/B App L&CT;80
2015728025B Natural Science (Env Mgt)70
2015728030B Nat Sc (Sustain Agri & Food)65
2015728035B Sc (Nutrition & Food Sc)70
2015728037B Sc(N&F;)/BAppLdrship&CritTk;80
2015728040B Science (Zoology)70
2015728042B Sc(Zoo)/BAppLdrship&CritTk;80
2015728062B Science (Biological Sc)70
2015728069B Sc/B App Ldrship&CT;80
2015728075B Science (Chemistry)70
2015728078B Sc(Chem)/B App Ldrship&CT;80
2015728080B Science (Env Sc)70
2015728082B Sc/B App Ldrship&CritThink;80
2015728085B Science (Forensic Science)73
2015728090B Science (Mathematical Sc)70
2015728093B Sc(Ma)/BAppLdrship&CritTk;80
2015728100B Science/B Arts70
2015728110B Science/B Bus & Commerce70
2015728115B Sc/B International Studies70
2015729000B Arts/M Teach (Prim)65
2015729011B Arts/M Teach (Sec)65
2015729017B Arts/M Teach(B-5Y/B-12Y)65
2015729018B Arts/M Teach (B-5Y/B-12Y)65
2015729032B Ed (Prim) – ATSIE63.6
2015729035B Science/M Teach(Sec)75
2015729200B Bus & Com (Property)75
2015729205B Natural Science (Env & Hlth)70
2015729210B Comm65
2015729215B Sc Crim & Psych Stds65
2015729220B Bus Admin(Ldrship & Mgt)75
2015729486Diploma in Arts50
2015729500Dip Business and Commerce50
2015729501Dip Bus & Com (Fast Track)50
2015729517Diploma in Communication50
2015729520Diploma in Construction Mgt50
2015729522Diploma in Construction Mgt (Fast Track)N/O
2015729524Diploma in Design50
2015729525Dip Engineering50
2015729527Dip Eng (Fast Track)50
2015729529Diploma in Engineering50
2015729530Dip Hlth Science50
2015729540Dip Health Sc (PDHPE)50
2015729550Dip Info & Comm Tech50
2015729554Diploma in Islamic Studies50
2015729560Dip Science50
2015729570Dip Soc Science50
2015729580Dip Soc Sc (Policing)50
2015729590Dip Criminal & Comty Justice50
2014720000B Natural Science (Adv)90
2014720006B Natural Science (Env & Hlth)70
2014720009B Natural Science (Env Mgt)70
2014720012B Science (Nutrition & Food)70
2014720015B Sc (Food Sustain)65
2014720018B Science (Zoology)70
2014720019B Natural Sc (Animal Sc)70
2014720500B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90.25
2014720501B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90.25
2014720502B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90.25
2014720505BA (Interp&Trans;)(Dean’s Sch)90
2014720510B Arts65
2014720515B Arts65
2014720518B Arts65
2014720521B Arts (Interpret & Trans)65
2014720600B Arts/B Business & Commerce70
2014720605B Arts/B Business & Commerce70
2014721000B Bus and Com (Adv Bus Ldrshp)92
2014721005B Business and Commerce65.8
2014721006B Business and Commerce65
2014721007B Business and Commerce65.65
2014721010B Bus and Commerce (Acc)69.95
2014721011B Bus and Commerce (Acc)65
2014721012B Bus and Commerce (Acc)66.15
2014721016B Bus and Commerce (App Fin)65
2014721018B Bus and Commerce (Eco)68.95
2014721020B Bus and Commerce(Hsplty Mgt)66.45
2014721025B Bus and Commerce(HRM)65
2014721026B Bus and Commerce(HRM)65.3
2014721035B Bus and Commerce (Mgt)65
2014721036B Bus and Commerce (Mgt)65.15
2014721037B Bus and Commerce (Mgt)68.95
2014721040B Bus and Commerce (Marketing)65
2014721041B Bus and Commerce (Marketing)65.2
2014721042B Bus and Commerce(Marketing)65.05
2014721045B Bus and Commerce (Prop)65
2014721046B Bus and Com (Prop) Distance75
2014721050B Bus and Com (Sport Mgt)65.25
2014721052B Bus and Com (Sport Mgt)65.3
2014721495B Communication65
2014721500B Communication65
2014721510B Design (Visual Comm)65
2014722010B MusicN/A
2014722502B Eng Advanced (Hons)92.1
2014722508B Engineering74.1
2014722510B Engineering Science65.25
2014722515B Construction Mgt68.25
2014722520B Design and Technology65.15
2014722525B Housing65
2014722530B Industrial Design65.05
2014723000B Science (Forensic Science)75.25
2014723500B Hlth Science (Hlth Prom)70
2014723502B Hlth Science (Paramedicine)85.05
2014723503B Hlth Science (PDH & PE)70
2014723506B Hlth Science (Spt & Exer Sc)82.8
2014723520B Hlth Science/M Occ Therapy85.5
2014723530B Hlth Science/M Physiotherapy99.95
2014723540B Hlth Science/M Podiatric Med80.3
2014723550B Hlth Sc/M Trad Chinese Med75
2014724000B Computer Science75.4
2014724004B Computer Science (Advanced)91
2014724005B Info & Comm Tech (Adv)90
2014724006B Info & Comm Tech (Adv)90
2014724007B Info & Comm Tech (Adv)90
2014724009B Info Sys65.7
2014724012B Info & Comm Tech60
2014724013B Info Sys (Adv)90
2014724016B Info & Comm Tech60
2014724020B Info & Comm Tech60
2014724100B Info & Comm Tech/BA60
2014724105B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;60
2014724110B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;60
2014724115B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;60
2014724120B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;60
2014724130B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;60
2014724500B International Studies70
2014724505B International Studies70
2014724520B Inter Studies/B Bus & Comm70
2014724525B Comm/B Inter Stds65
2014725000B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2014725001B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2014725005B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)N/A
2014725010B Bus&Com;(AdvBusLdrshp)/B Laws95.35
2014725015B Bus & Com/B Laws96.1
2014725016B Bus & Com/B Laws90.5
2014725025B Arts Soc Sc/B Laws90.5
2014725030B Arts/Comm/Soc Sc/B Laws92
2014725035B Science/B Laws90
2014725040B Science/B Laws90
2014725045B Inter Stds/B Laws94
2014725500B Medicine/B SurgeryN/A
2014725510B Medicine/B Surgery/B ArtsN/A
2014726000B Tourism Mgt72
2014726002B Tourism Mgt72
2014726500B Nursing (Advanced)90
2014726505B Nursing (Advanced)90
2014726510B Nursing (Advanced)90
2014726550B Nursing73.65
2014726555B Nursing66.2
2014726560B Nursing79.75
2014726570B Midwifery94.1
2014727000B Policing78
2014727010B Policing78
2014727030B Criminology84
2014727033B Criminology84
2014727040B Criminal & Comm Just84
2014727045B Criminal & Comm Just84
2014727500B Psychology85
2014727505B Psychology85
2014728000B Medical Science (Adv)90.1
2014728001B Medical Science (Adv)92.75
2014728005B Medical Science70
2014728006B Medical Science70
2014728050B Science (Advanced Science)91.1
2014728051B Science (Advanced Science)90
2014728052B Science (Advanced Science)91.4
2014728055B Science70
2014728056B Science70
2014728057B Science70
2014728065B Science (Biological Sc)70
2014728066B Science (Biological Sc)70
2014728067B Science (Biological Sc)70
2014728075B Science (Chemistry)70
2014728076B Science (Chemistry)70
2014728080B Science (Env Sc)70
2014728090B Science (Mathematical Sc)70
2014728091B Science (Mathematical Sc)70
2014728100B Science/B Arts70
2014728110B Science/B Bus & Commerce70
2014728111B Science/B Bus and Com70
2014728115B Sc/B International Studies70
2014728500B Social Science76
2014728501B Social Science76
2014728502B Social Science76
2014728503B Social Science (Psych)78
2014728505B Soc Sc/M Urban Mgt&Planning;82
2014728506B Social Science (Psych)78
2014728508B Social Work79
2014728510B Social Work79
2014728512B SocWork/B Crim&Comm; Just79
2014728515B Community Welfare73
2014728517B Community Welfare73
2014728522B Comty & Soc DvltN/A
2014728525Dip Comty & Soc DvltN/A
2014729000B Arts/M Teach (Prim)65
2014729004B Arts/M Teach (Prim)65
2014729005B Arts/M Teach (Prim)65
2014729010B Arts/M Teach (Sec)65
2014729014B Arts/M Teach (Sec)65
2014729015B Arts/M Teach (Sec)65
2014729017B Arts/M Teach(B-5Y/B-12Y)65
2014729018B Arts/M Teach (B-5Y/B-12Y)65
2014729019B Arts/M Teach (B-5Y/B-12Y)65
2014729030B Ed (Prim – AREP Mode)N/A
2014729035B Science/M Teach(Sec)75
2014729040B Science/M Teach(Sec)75
2014729045B Science/M Teach(Sec)75
2014729486Diploma in Arts50
2014729488Diploma in Arts50
2014729490Diploma in Arts50
2014729492Diploma in Arts50
2014729500Dip in Business and Commerce50
2014729501Dip in Bus & Com (Fast Track)55
2014729502Dip in Bus & Com (Fast Track)55
2014729505Dip in Business and Commerce50
2014729507Dip in Business and Commerce50
2014729510Diploma in Construction Mgt50
2014729511Dip Constr Mgmt(Fast Track)55
2014729525Diploma in Engineering Sc50
2014729529Diploma in Engineering Sc50
2014729530Dip Hlth Science50
2014729540Diploma in Hlth Sc (PDHPE)50
2014729550Diploma in Info & Comm Tech50
2014729560Diploma in Science50
2014729570Diploma in Soc Science50
2014729575Diploma in Soc Science50
2014729577Diploma in Soc Science50
2014729580Diploma in Soc Sc (Policing)50
2014729582Diploma in Soc Sc (Policing)50
2014729592Dip Criminal & Comty Justice50
2014729594Dip Criminal & Comty Justice50
2013720000B Natural Science (Adv)90
2013720006B Natural Science (Env & Hlth)71.1
2013720009B Natural Science (Env Mgt)65.95
2013720012B Science (Nutrition & Food)70.2
2013720015B Natural Sc (Food Sustain)73.55
2013720018B Science (Zoology)70.2
2013720019B Natural Sc (Animal Sc)65.35
2013720500B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90.75
2013720501B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90.75
2013720505BA (Interp&Trans;)(Dean’s Sch)90
2013720510B Arts70
2013720515B Arts70
2013720518B Arts70
2013720521B Arts (Interpret & Trans)72.35
2013720600B Arts/B Business & Commerce70.85
2013720605B Arts/B Business & Commerce70.85
2013721000B Bus and Com (Adv Bus Ldrshp)92.1
2013721005B Business and Commerce65.5
2013721006B Business and Commerce65
2013721007B Business and Commerce65.05
2013721010B Bus and Commerce (Acc)65.8
2013721011B Bus and Commerce (Acc)65.05
2013721012B Bus and Commerce (Acc)65.15
2013721016B Bus and Commerce (App Fin)65.75
2013721020B Bus and Commerce(Hsplty Mgt)65.25
2013721025B Bus and Commerce(HRMIR)65
2013721026B Bus and Commerce(HRMIR)65.3
2013721030B Bus and Commerce(Int Bus)65.6
2013721035B Bus and Commerce (Mgt)65.05
2013721036B Bus and Commerce (Mgt)65.15
2013721037B Bus and Commerce (Mgt)65.3
2013721040B Bus and Commerce (Marketing)65.75
2013721041B Bus and Commerce (Marketing)65.2
2013721042B Bus and Commerce(Marketing)65.3
2013721045B Bus and Commerce (Prop)65
2013721046B Bus and Com (Prop) Distance76
2013721050B Bus and Com (Sport Mgt)65.9
2013721495B Communication70
2013721500B Communication70
2013721510B Design (Visual Comm)70.75
2013722010B MusicN/A
2013722500B Engineering (Advanced)90
2013722506B Engineering74.15
2013722512B Engineering Science65.25
2013722515B Construction Mgt65.5
2013722520B Design and Technology65
2013722525B Housing65
2013722530B Industrial Design65
2013723000B Science (Forensic Science)75.25
2013723500B Hlth Science (Hlth Prom)65.25
2013723503B Hlth Science (PDH & PE)70.5
2013723506B Hlth Science (Spt & Exer Sc)82.8
2013723520B Hlth Science/M Occ Therapy89.4
2013723530B Hlth Science/M Physiotherapy98.5
2013723540B Hlth Science/M Podiatric Med80.3
2013723550B Hlth Sc/M Trad Chinese Med75
2013724000B Computer Science75.9
2013724004B Computer Science (Advanced)91.9
2013724005B Info & Comm Tech (Adv)90
2013724006B Info & Comm Tech (Adv)90
2013724007B Info & Comm Tech (Adv)90
2013724008B Computing (Info Sys)66.65
2013724010B Computing (Info Sys)(Adv)90
2013724012B Info & Comm Tech68
2013724016B Info & Comm Tech66.1
2013724020B Info & Comm Tech71.4
2013724100B Info & Comm Tech/BA74.25
2013724110B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;68.15
2013724115B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;67
2013724120B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;71.5
2013724130B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;67.3
2013724500B International Studies70.25
2013724505B International Studies70.25
2013724520B Inter Studies/B Bus & Comm73.6
2013724525B Comm/B Inter Stds71.95
2013725000B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2013725001B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2013725005B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)N/A
2013725010B Bus&Com;(AdvBusLdrshp)/B Laws92.25
2013725015B Bus & Com/B Laws90
2013725016B Bus & Com/B Laws90.1
2013725025B Arts Soc Sc/B Laws93.7
2013725030B Arts/Comm/Soc Sc/B Laws90.4
2013725035B Science/B Laws91.1
2013725040B Science/B Laws90
2013725045B Inter Stds/B Laws90.65
2013725500B Medicine/B SurgeryN/A
2013725510B Medicine/B Surgery/B ArtsN/A
2013726000B Tourism Mgt73.75
2013726500B Nursing (Advanced)90.8
2013726505B Nursing (Advanced)90.8
2013726510B Nursing (Advanced)91.15
2013726550B Nursing72.8
2013726555B Nursing65.15
2013726560B Nursing78.8
2013726570B Midwifery92.65
2013727000B Policing73.2
2013727010B Policing73.05
2013727500B Psychology83.1
2013728000B Medical Science (Adv)90.55
2013728001B Medical Science (Adv)92.5
2013728005B Medical Science71.95
2013728006B Medical Science70.45
2013728050B Science (Advanced Science)92
2013728051B Science (Advanced Science)90
2013728052B Science (Advanced Science)93.45
2013728055B Science70.85
2013728056B Science70
2013728057B Science70.2
2013728065B Science (Biological Sc)79.8
2013728066B Science (Biological Sc)73.05
2013728067B Science (Biological Sc)70.65
2013728075B Science (Chemistry)77.6
2013728076B Science (Chemistry)73.9
2013728080B Science (Env Sc)71.55
2013728090B Science (Mathematical Sc)70
2013728091B Science (Mathematical Sc)72.35
2013728100B Science/B Arts70.35
2013728110B Science/B Bus & Commerce76.3
2013728111B Science/B Bus and Com72.15
2013728115B Sc/B International Studies74.15
2013728500B Social Science73.6
2013728501B Social Science70.6
2013728505B Soc Sc/M Urban Mgt&Planning;84.05
2013728510B Social Work79.65
2013728515B Community Welfare72.35
2013728522B Comty & Soc Dvlt60
2013728525Dip Comty & Soc Dvlt50
2013729000B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70
2013729004B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70
2013729005B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70
2013729010B Arts/M Teach (Sec)71.95
2013729014B Arts/M Teach (Sec)71.95
2013729015B Arts/M Teach (Sec)71.95
2013729020B Education (Birth – 5 Years)N/A
2013729025B Education (Birth-5 Years)N/A
2013729030B Education(Primary-AREP Mode)64.35
2013729035B Science/M Teach(Sec)77.35
2013729040B Science/M Teach(Sec)78.15
2013729045B Science/M Teach(Sec)78.15
2013729050B Soc Sc/M Teach(B-5Y/B-12Y)70
2013729052B Soc Sc/M Teach(B-5Y/B-12Y)70
2013729055B Soc Sc/M Teach(B-5Y/B-12Y)70
2013729480Assoc Deg in Creative IndN/A
2013729484Assoc Deg in Creative IndN/A
2013729486Diploma in Arts50
2013729488Diploma in Arts50
2013729500Dip in Business and Commerce50
2013729501Dip in Bus & Com (Fast Track)55
2013729502Dip in Bus & Com (Fast Track)55
2013729505Dip in Business and Commerce50
2013729510Diploma in Construction Mgt50
2013729511Dip Constr Mgmt(Fast Track)55
2013729525Diploma in Engineering Sc50
2013729530Diploma in Hlth Science50
2013729540Diploma in Hlth Sc (PDHPE)50
2013729550Diploma in Info & Comm Tech50
2013729551Dip Info&Comm; Tech(Fast Track)55
2013729560Diploma in Science50
2013729570Diploma in Soc Science50
2013729575Diploma in Soc Science50
2013729580Diploma in Soc Sc (Policing)50
2012720000B Natural Sc (Adv)90
2012720006B Natural Sc (Env & Hlth)65
2012720009B Natural Sc (Env Mgmt)65
2012720012B Science (Nutrition & Food)66
2012720018B Science (Zoology)70
2012720019B Natural Sc (Animal Sc)65
2012720500B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90.25
2012720501B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90.3
2012720505BA (Interp&Trans;)(Dean’s Sch)90
2012720510B Arts70
2012720515B Arts70
2012720518B Arts70
2012720521B Arts (Interpret & Trans)72.35
2012720600B Arts/B Bus & Comm70
2012720605B Arts/B Bus & Comm70
2012721000B Bus and Com (Adv Bus Ldrshp)92
2012721005B Business and Commerce65.05
2012721006B Business and Commerce65.45
2012721007B Business and Commerce65
2012721010B Bus and Com (Acct)65
2012721011B Bus and Com (Acct)65.05
2012721012B Bus and Com (Acct)65.1
2012721015B Bus and Com (App Fin)65
2012721016B Bus and Com (App Fin)65
2012721020B Bus and Com (Hosp Mgmt)65.2
2012721025B Bus and Com (HRMIR)65
2012721026B Bus and Com (HRMIR)65.3
2012721030B Bus and Com (Int Bus)65.35
2012721035B Bus and Com (Mgmt)65
2012721036B Bus and Com (Mgmt)65.15
2012721037B Bus and Com (Mgmt)65.45
2012721040B Bus and Com (Marketing)65
2012721041B Bus and Com (Marketing)65.2
2012721042B Bus and Com (Marketing)66.25
2012721045B Bus and Com (Prop)65.75
2012721046B Bus and Com (Prop) Distance75
2012721050B Bus and Com (Sport Mgmt)65.25
2012721060B Economics68
2012721065B Financial Advising65
2012721500B Communication70
2012721510B Design (Visual Comm)65.05
2012722000B Contemporary ArtN/A
2012722010B MusicN/A
2012722500B Engineering (Advanced)92.1
2012722506B Engineering74.15
2012722512B Engineering Sc65.25
2012722515B Construction Mgmt68.25
2012722520B Design and Technology65.15
2012722525B Housing65
2012722530B Industrial Design65.05
2012723000B Science (Forensic Science)75.25
2012723500B Hlth Sc (Hlth Prom)65
2012723503B Hlth Sc (PDH & PE)69
2012723506B Hlth Sc (Spt & Exer Sc)75
2012723520B Hlth Sc/M Occ Therapy88.15
2012723530B Hlth Sc/M Physiotherapy98
2012723540B Hlth Sc/M Podiatric Med80.25
2012723550B Hlth Sc/M Trad Chinese Med75
2012724000B Computer Science75.4
2012724004B Computer Science (Advanced)91
2012724008B Computing (Info Sys)65.3
2012724012B Info & Comm Tech65.4
2012724016B Info & Comm Tech65.3
2012724020B Info & Comm Tech65.1
2012724100B Info & Comm Tech/BA71.05
2012724110B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;66.8
2012724115B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;66.25
2012724120B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;67.05
2012724130B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;66.65
2012724500B International Studies70
2012724505B International Studies70
2012724520B Interl Studies/B Bus & Comm70
2012725000B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2012725001B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2012725005B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)N/A
2012725010B Bus&Com;(AdvBusLdrshp)/B Laws92
2012725015B Bus & Com/B Laws90
2012725016B Bus & Com/B Laws90.2
2012725020B Ec/B Laws90.25
2012725025B Arts/Comm/Soc Sc/B Laws90
2012725030B Arts/Comm/Soc Sc/B Laws90.1
2012725035B Sc/B Laws90
2012725040B Sc/B Laws90
2012725500B Med/B SurgeryN/A
2012725510B Med/B Surgery/B ArtsN/A
2012726000B Tourism Mgmt68
2012726500B Nursing (Advanced)90.8
2012726505B Nursing (Advanced)90.8
2012726510B Nursing (Advanced)90.8
2012726550B Nursing72.75
2012726555B Nursing65.15
2012726560B Nursing78.5
2012727000B Policing70.1
2012727010B Policing71.1
2012727500B Psychology81
2012728000B Medical Sc (Adv)90.1
2012728001B Medical Sc (Adv)92.75
2012728005B Medical Science70
2012728006B Medical Science68
2012728010B Medical Science (Nanotech)70
2012728050B Science (Advanced Science)91.1
2012728051B Science (Advanced Science)90
2012728052B Science (Advanced Science)91.4
2012728055B Science70
2012728056B Science69
2012728057B Science70
2012728065B Science (Biological Sc)69
2012728066B Science (Biological Sc)70
2012728067B Science (Biological Sc)70
2012728075B Science (Chemistry)70
2012728076B Science (Chemistry)70
2012728080B Science (Env Sc)70
2012728090B Science (Mathematical Sc)70
2012728091B Science (Mathematical Sc)70
2012728100B Sc/B Arts70
2012728110B Sc/B Bus & Commerce70
2012728111B Sc/B Bus and Com70
2012728115B Sc/B International Studies70
2012728500B Social Science68.25
2012728501B Social Science68.25
2012728505B Soc Sc/M Urban Mgmt&Planning;81.6
2012728510B Social Work72.1
2012728515B Community Welfare70
2012728520B Comty & Soc Dvlt70
2012728525Dip Comty & Soc Dvlt50
2012729000B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70
2012729004B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70
2012729005B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70
2012729010B Arts/M Teach (Sec)70
2012729014B Arts/M Teach (Sec)70
2012729015B Arts/M Teach (Sec)70
2012729020B Ed (Birth – 5 Years)N/A
2012729025B Ed (Birth-5 Years)N/A
2012729035B Sc/M Teach(Sec)75
2012729040B Sc/M Teach(Sec)75
2012729045B Sc/M Teach(Sec)75
2012729050B Soc Sc/M Teach(B-5Y/B-12Y)68.25
2012729055B Soc Sc/M Teach (B-5Y/B-12Y)68.25
2012729500Dip in Business and Commerce50
2012729505Dip in Business and Commerce50
2012729510Diploma in Construction Mgmt50
2012729520Diploma in Engineering50
2012729530Diploma in Hlth Sc50
2012729540Diploma in Hlth Sc (PDHPE)50
2012729550Diploma in Info & Comm Tech50
2012729560Diploma in Science50
2012729570Diploma in Soc Sc50
2012729575Diploma in Soc Sc50
2011700225B Science (Nutrition & Food)66.3
2011700425B Arts70
2011700490B Sc/B Arts70.5
2011700495B Med/B Surgery/B ArtsN/A
2011700515B Arts70.05
2011700525B Arts70.35
2011700560B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90.25
2011700565B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90.3
2011700570B Arts/B Bus & Comm70.5
2011700580B Arts/B Bus & Comm70.55
2011700590B Arts (Interpret & Trans)72.35
2011700595BA (Interpret&Trans;)Dean’s Sch90
2011700600B International Studies70.35
2011700650B International Studies70.35
2011700660B Interl Studies/B Bus & Comm70.6
2011702250B Economics67.35
2011702325B Financial Advising66.75
2011702685B Communication70
2011702700B Design (Visual Comm)65.05
2011702950B Design and Technology65.65
2011702975B Industrial Design65.05
2011703000B Engineering74.5
2011703010B Engineering (Advanced)90.5
2011703600B Science (Forensic Science)80.35
2011704125B Nursing71.15
2011704150B Nursing65.15
2011704175B Nursing78.5
2011704180B Nursing (Advanced)90.8
2011704185B Nursing (Advanced)90.8
2011704190B Nursing (Advanced)90.8
2011704195B Ed (Primary-AREP Mode)64.35
2011704440B Hlth Sc (Spt & Exer Sc)72.05
2011704442B Hlth Sc (Hlth Prom)65
2011704450B Health Science (PDH&PE;)69.25
2011704460B Hlth Sc/M Occ Therapy80.55
2011704470B Hlth Sc/M Podiatric Med75.1
2011704480B Hlth Sc/M Physiotherapy97.1
2011704490B Hlth Sc/M Trad Chinese Med75
2011704625B Computing (Info Sys)65.2
2011704680B Computer Science (Advanced)90.35
2011704760B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;70.45
2011704765B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;70.5
2011704770B Info & Comm Tech/BA70.45
2011704775B Computer Science76.85
2011704780B Info & Comm Tech65.35
2011704785B Info & Comm Tech65.15
2011704790B Info & Comm Tech66.15
2011704792B Info & Comm Tech (Enhanced)N/A
2011704794B Info & Comm Tech (Enhanced)N/A
2011704805B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;70.5
2011704810B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;70.55
2011705600B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2011705625B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2011705650B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)N/A
2011705675B Comm Stds BA B Soc Sc/B Laws90.2
2011705680BComm Stds BA B Soc Sc/B Laws90.4
2011705720B Bus & Com/B Laws90.05
2011705725B Bus & Com/B Laws90.2
2011705730B Ec/B Laws90.2
2011705750B Med/B SurgeryN/A
2011705820B Construction Mgmt71.4
2011705825B Housing67.1
2011705900B Policing68.05
2011705950B Policing71.5
2011706100B Psychology80.95
2011706200B Sc/B Laws90.05
2011706210B Sc/B Laws90.05
2011706300B Science70.25
2011706325B Science70
2011706350B Science70.3
2011706352B Science (Climate Change)70
2011706354B Science (Geochemistry)70
2011706356B Science (Mathematical Sc)75
2011706358B Science (Mathematical Sc)75
2011706360B Science (Medical Nanotech)83.3
2011706370B Nat Sc (Food Syst Hort)65
2011706380B Natural Sci (Animal Sc)65.1
2011706385B Natural Sci (Env & Hlth)67.9
2011706386B Nat Sc (Env Mgt Climate Chg)65.4
2011706388B Natural Sc (Food Sustain)65
2011706390B Natural Sc (Agriculture)65
2011706400B Science (Advanced Science)90.1
2011706425B Science (Advanced Science)90
2011706440B Biomolecular Science70
2011706450B Science (Advanced Science)91.7
2011706525B Medical Science70.25
2011706550B Medical Science70.05
2011706570B Medical Sc/B Info &Comm; Tech70.5
2011706825B Community Welfare72
2011706830B Community&Social; Development70
2011706850B Social Work73.1
2011706875B Social Science68.25
2011706925B Social Science70.6
2011706935B Sc/B International Studies70.6
2011706950B Soc Sc/M Urban Mgmt&Planning;75
2011707025B Business and Commerce65.3
2011707050B Business and Commerce65.1
2011707075B Bus and Com Distance80
2011707085B Business and Commerce65.3
2011707095B Sc/B Bus and Com70.5
2011707100B Sc/B Bus & Commerce70.5
2011707150B Bus and Com(Adv Bus Ldrshp)90.1
2011707155B Bus&Com;(AdvBusLdrshp)/B Laws90.35
2011707460B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70.1
2011707465B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70.3
2011707470B Arts/M Teach (Sec)70.15
2011707480B Arts/M Teach (Sec)70.1
2011707485B Sc/M Teach(Sec)78
2011707490B Sc/M Teach(Sec)79
2011707495B Sc/M Teach(Sec)78.5
2011707555B Soc Sc/M Teach(B-5Y/B-12Y)70.5
2011707560B Soc Sc/M Teach (B-5Y/B-12Y)71.15
2011707615B Ed (Birth – 5 Years)N/A
2011707625B Ed (Birth-5 Years)N/A
2011707810B Tourism Mgmt68
2011708190B Contemporary ArtN/A
2011708230B MusicN/A
2011709010Dip in Business and CommerceN/A
2011709020Diploma in Construction MgmtN/A
2011709030Diploma in EngineeringN/A
2011709042Diploma in Hlth Sc (PDHPE)N/A
2011709045Dip in Health Sc (Hlth Prom)N/A
2011709050Diploma in Info & Comm TechN/A
2011709060Diploma in ScienceN/A
2011709070Dip in Social ScienceN/A
2011709080Dip Community & Social DvlpmntN/A
2010700225B Science (Nutrition & Food)63.85
2010700425B Arts70.25
2010700490B Sc/B Arts73.55
2010700495B Med/B Surgery/B ArtsN/A
2010700515B Arts70.1
2010700525B Arts70.75
2010700560B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)96.25
2010700565B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)97.7
2010700590B Arts (Interpret & Trans)75.45
2010700600B International Studies80.95
2010700650B International Studies82.3
2010702250B Economics70.05
2010702325B Financial Advising70.6
2010702685B Communication70.05
2010702700B Design (Visual Comm)64.05
2010702950B Design and Technology64.15
2010702975B Industrial Design68.6
2010703000B Engineering74.1
2010703010B Engineering (Advanced)95
2010703600B Science (Forensic Science)86
2010704125B Nursing71.35
2010704150B Nursing67
2010704175B Nursing78.5
2010704180B Nursing (Advanced)90.8
2010704185B Nursing (Advanced)90.8
2010704190B Nursing (Advanced)90.8
2010704195B Ed (Primary-AREP Mode)63.6
2010704440B Hlth Sc (Spt & Exer Sc)74.15
2010704442B Hlth Sc63.5
2010704450B Health Science (PDH&PE;)68
2010704460B Hlth Sc/M Occ Therapy87.3
2010704470B Hlth Sc/M Podiatric Med84.5
2010704480B Hlth Sc/M Physiotherapy98.55
2010704490B Hlth Sc/M Trad Chinese Med94.6
2010704625B Computing (Info Sys)64
2010704680B Computer Science (Advanced)90.35
2010704760B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;75.4
2010704765B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;75.5
2010704770B Info & Comm Tech/BA77.6
2010704775B Computer Science86.75
2010704780B Info & Comm Tech68.95
2010704785B Info & Comm Tech73.7
2010704790B Info & Comm Tech73.75
2010704805B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;77.1
2010704810B Info & Comm Tech/B Bus&Com;76.6
2010705600B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2010705625B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2010705650B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)N/A
2010705675B Comm Stds BA B Soc Sc/B Laws90.2
2010705680B Comm Stds BA B Soc Sc/B Laws90.5
2010705720B Bus & Com/B Laws90.95
2010705725B Bus & Com/B Laws90.1
2010705730B Ec/B Laws91.85
2010705750B Med/B SurgeryN/A
2010705820B Construction Mgmt70.75
2010705825B Housing62.75
2010705900B Policing68.2
2010705950B Policing68.55
2010706100B Psychology80.05
2010706200B Sc/B Laws90.7
2010706210B Sc/B Laws91.55
2010706300B Science73.5
2010706325B Science73.15
2010706350B Science73.45
2010706360B Science (Medical Nanotech)83.25
2010706370B Natural Science68.1
2010706380B Natural Sc (Animal Sc)69.2
2010706385B Natural Sc (Env & Hlth)69
2010706390B Natural Sc (Agriculture)69
2010706395B Natural Sc (Env Mgmt)70.15
2010706400B Science (Advanced Science)95.95
2010706425B Science (Advanced Science)92.2
2010706440B Biomolecular Science85
2010706450B Science (Advanced Science)94.65
2010706525B Medical Science73.25
2010706550B Medical Science73.7
2010706570B Medical Sc/B Info &Comm; Tech73.55
2010706825B Community Welfare70.85
2010706850B Social Work70.1
2010706875B Social Science68.2
2010706925B Social Science68.15
2010706935B Sc/B International Studies80
2010706950B Soc Sc/M Urban Mgmt&Planning;75.1
2010707025B Business and Commerce66.35
2010707050B Business and Commerce72.7
2010707075B Bus and Com Distance90.35
2010707095B Sc/B Bus and Com74.75
2010707100B Sc/B Bus & Commerce72.55
2010707150B Bus and Com(Adv Bus Ldrshp)91.1
2010707460B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70.15
2010707465B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70.1
2010707470B Arts/M Teach (Sec)70.6
2010707480B Arts/M Teach (Sec)70.35
2010707485B Sc/M Teach (Sec)85.45
2010707490B Sc/M Teach (Sec)76.4
2010707495B Sc/M Teach (Sec)76.35
2010707555B Soc Sc/M Teaching (B-12Yrs)68.45
2010707560B Soc Sc/M Teaching (B-12Yrs)68.45
2010707615B Ed (Birth – 5 Years)N/A
2010707625B Ed (Birth-5 Years)N/A
2010707810B Tourism Mgmt68.9
2010708190B Contemporary ArtN/A
2010708230B MusicN/A
2010709010Dip in Business and CommerceN/A
2010709020Diploma in Construction MgmtN/A
2010709030Diploma in EngineeringN/A
2010709040Diploma in Hlth ScN/A
2010709050Diploma in Info & Comm TechN/A
2010709060Diploma in ScienceN/A
2010709070Dip in Social ScienceN/A
2009700225B Science (Nutrition & Food)60
2009700425B Arts70
2009700525B Arts70
2009700560B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)95
2009700565B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)98
2009700590B Arts (Interpret & Trans)71
2009700600B International Studies80
2009702250B Economics60
2009702325B Financial Advising60
2009702685B Communication70
2009702700B Design (Visual Comm)60
2009702950B Design and Technology61
2009702975B Industrial Design66
2009703000B Engineering70
2009703010B Engineering (Advanced)95
2009703600B Science (Forensic Science)85
2009704125B Nursing65
2009704150B Nursing60
2009704175B Nursing76
2009704180B Nursing (Advanced)90
2009704185B Nursing (Advanced)90
2009704190B Nursing (Advanced)90
2009704195B Ed (Primary-AREP Mode)60
2009704225B App Science (Occ Therapy)78
2009704325B App Sc (Trad Chinese Med)84
2009704370B Health Science63
2009704450B Health Science (PDH&PE;)65
2009704500B Appl Sc (Spt & Exer Sc)70
2009704625B Computing60
2009704680B Computer Science (Advanced)90
2009704775B Computer Science81
2009704780B Info & Comm Tech66
2009704785B Info & Comm Tech71
2009704790B Info & Comm Tech69
2009705600B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2009705625B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2009705650B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)N/A
2009705675B Arts/Laws94
2009705680B Arts/B Laws90
2009705700B Bus & Com/B Laws91
2009705705B Bus & Com/B Laws90
2009705750B Med/B SurgeryN/A
2009705820B Construction Management67
2009705825B Housing61
2009705900B Policing67
2009706100B Psychology80
2009706300B Science70
2009706325B Science71
2009706350B Science70
2009706370B Natural Science66
2009706380B Natural Sci (Animal Sci)66
2009706385B Natural Sci (Env & Hlth)69
2009706400B Science (Advanced Science)93
2009706425B Science (Advanced Science)90
2009706440B Biomolecular Science85
2009706450B Science (Advanced Science)94
2009706525B Medical Science70
2009706550B Medical Science71
2009706825B Community Welfare68
2009706850B Social Work70
2009706875B Social Science65
2009706925B Social Science65
2009707000B Business and Commerce65
2009707025B Business and Commerce66
2009707050B Business and Commerce70
2009707075B Bus and Com Distance68
2009707150B Bus and Com(Adv Bus Ldrshp)90
2009707300B Early Childhood Stds60
2009707320B Early Childhood StdsN/A
2009707325B Early Childhood StdsN/A
2009707460B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70
2009707465B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70
2009707470B Arts/M Teach (Sec)71
2009707480B Arts/M Teach (Sec)70
2009707485B Science/M Teach(Sec)84
2009707490B Science/M Teach(Sec)74
2009707495B Science/M Teach(Sec)74
2009707810B Tourism Mgmt65
2009708190B Contemporary ArtN/A
2009708225B MusicN/A
2008700130B Agriculture60
2008700150B Horticulture60
2008700200B Science (Food Science)71
2008700225B Science (Nutrition & Food)60
2008700425B Arts70
2008700525B Arts70
2008700560B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90
2008700565B Arts (Dean’s Scholars)90
2008700590B Arts (Interpret & Trans)71
2008702250B Economics65
2008702325B Financial Advising60
2008702685B Communication70
2008702700B Design (Visual Comm)60
2008702950B Design and Technology63
2008702975B Industrial Design63
2008703000B Engineering68
2008703600B Science (Forensic Science)84
2008704100B Nursing60
2008704125B Nursing65
2008704150B Nursing65
2008704175B Nursing68
2008704215B Appl Sc (Naturopathic Stds)78
2008704225B App Science (Occ Therapy)78
2008704325B App Sc (Trad Chinese Med)81
2008704370B Health Science62
2008704450B Health Science (PDH&PE;)67
2008704500B Appl Sc (Spt & Exer Sc)65
2008704600B Computing70
2008704625B Computing66
2008704650B Computing67
2008704680B Computer Science (Advanced)98
2008704775B Computer Science77
2008705600B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2008705625B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2008705650B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)N/A
2008705675B Arts Comm Stud Soc Sc/Laws90
2008705680B Arts Comm Stud Soc Sc/Laws90
2008705700B Bus & Com Economics/B Laws90
2008705705B Bus & Com Economics/B Laws90
2008705750B Med/B SurgeryN/A
2008705800B App Science (Env Hlth)62
2008705805B AppScience(Env Hlth)-Distance66
2008705810B Env Mgmt & Science61
2008705820B Construction Management65
2008705825B Housing65
2008705900B Policing60
2008706100B Psychology80
2008706300B Science70
2008706325B Science70
2008706350B Science70
2008706400B Science (Advanced Science)91
2008706425B Science (Advanced Science)91
2008706440B Biomolecular Science82
2008706450B Science (Advanced Science)90
2008706505B Science (Nanotechnology)71
2008706510B Animal Science60
2008706525B Medical Science70
2008706550B Medical Science70
2008706825B Community Welfare60
2008706850B Social Work70
2008706875B Social Science60
2008706925B Social Science60
2008707000B Business and Commerce60
2008707025B Business and Commerce64
2008707050B Business and Commerce64
2008707075B Bus and Com Distance67
2008707150B Bus and Com(Adv Bus Ldrshp)90
2008707300B Early Childhood Stds72
2008707320B Early Childhood StdsN/A
2008707325B Early Childhood StdsN/A
2008707460B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70
2008707465B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70
2008707470B Arts/M Teach (Sec)71
2008707480B Arts/M Teach (Sec)70
2008707485B Science/M Teach(Sec)73
2008707490B Science/M Teach(Sec)71
2008707495B Science/M Teach(Sec)73
2008707575B Adult Education61
2008707810B Tourism Mgmt60
2008708225B MusicN/A
2007700130B Agriculture62
2007700150B Horticulture63
2007700200B Science (Food Science)60
2007700225B Science (Nutrition & Food)62
2007700425B Arts70
2007700525B Arts70
2007700590B Arts (Interpret & Trans)72
2007701100B Business (Accounting)60
2007701125B Business (Accounting)69
2007701150B Business (Accounting)60
2007701175B Business (Accounting)69
2007701200B Business (Accounting)72
2007701225B Business (Accounting)75
2007701300B Business (Applied Finance)61
2007701325B Business (Applied Finance)60
2007701360B Business (Applied Finance)65
2007701376B Business (E-Bus)66
2007701400B Business (Ec & Fin)60
2007701425B Business (Ec & Fin)67
2007701500B Bus (Financial Mathematics)66
2007701525B Bus (Hum Res Mgmt & Ind Rel)60
2007701550B Bus (Hum Res Mgmt & Ind Rel)70
2007701575B Bus (Hum Res & Org Dev)60
2007701655B Business (International Bus)71
2007701660B Bus (Int Bus)/B Arts70
2007701675B Business (Management)60
2007701700B Business (Management)60
2007701725B Business (Management)71
2007701775B Business (Marketing)60
2007701825B Business (Marketing)70
2007701950B Business (Optn Mgmt)66
2007701975B Bus (Property)60
2007702000B Bus (Property) Distance66
2007702050B Bus (Sports Mgmt)60
2007702180B Business and Commerce71
2007702190B Business and Commerce70
2007702200B Business and Commerce80
2007702225B Economics71
2007702250B Economics70
2007702325B Financial Advising65
2007702685B Comm70
2007702700B Design (Visual Comm)65
2007702950B Design and Technology60
2007702975B Industrial Design61
2007703000B Engineering60
2007703600B Science (Forensic Science)84
2007704100B Nursing64
2007704125B Nursing62
2007704150B Nursing60
2007704175B Nursing68
2007704215B Appl Sc (Naturopathic Stds)70
2007704225B App Science (Occ Therapy)72
2007704325B App Sc (Trad Chinese Med)71
2007704370B Health Science62
2007704450B Health Science (PDH&PE;)67
2007704500B Appl Sc (Spt & Exer Sc)65
2007704725B Computing60
2007704775B Computer Science81
2007704800B Information Technology61
2007704825B Mathematics&Information; Tech66
2007704875B Technology (IT Support)60
2007705600B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2007705625B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2007705650B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)N/A
2007705675B Arts Comm Stud Soc Sc/Laws90
2007705680B Arts Comm Stud Soc Sc/Laws90
2007705700B Bus Economics/B Laws90
2007705705B Bus Economics/B Laws90
2007705750B Med/B SurgeryN/A
2007705800B App Science (Env Hlth)60
2007705805B App Science(Env Hlth)-Distance64
2007705810B Env Mgmt & Science62
2007705820B Construction Management65
2007705825B Housing65
2007705900B Policing65
2007706100B Psychology80
2007706300B Science60
2007706325B Science60
2007706350B Science60
2007706400B Science (Advanced Science)91
2007706425B Science (Advanced Science)93
2007706450B Science (Advanced Science)100
2007706495B Science (Gene Science)64
2007706505B Science (Nanotechnology)60
2007706510B Animal Science60
2007706525B Medical Science65
2007706550B Medical Science62
2007706825B Community Welfare60
2007706850B Social Work71
2007706875B Social Science60
2007706925B Social Science60
2007707300B Early Childhood Stds60
2007707325B Early Childhood StdsN/A
2007707460B Arts/M Teach (Prim)70
2007707470B Arts/M Teach (Sec)71
2007707575B Adult Education61
2007707810B Tourism Mgmt60
2007707850B Bus (Hospitality Mgmt)60
2007708225B MusicN/A
2006700100B Systems Agriculture60
2006700150B Horticulture60
2006700200B Science (Food Science)61
2006700225B Science (Nutrition & Food)62
2006700425B Arts70
2006700525B Arts70
2006700590B Arts (Interpret & Trans)70
2006701100B Business (Accounting)65
2006701125B Business (Accounting)65
2006701150B Business (Accounting)65
2006701175B Business (Accounting)65
2006701200B Business (Accounting)80
2006701225B Business (Accounting)75
2006701300B Business (Applied Finance)65
2006701325B Business (Applied Finance)65
2006701376B Business (E-Bus)70
2006701400B Business (Ec & Fin)65
2006701425B Business (Ec & Fin)75
2006701500B Bus (Financial Mathematics)65
2006701525B Bus (Hum Res Mgmt & Ind Rel)65
2006701550B Bus (Hum Res Mgmt & Ind Rel)75
2006701600B Business (Information Sys)60
2006701655B Business (International Bus)73
2006701660B Bus (Int Bus)/B Arts70
2006701675B Business (Management)65
2006701700B Business (Management)65
2006701725B Business (Management)75
2006701775B Business (Marketing)65
2006701825B Business (Marketing)78
2006701950B Business (Optn Mgmt)70
2006701975B Bus (Property)65
2006702000B Bus (Property) Distance70
2006702100B Bus Admin (Acctng & Inf Sys)60
2006702180B Business and Commerce65
2006702190B Business and Commerce65
2006702200B Business and Commerce80
2006702225B Economics65
2006702250B Economics70
2006702325B Financial Advising65
2006702685B Comm70
2006702700B Design (Visual Comm)60
2006702950B Design and Technology60
2006702975B Industrial Design61
2006703000B Engineering60
2006703600B Science (Forensic Science)84
2006704100B Nursing60
2006704125B Nursing60
2006704150B Nursing60
2006704175B Nursing63
2006704200B Health Science (Nursing)N/A
2006704215B Appl Sc (Naturopathic Stds)70
2006704225B App Science (Occ Therapy)70
2006704300B Hlth Sc (Therapeutic Rec)60
2006704325B App Sc (Trad Chinese Med)70
2006704370B Health Science60
2006704450B Health Science (PDH&PE;)70
2006704725B Computing61
2006704775B Computer Science70
2006704800B Information Technology61
2006704825B Mathematics&Information; Tech68
2006704875B Technology (IT Support)60
2006705600B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2006705625B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2006705650B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)N/A
2006705675B Arts Comm Soc Science/Laws85
2006705680B Arts Comm Soc Science/Laws85
2006705700B Bus Economics/B Laws85
2006705705B Bus Economics/B Laws85
2006705800B App Science (Env Hlth)60
2006705805B AppScience(Env Hlth)-Distance60
2006705810B Env Mgmt & Science60
2006705815B Planning60
2006705820B Construction Management65
2006705825B Housing65
2006705900B Policing70
2006706100B Psychology80
2006706300B Science60
2006706325B Science60
2006706350B Science60
2006706400B Science (Advanced Science)90
2006706425B Science (Advanced Science)90
2006706450B Science (Advanced Science)90
2006706495B Science (Gene Science)62
2006706505B Science (Nanotechnology)60
2006706510B Animal Science70
2006706525B Medical Science66
2006706550B Medical Science60
2006706825B Community Welfare60
2006706850B Social Work70
2006706875B Social Science70
2006706925B Social Science65
2006707200B Appl Sc (Sports Studies)60
2006707300B Early Childhood Stds70
2006707325B Early Childhood StdsN/A
2006707575B Adult Education60
2006707825B Tourism60
2006707850B Bus (Hospitality Mgmt)65
2006707875B Bus (Tourism Mgmt)60
2006707885B PerformanceN/A
2006708175B Electronic ArtsN/A
2006708200B Fine ArtsN/A
2006708225B MusicN/A
2005700100B Systems Agriculture60
2005700150B Horticulture60
2005700425B Arts70
2005700525B Arts70
2005700540B Arts (Applied Humanities)N/A
2005701100B Business (Accounting)71
2005701125B Business (Accounting)71
2005701150B Business (Accounting)74
2005701175B Business (Accounting)72
2005701200B Business (Accounting)80
2005701225B Business (Accounting)79
2005701300B Business (Applied Finance)70
2005701325B Business (Applied Finance)72
2005701376B Business (E-Bus)70
2005701400B Business (Ec & Fin)70
2005701425B Business (Ec & Fin)76
2005701500B Bus (Financial Mathematics)71
2005701525B Bus (Hum Res Mgmt & Ind Rel)70
2005701550B Bus (Hum Res Mgmt & Ind Rel)76
2005701600B Business (Information Sys)70
2005701655B Business (International Bus)75
2005701675B Business (Management)70
2005701700B Business (Management)70
2005701725B Business (Management)75
2005701775B Business (Marketing)70
2005701825B Business (Marketing)80
2005701950B Business (Optn Mgmt)70
2005701975B Bus (Property)70
2005702000B Bus (Property) Distance72
2005702100B Bus Admin (Acctng & Inf Sys)70
2005702150B Bus (Int Mgmt)70
2005702190B Business and Commerce70
2005702200B Business and Commerce81
2005702225B Economics70
2005702250B Economics70
2005702685B Comm70
2005702700B Design (Visual Comm)70
2005702900B Construction Management70
2005702910B Housing68
2005702950B Design and Technology60
2005702975B Industrial Design60
2005703000B Engineering60
2005703380B App Science (Env Hlth)60
2005703390B App Science(Env Hlth)-Distance60
2005703450B Env Science & Mgmt70
2005703575B Planning68
2005703805B App Science (Food Tech)60
2005703810B App Sc (Nutrition & Food)61
2005704100B Nursing63
2005704125B Nursing60
2005704150B Nursing60
2005704175B Nursing63
2005704225B App Science (Occ Therapy)70
2005704325B App Sc (Trad Chinese Med)70
2005704370B Health Science60
2005704400B Appl Sc (Naturopathic Stds)70
2005704450B Health Science (PDH&PE;)73
2005704700B Computing60
2005704725B Computing60
2005704730B Computing61
2005704775B Computer Science70
2005704800B Information Technology61
2005704825B Mathematics&Information; Tech66
2005704875B Technology (IT Support)60
2005705220B Bus Int /B Arts (Asian Stds)73
2005705400B Arts (Interpret & Trans)70
2005705600B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2005705625B Laws (Graduate Entry)N/A
2005705650B Laws (Non-graduate Entry)N/A
2005705675B Arts Comm Soc Science/Laws90
2005705680B Arts Comm Soc Science/Laws90
2005705700B Bus Economics/B Laws90
2005705705B Bus Economics/B Laws90
2005705900B Policing65
2005706100B Psychology80
2005706300B Science60
2005706325B Science60
2005706350B Science60
2005706400B Science (Advanced Science)90
2005706425B Science (Advanced Science)90
2005706450B Science (Advanced Science)90
2005706485B Science (Forensic Science)84
2005706495B Science (Gene Science)62
2005706505B Science (Nanotechnology)62
2005706510B Animal Science70
2005706525B Medical Science68
2005706550B Medical Science68
2005706825B Community Welfare60
2005706830B Com Welfare (Family & Com)N/A
2005706850B Social Work72
2005706875B Social Science65
2005706925B Social Science60
2005707200B Appl Sc (Sports Studies)65
2005707300B Early Childhood Stds70
2005707325B Early Childhood StdsN/A
2005707575B Adult Education63
2005707580B Adult Education61
2005707825B Tourism60
2005707850B Bus (Hospitality Mgmt)70
2005707875B Bus (Tourism Mgmt)71
2005707885B Perf Theory&Practice;N/A
2005708175B Electronic ArtsN/A
2005708200B Fine ArtsN/A
2005708225B MusicN/A